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'' - thoughts
;; - English
"" - Japanese
/\ = Panda signs
~~ - Sounds

++++ = Flashback
-------- = Change in Time
***** = Another place

************ Ranma, the cursed bred *************

Ranma sighed as he sat up in bed, his head throbbing from the night before. Glancing over the side of the bed, Ranma looked at the clock and sighed again 'Damn it's way to early to wake up from those damn nightmares...' He laid back in bed as he stared at the ceiling. Looking away and rolling onto his side, Ranma closed his eyes in an effort to fall asleep.

-------- Ranma's Nightmare ----------

Ranma was walking through the Tendou's house after the failed wedding attempt. Looking around the corner, he tip toed out of the house and toward the gate when a voice called to him "Oh my, Ranma-kun where are you going? Dinner is almost ready"

He could almost feel the hate in the voice, and if it hadn't been Kasumi, he was sure he would see it on her face "I'm just going out for a little while.... Eat without me" He then ran the gate, a crystal like object falling from his pocket and landing on the ground. He continued on without even knowing what had dropped.

Looking at the crystal, Kasumi picked it up "Oh my,... He dropped his pendant" She looked at it closely and saw a gleaming white cross with a red center which held a small crest inside "This is beautiful. I wonder if Mr. Saotome knows what it is" She put it in her pocket, and walked back into the house to finish dinner. Walking into the house, Kasumi failed to notice a shadow as it moved through the darkness and away from the compound.

Walking around the living room, Akane looked up when Kasumi enter "Kasumi, have you seen that Baka?"

Blinking a bit, Kasumi realized she was talking about Ranma "Oh, I just saw him leave Akane. He said he was going out and to eat without him"

Akane closed her fist in rage as a red aura surrounded her "Baka! He's probably going to eat at those hussies restaurants! See If I care!" she stomped out of the room and slammed the door as she went upstairs.

Shaking her head in dismay, Kasumi went back into the dining room and saw Genma and Soun at the 'go' board "Saotome-san... " Once he looked up at her Soun switched some pieces around "May I ask you something?"

Genma nodded his head and turned so he was facing her "Sure you can Kasumi-Chan, what's wrong?"

Pulling out the pendant, and dropping it by the string "Ranma dropped this, I was wondering if you knew what it was" Holding the pendant in front of her, Genma started to shake with anger.

His fists turning white, he snatched it out of Kasumi's hands "That worthless bastard...... How dare he" noticing the glances he was getting from both Kasumi and Soun, he held it up "This belonged to Ranma's birth mother. I don't know how he got it back, but I am never going to let him get it again" Genma gripped it tightly and shoved it in his pocket.

Then the door to the house opened up and a frantic Ranma entered "Hey Kasumi, have you seen a penda-" he turned and noticed Genma glaring at him, now holding the pendant where Ranma could see "Give it back old man" his eyes narrowed and hardened, making Kasumi and Soun flinch.

Genma stood up and slammed the pendant on the table before glaring at him "What the hell are you doing with this! I thought I destroyed it!" he walked over to Ranma and gripped him by the neck, lifting him in the air. Genma sneered at Ranma as he thrashed about helplessly "Boy, Don't make me destroy you like I did the bitch that bred you"

Ranma's eyes snapped open as he looked at the grinning Genma "W-What?"

Getting a murderous grin, Genma chuckled "You heard me, you ungrateful bastard. I destroyed that bitch along with her husband"

Ranma stared at his 'father' as he laughed with a maniacal tone "Bastard....Who were they"

Looking at Ranma in somewhat of shock, he shrugged "No harm telling you now. Your mother was Cyan and your father was Xerxes." He squeezed Ranma's throat tighter, making choke for air "Now, since you know. You will never be the same, so I might as well dispose of you"

Soun stood up and looked at his friend "Genma.... Why did you tell him of his parents?"

With wide eyes, Ranma looked at Soun "Y-You knew too?"

Kasumi cleared her throat slightly with an ashamed face "I-I knew too Ranma-kun... Your father did it in front of us."

Ranma's body went limp as he looked toward the ground, tears splashing and collecting at his feet "I-I don't know any of you..... You all are nothing to me" His head snapped up and glared hatefully at Genma and the others. Then, something snapped in Ranma's head and his eyes went unfocused. Growing a good foot and a half and gaining gold and black fur all over his body. eight inch Claws slid out from their housing in his fingers as his face contorted into a cat like mouth. His body took more a shine and gained muscles, as black stripes appear over his now slit eyes and a tail snaking it's way out of his pants. Glaring down at Genma, Ranma brought up his clawed paw and wrapped it around Genma's wrist and tightening "You sons of bitches" He snapped Genma's wrist like a twig and brought back a fist to slam into his chest when Akane walked into the room.

