I present you one of the latest story, Love Of Star! A Naruto x Star VS The Forces of Evil crossover!

Surprise! I come with early presents, which is four new stories (Two new stories today and other two new stories on their way in a bit), and bearer of news, plus one LAST WARNING for a certain individuals/group so don't skim/skip them because they are very important!

Let's start with good news first!

First: My channel seems to be doing pretty decent with few videos out. It's so-so, not good but also not bad, just decent. It's just mostly education videos for signs and deaf culture, I mean I find it pretty easy since there's not really a lot of active deaf channels lately…That's your hint, by the way! But that don't mean I'm going to end hiatus any time sooner because I need to add more videos and try to get a solid decent base first, if I'm lucky, and don't forget about the fact that I'm still working with my friend on his game.

Second: It's pretty oblivious that we get new stories and a couple updates but guess what? All stories will get a 'book cover'! That's right, you hear me! Book Cover! I even don't have to pay for it because a good friend of mine from college is doing it for free. Long story short, I 'sold' some ideas/suggestions to him for his cartoon channel and he want to give me credit for the ideas but I said no thank, but will you draw me some fanarts for free? He said sure. He don't know that I'm planning to use the fanarts as book cover and he also have no complete idea that some of my ideas/suggestions are from my fanfic stories…Shh, that's our secret. When will we see the book cover? Not right away because it'll take a lot of time, of course, but I will put them up as soon as I get it from him when he get some free time.

Okay, that's all good news I have on me…Now here's the bad news…

The new stories you see right now are the LAST/FINAL new stories from me. That's right! These are the final stories you will receive from me! Once the non-smut/lemon stories are completed, I'm done! Done! The lemon stories will be update sporadically from now onward…

I'm really sorry about that. The truth is that at the beginning when I wrote my first story, I thought I would make many stories because I have so many ideas that some was so unique or very rare but as the time went by, this place have take some toll on me in several forms. While I encountered a lot of good denizens/people here who have enjoying my stories and I'm really thankful that they have been very understanding and support me in everything, I also have encountered some worst denizens/spammers who have getting on my nerves from time to time and very few was really low…Very low enough to attempt to bash me for refusing to take their stories requests/challenge after I politely refuse and point out that I don't do them as I have stated in my profile, that did happened a couple time but not often but what happen often is the spammers…You have no idea how many time I have thought about quitting on it, like just get up and go away but what keep me going was because of you all good denizens, you all were so good to me and I really don't want to let you down until I completed the stories with plot. If you all wonder that the worst denizens/spammers have something do with my decision, no…Well, they have a little part to that but no, not at all. What truly make me decide to make these decisions? Life is very short and I haven't done much with it, I mean, I spend several years just writing chapter after chapter, doing nothing and taking few very short breaks until this year. I want to find a real job, I want to find a girlfriend, I want to start a family, I want to travel around the world, I want to do something and so on, I want to live my life the way I always dream it to be…Plus, I have lost enough friends and family members to afterlife so I better get out of this writing race and make a lot of memories with them as much as possible as I can while making myself a better person instead of moping around in my safe bubble place. It's time for me to take a risk and do something different.

Don't worry, my decision does not mean that I will stop writing current stories…Plus, the mass update won't be changed at all…What will be change is that I will write all chapters for one to few more stories then update them as soon as it's completed, which completed a story in one go but it'll be extremely slow, depending on the process. Lemon stories will be update sporadically whenever a mood hit me, I mean, a lemon chapter take a lot of time to think about and make it realistic…Plus, I'm not really into these kind of stories lately…It's kinda like when you watch enough porn and be bored with it, you know this kinda feeling?

Anyway…Long story short, I need to live my life before it's too late and I don't want any regrets. There will be mass update in future, one or more stories with plots will be completed in one go per update and lemon stories will update sporadically from now onward.

That's all bad news I have right now…One more thing before we get everything out of the way…That is mostly aimed at the 'update' spammer(s) and I won't say what story I'm talking about, only the spammers know since they kept asking for this story to be updated all the time but I suggest everyone to read it so you can see my explanation and it will really affect a certain story. Head up, I'm really sorry for heavy cursing. I also put the last warning up on my profile.


