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Chapter 23

Everything was confusing for Roni, she couldn't remember getting attacked at the bar; nor could she remember anything before that. She feels like she was missing months of her life and the confusion and pain from her injury was only making it worse. She looked down at the woman laying gingerly against her body. Her lover was curled up against her; It had been a weird morning. She felt like everyone was tip-toeing around her and it was making her headache worse. Her sister, Kelley, had brought Henry by earlier and she couldn't figure out why everything seemed changed. Rose just kept holding her hand and at some point they both had fallen asleep. Now, Roni was awake and alone while her girlfriend was asleep. She ran her fingers of her non-injured hand though long, silky hair as the nurses flutter in and out of of the room.

"She shouldn't be on the bed like that," One of the nurses remarked as she looked at the couple, "It's not for that."

"Not for my exhausted girlfriend to rest for a bit? Pretty sure she was here all last night worrying her ass off while no one told her how I was."

"She's not a relative." The nurse replied, "Your sister received the updates and she can feel free to share them with anyone she'd like." the blonde woman replied as she changed Regina's IV bag. Roni squinted at her, she had a vague familiarity about her but she couldn't place it.

"Are you finished being overtly homophobic?" She inquired as she narrowed her glare to the woman. The nurse just rolled her eyes and stalked out of the room. Roni returned her focus to the the woman stretched out along her side. Tanned fingers gently traced against her lovers pale cheekbone, trying to figure out why this woman felt so familiar; but also so different to her. She sighed, her eyes fluttering closed from the pain medications and going into a deep sleep.

Henry paced in the waiting room. His mom was hurt, only she wasn't his mom at the moment. She was the woman who got him drunk night after night. She was the woman that was nice to him and his daughter no matter what. She was seemingly dating a woman. A woman whom he had caught his mother, then bartender, having sex on the top of the bar (that part he would never, ever think about again, and blush furiously when he did); the disturbingly attractive woman who used to babysit him as a child. It was hard enough comprehending the relationship between his mom and Ruby. It was hard to understand why or what was happening… even more since he couldn't have a conversation about it with his mother.

He smelled coffee near him and looked behind him and and saw the lanky former waitress holding two paper cups. He smiled weakly at her and accepted the cup when she handed it over.

"Thought you might need a pick-me-up," She offered with a smile, "Did you get any sleep last night? I know Zelena called you pretty late…"

"Yeah, I was with my family finally… then I heard about mom." He said with a grimace, "I can't believe I was celebrating while she was getting assaulted."

"Henry, she'd want you to be celebrating. She'd want you to be happy, and smiling;" Ruby replied as she put her hand on his arm. She had deep, dark circles around her eyes. The florescent lights of the waiting room did little to hide her pale parlour. Her long, long hair was tied up in a messy bun and she had what looked to be a t-shirt of a 80's metal band under a hoodie. She took a long draw from her coffee and ran her hand to her neck to try to work out a kink.

"Have you slept?" Henry asked as he watched the woman.

She simply shrugged, "Maybe 45 minutes when I was in with her, then some insanely hateful nurse kicked me out."


"Homophobic? Maybe Regina gave her shit back home or even further to the old world… Who the hell knows." Ruby sighed, "They'll let you in soon if you want. Just, she still thinks shes Roni…"

"Ruby what happened? Like, how did she lose her memory right when everyone else regained theirs? Why did she get hurt?"

"Zelena didn't tell you the situation?" Ruby groaned before going to sit down in one of the chairs, "Um… You remember my story from the book and after the underworld?"

"Yeah, you woke Dorothy up with true-love's kiss, which makes me so confused about why you're with my mom." Henry admitted as he sipped his coffee. He heard Ruby sigh sadly next to him and he looked over at her, "You can tell me, i'm not the little kid everyone pawned off on you anymore."

"I know that, Hen," Ruby replied, "Look, some stuff happened with Dorothy… I'm not really going to go into it because it's not pleasant to me to talk about. If you want the details talk to your cousin or Alice. But, she was abusive and whatever and I actually thought she was dead when I finally got away and went back to the Enchanted Forest. I was in my wolf skin and I must have gotten scooped up in the curse." She shrugged, "I woke up here and was someone else… again." She paused to take a long sip of her coffee, "I remember thinking I need a job; and something drove me to Roni's… I met Regina, or Roni, and remember being drawn to her and we quickly became friends and then that changed and when we both remembered who we where it… it was scary but made sense you know?"

Henry looked perplexed, "But, you had true loves kiss… How is this possible?"

Ruby just gaped at the man, his wide-eyed innocence and belief in love was adorable as a child, but as a grown man? Not cute in the least, "Henry, I just admitted to you my ex, who hurt me beyond recognition, is the one who beat the shit out of your mom… and you have the balls to ask about true love?"

"You woke her from the curse," He said slowly, as he rolled his cup in his hands.

"You're an idiot. Grow up, Henry, blind optamism is a horrible trait in a grown man." Ruby said as she stood up abruptly, "Also, you should stay away from me. I'm going to go see if you can go see Regina, but if you can't keep your mouth shut and comments to yourself; i recommend you staying away. She doesn't know who you are right now; she wouldn't expect you anyway." With that Ruby stalked off, leaving the man-child in her wake.