Watching in horror at everything that was going on in the room, and the blood pooling from Genma "W-What is going on?" Ranma-hybrid turned it's head and looked at Akane, it's teeth bared "R-Ranma? Is that you?" Ranma-hybrid sneered at Akane and grabbed his pendant from Genma before slamming it's fist into Genma's chest, throwing him into the patio door and knocking him clear through.

That was when they all attacked him, from all corners

--------- End of nightmare ----------

With yet another sigh, Ranma sat up in bed and draped his feet over the side. He brought his hand up and covered his face, when pulling it away he saw that his hand was covered in sweat. Ranma sniffled slightly as he held back the torrent of emotion that wanted to burst from his body. Looking up and at a calendar that was on the far wall of the barren apartment "I can't believe it's been a week already, and I'm still having these nightmares." Ranma sighs before getting up and walking over to the phone, pressing a button the side and a mechanical voice filling the air "You have, two, new messages."

Hey Ranma, It's just me. I was wondering if you wanted to get together today after school for a cup of coffee. Call me back. By the way, this is Yuka.
Yes, Is this Saotome Ranma? My name is Theodore Diggers. I saw in the paper that a feline of sorts attacked your former family, before you divorced them. Yet there was no trace of an animal there. I can't believe that the animal just left it's food there. If you would, call me back

With another sigh, Ranma flipped through his Called ID and called back the previous number. Letting it ring twice he was surprised when a beautiful sounding voice filled his ear ;Diggers mansion, this is Brianna speaking;

Sputtering a bit, Ranma carefully tested his words ;Hi, Diggers livings?;

Brianna giggled slightly before taking a normal tone ;Yes this is the Diggers home, how may I help you?;

Ranma groaned in frustration before trying once again ;Theodele live?;

Brianna blinked at the phone before putting it down and calling to her father ;Dad! There's a person on the phone for you; a mumbled thank you was heard in the background as footsteps filled the air ;Hello?;

Ranma chuckled despite himself as he tried his luck once again ;Uh,.. Digger-san?;

Theodore looked at the phone before smiling a bit "Ranma Saotome I assume?"

Letting out a breathe of relief, Ranma calmed "Good, you speak Japanese. I was calling you back because of your message."

Theodore smiled to himself as Ranma stumbled for answers, obviously not used to talking on a phone "Ah, yes. About that, what happened at the scene?"

Shifting uncomfortably on the other end of the phone, Ranma sighed "There is a lot to this story that will seem farfetched.... If we could meet in person, I would be able to show you"

This peeked Theodore's interest as he mentioned showing him "Showing me, you say?" chuckling a bit before catching himself "Ranma, do you know of a place called Jade?"

Ranma opened his mouth to say something when his mind throbbed with pain "K-Kinda... I just got... like... flashes of some place called 'Jade'"

Theodore blinked for a second as he recalled what Ranma just said "just got flashes from it? Are you a telepathic?"

Taking heavy offense to it, due to misunderstanding "Hey! I am not a telepathetic!"

He had to pull the phone away from his ear to stop from laughing in the phone and offending Ranma "I'm sorry Ranma, but you misheard me. I said Telepathic. It basically means using your mind's power to an outer extent. However, due to your answer I'm inclined to believe otherwise. Anyways, where would you like to meet? If you want, I could send you a plane ticket so you can take a mini vacation while explaining this"

Looking at his calendar for a second, Ranma shrugged "Sure, I see no reason not to be able to come to the US for a little time" he seemed to think again before sighing "I don't now how much help I would be though. I don't know an explanation for it myself"

Theodore chuckled slightly before smiling on his end of the phone "That is no problem Ranma, just be sure to arrive on time" They said their goodbyes and hung up the phone as Theodore smiled to himself as he turned to leave, running into his wife "Oh, I'm sorry dear"

Julia looked at him and narrowed her eyes "Who did you invite over? Who is it this time that our daughters have to hide from?"

Chuckling sadly, Theodore smiled at his wife once again "I just invited a person who could quite possibly be a were creature. I don't know for a fact, but he might be able to link us to Britanny's parents or something"

Looking away from his face, Julia blushed "I'm sorry dear, I was just upset. I found Genn trying to sneak into Britanny's room again. Of course he was in his Strype form"

---------- Ranma's house ------------

Ranma put the phone down on the cradle and looked at it for a moment 'hmm,... he sounded like he knew something about this power of mine. I wonder if I really should be doing this, but I can't trust anyone in Japan without it being leaked out into the public.' He sighs as he heads toward the door, opening it and exiting into the world. Looking around his apartment, he effortlessly jumps to a nearby rooftop and heads toward the school. Before dropping into the court yard, he sees Akane in the corner, talking with her friends with tears in her eyes. Narrowing his eyes, Ranma can only imagine what she is telling them about him. Steeling himself for today, he drops from the roof and calmly walks toward the school, ignoring the looks of hate and anger that was directed at him. Stopping in the middle of the courtyard as he was surrounded by people, he sighed "what do you guys want?"

