Friday the 13th: Out of the Hellmouth into the Lake. Ch. 5

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Xander walked between the trees slowly, keeping his friends in sight as he carefully avoiding the dry leaves and twigs. He didn't want to frighten his friends, or draw attention to himself. He noticed the people moving toward him long before they came into view. He held the small hatchet at his leg as he looked around the forest with slitted eyes.

"Whose there?" He asked as he walked stealthyly into a small open area. When no one answered Xander looked at the retreating figures of his friends and began to walk after them. Until he hear the one word that was always in the movies.

"Freeze." Xander dropped the hatchet as one word came from his mouth.



Xander sat infront of a large table his hands cuffed in front of him sat on the table top. He had been here for about thirty minutes and been questioned by at least three different officers. Now it was the sheriffs turn.

"What were you doing in the woods son?" Sheriff Harvey asked as he paced the other side of the room.

"My friend Micha asked me to go, I declined but changed my mind. I went looking for him." The Sheriff nodded. This fit with what the other two youths had said.

"What about the hatchet?"

"I was thinking about snakes Sheriff. I'm not used to being in the woods all the time and a few things make me nervous." The sheriff nodded at Xanders words. It all made sense, but something was nagging at the back of his mind. Plus, he was being pushed by his deputies to find the killer of the three tourist soon.

"I have nothing to hold you on kid. But I do have to ask one more question. Did you stay with anyone last night? Someone who would know your whereabouts between ten and midnight?" Xander nodded quickly wanting to end this interrogation as soon as possible.

"Megan Jarvis. I talked to her last night around ten." Xander said with as little emotion in his voice as possible. The Sheriff nodded and began to leave the room.

"Sheriff?", At Xanders voice the Sheriff turned and looked at him. ,"Is there something we should know about?" The Sheriff seemed in thought at first but then shook his head in the negative.

"Not at the moment. Ms. Jarvis is waiting for you in the lobby, I'll have you out of here in five minutes." Xander nodded as the Sheriff closed the door. Then he sighed.

"Cops are the same everywhere." He said to the empty room.


Xander sat on the passenger side of the beat up truck as Megan drove toward camp.

"I've been doing this crap for over a year and this is the first time I've been arrested.", Xander seemed in thought for a second before adding, "I don't like being thought of as what I've been against." Megan nodded in almost understanding. She could see the idea of being thought of as something you hate. She had just never experienced it.

"I can see your point. At least they didn't hold you overnight." Xander didn't say anything as they drove toward camp Crystal Lake


Rupert Giles pushed his old and ragged out car as fast as it would go down the highway. He needed to reach Xander as quickly as possible to warn the young man. He was just over half way there when his car sputtered to a stop.

"Bloody Hell!!" The watcher screamed as he looked around the darkness. Reaching into the backseat of his car he pulled his favorite Rapier wrapped in canvas and began the trek to the nearest town, A little over eleven miles away.


Micah sat at the end of the dock with his feet hanging into the water. He didn't notice Xander walk to his side until Xander took a seat.

"I was arrested." Micah laughed as Xander said the sentence with a dull voice and straight face.

"Yeah. Hope Bubba wasn't to rough with ya." Xander shook his head and looked at his friend warily before moving away from him to the edge of the dock.

"There was no Bubba Mic. And I really don't wanna know why you thought there was." Micha laughed and looked across the lake.

"We never made it to camp Blood."

"Maybe that's a good thing. If there wasn't anything wrong the cops wouldn't have been out there." Xander said as he stood and turned to walk toward the cabins.

"Or maybe there just being cops and acting like dicks!" Micha yelled over his shoulder. Xander didn't answer.


Giles walked into the local cafe long just as they were closing.

"Um. Excuse me." He said to a young woman as she locked the door.

"Do you know anyway I can rent a vehicle tonight?" The look the woman gave him was answer enough.


Xander stood looking out the large bay window in the main cabin. He didn't know why but he had a feeling things were about to go downhill.

"What are you thinking about?" Megan asked as she came to stand beside him and look at the calm waters of Crystal Lake. The moon in the sky seemed to reflect off the water in a wide range bringing light to the entire camp.

"Thinking about why the cops were at Camp Blood." The two stood silently for a moment before Megan turned to him with a questioning look.

"Something is wrong. I don't know what yet, but it must've been bad for the cops to show up here." Megan nodded not sure of what to think.

"I'm going there." Megan looked at him with wide and fearful eyes.


"Yes. Just think of it as a recon mission. I'm not going to fight IT if I see IT." Megan didn't take comfort from this.

"Why go out at all then?" She asked with worry. Xander turned and smiled at her slightly.

"To see if IT's getting close to the camp. I wanna see if it has a pattern." Megan didn't seem to understand but she stood straight quickly.

"Then I'm going to." Xander smiled again and chuckled.

"I need you to stay here. I've got a friend coming here that most likly knows how to stop Jason." Megan looked down in understanding. She didn't like the idea but she knew it was the best they had. Xander lifted her head with a smile.

"Hey I've been doing this for awhile now. I can handle it." As Xander said the words he didn't know who he was trying to convince. Her or himself.


Giles walked down the road with the large duffel in his left hand. He had to reach Xander before something bad happened. Or before the boy did something idiotically heroic and got himself killed. Giles looked over his shoulder as a large Semi-truck came to a stop beside him and the passenger side door opened.

"Where ya headin?" The man in the farmers hat asked as Giles walked up to the door.

"Crystal Lake." The man nodded and smiled.

"It's on my way. Hop in." Giles sat his duffel on his lap as he sat down and shut the door.

"Thank you sir." Giles said as the large truck began to move toward Camp Crystal Lake.


Jason walked through the woods toward the lake and the lights on the other side. Trespassers where there. This was his domain. They would all die.