Friday the 13th...... Out of the Hellmouth into the Lake.

"I can't freakin believe it!!!" Xander Harris yelled as he stood at the bus stop with a duffel in his hand and his two best friends beside him. His parents were sending him to summer camp to get him out of there hair. Sure he was only sixteen but his parents knew the owneers so of course he was hired. He knew he'd never see any of the money however. His parents would see to that.

"It won't be that bad Xander." Willow Rosenberg said as she patted her friend on the back. in truth she was going to miss him. But, to her he would be safe. Away from the vampires and demons that roamed the hellmouth.

"Yeah. Besides at least you'll be away from the vamps." Buffy put in as she hugged her friend. Xander didn't smile as he hugged her and Willow up to him.

"I'll miss ya both. Bunches." Willow and Buffy giggled as the bus slowed and stopped. Finally Xander stepped out of the circle and moved toward the bus.

"Bye girls." Xander stepped on the bus and moved to his seat. He waved to the girls as the bus began to move.

"Great. Just great." Xander murmered to himself as the bus pulled from Sunnydale. Next stop.... Camp Crystal Lake.


Xander stepped off the bus with several other kids his age. He had met and talked to a couple along the way. Trevor and Micha. They seemed alright. Xander dropped his duffel on the ground as the head counsler of the camp began his welcoming speech.

"Welcome to camp Crystal Lake. I'm Megan Jarvis the head counsler for this outting. Now. We have alot of work to do but I recommend you take the next couple of days to unwind. Have fun. Swim, Fish, Hike. Whatever you do to relax."

'Fight vampires.' Xander whispered to himself.

"The room list is on the bulletin board by the main cabin. Find your bunk, unpack. Then i'll give everyone a tour of the camp. Meet back here in half an hour." Xander picked up his bag and followed the other counsulers to the board to find his cabin number.

"Yo Xand! Your bunkin with me and Trev. Get your shit and lets go." Xander chuckled at Micha then followed him to there cabin. He was the only one to notice how the bushes seemed to move as they walked by. But this not being Sunnyhell he gave it little thought. To bad.


It didn't take Xander long to get to know the other counslers. Trevor and Micha first. Followed by Tosha, Ginger, and Tim. And of course the head counsler herself Megan. Xander watched her carefully as she swam through the crystal clear water of the lake. He figured her to be in her early to mid thirties. Extremly attractive. But, that wasn't what he was looking at. There was something in her past that seemed to always be on her back. Never letting her go. He had not seen her give a real smile since he had been there. Two days to be exact. Something was bothering her. He was sure of it. And being himself he wanted to help.

"Stop starin man before you drool on your shirt." Xander chuckled and shook his head before looking up at his newest friend Micha. Micha was a tall young man about two years Xander's senior. He was african-american in decent and was proud of it. He also had his eyes on Tosha. A light skinned young woman who could be on 'Baywatch'. Xander chuckled at the thought as Micha sat beside him.

"She's a little old for you isn't she bro?" Xander chuckled and smacked Micha on the back of the head.

"I wasn't staring at her because she's hot. And she is. I was thinking. Pervert." Xander said with a grin on his face that was matched by Micha's.

"Yeah. She is hot. What else did you say?" They both laughed neither noticing Megan walking up to them. Finally they noticed when she cleared her throat. She smiled at both the young men before speaking.

"Why aren't you guys swimming? The water feels great." Xander knew why he wasn't swimming. Micha spoke first.

"I can't swim. Never learned." Megan nodded then looked at Xander expectantly.

"Just don't feel like it." Xander answered trying to smile. Megan frowned at him playfully and tilted her head.

"Nah. Not a good excuse. Get up and get in the water." She said it playfully and Xander stood up grudingly.

"I really don't want to." Xander answered. Megan walked up to him slowly smiling the entire time. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and began to pull it over his head. Any thought Xander had of stopping her was forgotten and by the time he realized what was happening his shirt was on the ground. He saw Micha and Megan looking at his scarred chest and back. That is why he didn't want to swim.

"What happened man?" Micha asked as he stood and looked at Xander closer. Xander shrugged before answering.

"Bad luck. Among other things." Micha only nodded. Megan on the other hand was still looking at Xander's well chisled but also well scarred chest. Micha saw that a talk was coming so began to walk toward the cabins.

"I'll see ya later Xand! And man, don't hide your scars. Sometimes there the only thing that helps you know your alive." Xander ws shocked at his friends words. They were the exact thing he told Willow when she asked why he looked at them so much.

"Wanna go for a walk?" Megan asked after Micha had dissappeared into the forest. Xander sighed before nodding.

"Sure." Xander left his shirt on the ground as he and Megan began to walk down the trail. After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence Megan begins to talk.

"What happened?" Megan asked with a caring touch in her voice. For a second Xander actually thought of telling her. But that was only for a second.

"I'll make you a deal. You tell me what happened to you and I'll tell you everything thats happened to me. Deal?" Megan bit her lower lip as she thought of her own life story. Finally she nodded.

"Deal. Meet me at my cabin tonight. WE will talk." She said the we with vigor to tell Xander there was no backing out.

"Good. But you probably won't believe me. Hell you might even think i'm nuts." Megan highly doubted that. After seeing Jason Voorhees nothing was impossible.

"We'll see. See you tonight Xand." Megan walked back toward the cabins leaving Xander in the middle of the trail. After a second Xander began looking around. All his time on the Hellmouth had taught him to trust his feelings. And he had a feeling that there was something much worse than vampires. And he had an even worse feeling that he was going to meet it.

Part One END

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