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" " - Japanese
~~~~~~ = Panda signs!

++++ = Flashback
-------- = Change in Time
***** = Another place

************ Nuku Ranma *************

A six year old Ranma stood in front of a pit that was filled with horrible creatures that were howling and scratching at the side, in attempts to escape from their confines. Ranma looked at his father nervously as he sifted through the snow, trying to find the rope. It was Christmas Eve, and Ranma would have rather been anywhere but there. Genma picked him up by the scruff of the neck as he found the rope, and bound him tightly. Meanwhile, in Japan, a truck slammed into a scrap pile of cars as an high tech helicopter came from nowhere and rained bullets on the heap. A child and his father were gripping onto each other for dear life, hoping that the helicopter would give up their fruitless pursuit. Their dreams were answered when it stopped firing the hail of ammunition and left toward a tall tower in the middle of a small town, Nerima Japan. The boy cried hard, tears spouting from his eyes as he found the cat they rescued earlier, shot to death. Destinies collided at that very moment, as Genma threw his son in the pit of cats, and Kyusaku attached the kitten's brain into the android they were harboring. Thus, both Neko-Ranma, and Nuku Nuku were born once again into this grotesque world.

************ TEN YEARS LATER! (Ranma's point of view) **************

Ranma was walking in the rain, not even ten feet in front of a giant panda bear. He looked over his shoulder and smirked at the panda "That is what you get old man. Try to drag me into the curse pond with you."

The panda bear held up a sign with the kanji ~How ungrateful! My own son~ Flips the sign around ~Didn't fight for the ART!~

Ranma growled and held up a tight fist, that was shaking with anger "FIGHT FOR THE ART! ARE YOU STUPID OLD MAN! That was almost as stupid as your Neko-ken training." Yes,... this Ranma learned the TRUE Neko-ken and was quite a force to be reckoned with. He had supreme control over his Ki, his anger and rarely, if ever, put his foot in his mouth. Ranma was about to turn left toward Juuban, when the panda grabbed him by the neck and carried him in the opposite direction "What the hell pops!?"

The panda bear smirked, which came out as a snarl, and held a sign ~We have to visit an old friend~ Flips the sign once again ~before anything else!~

Ranma pounded on the panda's head a few times before growling and pushing his Ki into sharp claws "Old man, if you don't let me down...." He left the words dangle in the air with some dangerous backing to it. The panda cautiously put his son on the ground and backed away slightly. "That's better old man. Now, what is this whole thing about?"

It raised a sign and scratched the side of it's head gently before showing Ranma ~It's been so long since I saw my old friend!~ He brought it back down before bringing out a new one ~I just want to visit him~ he flips the sign once again ~And his daughters, and catch up on old times.~ Ranma narrowed his eyes at him before growling slightly, adding a slight purr to the threat ~HONESTLY!~

Ranma gripped his neck with a powerful grip and lifted the eight hundred pound panda from the ground "That better be all. OR else, I'm having panda fillet's for dinner!" He dropped the panda on the ground and before he could pull out a sign, Ranma had grabbed a cup of hot water and tossed it on him "TALK LIKE A MAN DAMNIT!" The people that were passing by was shocked when the giant panda reverted into a man in a white Gi, glasses, and a white handkerchief over his head.

He adjusted his glasses slightly before smiling nervously "o..of course that's it Ranma muh boy! What else could there possibly be!" He gave a nervous laugh as Ranma narrowed his eyes, the pupils gaining a slit appearance seen in cats eyes. Ranma's eyes unfocused for a second before he looked around the street nervously "R..Ranma,... what's wrong?" Ranma lifted a hand toward his fathers mouth and covered it as he listened, filtering out the voices around him. Suddenly there was a large explosion in the store a block down the street. Without hesitation Ranma ran toward the explosion, in an attempt to save those who might be hurt. "Ranma!" He left the voice far behind him, using his Ki and reflexes to pounce and jump from building to building, occasionally using a street lamp as a spring board. He stopped on a building across from where the explosion happened and his blood ran cold when he noticed a pink haired girl, in a tattered school uniform guarding a young boy.

He dropped down to the street below just as something from the dust shot missiles toward them "Watch out!" He lunged toward the two, but wasn't fast enough as the pink haired girl he saw earlier jumped out of the way. Ranma flipped and planted his feet deep into the concrete before sweeping the kid into his arms and jumping a couple hundred feet into the air, and safely landed on a side building. He put the shaking kid down on the top and smiled slightly "Are you okay?"

