Sometimes Sesshomaru Can Be Helpful...

Sometimes Sesshomaru Can Be Helpful

By Makoto Sagara

(Why is it so foggy? I can barely walk because of this wound on my thigh, and now I can't see past my nose. Beautiful!)Sango thought sarcasticly.(Where is Inu Yasha when you need him? Stupid Kikyou always shows up at the worst possible time. She just has a knack for it!)

"Ow." Sango had to stop. She had tripped over the root of a tree. "Kagome-chan, I can't move. I think it's really bad."

"Oh, Sango-chan, are you sure you can't walk? If only we knew where Inu Yasha was," Kagome muttered, as she ran to check on her friend. Her face was very concerned.

"No. I don't think so Kagome-chan. With my other leg as bad as it is, I can't walk at all now. Gomen nasai, minna-san."

"Sango-sama, I doubt you did this on purpose, so don't apologize." Miroku walked over to her. "Please let me carry you."

"Yeah right. Like I would put myself into that kind of situation. I'd rather crawl!"

"But Sango-san, if you don't let Miroku carry you," Shippou piped up from Kagome's arms, "we won't be able to find Inu Yasha. Please let him. Please?"

"Fine, but you do anything, Priest, and I will make your family curse seem like a slight tickle. Do I make myself clear?"

The houshi gulped audibly. "Hai, Sango-sama. I understand. I promise to be on my best behavior." He nervously walked over to the ground-prone demon hunter, and picked her up.

(Why does she always think the worst of me? Just once, I'd like to get her to believe me on the first try, without Shippou's pleading. Damn!)

(Hmmmm,)Sango thought.(He looks cute when he's all nervous.) She blushed at that thought. (Why am I thinking about him like that? He's a priest, for kami sake. Ok, so he's a lecherous one, but he is still a man of Buddha.)

Miroku blushed at the closeness of the trained warrior. (What is this? Why am I of all people blushing?)

The fog had cleared, and a beautiful crescent moon shone throughout the forest. Miroku looked at Sango's face as they walked along. (She's so beautiful in the moonlight. If only she didn't think of me as a lecherous priest.) He sighed at that thought.

Sango heard the sigh, and then thought about how uncharacteristicly quiet he had been since he started carrying her. "Is there a problem, houshi-sama?"

He flinched at the title. "No. Why do you ask?"

"Because you've been so quiet ever since we started again. You normally have to be threatened to shut up. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I...uh...I..."

"Ok guys, looks like we're gonna have to camp in this clearing for the night," Kagome announced. "This is a good place to stop anyway. Shippou, please go find some fire wood. Miroku, some water would be nice. I'm sure sango-chan can build a fire, while I prepare the food and beds."

Everyone seperated to da as Kagome asked. While sitting by herself, Sango thought about the priest's reaction to her questions. (I wonder why he got so nervous all of a sudden. That's not like him at all.)

"Sango, is the fire ready yet?" Kagome asked.

"Huh...oh. Gomen. I drifted off for a moment. I'll have it done in a second."

* * * * * * * *

(What is wrong with me?) Miroku asked himself. (I'm never like this. I feel like I'm 13 asking the first pretty girl I see for a kiss.)

(Sango is a trained demon hunter. She could kill me if she wanted to. But she is also very beautiful. And smart at that. Oh Buddha, I am only a man. Why must I be tormented like this?)

(At this rate, I'm going to need a dip into this river before i can return to camp,) he thought wryly.

* * * * * * *

Miroku returned to camp with enought water for a couple of days. He saw Sango sitting against a tree, away from the fire. Then, he looked around the clearing. Something was missing.

"Where's Shippou? Did he ever come back?"

"No. Oh my god. First Inu Yasha, and now Shippou." Kagome broke into tears. "Where are they?"

"Please stop crying Kagome. You look that way, and I will look this way. Sango, would you keep a look out in case he comes back?"

"It's not like I could go look anyway. But yes Miroku-sama, I will watch for Shippou-chan."

"Thank you, Sango-chan!"Kagome replied as she ran off looking for the kawaii kitsune.

"Arigatou gozaimasu, Sango-sama," Miroku whispered.

He hadn't gotten far, when he heard a scream. (Kagome-sama!) He ran as fast as he could back to the camp site.

When he got there, what he saw made his whole world crumble. Sesshomaru and Jaken holding Sango captive.

"Tell me where my stinking half-brother is, human, or I will kill you," Sesshomaru hissed at the captive Sango.

"I would, if I knew where he was. We were looking for him when we had to stop for the night."

