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-------- Change in Time
Another place

Nuku Ranma

Coming to a stop on top of a tall building, Ranma stared at the setting sun with a frown on his face Where the heck are you Nuku,..... He sighed and walked to the edge of the building, peering over the side and watching all the people as they flooded around the streets If I were Nuku,... where would I be? Thinking for a second, Ranma smiled and and jumped off of the building, free falling for a good three minutes before putting out his hand and getting caught on a flag pole. Bouncing high into the air, Ranma landed safely and without a sound on another nearby building before dropping to the ground, surprising the people as they walked by Hmm,... I tried all the fish places in the area, she's not at home. Where could she be Ignoring all the stares he was recieving, Ranma walked forward and looked around at his surroundings I GOT IT! Grinning like an idiot, Ranma started running down the street Why the hell didn't I think of this first Running for what seemed like hours, he finally came to a stop outside of the city's junk yard, and walked inside.

Not even getting a foot inside of the junk yard, before being tackled, Ranma fell hard onto the ground as a heavy object fell on top of him "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Jumping off of Ranma, Nuku landed on the top of a nearby heap as her tears trailed through the sky. Turning so she was facing Ranma, anger was clearly visible in her features, however what shook Ranma was the look of disappointment that was written in her eyes "Ranma should just leave Nuku alone.... Nuku doesn't wanna be a b-bother" Tears were now cascading freely down the former cat's cheeks.

Standing up and staring at Nuku as the tears flowed from her eyes, Ranma felt his heartbreak "Nuku,... umm" He took a step forward, and instantly regretted it when he saw Nuku tense up, getting ready to run from the scene "P-Please! Let me explain.." Seeing her nod slowly, as if unsure of whether or not she wanted to listen. Looking away from Nuku, Ranma shifted nervously under her piercing gaze and looked up at her, giving a confident smile "Nuku,... I love you" Seeing her shocked look, as the tears stopped instantly, she took another step back and started shaking her head "I've loved you since I set my eyes on you. When I first re-awakened, I knew that you were the only one for me, but I couldn't accept it. You see, I was raised in the wild, and didn't know what Love truly was. But today, when I thought that I had lost you, my chest hurt like hell. It felt like someone was crushing a car on top of it. I never thought that I could feel so much pain in my entire life" Ranma looked up into Nuku's eyes, as his own started to shed tears "I can't live without you Nuku,... I know this now. I'm sorry about everything I've done and said to you. I wish I could take them back, but I can't. I don't want to lose you, but I will understand if you don't love me,... anymore." He broke the eye contact as he turned his back to her "I....I'll be at home. I hope you come back, I miss you"

Hearing that, Nuku's heart started to beat faster as she blushed a furious red before jumping down "Ranma!" Seeing him not stopping, she ran full out and wrapped her arms around him, efficiently tackling him to the ground "I LOVE YOU!"

Breaking free from her grasp, Ranma turned over and smiled, petting her head affectionately "I know Nuku,.... I know" He then leaned forward slowly, his eyes closing as if on auto-pilot, as their lips closed over one another in a passionate kiss.

The Next Morning

Ryunosuke yawned as he sat up in bed, scratching his stomach as he looked around his room I guess Nuku never came home,.... poor Ranma Standing up, he started to shed his clothes in order to get dressed for school, when the door burst open and Nuku bounded in "N-Nuku!" Running forward, Ryunosuke gripped onto Nuku in a tight hug, totally forgetting about his clothing "N-Nuku,... we were so worried about you! Are you alright, did anything happen?" When he broke the embrace, he smiled up at Nuku and blinked as he cheeks filled with a red hue "What's wrong?"

Bringing her hands over her eyes, Nuku screamed out "Ryunosuke NO HENTAI!" Nuku then turned from Ryunosuke and ran from the room, her face as red as a tomato. Running into her room, Nuku dove under the covers and gripped Ranma tightly, feeling her face still burning from embarrassment.

Waking up from the sudden impact, and the heat flooding through his back, Ranma yawned and turned over "'mornin Nuku" Blinking after a second, and seeing her blushing face, Ranma started chuckling "What happened?"