The boy looked at Ranma with teary eyes "I.. I'm fine! But Nuku Nuku!" Ranma glanced from his vantage point and noticed Nuku Nuku bouncing around, dodging missile after missile and an occasional mech arm.

He looked at the boy again before chuckling "I guess it can't be helped. Stay here" He dropped from the building and ran toward the mechanical monster that was terrorizing the peaceful town. He arrived in time to notice Nuku getting slammed into a building, and the roof collapsing on itself. He stared in horror as no movement was registered from the collapsed building. He growled at the machine and started to glow before he pushed off the ground, creating a crater, and sped toward the robot. He cocked back a fist and was about to slam it into the machine when it's arm pushed him aside. Ranma slid across the ground like a rag doll, and was thrown through the window only coming to a stop as he was imbedded in a coffee shop wall conveniently located in his path. He walked out of the shattered window holding his profusely bleeding arm and stared at the robot with hate. He was going to run toward it again, and release his Ki when the girl called Nuku Nuku erupted from the building and grabbed the machine's arm, spinning it and throwing it a distance away before falling down onto the ground, exhausted. He limped over to where Nuku had fallen to the ground and nudged her gently "Hey, You okay?"

She gave a toothy grin before giggling a bit "heh heh, I'm fine" She got up slowly and almost fell over as gravity took it's course.

Ranma smirked a bit "Your fine huh?" He reached out and took her hand into his own, helping her onto her feet before letting Nuku use his good side as an arm rest. He smiled a bit as he carried back toward where the boy was at "Don't worry, we'll get you to a doctor"

She shook her head fiercely "Nuku Nuku doesn't need a doctor!" she accentuated her point by standing on her own and giggling wildly. For the first time he noticed the mechanical type ears coming from her hair, and the cat like eyes she held.

He noticed whenever something caught her interest, the 'ears' moved with cat like reflexes "Hey,.. what are those?"

Her hands were raised up to what he was pointing at and giggled a bit, while blushing "Well,... they are ...." she didn't finish her sentence as Ranma pushed her down and jumped in front of her. She was about to get angry when she noticed a missile coming toward them. She was about grab Ranma and jump out of the way, when she noticed she couldn't move her legs. Ranma glanced out of the corner of the eye and saw the girl trying to move. He gave a slightly curse to himself and burst into a bright blue radiance, bringing his good arm to the side of his body, letting it collect and form razor claws.

He looked over his shoulder again and gave a small smile "This is all I can do now. I'm sorry" Before she could say a thing about her 'condition' Ranma had pushed himself away from her in a shockwave of power. His claws extended toward the missile as he neared it.

Nuku screamed in horror "NO!!!" Ranma paid her no mind as the claws ripped into the missile, blowing itself and Ranma apart. She watched with wide eyes that were filling with tears as Ranma's lifeless body was thrown to the side, bloodies and missing various pieces. She crawled over to him and cradled his head in her lap, the tears spilling on his face "hey,... are you going to be okay?" She shook him gently "Hey..." she shook him more violently "HEY! WAKE UP!" The tears wouldn't stop falling as she tried shaking Ranma's lifeless body from it's tireless sleep.

NEW 3/19/03 - 8:40 AM

Just then the boy came running up behind her, having found a way off the roof "Nuku Nuku..... are you okay?" She didn't reply, just sobbing into Ranma's chest. The boy put his hand on her shoulder "Nuku Nuku" the look he got from her, made him step back in surprise. It wasn't a kind look, but one that spoke volumes of her anger. Nuku stood up and walked toward where the robot had stopped attacking, her mechanical ears whirring to life, giving her speed and power beyond comprehension. She ran toward it, a trail of tears in her wake as she cried silently. Once she was under it, she gave no time to attack as she jumped onto the glass covering the cockpit. Throwing punch after punch Nuku had managed to destroy it, pulling the girl in the seat out forcefully and throwing her to the ground.

Nuku dropped from the destroy cockpit and wiped her eyes against her sleeve "Nuku doesn't know a lot of things. But Nuku understands that life is precious!" She picked up the operator and threw her in front of Ranma's still body, making her see what she did "Nuku understands that this is wrong!"