"Liar. He has to be here somewhere. I smell that wench Kagome somewhere nearby. I will ask you one more time. Where is Inu Yasha?"

"I don't know."

"Lying bitch." With that, Sesshomaru took his poisonous claws, and placed them on Sango's already wounded thigh. "I said where is Inu Yasha, you bitch?"

The only answer he got was that of Sango's scream. That was enought to snap Miroku out of his daze.



"Ah, look Jaken, the priest has decided to join our little party too. How fortunate for the demon hunter, neh?"

"Hai, Sesshomaru-sama. Very fortunate," Jaken replied.

"This wench doesnt seem very helpful. Now, houshi, where is Inu Yasha?"

"Let her go, and I'll tell you."

"How touching. I believe he is trying to negotiate for this girl's life, Jaken. Fine, she was poor game anyway." He threw Sango at Miroku's feet.

"Daijobu ka, Sango-sama?"

"Hai, Miroku-sama. Don't worry about me," she managed to say before she fainted.

"Sesshomaru, she didnt lie to you. Inu Yasha is not with us. He was captured by Kikyou after the last battle with Kagura. He was weak when you left and passed out. Kagome and I were preoccupied with the care Shippou and Sango needed after the battle. The wound you were all to happy to worsen was a present from Kagura. We were busy helping them, when Kikyou came and took him away. Unfortunately, we failed to notice until Shippou was conscious. And then all we saw was Kikyou disappearing with your brother's body. That is the truth."

"Hmph." Sesshomaru walked over to Miroku, stepping over Sango, and looked him in the face. "Why should I believe you, human?"

"Well, smell around. Do you smell your brother?"

"He is right, Sesshomaru-sama. Inu Yasha's scent is not here." Jaken offered.

Sesshomaru smacked the toad demon so hard he flew into a neighboring tree. "Who asked you, stupid? Well, if he is not here, I will be leaving." And with a flourish, he and Jaken disappeared.


He turned to see Kagome and Shippou on the other side ot the clearing.

"Hai, Kagome-sama?"

"How's Sango, Miroku?" Shippou asked, standing in Miroku's way of checking the unconscious girl at his feet.

"If you'd move, I would be able to tell."

"Gomen nasai."

"So where were you, Shippou-chan?"

"Um....I found some pretty rocks, and I was collecting them for Kagome-san," said the flushed kitsune.

"Is that so?" He checked Sango's forehead.

"Shimata! Kagome-sama, do you still have those herbs that Kaede-sama gave you?"

"Hai. Will she need them?"

"That, and someone will have to stay up with her during the night. Sesshomaru stuck his poisonous claw into her open thigh. We must watch her, and make her as comfortable as possible."

"Do you think we will be able to start again tomorrow?"

"No, I believe not."

Kagome burst into tears again."First, Inu Yasha is kidnapped by Kikyou. Now, Sango is poisoned by Sesshomaru. Next, Naraku will show up?!"

"Kagome-san, please dont say that," pleaded Shippou.

"Yes, Kagome-sama, it might come true. We do not need another one of us hurt. Why don't fix something to eat? Shippou can fix the beds, and I will care for Sango."

"Do you really think that's wise, Miroku? If she finds out that you've touched her without her consent, she will make you very miserable later."

"I would rather have her hate me and live, than to die. Don't you?" he asked seriously.

Miroku gingerly picked up Sango. (Kami, she's burning up all over!)"Shippou, is a bed ready yet?"

"Yeah. What's wrong?"

"She has a fever. I have to bring it down. Set up your's and Kagome's beds on the other side of the fire."

"Why?" Kagome asked.

"Shippou does not need to see Sango-san undressed, and he goes wherever you do."

"Ok. I understand. Hurry Shippou, I need help. Miroku the herbs you asked for are right here."

"Arigatou gozaimasu. Shippou, could you please bring me some water?"


After recieving the water, Miroku stripped off Sango's yukata and hunter catsuit, took her sash and dipped it into the water.(She is so beautiful,) he thought as he mopped her forehead and neck. He proceded to go farther when he noticed a large scar on her stomach.(Ineresting. Any one else would have died from a wound like that. You are an amazing woman, Sango.) He shook his head and continued to spongue off her body.

* * * * * * * *

She was running. "Kohaku, father, anyone? Is anyone here? Hello?"

" that you?"

"Father? Where are you? I can't see you. It's too dark. Father?"

"Over here Sango-chan. Follow my voice."

"I'm coming. Wait for me."