Okay, it really makes me so furious and I'm not really an easy person to get pissed off but I'm really so fucking pissed off! While some of you are familiar with my problem with 'update' spammer, what you all don't know is that someone…or a group, I'm not sure but I think it's same person…have been fucking spamming recently updated stories, asking me to update a certain fucking story over and over every fucking single day! I bet some of you will go, 'Oh, it's just one spam a day, that's nothing…Just delete it like usual'. NO! this spammer did it more than once! The first two weeks, this guy spam the updated stories one time every damn day then on Sat and Sun, the spammer spam TEN TIMES on BOTH DAY EVERY FUCKING WEEKEND! Like I have said before, I have to stop and deleted them, which DELAY the process like I FUCKING SAID! You think someone would take this hint after seeing that I deleted them? Well, this guy don't! I can see this person on other side go, 'Oh, it don't get through, maybe I will increase it up to two time, maybe he'll see it'. The spams went up from one a day to more than one a fucking day, begging for this certain story to be update! I'M SO FED UP WITH THIS SHIT! Sometime I accidently deleted some guest reviews because of this DAMN SPAMS! DON'T YOU SPAMMERS FUCKING READ THE AN AND MY PROFILE?! YOU KNOW WHAT?! IF YOU WANT TO KEEP FUCKING WITH ME WITH THIS 'UPDATE A CERTAIN STORY' SPAM, I'M GONNA FUCK WITH YOU BACK!


Spam me for this damn certain story and I will remove it! YOU FUCKING BETTER NOT WANT TO TEST ME! I will remove it temporary! YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKING WARNED!

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Now with these out of the way, I decide to write Naruto x SVFOE because I don't think I have seen many of these and you know me, I like to do rare/unique stories so…Ta-da!

Characters might be OOC and there'll be some grammar error but I'm trying my best.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and Star VS The Forces of Evil.

Chapter 1: TWO Foreign Exchange Students?!

Marco pace toward his house with a stunned expression, he can't believe that a crazy girl was going to his school…Not to mention that she have a freaky weird magic power! This girl just makes a rainbow and creatures with a wand! "At least I only see her at school…" Marco sighed to himself until his parent's laughter's reach his ear as soon as he open the door and he look up to them, only to be stunned once again after seeing a familiar face. It was none other than the crazy girl, known as Star Butterfly.

"Oh, Marco!" Rafael grinned at his son, "Come meet the new foreign exchange student who's gonna be living with us!"

"Wha…Wha…" Marco stuttered.

"What?!" Star grinned widely, "I had no idea these were your parents! I just assumed everyone on Earth had the last name, 'Diaz'!"

"Won't it be nice to have Star's upbeat, lively energy around the house?" Angie smiled cheerily.

"We could've gotten that from a litter of puppies." Marco muttered, drawing an gasp from Star.

"I…" Star squealed between her gasps, "Love…Puppies!" She suddenly summon a litter of puppies from her wand and the puppies suddenly shot lasers from their eyes. The parent stares at them in shock for a moment before they scoop the puppies up with exciting squeals, cooing over their cute faces.

'WHAT THE HELL?!' Marco dropped his jaw at his parents before he shot a glare at Star as soon as one puppy burn a hole out of a family picture, where he used to be on it.

"Marco, why don't you show Star her new room?" Angie smiled at them, cuddling with puppies in her arms. Her son release a heavy sigh as he show Star the way and her husband turn to her with a wide grin.

"Who would've thought that we'll get not one but two exchange students today?" Rafael patted a puppy's head with an barking laughter and his wife nod happily.

"…Wait, what?!" Marco's head jerked at them with widened eyes, "Someone else is gonna stay with us?"

"Ooh, we should have a slumber party!" Star bounced on her feet crazily and the boy hopes it's not another crazy person with magic.

"Shit, I'm lost." A blonde teenager, wearing an orange shirt and blue jean with black sneakers, glanced around his surrounding, it was getting dark already and he hasn't found anyone who can give him the direction. "Maybe I shouldn't have stopped at this ramen stand…Or the other one…Or the one after that…" He glanced at a piece of paper in his hand, an address with no directions.

"Hurry, 'wild man'!" A voice catch his attention and he notice two teenagers walking down the street. He decides to call out to them, hoping that they know this place.

