After facing through the Broodmother, Megapithecus and of course the Dragon, I was sent somewhere no man or woman should be allowed to reside. And now, much like then, I have been sent somewhere that should be left untouched and without any human influence. I took control of Scorched Earth, decimated it, became a god of unimaginable power, with Wyverns, Giant Rock Monsters and a plethora of creatures at my side. I destroyed opposing tribes, and although I thought of them to be evil, and destructive, it was me who was deeply destructive. I demolished their homes and lives with just one breath of fire from my Wyvern, because I thought of them to be uncivilised, evil, but they were just trying to survive in that harsh, carnivorous environment. When I realised what I had done, I knew I had to face my fears, I had to be judged, for I faced the Manticore. It was like no battle I had ever faced before, I felt challenged, for the Manticore was strong. It decimated me to the point where I even tried to reason. Reason, with a mindless, bloodthirsty animal. But then, at that moment, a flash of light appeared and I felt as if I was passing millions of stars at once, like I was being transported somewhere, and finally, my eyes fluttered open, and I found myself here. A place that is more difficult to describe than any other place I had ventured in thus far. It was beautiful, yet i felt a strange aura about it. Something was off about this place.

Although difficult to describe, the area I find myself in is partially forested, but however is dominated by a large lake, a massive, but fairly shallow body of water. And the trees here seem different, almost like mushrooms, but not quite. But when I look above me I see light shining through cracks, with the rest covered up in thick bark, extending off a Titanosaur sized tree across the lake. I have to assume I am the first one here, no one else has ever been here before by the looks of it. But my mission now is clear to me. I will not explore this place, I will not leave my bloody, dirty human mark all over it like i did with scorched earth. I will find a way to leave this place, to reach that light shining through the cracks. I will return, home.