"I will. Sango-chan, I am so proud of you. You have grown up into a strong, smart, independent, and beautiful young lady."

"F-father...are you alright? You don't seem like yourself. Father, is Kohaku near? I haven't seen him."

"Yes, he is here."

Sango finally reached her father. "Oh father, how I've missed you. They told me you were dead." She started crying. "I knew you couldn't be dead."

"But onee-chan, Father is dead. Because I KILLED HIM!" Kohaku appeared behind their father, and stabbed him with his chain scythe.


"Now, it's your turn sister dear. DIE!"

"KOHAKU!! NO!!!!"

And that's when Sango finally awoke.

* * * * * * * * *

(She's crying?!), Mirkou thought as a single tear escaped Sango's closed eyelids.(Why?) Then her face contorted into a look of pain, confusion, and fear.

"Father..." Sango barely whispered. Then, she started shaking and sweating.

(Oh kami, is she feverish again?)

"KOHAKU!!!!! NO!!!", she screamed, and bolted straight up.

"Sango...daijoubu ka?"Miroku tentatively asked.

She threw herself into his arms. "Oh Miroku-sama!", she sobbed.

"'re awake?" Kagome asked sleepily.

"Hai, Kagome-sama, Sango-san is awake. Go back to sleep."

"Ok....." She turned over and hugged the little kitsune next to her.

"Sango-sama, daijoubu ka?"

"...H-h-hai..." At that point, she noticed her current state of undress, and in who's arms she was in. She blushed furiously.

"Are you flushed? Would you like some water?"

She removed herself from Miroku's arms, and covered herself with the blanket. "I'm fine, and water sounds good."

"Were you dreaming about your family?" He handed her a cup of water.

"I always do." She took a drink. "But this time, this time, my brother seemed less possessed." She paused. "I don't know how to describe it."

"I understand." He looked very sad all of a sudden.

"So, were you the one who..." She blushed, but continued on."...undressed me?"

"Ano...if I answer that, will I be hurt?"


"H-h-hai," he stammered out.(Why am I so nervous? I'm blushing more than she is!)(Get a hold of yourself man! She is just a woman!)(No, she is Sango. Beautiful, smart, a trained demon killer, sweet, a formindable opponent, and...)(And what?)(...and the only woman I've loved.)


He came back to her from his internal conflict. "Yes, Sango-sama?"

"Domo arigatou gozaimasu, for saving me."

"I couldn't let Sesshomaru kill you."

"Why not?"

(Because I love you.)"Kagome would have been devastated if you had died."(So would I.)

"Oh," she said, dejectedly.

"Please get some sleep, Sango." He chastely kissed her on the forehead, and headed back towards the river.



"Nevermind..."(I love you, but you will never love me, will you?)

"Sleep now."


* * * * * * * * * * * *

(Kami, now I really do need that cold dip in the river,)he thought sourly.(Why can't I tell her how I feel?)

"Because I'm a coward. That's why," he said out loud.

"No you aren't. A pervert, yes. A coward, no."

The other voice startled him. He turned around and found...Inu Yasha there! "How..."

"How did I escape from Kikyo? Naraku wanted to have a "chat". While they were arguing, I got away, and followed Kagome's scent here." He sniffed the air again. "Sango's hurt badly, and..."He paused. "And my lousy half-brother and his slime have been here. What happened?"

Miroku filled him in, excluding the part after Sesshomaru left.

"So, will Sango be able to travel or be carried tomorrow?"

"Even if we hadn't left Kirara in the village with Kaede-sama, no. She needs a couple of days of rest and sleep. I don't think it would be wise to move her before then."

"So, we're sitting ducks for a couple of days?! K'so! What the hell are we gonna do now?"

"I suggest that we get some sleep, and in the morning, see what the others think about this. It's only fair."

" Feh. For once, letch, I agree."

"Well, let's go back then."

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Inu Yasha?" Kagome rubbed her eyes in disbelief. When he didn't disappear, she rushed over and threw her arms around him. "Oh, I missed you, you jerk."

"Ano...I missed you too, Kagome."

"Welcome back, Inu Yasha." Sango said from her sitting position in her bed. She had replaced her yukata at least after Miroku left her last night to sleep.

"A-arigatou, Sango-san."

"Inu Yasha, I'm so glad you're back. Kagome cried over you."

"Shippou!!!!" Kagome yelled.

"What? You did Kagome! Although I don't know why,"he muttered the last part.

Inu Yasha picked him up by his tail. "What was that, runt?"


