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" " - Japanese
* * = Thoughts

++++ = Flashback
-------- = Change in Time
***** = Another place

************ Ranma no more : Lonely Quest *************

It was a normal day in Nerima Japan. So normal that there was no sound what so ever that stirred in the morning air. Tendo Dojo was a shambled home in the midst of all the rest. Outside it's doors stood a panda and a girl that seemed to be in a martial arts stance. They jumped at each other in a torrent of attacks, before the redheaded girl knocked the panda into the wall and succeeded in stopping his movement. "Take that old man! That will teach you to steal my breakfast!"

The panda got out his hole in the wall and grumbled a bit before pulling a sign from nowhere Ignorant boy! It's all part of your training! The girl snorted in disgust and turned to walk back into the house, only to receive a blow to the back of her head. She was sent spiraling into the Koi pond with a splash as the panda spun the sign around NEVER lower you defenses! He gave a snort and walked back into the house, ignoring all the protest his muscles were giving him.

The Koi pond bubbled slightly before Ranma stepped out, male again with a sigh "Damn old man.... I keep telling him to leave me alone" He then walked into the house and was promptly hit with Akane's Mallet "Ow, damnit Akane. What was that for?!?"

Akane stomped back into the house and sat at the table "I'm sure you were being a pervert!" Ranma grumbled some more before heading up to his room, slamming the door behind him. Akane smirked triumphantly "That will teach that pervert" Nabiki and Kasumi gave Akane knowing glances and sighed before going back to the tedious tasks they were doing before. Meanwhile up in Ranma's room, he had just opened the window and jumped out. He jumped rooftop to rooftop until he reached the outskirts of Juuban, and entered a small Gym.

The girl at the counter smiled "Good morning Ranma!" She nearly swooned when he smiled back.

Ranma looked around the gym and almost sighed at the amount of people that were there this morning "Good morning,... How are you today?"

She smiled even more, a slight red hue on her cheeks "I'm doing okay *I'm better now*" Ranma nodded, like he wasn't even paying attention and the girl frowned for a moment "Fiancée troubles?" Ranma gave a slight nod and a sigh "Well, why don't you go in the locker room and rest in the sauna"

Ranma looked at the girl and smiled "You know, that's a good idea. I could use a good rest"

She nodded, happy that she could cheer him up "If you want, I can give you a massage"

Ranma looked at her for a moment "Maybe,.... later?" She frowned noticeably before smiling again. Ranma gave a forced smile and made his way into the back, stepping into the locker room. Ranma took a towel from the rack and wrapped it around his waist as he dropped his pants and took off his shirt. He proceeded into the sauna room, only to notice that it was filled with half naked women. He sighed a bit before shaking his head "You ladies mind another?"

The girls looked at Ranma with interest as they agreed simultaneously "Not at all" Ranma rolled his eyes gently, so that none would take offense to it. He sat down on a bench that was far enough away from the women that he didn't have to worry. One of the girls hadn't stopped staring at him since he arrived and it was making him nervous. He looked around him to make sure that there was no one else around that she could be looking at before looking at her once again. Only to notice that she was making her way over to him.

She looked at him before getting closer still, her face inches away from his own "Excuse me,... but do I know you?"

Ranma blinked for a second before letting out a breath of relief "No,.. I don't think so."

She sighed and sat beside him, and leaned against the wall "Darn,... I thought for sure this time it was him" She covered her eyes gently as if warding off tears and Ranma felt his heart break.

Ranma sighed and put his arm around her, hesitantly "There there,... Don't worry, I'm sure you will find him sooner or later" The girls that were watching felt their hearts melt at the comforting sounds Ranma was making to the smaller girl. He razzed her hair a bit before smiling "Come on, those tears don't suit your pretty face." If the girls weren't buying it then, they sure did now. The girl leaned against Ranma's shoulder and silently sobbed.

She looked up almost embarrassed and choked back a sob "I'm sorry sir. I don't mean to drop my problems on you. I just haven't seen Ranma in forever, and I thought you kinda looked like him" Ranma froze for a minute, his mind trying to comprehend what she just said. "Um,... Sir? Are you okay?"

Ranma's mouth opened up in slight mirth before snapping it shut and asking in a tight voice "Ranma?"

The girl nodded slightly before sighing again "Right,... his father, Genma. Promised my father that me and him were to be friends, in trade for two meals and a room for the night. However, the next morning they were gone and so was the money in the safe" She trembled slightly in anger "Because of that, my father ended up having a heart attack and passing away the next night." She sobbed silently as Ranma held her tighter, his anger barely in check.

Ranma held her against him and he let his thoughts wander back to this morning *God damn Old man.... He's going too far* He sighed and looked down at the girl who was crying against his chest "Um,.... I can take you to Ranma if you want"

Her head snapped up in surprise "Y-You know Ranma?" Ranma nodded a bit before getting up, walking out of the Sauna and getting dressed. Once he was done he walked over the Sauna's door and knocked gently.

