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" " - Japanese
* * = Thoughts

++++ = Flashback
-------- = Change in Time
***** = Another place

*** Ranma no more : Lonely Quest ***

Setsuna pushed against Ranma's arm gently, as her blush increased slightly "Ranma-kun,... do we have to return their memories when you meet them?" she looked up at him and turned the pout to max "I mean,.... it could finally be just the two of us"

Raising an eyebrow at Setsuna before chuckling to himself, Ranma shook his head "Come on Sets-chan,.... we both know that it doesn't work on me. Besides, if they were to regain their memories, then they would realize that we could have reminded them. Then we would be in for a world of hurt"

Akane watched as Setsuna frowned and sigh before Akane looked at Ranma "What exactly is your relationship with madam Pluto?" she then narrowed her eyes at Ranma "Your not some perverted stalker are you?"

Blinking slightly, Ranma started to laugh "Y-Yeah,... a perverted stalker who lived through centuries, just to steal some of Setsuna's black and red panties"

Setsuna blushed a bright red as her legs crossed tighter, and then sent a glare at Ranma "And just how did you know what kind of panties I was wearing?!?" She pulled back her hand and slapped him hard across the face, much to his displeasure.

Shaking his head as he recovered from the stinging sensation in his cheek, Ranma sighed "I didn't,... it was a guess." He then gained a lecherous, but playful grin on his face "Wow,... red and black huh?" if Setsuna could die of embarrassment, she would have long since been gone.

Growling in frustration, Akane slammed her hands on the table in front of her "Quit being so perverted with the princess!"

Ranma raised an eyebrow at the temper tantrum that Akane was throwing, before he put his arm around Setsuna's neck and pulled her close "Now, why would I do such a thing like that Akane-Chan?"

Standing up to her full height, Akane leveled a glare at Ranma "I challenge you!" She then smirked and cracked her knuckles menacingly "That is,... unless your too afraid?"

Narrowing his eyes in anger, and making Setsuna flinch at the accusation, Ranma stood up as well and without even looking, asked "Setsuna,... were the guards ever any good?"

Setsuna pulled at the hem of her skirt nervously before sighing "Not really,..." she shrugged her shoulders when the three Tendo's directed glares toward her "I'm just telling him what he wants to know. Besides, I would rather you take a blow to your egos, than the ones Ranma can dish out"

Snorting in disdain, it was surprising to see Nabiki flaming with anger as she pointed a finger at Ranma "Are you telling me, that this,... this,... _nobody_ could defeat us? Let alone, Kasumi?"

Grinning widely, Ranma started toward the door chuckling all the way "I could take you all, easily!" He pointed his finger toward the sky, signaling his newfound idea "Hey,.. I just thought of a decent challenge. Why don't you all take me on,.... Setsuna excluded. I'm sure I can take the guards out, no problem. But,.. Sailor Pluto? No thanks, I'm not in a rush to hear the 'dead scream'"

Blinking at Ranma, Kasumi too a step forward and bowed slightly "We would be honored Ranma-san. Please,... follow us to the dojo in back"

Shaking his head, Ranma stood up "Thank you,.. but no. If we were to fight in a normal dojo then it would be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Instead, let's go to the realm of silence, where I have set up a temporary home in case things don't go my way" Ranma lifted his hand into the air as he glowed a demonic black as energy swirled around him, soon expanding around the entire group.

Once Kasumi opened her eyes once again, she gawked at the size of the room they were in "W-Wow,.... that was something new"

Ranma gave her a soft smile before willing his clothes away and stood before them in a black Gi with silver pants "Well,... shall we begin? Or do you ladies need to change before we fight?" He chuckled when they blushed and blurred. Soon all the Tendo's were standing in front of him in multi colored Gi's "Not bad,... but I thought that purple and black were the colors of Pluto" Ranma glanced over at Setsuna, only to get a shrug in response "Whatever,... let's begin. You can attack first"

Kasumi hesitated slightly before she burst forward at incredible speeds, leaving an after image behind her "Don't hate us for what might happen, Ranma-san" She threw a fist out toward Ranma's face and grinned, expecting it to hit with the first try.

Giving a sigh, Ranma pushed backward and evenly matched Kasumi's speed with his own, all the while staying out of striking distance "Slow,...." He then blurred as he ducked under the fist and came up with a uppercut to Kasumi's chin, throwing her back. Before landing on the ground, Kasumi flipped and crouched low, pushing off the ground once again toward Ranma "Hmm,.... good reflexes" He easily dodged Kasumi's punched, which was becoming annoying more or less, before he shook his head "Jesus,.. it's amazing you protected anything."

Kasumi was about to cry, she's been attempting to hit Ranma now for what seemed like hours *What's wrong with me,... I feel like I'm,... standing still compared to him.* Her eyes widened once again as Ranma blurred and kicked her in the stomach, flinging her through the air and slamming her against the ground where her sisters were *W-Why,...*

Akane took a step forward and glared heatidly at Ranma "What the hell did you do to Kasumi you pervert!" Not waiting for an answer, Akane ran toward Ranma, her fist pulled back and about to hit him.