"Feh." He dropped the little kitsune on his face. "Anyway, Miroku filled me in on the details last night. I suggest that we head back to the village with Kaede-baba. I know that Sango is in no condition to travel. I pose this to you three. Do we all stay here, or do we have someone stay with her until she is well enought to travel?"

"I can travel. I feel better already," Sango protested.

"Out of the question!" MIroku yelled. "I mean, you are not well." He cleared his throat. "If we allow you to strain yourself before the poison is out of your system, you will die."

"Sango," Kagome butted in,"if you dont rest and then die on me, I will never forgive you. Won't you just please listen to them?"

"Fine," was her reply. (How did I get into this? Everyone else is deciding on what I should do. I hate this!)

"Okay, now that that is over. Kagome, what do you want to do?" Inu Yasha asked.

"Well I dont want to leave Sango, but I have to get back to the village. Kaede-sama might need me."

"Feh. Shippou?"

"I'll do whatever Kagome does. I dont want to leave Sango either, but I miss Kirara and Kaede-sobo (grandmother)."

"Fine. Miroku?"

"I dont see a point in all of us staying here, Inu Yasha. I suggest you take Kagome-sama and Shippou-chan back to the village, and I will stay here with Sango. And before you even say anything, Sango-sama, I can behave myself, and I will. So dont start."

"I dont believe you. I'd rather risk dying."

"Fat chance, sister." Kagome knew it was time to step in, or it would get ugly. "Now, Miroku, ig you do anything to her she doesnt consent to, I will let Inu Yasha kill you. Understood?"

"I understand perfectly, Kagome-sama."

"Good. Now, let's pack up our stuff. We'll leave what you'll need for a few days. Um...I dont have enough food to leave much. Gomen."

"It's okay. I will just have to catch fish from the river. No problem."

"Alright, then I'm finished." Kagome threw pack on her shoulders. "Shippou, you ready?" She walked over to Sango. "I promise, if he does anything, I will really let Inu Yasha kill him. Sango, cheer up, ok? I'll see you in about a week, right?"

"Ok, Kagome-chan, and dont let Inu Yasha take advantage of you either. I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too." They gave each other a big hug.

"Hoy! Kagome, come on!" Inu Yasha yelled.

"Just because you dont have any feelings, doesnt mean others dont. I'm saying good-bye, you heartless jerk. Give me a minute."

"Feh. Just hurry."

"Dont let him push you around, ok?"

"I wont." She winked at Sango. "Be carful."

"You too. Ja ne."

"Ja ne, Sango. Jaaaa, Miroku-sama! Come on Shippou."

Then, they were gone. Just like that, she was all alone with the letcherous, but sweet, Miroku. (It isnt that bad, I guess. At least, I can get some rest.)She mused.(Miroku, too.)

"Houshi-sama, is there a reason why you personally offered to stay with me?"

(Because I cant stand to be away from you.) "No. No reason, except that it was the most logical thing. If I hadnt, Kagome would've stayed here, and Inu Yasha would have slowly insane. Or would you rather have Inu Yasha stayed with you? You would have killed each other by the tomorrow morning."

"Oh..." (I knew he didnt stay for me. He only did it for Kagome and Inu Yasha.)She fought the tears that accompanied that thought.

"Is there a reason you didnt really fight the decision?"

"Yes, because I am tired. Can we talk later?"

"If you like, but sleep now."

She laid herself down, careful not to disturb her leg. The more she thought about the handsome priest, the more depressed she got. She prayed that sleep would find her, before the tears started.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miroku headed towards the river to bathe.(Buddha, she is so entrancing. Her sad eyes and open heart. Those are what I love most. Why cant I just tell her that I want to make thr happy?)(I would do anything to see her smile just for me.)(Would you, really?)(Yes.)(Do you really think she returns your feelings?)(I dont know, but I dont think I would get over her telling me she didnt.)(Is that so?)(Yes.)

He finished his cold bath. "Well, that takes care of one problem. Now to find something to eat."

* * * * * * * * * * *

He came back later with quite a haul. He restarted the fire, and while it was heating up, he cleaned and gutted the fish. Sango woke again just as lunch was done.

"Hmmm...something smells delicious."

"Are you hungry?"


"Really now?"

"Yes. I dont think I've eaten since yesterday at lunch."

"Neither have I."

"You didnt eat last night?" she asked, surprised.

"No. I kept watch over you while you were ill. I didnt sleep until Inu Yasha returned."

"Why? I'm sure Kagome would have helped you."