"I will wait for you in the front of the gym, We can leave whenever you want" He nodded when he heard a small voice answer him and walked out toward the front room in silent thought. He reached the door just as the girl ran up to him and tackled his arm in a hug "Um..."

She smiled happily and made Ranma blush slightly "Thank you so much! You have no idea what this means to me!"

Ranma smiled a bit before glancing around "Anyways, what is your name?"

She smiled sheepishly "Might help a bit if I told you that huh?" Ranma smiled and nodded "My name is Hotaru Tomoe" Ranma let the name sink in before trying to recall the time he might've met a Tomoe Hotaru. She blushed as Ranma seemed to be staring at her "Um,.... So,.. Where is Ranma at?"

Ranma shook his head slightly before giving a nervous laugh "Well, He is around the Tendo Dojo. His father engaged him to one of the daughters of an old friend." He noticed her angered look and blinked as it just didn't seem to fit on such a pretty face "But from what I hear, he doesn't want it. He doesn't want to marry that Kawaii-kune Tomboy"

Hotaru looked up at him and blinked "You seem to know a lot Ranma. Are you related to him?"

Ranma smiled sheepishly before putting his hand behind his head "Something like that" She blinked at him and stared until he broke the silence "Well, we should get going" She gave a slight nod and they walked toward the Tendo Dojo in almost utter silence.

Once they were around a block away Hotaru spoke "I just hope he isn't like his father"

Ranma almost fell to the ground in a fit of laughter "Trust me, he is nothing like that fat panda."

Hotaru blinked for a second before stopping in her place "Panda? Do you mean, everything Haruka-papa said is true? Does Ranma turn into a girl?"

Ranma flinched back at the look of betrayal in her eyes "Yes, I'm afraid so" Hotaru sighed before sitting on the ground where she was at. In Ranma's opinion it just made her seem more childish and cute "Is that such a problem? It's not like his mind changes right?"

Hotaru nodded, albeit slowly "That's true... But can you imagine what a BOY would do to a woman's body if he could use that transformation"

Ranma sighed and leaned against a nearby wall "I guess,... but Ranma isn't that type of guy. He isn't a pervert like everyone says"

Hotaru sighs again and looks up at him "So Ranma,... when are you going to tell me that it was you?"

Ranma fell to the ground and blinked at the now laughing Hotaru "H-How did you know?"

Hotaru giggled at Ranma as he fell to the ground "If everyone was against Ranma for either being perverted of a cheater. Then why would you be defending him. It doesn't bother me, I'm just glad I could meet you" She wiped a tear from her face before choking back another sob "Why did you run? Why did you have to run away at fathers more desperate times!"

Ranma looked away from Hotaru's eyes that were staring into his own, making him nervous "I'm going to be honest with you Hotaru. I don't remember ever meeting you,... but then again I don't remember meeting any of my fiancée's before they jump in my lap asking me to marry them" Ranma looked back into her eyes, and noticed a serene anger "I'm not going to make any promises. But I'm trying to get out of Nerima and I'm old enough to live on my own. But the problem is that I don't have the money."

Hotaru beamed with a bright smile "You can live with us! That way we can get to know each other and see if anything works from there!" Ranma looked at her for a moment and noticed that she had a lot riding on this offer, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears. He gave a slight nod and Hotaru wrapped herself around his arm "YAY! Let's go!"

Ranma pulled gently, freeing his arm from her grasp "I have to get my stuff from the Tendo's first." She smiled at him and nodded, taking his arm once again and pulling him toward the large building *God Soun is going to freak out when he sees this* He gave a small smile when he looked down at her face *At least she's cute* He blushed slightly as Hotaru looked at him curiously "We're almost there"

She smiled and gave a big nod "Good! I can't wait for you to meet Haruka-papa!" She thought for a second before blinking and giggling "Hey Ranma, when we meet my parents, will you be in your girl form?"

Ranma shook his head violently "Uh-uh! No way! I may have gotten over the fact that I turn into a girl, doesn't mean I have to like it!" Hotaru looked taken aback and started to sob silently "I mean,... I... but you.... I don't..." He sighed to himself before giving a small smile "Sure, I can meet them as Ranko"

Hotaru simply smiled sweetly at Ranma and continued to pull him toward the gate "Is this place it?" She looked up at the gates in awe. Ranma simply grinned and pushed the gates open and walked inside, only to run into Akane who was on her way out.

Akane growled and her temper flared "Ranma! Where the hell have you been!" She noticed the girl next to him, who was fussing over his wounds "I see, you were out with your whore" Hotaru blinked and got an angered look in her face "What can a weakling like you do about it? huh?!?"

Ranma stood up and rested his hand on Hotaru's shoulder gently "Akane,... shut up" He then walked past her and into the house, leaving her to fume to herself. Ranma sighed as he knew there was no turning back if he wanted a peaceful life. They walked up the stairs and into the guest room to retrieve his stuff, but when he opened the door he froze in shock.

Nodoka smile cruelly "Good afternoon Ranma..... Have a nice time?" She noticed the girl next to him and snarled "Who is she Ranma?" Before he could even open his mouth she sneered "No matter, get dressed. You marry Akane Tendo today."