"Excuse me, guys." He jog lightly over to them as they both turned to him curiously before a girl glance him up and down with lovestruck expression, "Can you help me?"

"Oh, sure." The teenager boy nodded.

"Um, do you know this address?" The blonde boy shows him the paper, "I've been trying to find this place for a while."

"…That's my address." He looked up to him with a rapid blink.

"Oh, really?" The blonde boy blinked before he give him a smile, "That's kinda coincidence, I mean what's the chance of me running into someone who live at this place in a big town."

"Yeah, I'm Marco and that…" Marco was about to introduce his new friend to him but Star jump in between them with beaming smile.

"Hi, I'm Star Butterfly, a magical princess from another dimension!" Star bounced side to side with her feet, "What's your name, hot…Eh, se…Eh…" She stammered over, never notice a small facepalm from Marco for revealing her royal status to a complete stranger.

"Name's Naruto." The blonde teenager chuckled lightly as he pat her shoulder lightly then shakes Marco's hand, "Nice to meet you two."

"Same." Marco replied as Naruto pick his luggage up, "Come on, follow me." They take few steps before they both notice that the girl wasn't following them, just standing in same spot with dazed expression. "Um, Star?"

"I'm not gonna wash this shoulder again…" Star whispered dreamily and Marco sweatdropped at her, oh great, she's boy-crazy.

It took about a thirty minutes walk to Diaz's house and another ten minutes to introduce himself to Marco's parents, thanking them for letting him staying with them. Right now, Marco was showing Naruto around the house and a guest room that he will stay in. "…So what's the deal with this…Um…big turret caste that come out from side of your house?" Naruto raised his eyebrow as he put luggage on his bed.

"It's long story." Marco rubbed his neck, he's not sure if he can tell this guy about magic. Naruto was about to say something but Star suddenly poke her head into the room with wide grin.

"Hey, your room's next to me!" Star said, "That's awesome!" She glanced around his room as she tapped her chin, "But I think your room needs to be livening up a bit more."

"Well, I don't mind it." Naruto looked at blank grey walls and dreary furniture, "Kinda remind me of home in UK."

"You're British?" Marco blinked rapidly at him, he assume that he lived in an Asian country.

"Yup, I'm mixed." He chuckled lightly, "My mom is Japanese-British and…"

"Oh, you like orange, right?" Star cut him off, wielding her wand around.

"Yeah, it's my favorite color." Naruto replied.

"Get it!" Star turned to the wall with her wand up in air and Marco quickly realize her plan.

"No, Star, no, no, no!" Marco waved his hands furiously with cold sweats but it was too late.

"Orange Paint Blast!" Star shouted out and the guest room exploded with orange cloud before it clear up to reveal orange walls…and floor…and ceiling…and furniture…and bed...And Marco. Naruto stare at orange room for a moment and Marco cough out a orange puff.

"…Star is really a magical princess from another dimension and she can use magic…" Marco muttered, wondering if the orange paint can be clean off with water because he really need one. "Please don't frea…"

"Oh, thank, Star." Naruto turned to her with a wide grin, "I love it." Star's response was a shy giggle.

"…Wait, she just used magic and you're not freaked out by that?!" Marco stepped in, "Not to mention that we just told you about different dimensions!"

"Well, I'm a little surprised." Naruto cupped his chin with a hum before he shrugs his shoulders, "But I already know about another dimensions because of my father." He smiled at gaping teenager boy, "He's from another dimension."

"…I…I fucking don't know everything anymore…" Marco slowly stumbles out of room dazedly. First, a magical princess then a guy who already knows about another dimension…What's next? A floating pony head?!

"Is he okay?" Naruto turned to Star with tilted head and she simply shrugs her shoulder.

And that end the first chapter of LOS! Love it? Hate it?

Short chapter, I know. It's just first chapter and most of first chapter is always short.

We just found out that Naruto already know about another dimension and he also reveal that his father is from another dimension! Poor Marco, he might lost his sanity.

How will the SVFOE universe be different with Naruto in it? How will he change everything? Who know? Let's find out next time…Hopefully…

Reminder: Please see the last warning and news in profile.

I think that's all I can say for now…Thank you for your time to read it.

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