"I wouldnt let her." He handed her a plate of fish and rice.

"Really? Why?"

"Yes. You had to be nude in order to be cooled down, and if Kagome had helped, Shippou would have seen you undressed. I'm sure you would not have liked that."


They finished the rest of their meal in silence.

"I believe that I need to bathe. Would you help me to the river, or shall I crawl?"

"I dont think that this is a good idea, Sango-sama."

"Miroku-sama, I need to be clean. I am filthy. I do not enjoy this feeling. Onegai gozaimasu?"

"Whatever you wish. I will carry you."(Why dont I tell her no. She shouldnt be moving at all. Oh hell,I cant deny her anything.)"Are you ready?"


He picked her up, and noticed she only had on her light yukata.(Great. This is torture. I know it.) He carried her to the river, and found a spot where the water was relatively gentle, and then set her down.

"Are you going to watch me?"

"Is that a problem?"


Her hands flew up to her mouth, and she blushed immediately.

(I cant believe I just said that out loud! Am I going crazy?)(No, you're in love, baka!)(In love? Me? With Miroku? Impossible!)(Why?)(Because...he's a houshi. That's why.)(And?)(And? Buddha will punish me for making a priest break his vows.)(Do you really believe that?)(I...I...I dont know. Possibly.)(You dont sound so sure, little Sango.)(Do you?)(Not really. But it sounds like crap to me.)(Really?)(Think for a minute. Does it make sense to you?)(Hmmm...I guess not.)(Well then.)


"Yes, Miroku?"

"Are you finished yet?"


"Would you like help now?"

"Yes, please."

He brought her yukata with him over to her. "Here you are."

"What you want me covered?"

He blushed profusely. "I only thought you would like it to protect your modesty from 'the dirty-minded priest'."

"Well, I guess so." She accepted the light kimono, and put it on. "But how much modesty can I possibly have after last night?" she joked.

"Quite a bit. I noticed how quickly you dressed when I left."

"You did?"

"Yes. May I ask why?"

"Because I didnt want Shippou to see me in the morning."

"Is that the only reason?"




"I...I...I think..."


"I think...we'd better head back to camp."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The rest of the day was kind of uneventful. When the sun set, Miroku had dinner fixed, and Sango was very quiet while eating.

"Sango-sama, is there something wrong with the food?"


"Then why aren't you eating?"

"I just dont feel hungry. Is that ok with you?" She asked him, bitterly.



"Nevermind." He was shocked at her sudden out burst, and didnt try to talk to her any more after that.

After a while, he could tell she was asleep again. (That's good. She needs all the sleep she can manage to get.)

(I wonder why she yelled at me like that? Maybe she's angry at me for the scene at the river from this afternoon. But why? Because, I suggested that she might want to cover up? That doesnt make any sense...)

He looked at her sleeping form. (No, she would never be mad at me for something like that.) He noticed that she started twitching. (Oh god, no that dream again!)He ran to her side, but he was too late.

"KOHAKU!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Oh Miroku-san," she sobbed as she threw herself into his arms again. "It was worse this time. Bloodier, and more real."

He soothed her hair while she cried. Her tears tore at his heart as they fell from her eyes. He waited until she had calmed down a bit, and then pulled her away from him.

"I have to know why you were so angry with me at dinner," he said with a slightly wounded look.

"Because..."She paused, wondering if she should tell him, and decided what the hell. "Because I love you, and you only care for Kagome. And I realized that today."

He was shocked. (Sango loves me? No way am I this lucky. I must be dreaming.)(Baka, say something before you lose her!!!!)

"Sango, I...I love you too. I like Kagome, but I love only you. I'm so sorry I didnt tell you before, but I didnt think you returned my feelings."

" me?" She started crying again.

"Why are you crying Sango?"

"Because this cant be real!"

"Why not?"

"Because you are a priest, and I would not ask you to break your commitment for me."

"Who said I would have waited until you asked? I have been thinking. The priest thing is getting old. I'd like to just be Miroku, instead of Houshi."

"But what about your curse?"

"After we kill Naraku, I will be cured. Then I will ask you to be with me forever. Do you not understand? I want to be with only you. I've never felt like this about anyone. You are the only one I love Sango!"

He kissed her passionately. "I dont want to imagine life without you. Please, say something."

"What is there to say? You've already said it all. The only thing I can say is that I feel the exact same way, Miroku." She kissed him back with equal passion and love. "I never want to leave you," she sighed into his shoulder.

"Neither do I, love."

* * * * * * * * * * * *