Looking away from Ranma, Nuku pressed her face into his chest "Nuku saw Ryunosuke naked" her blush renewed with vigor to spare as she told Ranma what she saw. The embarrassment. quickly left her when Ranma leaned down and kissed her gently. After the kiss, Nuku looked up into his eyes "R-Ranma?"

Smiling at the shocked, and blushing form of Nuku, Ranma smiled warmly "Good morning, Nuku-chan" Ranma couldn't help but smile even more when her blush deepened.

Breaking eye contact, Nuku wrapped her arms around Ranma even tighter than before "G-Good morning,... Ranma-Kun" With a happy sigh, she nestled her head against Ranma's chest as the embarrassment. finally left her body "I'm sorry to wake you so early Ranma-kun"

Wrapping his arms around Nuku, and stroking her hair gently, Ranma chuckled "It's okay, we have to go to school in a hour anyway" Seeing Nuku look at him, Ranma smiled "You forgot,... huh?"

Looking away from Ranma, Nuku giggled under her breath "actually,... yes" She giggled some more as they cuddled together "That's okay,... as long as Ranma's with me, I'll go"

Caressing her hair gently, Ranma leaned down and kissed her forehead "of course,.. I'll never leave you alone, anymore" Sitting up, Ranma released Nuku from his embrace, much to her obvious disappointment, and got out of bed "Come on Nuku, as much as I wanna lay here and hold you, we have to get ready. It still takes thirty minutes to get to school, and we need breakfast."

Sitting up, Nuku straightened her clothes out a bit and got up beside Ranma "I guess, but why can't we just use our strength to get to school faster?" Picking up a nearby shirt, she handed it to Ranma, who put it on "I mean, we could get there in five minutes"

After putting the shirt on, Ranma smirked at Nuku as he slid on his pants "We could Nuku, but don't you want to have a normal lifestyle this time? I mean, don't get me wrong. I love our powers, but people might get scared of us if they know" Seeing her shocked look, Ranma smiled slightly "Not exactly scared, but they might avoid us. I've had this problem before I became an android. So, let's just go normally today, 'kay?" Seeing her nod, although disappointed, Ranma couldn't help but chuckle "C' mon, it's not that bad. I mean, we can talk to Ryunosuke on the way, right?" he laughed hard when her face lit up with the mention of Ryunosuke's name "Get over it Nuku. I'm sure he doesn't care"

Looking at the ground in embarrassment. as they left the room, Nuku took her seat at the table "Papa won't be here this morning, he went to meet with Akiko-mama" She picked up her chopsticks and began to eat her rice, when she felt someone staring at her, and looked up "what?"

Smiling warmly at the cat girl, Ranma shook his head "Nothing,... just been a while since I felt like I was part of a family. I can't remember everything about my past just yet, but I get flash's off and on. Quite often, I dream of it too. But,... I don't think it was ever anything like this." Seeing her shocked look, Ranma shook his head "Never mind" He then picked up his chopsticks and began to eat, as he felt the air suddenly become disturbed "Mornin' Ryu-kun"

Shocked that Ranma knew he was there, Ryunosuke walked around the table and sat down, a frown on his face "Can't surprise you huh?" Seeing Ranma not even stop eating, and shake his head, Ryunosuke sighed "And just where do you get off calling your older brother Ryu-kun?"

Putting down his chopsticks, as his bowl was empty, Ranma smirked at Ryunosuke "What, do you think I'm gonna stay in this family?" Seeing both Nuku's and Ryunosuke's shocked looks, Ranma grinned "How can I ever get with Nuku, if she's part of my family. Don't think we can get married like that, right?"

Blushing a bright red, Nuku looked down at her plate as something dawned on her, and she looked up at Ranma with a serious look "Ranma,.... don't choose Nuku over a family. I wouldn't like that, you know that" She was about to say something else when Ranma kissed her deeply, his arms embracing her as their kiss ended "R-Ranma...."