The operator stared at the body in horror, realizing her mistake earlier and whispered in a barely audible voice "I'm sorry...". She held a choked sob and at the same time tried not to vomit from the grotesque corpse before her. Shaking her head, she tried to crawl away from the body only to bump against Nuku's leg. Then they noticed a fat man in a white Gi running toward their location, breathing rather hard.

He stopped before them and looked them over, they were cute. Giving a shake of the head he smiled "Um,.. have either of you seen a boy around the age of seventeen? When he heard the explosions, he was worried about survivors and ran to help." then he noticed the two girls eyes, as they welled with tears threatened to shed. He looked around them to find a makeshift handkerchief, only stopping when he saw a tattered remain of a red Chinese shirt. He dropped to his knees and moved the jacket that was on the ground beside the shirt, and gasped in horror as he noticed Ranma's remains. He got up and stepped away from the body "No... this can't be happening.... Nodoka's going to kill me" He turned tail and ran from the site, not stopping till he came to one Tendo Soun's house. Nuku Nuku dropped to her knees beside Ranma's body and laid her head against his chest, purring slightly behind the non-stop tears. The Pilot and the boy watched in surprise as Nuku seemed to be mourning one of family members or something. She showed no disrespect, and no hint of joking in the least.

Nuku Nuku got up from the place beside Ranma, her eyes stained red from crying so much "Nuku Nuku,.... doesn't want this......" She looked over her shoulder as the boy shifted nervously and the pilot seemed to be losing her lunch in a trashcan. Nuku's eyes threatened to tear up again, when a small car came to a screeching halt beside them. Nuku jumped over the car and looked at the man "Papa-san! please help Nuku Nuku!"

He looked at Nuku and blinked for a second "Sure Nuku,... what's wrong?" Nuku dragged him by his arm over to where Ranma lied, in a pool of his own blood. Kyusaku nearly lost his breakfast over the mangled body of Ranma, his skin barely clinging to his face, the arm torn and destroyed. "Oh god,.. what happened?" He looked at Nuku Nuku, panic dead set in his eyes.

Nuku wiped away her tears again before looking back at Kyusaku "We were fighting, when Nuku Nuku couldn't move suddenly. He looked at me and smiled saying 'this is all I can do. I'm sorry' then he ran toward the missile..." She choked on her words as the scene played back in her mind "then.... then...." she cried out, loud and pained as she gripped onto Kyusaku for dear life "Then he doesn't move! Why doesn't he move! Make him move Papa-san!"

NEW 3/19/03 - 11:30 AM

Kyusaku looked down at Nuku Nuku as she cried hard, against his chest and felt a slight pang in his heart "I'll try Nuku.... I'll try" Nuku's eyes brightened and she gripped her papa-san tightly in a warm embrace as she sighed with relief.

*************** one year later ****************

Nuku Nuku paced in front of her fathers work room for what seems like decades. Whenever she wasn't at school or working at her part time job, she was always here, waiting for Ranma's recovery. She never got a peek at how her father had come along, but she knew that if it was him, he would do his best. It didn't matter if it was a lost cause or not, if he could take a cat's brain and place it in an android's body. Then this should be Childs play. However, what she didn't know is that the human brain is vastly more complicated than a kitten's. She giggled madly and smiled as her father opened up his lab door, letting her take her first step in years, inside it's desolate space. He gave a smile and pointed to the corner where a large muscular body was sculpted. "This is his new body, all I need to do now, is charge him with the energy. However there is something you should know-"

Nuku smiled and gripped onto her father tightly "Thank you papa-san! Thank you very much!" Nuku smiled and walked over to the body, leaning over and tilting her head slightly "When can he play?"

Kyusaku shook his head gently before sighing "In about ten minutes, Nuku" He smiled when he noticed her giddy emotions and huge smile. He chuckled a bit before going back to his work 'It's been a while since she has been happy'. He flipped a switch and power began routing through the android's circuits, seemingly beginning to glow. With a loud explosion, smoke filled their house, and Nuku immediately pounced into action. She jumped over to the window and opened it wide, letting it flow from the room out into the air. With a joyful cheer and a round of loud praises to himself, Kyusaku emerged from the room with a person behind him "I've done it again! Remind me to thank Akiko for the parts" Nuku Nuku giggled slightly and then looked at the person behind him, a blush on her cheeks as her eyes roamed more than they should. She quickly turned around and stared at nothing, her heart beating fast and wild. Her nose picked up an intoxicating scent coming from the new person, that seemed to lure her. She turned around and looked at him again, their eyes locking and with a silent word they jumped at each other. They bounded across the rooms with vigor and strength never used in humans, and until the newcomer had pounced onto her and held her down, she did not give in. When he did however, he licked her face gently and they shared a small smile, eliciting a purr from Nuku.