Ranma's jaw tightened and his eyes narrowed "No" Nodoka blinked at him and rested her hand on the bundle next to her "It doesn't matter anymore MOTHER" he ended it with such venom that she flinched back "I am not going to marry Akane Tendo, Nabiki Tendo, or even Kasumi Tendo. Not because you force me into it. If I am going to marry anyone, it will be on my own accord."

Nodoka stood up and picked up the bundle, thrusting it into Ranma's face "Then you know what you have to do SON"

Ranma grinned "I guess so,...." He took the bundle from his mother's hand and unwrapped the family Katana. He smiled pleasantly at Nodoka before throwing it into the air and blasting it with his Ki. What came from the explosion couldn't be a sword, but rather a mangled piece of metal. He calmly walked over to his pack that was in the corner and picked it up. "It's been nice knowing you. On other terms I would've been happy to allow honor, but after that fat bastard you call Genma destroyed every shred in the family name. I have no way to satisfy my own, except leaving the family that soiled it." He then walked out, his hand on Hotaru's shoulder for support.

They walked out of the room that held the shocked Nodoka and Soun appeared in his full demon head mode, scaring Hotaru and making her grab her chest in agony "RANMA! HOW DARE YOU!" Ranma leveled a glare that made Soun deflate and bent down to help Hotaru. Only when he found her breathing ragged.

Ranma shook her gently "Hotaru-Chan,.... are you okay?" She didn't answer and Ranma started to panic "Hotaru!?!?" When he didn't get an answer he picked her up and shoved Soun out of his way, forcefully. When that was done, he jumped down the stairs three at a time and flipped over a punch that Akane threw. In the air he snarled under his breath and used Akane's head as a springboard and launched himself out the door, and jumping onto a nearby roof. He picked up the speed and ran at a near blur to everyone that saw him as he ran toward Nerima hospital. His eyes held concern that never has shown before, not even during the Saffron incident. When he came to a gap in between the buildings he jumped him into the air, igniting his aura and mentally pushing himself off the wind and threw himself further forward. He did a summersault off of the building directly across from the hospital and before he even landed on his feet he was blasting across the road and into the hospital. He was at the front desk in a matter of seconds, his eyes holding a concern that made the women there envious of the one in his hands. "You have to help her!" his voice broke them out of their dream world and they brought out a wheelchair and Ranma placed her gently inside of it. He followed them toward to the examination room, and when the orderly tried to stop him from entering, he was on the receiving end of Ranma's fist.

The doctor checked her pulse first, then her heart rate and became nervous "I-I'm not getting a heart beat" He looked over to the nurse "Code blue!" The nurse nodded and ran over to the speaker, repeating the doctor's words. The doctor for his part started CPR on Hotaru's still body. Ranma watched in horror as the Hotaru seemed to get further and further from him. Then it dawned on him, why did her aura shine when her body was dying. He narrowed his eyes and focused, almost falling over at the power that was surging inside of her body as it grew more and more destructive..

Ranma ran over to the table and shoved the doctor out of the way and pressed a few pressure points along her chest and shoulder "That should help her a little bit." In a flash of blinding light Ranma was thrown through the wall and slammed against a nearby coffee machine. He got up slowly and shook his head clear, then walked back into the room through the hole he made. He looked at Hotaru's body in shock as it seemed to grow larger and taller, her hair along with her body. She groaned and sat up, her hand touching her forehead gingerly. Ranma walked over to her and touched her forehead, checking for a fever but only making her blush "Okay,... your not sick" He took her hand into his own before pulling away slightly, his hand turning between purple and white.

Hotaru looked at Ranma with rejection clear in her eyes then she too noticed something odd "My.... god.." Ranma looked at her in confusion, the symbol of Pluto and Saturn crossing into a new shape on his forehead. She shook her head and blinked, but when she turned back again it was gone. She looked around her in confusion before smiling cutely at Ranma "Ranma,... where are we?"

Ranma nearly fell over, but returned her smile and responding with "We're in the Nerima hospital. Anyways, since you seem fine. Let's get you home"

She nodded happily and got off the bed, now equal height with him "Ranma,.... did you shrink?" The laughter that followed made her think otherwise, and for the first time she looked down. She gasped and tried to cover herself up, the school girl skirt and shirt doing a poor job.


Sailor Pluto was standing in front of the Gates of Time, with a miffed look on her face "Who is he....." She sat down on the non-existent floor and watched as Hotaru glowed eerily before transforming into a woman about twice her original age. She blinked as Ranma just waved off the crippling blow that would've put a normal person in the hospital. "I don't understand why my future self would tell me not to harm him" She noticed out of the corner of her eye, as the symbol glowed fiercely on his forehead, and she gasped. "There's no way....... This isn't possible" Her eyes held mixed emotions, hatred and ... love?

TO BE CONTINUED_____________________

HEHE, Chapter one of the story that is to replace Beginning of Time in my mind.