Breaking the embrace, Ranma shot Nuku an embarrassed smile as he stood up and walked toward the door "We're going to be late" He grinned when they both started wolfing down their food, and jumping up "Well, shall we go to school then?" They both nodded as Ranma opened the door and walked out, grabbing his coat on the way. Once outside, and the door locked, Ranma looked around at the scenery before blinking "It's nice out" The awe in his voice, made both Nuku and Ryunosuke curious to what he meant "I thought it was going to be cold today..." He shrugged it off before smiling "Let's go"

At school, half a hour later

Akane Tendo stood in the midst of a group of boys, her arm slung in a cast and a bandage over her forehead That baka is bound to show up today, and then i'll get my revenge She grinned evilly when she noticed him walking toward the school gates "Alright! Get ready guys!" Cries of joy surrounded her as the sports groups were more than happy to help their 'goddess' with her revenge. Seconds ticked by as Ranma, Nuku and Ryunosuke walked through the front gates and stopped once they saw the large group "Ranma Natsume, prepare to die!"

Shivering at the phrase, as if it truly meant something, Ranma blinked at the group as they charged at him "what the hell?" He wasn't given the opportunity to think twice as the group surrounded him and started to advance on him "umm,... you guys get beat by Akane right?"

One of the members of the Kendo club stepped forward and readied his boken as he glared at Ranma "What of it, Ranma?"

Tilting his head to the side, Ranma gave a lopsided grin which showed he was just playing around "Well,.... she's in the cast for a reason you know. I beat her, and fairly easy at that. What makes you think you guys have a chance against me" Murmurs were heard through the crowd as some of the boys left the group, deciding to give up on their 'revenge' against Ranma "I mean, seriously, do you think you have a chance against a master of the Anything goes Martial Arts?" what the hell am I saying.. He blinked curiously as Akane stared at him Why did I just say that,..... What's the Anything goes Martial Arts? So caught up in his thoughts, Ranma didn't see the boken coming at him and acted unconsciously. Ducking back under the boken, Ranma back flipped, putting his hand on the ground and kicking up with his feet. Kicking the kid in the face as he flipped back onto his feet, the boy was sent flying through the crowd of boys like a bowling ball, till he came to a stop at Akane's feet.

Looking down at the boy at her feet slowly, Akane stared for seconds before what he said registered "YOUR RANMA SAOTOME! There's no way in hell I'm marrying you!"

Suddenly voices broke out among the students as Akane blushed a bright red, of course in anger, as Ranma stared at her "What the hell are you talking about? Who's Ranma Saotome? I'm Ranma Natsume"

Akane walked through the crowd of boys before she came to a stop in front of Ranma "Your Ranma Saotome,... now I know why I felt I knew you. It's because of your father's picture.. you baka!" She brought her hand back to strike Ranma, when he once again acted unconsciously and caught her punch "W-What,.. you going to hit a girl. Is that the type of man you are, Saotome?"

Glaring at Akane, Ranma released her hand and ducked the punch "I've hit you already, and just because I don't like hitting women, doesn't mean I won't if I can't help it. I think I proved that point last time I was here" Ranma smirked as his eyes dropped to the cast that was slung around her chest area

Seeing his gaze, she looked down and assumed Ranma was staring at her chest "YOU PERVERT!" She brought her hand back again and tightly balled it into a fist in order to attack Ranma, but was suddenly stopped when a firm grip caught her wrist "Let go!" She turned around to strike the person who held her, when she came face to face with Genma "Y- Your....."



Ranma : who is this Genma?

SSJ Guyver : You don't know your own dad?

Ranma : Of course I do!

SSJ Guyver : Then,... why ask who Genma is?

Ranma : Because I want to know who he is!

SSJ Guyver : But you said you knew your own dad....

Ranma : Yup... so who's Genma?

SSJ Guyver : hmm,.... your stupid

Ranma : okay, but who is Genma?

SSJ Guyver : BAKA BAKA BAKA! Genma's your father!

Ranma : No he isn't,... Kyuusaku is my papa-san

SSJ Guyver fell down and stared at Ranma as he got a confused look in response.

SSJ Guyver : baka.....