It wasn't that she was incapable of feeling regret, but she seldom felt or gave into the fleeting emotion. But, when that twirp Drizella woke her up from the life she had been leading for god knows how long she felt it. Having been under a amnesia curse put a different spin on her own dark curse. She had two very, very different lives.

One, as Regina. The Evil Queen, the girl who had been hurt so many times; brutalized by her mother and manipulated by rumplestiltskin to give into her own demons. The woman who found power, revenge and ultimately love in her son, Robin and secretly Henry's other mother. The woman who found salvation, and had her heart broken so many times over by the ones she cared for. And then there was her new life, her freedom. She was Roni. A woman who had demons but lived as she wanted. She had a business, she had friends who actually cared about her and she was free to be herself in whatever way that pleased her. That most recently was in the form of a slender brunette that graced her bed more often than not. She was another waitress from her bar, but she was special. Roni always knew that. Despite the fact she was younger than herself, she was wise and strong beyond her body. With long, flowing hair that currently covered her exposed body in the early morning sun that peaked into the bartenders apartment.

Regina sighed. Everything would be different now, but selfishly she wanted this… Just this to stay the same.

"We're not open until noon, or does the sign on the door allude you?" Roni called as she continued unloading a box of her favourite whiskey. Her curls falling in her eyes despite the bandana she had tied as a headband. "I'm sure you can drink somewhere else until then, or find an AA meeting that's suitable and most likely needed."

"Well, given i'm here to apply for a job and not drink," a voice replied, as the owner stalked across the floor towards the mahogany bar. "The sign didn't allude me, you need a waitress or no?" The young woman asked as Roni's head turned up. The girl was holding her help wanted sign in one hand and the other was planted against her jutted out hip. "I'm Rose Lupin."

"Roni Molinos," The bartender replied as she pushed her unruly hair out of her eyes. "You new in the Heights? I haven't seen you around before."

"You been looking?" Rose smirked as she moved closer to put the sign and her resume on the bar next to the box.

Roni raised an eyebrow and chucked at the girl, "I like sass. You'll need it to work here. We have quite a motley crew of regulars." she turned around to grab two tumblers and the open bottle of whiskey from the bar before pouring a shot into each glass. She slid the second glass towards the woman and picked up the resume. "Huh… few bars on the east coast, a diner and what i'm assuming is a strip club or a asian tourist trap…" Roni remarked as she looked up from the page.

"Nepal…" Rose shrugged, before taking the glass off the bar and knocking it back. She rolled her eyes at Roni's amused smirk, "I wanted to get out of my hometown and I heard they have Lemurs and I like Lemurs."

"You're an interesting girl, Rose Lupin," Regina chuckled tossing her own drink back before tossing a black tank top at the other woman from behind the bar. "Welcome to Roni's."

(A/N: Yes? This? I don't know why it just kinda came to me last night... But, yeah. Regina discovering another EF member after waking up... this time in her bed. This will be very lightly based on what's actually happening on the show. I really don't pay much attention to anyone but the OC Cast.)