She looked over his shoulder with a wide smile "Papa-san! Thank you!" She giggled some more when his tongue licked her cheek and then rubbed against her. They continued to frolic through the apartment until Ryunouske came in through the door and blushed hard, seeing his 'sister' in tattered clothing with a strange man.

Ryunouske immediately thought the worse and brought out a wooden sword, bringing it down toward his head "Get off Nuku Nuku!". He never made contact because the moment he neared, his father grabbed it and stopped him.

Kyusaku chuckled a bit before letting go of the bokken "Ryunouske, Meet Ranma... he was the boy that we saw killed. Only now he is exactly like Nuku Nuku,... with some exceptions."

Ryunouske ignored his fathers ranting and stared at Ranma "How come he is acting like a cat?"

Kyusaku sweat dropped for a moment, and Nuku Nuku looked at him expectantly "Well,... I'm not sure how it happened. But there seemed to be a lot of cat instincts drilled into his brain. So when I installed it into this android body, the cat became the dominate thinker. Therefore making him just like Nuku. He's a cat first, and a human second." Nuku Nuku couldn't be more pleased with the news as she licked Ranma's face, meowing loudly. Kyusaku cleared his throat, making Nuku blush bright red "Anyways, it seems that Ranma and Nuku will both have to go to your new school. Since Nuku needs some more education, and Ranma is just that age." Before a word was made, he sighed "This has to be done, so that Ranma can continue being partially human." Nuku looked at Ranma and locked eyes with the blue sea.

Nuku Nuku giggled and freed herself from his grip, getting to her feet "Nuku Nuku has no problem with that!" She looked over at Ranma, who seemed to tilt his head at her before blinking. She looked wide eyed as Ranma got up off all fours and stood six foot two.

She blushed as she appraised his muscular body, her eyes going a bit too far south "um..... What just happened? One minute I was dying,... the next I'm playing with Nuku Nuku"

Kyusaku laughed maniacally before calming down and looking at the miffed Ranma "Well,... truth be told Ranma... your dead. I built and androids body for you and surgically implanted your brain into it's cybernetics."

NEW 3/19/03 - 11:34 PM

Ranma stared at Kyusaku and blinked multiple times in rapid succession before giving out a small "huh?" which came out as a "mew?". He looked around, hoping that he could find some answers that would be more helpful than the looks he was getting from the group. When he looked at Nuku, his heart began to beat faster and his breathing went shallow. He then turned away, a bright blush on his cheeks "um.... How come when I look at Nuku Nuku,... I..I'm" He blushed a brighter shade of crimson before walking over to Kyusaku and whispering in his ear.

Kyusaku blushed a bit and started to laugh, which soon fell into somber silence "I guess it has to do with the cat side of you both. If I'm not mistaken, both your cat sides have chosen each other as mates" The two 'teens' looked at each other, then looked away with blushing cheeks "All well,... at least it can't get any worse. Not like your going to go on a rampage and kill us all or something of the sort" He laughed stupidly, only to stop when he noticed no one else laughing with him.

Ranma sighed to himself and walked to the balcony, leaning against it with his chin in his hands "Are you okay?" He looked over his shoulder and saw Nuku Nuku coming out to join him, her clothes still in tatters. Ranma gave a slight nod before turning his attention back onto the sky as it's sun was falling behind the mountain range. Nuku leaned her head against his shoulder unconsciously "Nuku Nuku likes this"

Ranma looked down at her in surprise as he noticed her lack of comfort around him seemingly non-existent "Mew,... Are you sure you don't mind this? I mean,... we just met each other and yet, our 'cat' sides chose each other? How exactly does that work?"