Stepping to the side and slamming his knee into Akane's stomach, Ranma sighed as he watched the sister fly through the air and land next to Kasumi *Pitiful,....* He then glanced to his side before he quickly jumped into the air, throwing a kick and hitting Nabiki in the face, making her join the ranks of her downed sisters "Pathetic! Is this all the Pluto guard had to offer!?! Shit,... it's no wonder the moon kingdom fell!"

Taking a step forward, Setsuna slapped Ranma hard across the face "Ranma! You forget yourself!" seeing Ranma's ashamed look, Setsuna let out a small sigh "I guess it can't be helped,... although Ranma,.. you must remember that you are out of their league. Even in this time, you could beat them in skill alone." She narrowed her eyes as he started to grin "But that doesn't give you the reason to go about and call others pathetic because they aren't near our level. Now apologize"

Eyes wide, and mouth agape, Ranma just nodded and walked toward the group of hurting girls "I-I,.... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said what I did" he then gave a small smile "You did well,... I guess not even Jupiter could have gotten that close to me, using just her fists." Seeing Setsuna's smile, Ranma knew he did the right thing "However,.. you still need practice" Ranma suddenly felt the need to hold his head in pain as Setsuna slapped his backside "What was that for!"

Setsuna pouted cutely before collapsing into a giggling fit "R-Ranma,.... you just reminded me. We're supposed to meet the Inners for lunch today,..... well,... I was. I'm assuming you want to see them" Ranma's eyes widened in surprise as his grin split his face "I'll take that as a yes"

Kasumi sighed and shook her head at the two before them "Excuse me,..." she blinked slightly when Ranma and Setsuna both turned and looked at her, confusion clearly written on their faces. She had to suppress a girlish giggle at the two's antics, before she finally cleared her throat "If your going to meet the inners,.... can we come?"

Placing a finger at the end of her chin, Setsuna gave a thoughtful pout before laughing at the disbelieving looks she received from the guards "sure,... I don't see why not. But be warned. They more than likely won't remember you" She then looked at Nabiki and gave a sad smile "The queen did a pretty horrible job when she sent them forward. I'm sorry to say they don't remember _anything_ from the past,...."

Seeing Nabiki's smile falter, Setsuna couldn't help but feel for her "It's okay,... I'm sure that the Princess will remember me in time" She then gave a smile that just radiated cuteness. Another words, Ranma and Setsuna noticed her dark and sad words hidden in the emotion "Come on,... I want to meet them"

Ranma raised his hand as his aura once again surrounded them in a cocoon of power, his influence bending space and time alike "Get ready" Soon the light dimmed down and they were standing in the middle of the Tendo's household.

It was at that time that a slightly annoying buzzing noise came from Setsuna's pocket "Speak of the devils" she smiled at Ranma's blank look before taking the communicator out of her pockets and flipping open the top "Setsuna here, what's wrong?"

A small image of a blonde haired woman popped up on the oval looking screen "Pluto! We're under attack here! Where are you?!?" Setsuna stared dumbfounded at the image and blinked "D-Don't tell me,... you didn't see this coming"

Ranma looked at Setsuna before letting his aura extend as far as he could and nearly quaked in anger at what he felt "S-Scourges,.... It's him" Setsuna turned toward him with wide eyes "It's Saffron. I don't know why, but it's him"

Setsuna looked at the anger and fear that played across Ranma's face and dealt with mixed emotions herself *h-he's afraid,.... after all this time I thought he could take them, but he's afraid* Her sadness got the best of her as she stared at Ranma as he quaked "R-Ranma,.... this time you have the scouts on your side. Y-You can take him, right?"

That's when Setsuna's communicator rang out again as the image pulsed into view, showing Sailor Jupiter "SETSUNA! What are you doing! We need your help! This monster is taking our most powerful attacks in stride!"

She looked from the communicator to Ranma, as he stared at the screen "Ranma?"

Blinking more at himself than anything, Ranma's anger erupted inside of him *I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M AFRAID! So I lost once,... it's not the end of the world.* He sighed again and looked up at the hopeful Setsuna and then noticed the angry glare the Tendo sisters were sending him *They don't know,... the true power of the scourges* It was then that the communicator flared to life as screams rang through the speaker *But,.. I can't just let them die,... Nia, Chayla, Hotaru,.... Shit* He then stood up and walked toward the door, only stopping and looking over his shoulder once "I'm going to save them,... whether or not I come back" He gave a smile before leaping to the rooftop and jumping across the town at an incredible pace.

Setsuna stared at Ranma as he disappeared into the horizon, his aura burning around his body "Ranma,...." She didn't even notice that the Tendo's were staring at her "Good luck"

**** Juuban Park ****

Saffron laughed maliciously as he lifted his hand "DIE MORTALS!" quickly gathering an inferno of power in his hand as a globe of fire appeared around it "Are you ready?"

Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn were laid on the ground, their wounds bleeding heavily as they stared at their imminent death "Do what you will, but you can't destroy justice!" Saffron seemed to sweat drop at this, then shrugged. Moon slowly got to her feet, blood splashing onto the ground as Saffron started to laugh again "I won't let you destroy the world!"

Looking down at her, Saffron let the fire disperse harmlessly before floating down beside her "You care about this world so much, that you are willing to stake your life on it's welfare?" Moon nodded her head, her eyes brimming with painful tears "Wow,... that's so,... so,..." Moon started to smile as Saffron was about to stop his attack "Stupid" Sailor Moon didn't get any time to act surprised, as Saffron shoved a fist full of fire into her chest, sending her spinning into a nearby building. So caught up in his victorious laughter, Saffron failed to notice a silver and black blur before Sailor Moon came into contact with the building. Just as Saffron was turning to attack the fallen Sailor Saturn, he was slammed in the back by a silver ball of energy that sent him flying forward and skipping across the ground. As the dust from the collision between building and Sailor scouts cleared, Ranma was seen walking out with an unconscious Sailor Moon in his hands.

Walking over to Sailor Saturn, Ranma laid Sailor Moon down beside her and gave a soft smile "It's okay now Hotaru, I won't let him hurt you anymore" Giving another smile to the fish faced girl, Ranma stood to his full height and launched himself in the air. Just as Sailor Saturn thought she couldn't be more surprised, Ranma began to levitate in place as he stared down at the fallen form of Saffron "Get up, Scourge scum. I know that attack couldn't kill you. I didn't have the time to save up for that one." He nodded to himself as Saffron's eyes opened up, and he too launched into the air and started to flap his wings.

Once he was at eye level with Ranma, the flapping ceased and he hung there, staring emptily at him "So,... the boy decides to show up. Tired of letting little girls do all the dirty work, Ranma?"

Shaking his head in dismay, Ranma lowered his guard and glared at Saffron with burning hatred "Why did you come back,.... Why did you have to come to Japan? What good will it bring?"

Sneering at Ranma as he played the good guy, Saffron clapped his hands "Very good,... but you know as well as I do. That I can't rest until I destroy the very fabric of the Silver Millennium. Thankfully, that includes you and your whores" Smirking at Ranma as he began to shake with anger "Of course, I will let you live today. But let it be known, that you will die by my hands. Whether it's in the near future, or from the shadows in ten years. It will be me, that rips your heart out" Saffron cackled slightly before disappearing in a ball of fire.

Staring emotionlessly at the spot where Saffron once stood, Ranma allowed himself to fall to the ground and walk over to the fallen scouts "Are you okay?" Sailor Saturn nodded her head gently as she stared at Ranma in awe "That's good,..." He then bent over and placed a hand over Sailor Moon's forehead as it started to glow with an eerie silver light. Watching with shock, Hotaru stared at him and Sailor Moon as the wounds sealed themselves up in a matter of seconds "It's okay now,..."

Not wasting a second, Sailor Uranus charged her palm full of energy before slamming it into the ground "World Shaking!" She grinned to herself as the ball of pure energy raced toward Ranma "Stay away from Saturn!"

Closing his eyes in concentration, Ranma uttered the words "Silence wall" And a purple barrier surrounded Sailor Moon, Saturn and himself. Watching with shock, Hotaru could do nothing as her barrier blocked the world shaking.

Watching the blast harmlessly disperse into fragments, Uranus blinked once before getting upset again "Saturn! Why are you protecting the person trying to hurt you and the princess!"

Shaking her head in dismay, Saturn jumped to her feet and glared at Uranus "I didn't do a thing! That Silence wall was put up by him!" She then turned around and watched as Ranma stood up, then helped Moon to her feet. Blinking in surprise, at herself, when she found she was getting jealous and angry, not at the newcomer, but rather at Sailor Moon. Saturn then sighed "Not that I don't mind the help, but could you please tell us your name?"

Ranma gave a roguish grin before putting one hand behind his head and laughing nervously "Ah,.. heh, sorry about this. My name is Ranma,... Ranma Saotome. Formerly the lord of chaos. Current husband to Sailor's Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto" He quickly covered his ears as the girls all burst with questions. Strangely enough, the only ones who weren't asking questions, were the one's staring at him lovingly. Ranma gave a low chuckled before sweat dropping.

TO BE CONTINUED____________


Ranma : Damn,.... so I'm in the same situation that I was in the Tendo's, huh?

SSJ Guyver : Kinda,... only these Fiancée's won't punch you"

Ranma : That's a plus,... but.

SSJ Guyver : Yeah,... instead you'll feel the fury of Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Pluto. The strongest of the Sailor Scouts.

Ranma : I really do hate you, y'know that right?

SSJ Guyver (laughing) : Yes,... and I'm lovin every second of it!