Title: Journey into the past

Author: Mew Mokuba


Sadly I don't have an editor for the story. So if you spot an error be kind and let me know. I have trouble keeping an editor for very long. Something always happens and I have not been able to keep one from beginning to end of any story.

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I only own some of the demons and other baddies that appear. I'm not foreseeing any other own characters but their mine if they appear.

A/N: I did read up on the Charmed comics sadly I've never read them. Leo was human when Melinda was conceived so she's not a witchlighter. I did read that in the comics that the Elders gifted her whitelighter powers. Not here. This story she's just a witch no whitelighter powers.

There is a difference between Future Chris and Unchanged Future Chris it's his hair. So if it's been to long since you've seen the series. Look up any season 6 episode or picture of Chris and see how long his hair is. Then for Changed Future Chris lookup Season 7 'Someone to Witch Over Me' or the Finale. His hair is now short and similar to what it was like in 'Oh My Goddess.' That's how Changed Future Chris' hair looks.

Mental speech


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2026 Alternate Changed Future

"Mel, why are we in the underworld again?" her cousin P.J. asked.

"I told you, I'm looking for a demon. I found one in the book that's powerful, but with my powers and these vanquishing potions I should be able to prove to Wyatt and Chris that I'm not useless in a battle. You're here as my backup….and transportation."

"I'm sure they don't think you're useless," P.J. said for what felt like the hundredth time.

"They went on another vanquish together and didn't invite me. The demon needed the power of three!"

"Really? They were still able to vanquish it, without you?"

"Yes. It's not fair."

"Are you sure they really went after a power of three demon?"

"Well that's what the information on the page the book was open to said. They wouldn't tell me anything about the demon they went after; only that they were able to vanquish it with little trouble."

"Other people could have gotten to the book after they did, or the page could have turned when they orbed out."

Melinda hated to admit her cousin had a point. "Fine, it's possible it might not have been a power of three demon. The facts are still the same. They went off on another demon hunt without me!"

"How are you going to prove you did this vanquish?"

At that Melinda held her cell phone out to her. "Simple. You're going to record it and we'll show it to my brothers later."

P.J. sighed knowing that this wasn't going to end well.

Suddenly a demon appeared in front of them. Melinda tried to freeze it - similar to her mother's powers, only her's always looked like they were encased in ice even though it wasn't cold - however both Melinda and P.J. freaked out when it only worked for a moment.

The demon then turned and fled. Even though this wasn't the demon she was looking for Melinda got excited thinking this demon knew who she was and was running scared. Melinda handed her phone to P.J. after she started it recording. "Mel I don't think we should follow him."

"Don't be ridiculous, Ladybug. He's running scared. I can take him."

"I've never seen or heard of a demon running away scared. He could be leading us into a trap."

However P.J. saw Melinda ignoring her comment and rushing ahead. She was getting a very bad feeling about this. She wished she could have gotten her mother's power of empathy since it would help now in what she was sure was a battle ahead. Instead, so far she only got a form of object orbing thanks to her Cupid powers, and her useless levitation powers that were no help in battle. When she caught up to Melinda she saw her cousin facing off with the demon and him taunting her.

"Silly little witches think you can't vanquish me."

"Yeah we'll just see about that." Melinda said, throwing all her vanquishing potions. They had little effect. When that failed she tried to freeze it again but like before, it barely lasted a minute. It was just a demon and he didn't seem that powerful, so she couldn't understand why her freeze didn't last.

"I thought you said you could vanquish this guy with those potions!" P.J. exclaimed.

"I could have vanquished the demon I came looking for with those potions. Unfortunately this isn't the guy I came looking for."

"What? Then let's get out of here."

A part of Melinda wanted to say no but her powers weren't working and her potions had no effect. So she grabbed hold of P.J. and said, "Let's go." When nothing but dodging a fireball happened she looked at her cousin, "What's wrong?"

"I don't know. I can't beam."

"Great." Melinda muttered. Then chose to do what she didn't want to: Call her brothers for help. "Wyatt, Chris!"

The demon laughed, "Stupid witches. You have no idea who you're messing with. The moment I saw you I lured you to this part of the underworld. A powerful Warlock once cast a spell on the area preventing you from orbing in or out nor can you call for help."

P.J. looked at Melinda panicked and asked, "Now, what?"

"Um let me think." Melinda said as they started to back away and look around for escape as the demon advanced on them. "Oh I think I have something. HEAR THESE WORDS, HEAR THE RHYME, HEED THE HOPE WITHIN OUR MINDS… Yelp" An energy ball startled her as P.J. pulled her down. Making her forget what she planned to say and causing P.J. to drop Melinda's phone.

"Mel hurry and think of something or I will."

"I'm trying, I'm trying. It's not easy trying to remember any kind of teleportation spell like this and then modify it to fit the situation. HEAR THESE WORDS, HEAR THE RHYME, HEED THE HOPE WITHIN OUR MINDS, TAKE US TO WHERE WE NEED TO BE IN PLACE AND TIME."

They disappeared in swirling lights and reappeared still in the underworld.



Chris knew it was risky trusting Girth not to betray him. He was a demon after all. Chris hoped Girth didn't realize that Chris was planning on vanquising him after he was sure the Charmed Ones had learned their lesson. Then there was trusting Leo not to follow him. He knew if Leo followed him he would learn that Chris himself helped the demon Girth trap the Charmed Ones in their dream-desire worlds. That would give him more ammunition to have the elders either strip his powers, meaning his mission would end then in failure, or worse, try to recycle him. Although considering he was only half whitelighter Chris didn't know or want to find out if that was even possible.

He only now realizes that he should have found another way to send Leo to Valhalla, but then again he had no idea Leo would hate the very idea of being on an island full of women. Oh well, time to face Girth and hopefully get the girls back. He could only hope his warning to Leo not to follow would be enough for the elder to comply.

When the demon betrays Chris, shoots him with a darklighter arrow before Chris gets the chance to vanquish him, Chris fears he's truly screwed up this time. He thought he had things under control. He hadn't counted on Girth getting ahold of a darklighter arrow. He was thankful he had just enough strength left to merge Phoebe into Paige's world before the demon knocked him out. His only hope now was the girls found a way out, and could vanquish Girth on their own.

Melinda and P.J. appeared, confused at first, wondering where they were. This part of the underworld looked the same except the demon wasn't in front of them anymore. They heard noises not far off in the distance. They looked around, not seeing anything at first, but then they heard what sounded like a moan. They tracked the sound, and saw someone lying on the ground. They rushed over to the person and turned him over and Melinda gasped.

"Chris! Ladybug it's Chris but how, why is he here and with what looks like the remains of a darklighter arrow in his gut?"

P.J. looked closely at Chris.

"Ladybug we have to save Chris!"

"Mel, calm down. We'll find a way to help him. But something tells me this isn't the brother you know."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Look closely at him Mel, I saw Chris this morning. So unless a spell backfired and it grew out his hair I don't think it's the same one."

"But how it that possible?"

P.J. just shook her head. "I don't know."