None of them seemed the least bit perturbed by his calmness, then one of them stepped forward "Saotome,... What are you?"

Seeing no way out of this without revealing his secret, he shrugged "I don't know. If I did, do you think I would have went into it without thinking?"

The man took a step back, shocked by his honesty "S-Show us"

Looking across the crowd at the expectant faces, and the near sick ones he shrugged "Are you sure?" Seeing them nod, he smirked feral like. Then his body grew, and his shirt ripped as the muscles exposed themselves, his face shifting into a cat like. His claws showing themselves, and his body growing into something not human. Then with a feral snarl to his voice he chuckled "Do you like it?" Most of the girls seemed to be blushing as they looked him over, but the boys were terrified beyond belief, and turned to run away when Ranma grabbed the first one "Hey, who told you about this form?"

The man watched as the teeth bared at him with every word "I-It was A-Akane.... Akane Tendo! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!"

Ranma blinked at the boy before laughing out loud, that came out in a slight roar "I don't kill people, everyone here should know that. There was the exception of Saffron, but I had my reasons. I didn't kill anybody, I just maimed my dad and Mr. Tendo for their own errors. It was their fault that I didn't know my real parents, because they had killed them! Akane doesn't know SHIT! She walked in as I was getting ready to beat the crap out of Genma, and jumped to conclusions like always."

Most of the faces shows recognition, before narrowing their eyes at Akane, one of the girls however walked up to Ranma "Are you Ranma Saotome?"

Looking over the girl, she was obviously very beautiful, and had a stripe across her right eye like his hybrid form did "Yes, I am Ranma Saotome"

Smiling cutely, Brianna grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side, much to the displeasure of the rest of the girls "You know, it's dangerous to show others your hybrid form, right?"

Shifting uncomfortably with the contact between them, Ranma turned his head, and Brianna blushed a bit as his muscles rippled with the movement "I know that, but I didn't get enough sleep to think up a lie. What better lie is there, than the truth?" blinking for a second he looked at her and tilted his head "Hey, do I know you? Your voice sounds familiar"

Giggling slightly, and making Ranma blush at the sultry tone, she smiled "Yes, we talked this morning on the phone. You called my dad, remember? Anyways, I was told to come here and bring you to Atlanta with me. Tell me Ranma, do you believe in magic"

Thinking about his curse, Ranma blanched "I'm rather inclined to believe in Magic, yes. Why do you ask? And how did you get here so fast?"

Brianna wrapped her arm around his and smiled at him, rubbing against his side and purring "Ranma, my dad is a mage. He controls the flow of magic in the air" with that she snapped her fingers and in a blinding light, they were both gone. Every trace of them even being there, had disappeared with them.

What they didn't expect was that Nabiki was watching them through the classroom window "Well, well, well, Looks like there is more to Saotome than he let on before." smiling to herself, then frowning 'how did he make that costume so real... I'm not to be outdone by him, I WILL FIND OUT!' she giggles out loud, making everyone around her move away in fright. After all, it's not every day that Nabiki Tendo breaks her mask.

----------- Digger's mansion. Atlanta, Georgia ------------

In a flash of white light, that blinded all that looked at it, Brianna and Ranma appeared from thin air. Shaking his head in dismay, Ranma looked around him in confusion "W-What just happened?"

Looking at Ranma's confused face, and with the mix of his wild pheromones, Brianna blushes gently "This is called a teleport Ranma. We just basically moved from your school in Japan, to my home in America. We were going to send you a plane ticket, but my dad wanted to talk with you as soon as possible."

Blinking in confusion, Ranma sighed to himself "So you are basically saying, that we are in America." Brianna nodded his head "And we're at your house" She nods her head yet again "And your father wants to meet me right now?"

Giggling timidly, Brianna smiles "Basically,.... yes" looking at him from the corner of her eye, she looks him up and down 'Now that I can see him, his hybrid form is quite hunky' She shakes her head while the blush becomes more fierce, and ends up tripping over her own feet.