Nuku looked at Ranma in shock and pain "Are you not happy with Nuku Nuku?" She took a step back from him and looked down at her shoes "Is it something that Nuku Nuku did to upset you?" She dropped down to her knees and started to sob silently as Ryunouske and Kyusaku watched in mute shock.

Ranma quickly picked her up and hugged her against his chest "It's nothing that is your fault Nuku Nuku, and it's quite the opposite that I don't like you. In fact, whenever I'm around you, my heart beats faster. I don't know how to act around you, and yet I'm afraid of scaring you off." He glances at the sunset from the corner of his eye before returning his gaze to Nuku Nuku's eyes, the beautiful setting sun mirroring in the unshed tears "I'm just wondering what to do with all these feelings I have. I've never felt anything like this before, and I don't know what the true feelings are. I don't want to hurt you, and I will do anything it takes to make sure I don't. However, there are just sometimes where I'm clueless, I can't help that. It's me."

Nuku gripped him into a tighter hug before licking his neck affectionately "Then Nuku Nuku will help you sort these feelings. One by one, until we find out for ourselves what you feel." Ranma looked at her in surprise, tears trying to find an exit through his eyes, and a hand wrapping around her waist and pulling her toward his lips gently. Nuku then pushed him away gently, wiping the tears from her eyes "Nuku Nuku will always be waiting here. Keep your feelings together until we find out what you truly want." Ranma looked like he wanted to say something before Nuku brought her finger up to his lips and silenced him "Always". She then pushed away from Ranma and ran into her room, tears flowing freely from her eyes.

Ranma fell to the ground and looks at his hands in dismay "I don't know what to do. Half of me wants to go in there and comfort her, tell her everything will be okay and love her. The other half is telling me to run, that it's a trick" He punches the ground hard, cursing under his breath as the tears flowed from his eyes as well "damnit...... damnit..... DAMNIT!" He then turned and jumped out of the open window that he was once standing in front of, disappearing into the sunset.

NEW 3/20/03 - 1:30 PM

The next morning Nuku Nuku woke up and looked at the alarm clock near her bed, and was surprised to see that it was well past ten in the morning. She quickly got out of bed and folded her futon before running out into the living room, seeing her father at the table. She quietly walked over to the table and in a hushed voice asked "Papa-san,.. why didn't you wake me up?"

Kyusaku looked at her over his shoulder and motioned for her to sit across from him "There's a few reasons actually" Once she sat down and he took a sip of water "One is that your worried about Ranma, and confused." She blushed slightly and looked away "That's okay to feel this way Nuku Nuku. Second is the fact that you waited for him to get home until five in the morning" She blushed harder and sighed "Third is that your cat side really wants to be with him, and won't recognize being alone anymore."

She laid her head silently on the ground and stared at nothing in particular "I don't know why I feel this way Papa-san... It's almost like I miss his presence near me. Even though we just met, and I don't fully know him. I miss him whole heartedly" She started to cry as her head was laid against her arm, tears rolling down the side and collecting on the table.

Kyusaku looked at Nuku Nuku and sighed before staring at the ceiling 'Ranma, you better come back'

*********** Juuban District ************

Ranma sat on a large cement wall as he looked at a house, he once recognized as his own. He had been there for over twelve hours now and still hasn't had the courage to go to the door. He sighed as he stared at the front door, before finally hopping down and walking calmly up to it. He knocked gently against the oak door and waited patiently for someone to answer. When the door opened it revealed a man in a white shirt and denim jeans, who looked at Ranma, appraising him "Yes?"

Ranma looked away from the tall man and then back at him "Is this the Saotome residence?"

The man chuckled a bit and pointed to the sign "So it says on the nameplate."

Ranma looked over and blushed slightly as he noticed the nameplate "Uh,.. yeah.... Anyways, is there a Saotome Genma here?"

The taller gentleman narrowed his eyes dangerously toward Ranma "What business do you have with the likes of HIM?"

Ranma flinched back and would be further intimidated if he hadn't had a strange past "I need to speak with him"

He gave a slight hmph and walked Ranma into the house, leaving him in the foyer "Wait here" The man left Ranma and walked up the stairs toward a large room. Once he neared the door, he knocked gently and then walked inside "Saotome-san, there is a young boy here to see Genma Saotome"

Nodoka Saotome opened her eyes and sighed, following the taller man down to the foyer where she saw the boy "You have business with Genma?"