"Are you okay?" Ranma turns his head over to the voice and sees a tall man with a gray beard, and a skintight black mage suit. "I see you have discovered my daughter, Brianna. Could you please turn back into your human form,... I don't think she can take your hybrid form anymore."

Ranma tilted his head in yet another bout of confusion "Huh? What do you mean, she can't take it?" looking down at Brianna, he sees her blush and blushes himself "Oh... Sorry" He closes his eyes and concentrates, as his form becomes smaller and a bit more compact, but all the signs of power still there.

Brianna's eyes bugged out at Ranma's human form, his muscles weren't just in the hybrid stage, and his looks were devilishly handsome "W-Wow"

Theodore looked at his daughter in thought, while blinking a few times "Right........." he cleared his throat and gained the attention of his daughter "Would you go and get everyone rounded up in the dining room?" Brianna nodded at her father before looking at Ranma again, then running into the house "Seems she has taken a shining to you, young man"

Ranma just nodded stupidly before sighing to himself "And here I thought I left all this when I separated myself from the Saotome's" Looking at Theodore, he was treated to a confused look "Ah,... yes,.... well you see, the thing is. Back in Nerima, Genma Saotome had me engaged to well over three women,... however none of them worked like he wanted. In all actuality he wanted me to marry his best friends daughter. He didn't expect for the other women to hunt us down, and try to force us into marriage"

Looking at Ranma, Theodore couldn't help but be awed at the boys tales "So your telling me, that your father-"

Ranma growled and clenched his fist tightly "Not my father...... That bastard I thought he was, actually had killed my real family"

Theodore blanched slightly and sighed, looking away from Ranma "Sorry about that.... Genma Saotome, engaged you to more than one woman? Then he wanted you to get married to his best friends daughter?"

Ranma nodded and sighed, looking down at the ground "That isn't the end of it either,.... Kasumi, his friend's oldest daughter, and himself were there when my family was killed. They didn't even make an effort to tell me about it...." Ranma clenched his fists tightly, fighting back tears.

Theodore looked at Ranma and blinked at the change in body language "Well then, I guess you could really use this vacation..." Ranma turned his head toward Theodore and nodded slightly, his eyes still brimming with unshed tears "Also, If you can turn from human to a were-cheetah with a thought, then we have something that might interest you. Come, let's introduce you to my family" Ranma nodded and followed Theodore into the house, standing close behind him, as if to protect himself. Theodore noticed this and sighed, 'It's going to take a while for him to get used to the idea of a family'

Theodore opened the door for Ranma, and let him pass, as they entered the dining room "Hi again Ranma!"

Ranma turned toward the cheery voice and smiled when he saw Brianna "Hi Brianna. I'm sorry I wasn't so talkative earlier,... I had stuff on my mind."

Brianna shook her head "Don't worry about it, I know exactly how you feel"

Ranma looked down at the ground before sighing, getting out a barely audible "I don't think you do......"

Brianna blinked at Ranma and then looked at Theodore, who was now in front of the group "Britanny, Julia, Gina... This is Ranma Saotome. He is believed to have a were-creature ability, just like Britanny. He has a rather.... dark.... past, so please don't bring it up" Theodore turned his head and looked at Brianna, who flinched back in return.

Britanny giggled around her tuna sandwich before running over to Ranma "So what do you turn into?"

Ranma looked away before sighing, something not feeling right, and he looked up with hard eyes and a cold voice "A murder machine..... I guess I should be glad my parents didn't get me. I'm sure they would be disappointed in me for this curse."

Before anyone could ask any questions, the outer wall blew up in a flash of lightning, when a Ninja, bald woman, and a person reeking of magic, stepped out from the smoke "We're Back,... Britanny" Daishi ran forward at incredible speeds, punching the human formed Britanny in the face, and throwing her through the wall "Well now,.... that was rather easy" Ranma watched on without interest as the battle took on a freakish turn.

Theodore glanced at Ranma and sighed "Ranma,..... do you know martial arts?" Ranma looked at him and gave an arrogant nod "Then, would you mind helping us out. If me and Julia were to fight, they would be in danger. If Brianna were to fight, she might kill them"

Ranma looked around the room at the varied looks he was getting, and with a sigh nodded "Fine, I see nothing wrong with helping" Ranma walked over to Daishi and just shrugged "I guess I'm your next opponent"

Daishi looked Ranma up and down before laughing "You? Boy, don't make me spank you"

Ranma's eyes flashed dangerously at the insult before he glared at him "You dare to mock my skill before even fighting me? If you were honorable, you would accept all challenges"

Daishi reared back as if slapped when Ranma attacked his honor "Fine, BOY, let us see how 'good' you are" he got into a battle stance, as Ranma did the same.