Ranma noticed her thumbing a bundle at her side and took a step back "Yes,... Is my father home?"

Nodoka's eyes widened and gave Ranma a once over look, appraising him "Your Ranma Saotome?" She took a step back from him in fear 'This can't be.... Genma said he was dead'

Ranma noticed her look and gave a sigh "I shouldn't have come. Of course you would've heard I was dead by now" He bowed gently before walking out the door "Sorry to bother you Saotome-san" He walked out the front gate and gave a slight jump, launching him up to the adjacent building. Once he was up there he ran from rooftop to rooftop, not stopping for anything and tears not stopping for him. He came to a halt as he overlooked a school that was in a town called 'Nerima'. He hopped down and walked over to the gates, wondering what it would be like to go to a school with kids. As he walked through the gates, a large bell chimed and students flowed from the entrance, gathering in the field before the gate.

He stepped back and was wondering what was going on when a battle cry of "I HATE BOYS!" rang from the school and a girl went running toward the group of boys, punches and kicks throwing and knocking them out one by one. He watched in mute surprise as she cleared the entire mob of boys out in a matter of minutes. She then turned toward Ranma and ran toward him "I WON'T DATE PERVERTS LIKE YOU!" Ranma dodged her punch and blinked at her.

Everything stopped and all the boys and girls stared at Ranma "Did you see that,..." another one looked at him "Yeah, he dodged Akane's punch"

Ranma looked around him and blinked as everyone was either glaring at him, or leering at him "Hey,... what's the big idea? I don't want to date you"

Akane stared at him before going red in the face with anger, throwing another punch which was easily avoided "Yeah RIGHT! All boys are perverts!" She spun on her heel and brought her leg up, throwing a kick at Ranma's head, which he ducked under. Soon she was so mad and just projecting every move she made, Ranma dodging and weaving around them all.

Ranma yawned a bit as he dodged another attack "Hey,... are you done yet? I'm hungry"

Akane narrowed her eyes 'how dare he taunt me!' she cried out "Quit CHEATING!" Ranma stopped moving at the comment and Akane landed a blow, throwing Ranma into a nearby tree, making it shake from the impact "I showed him!"

Ranma stood up and brushed off the dust that was on his shirt "That make you feel better? Good, Because I'm leaving"

Akane smirked triumphantly "Yes! Run like the coward you boys are!" Ranma stopped moving and looked at her with a glint of light in his eyes. Akane grinned and did a little dance, talking about how she was the best "What are you looking at you pervert!" As soon as she noticed his leering gaze. To her it was leering anyways.

Ranma took a deep breath and turned around "You know,... I usually don't hit women... However, I will make an exception for you" He ran toward her as she got in a defensive stance. Ranma disappeared from her point of view and appeared behind her "Just remember, you provoked me. You lost once you made me the enemy" Before she could even turn around, she was flying through the air and slamming into the front gates, breaking them into pieces.

The crowd of boys and girls gaped at what Ranma had just done, before the girls flocked around him "Hey,.. are you sure you don't like her?"

Ranma looked at the girl with surprise and laughed "Like that uncute macho tomboy? I think not" Lots of the girls giggled and blushed as Ranma seemed to be the only boy in the school who didn't like Akane Tendo.

Just then one of the boys walked over to Ranma and gave him a smirk "Ranma,... we've been looking for you"

Ranma looked at the boy and laughed "Ryunouske, what's up? What do you mean you were looking for me?"

Ryunouske face faulted for a second before standing up and glaring openly at Ranma "What do you mean, what do I mean. You ran off yesterday, and Nuku Nuku has been crying ever since. I should seriously hurt you for making her cry Ranma."

Ranma stared at him for a second, before asking in a low voice "She was crying...?" he sighed when Ryunouske nodded and then was shocked when Ranma picked him up "Well then, I better go apologize" Without another word, Ranma jumped to the tree and launched himself onto the building, running toward their home. Mummers were heard throughout the school as Ranma just did the near impossible.

A shadow behind the tree Ranma had used as a springboard cackled slightly "So,.. that boy is a practitioner of black magic! That explains his victory over the lovely Akane Tendo! I will vanquish THEE!" He held his bokken up in the air as lightning crackled around him, and he started laughing maniacally.

TO BE CONTINUED___________________

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