Roy's POV

He woke up drenched in sweat his white shirt nearly see through. His breathing was coming in ragged gasps. It took him several long moments to remember where he was. He was in one of the bedrooms at Jason's summer cottage. It had been almost four months since the man had rescued him from Ishval.

They spent the better part of the first month in England. Jason had watched him like a hawk only letting him leave his sight under strict guidelines. The loud noises of London, England had proved to much for him though. It sent him into flashbacks more often than was healthy. It also induced panic attacks to where he spent a lot of his time dosed with calming draughts.

Towards the end of the first month Jason had taken him to his summer cottage. It was near the forest of Dean. It was far from the city and noises. So far they had made small amount of progress according to the mind healer. He didn't have to take as many calming draughts as before. He was allowed to roam the grounds as long as he didn't leave the property. The nightmares persisted though. It made it impossible to get a decent nights sleep.

With a sigh he sat up and prepared to change into sweats. He looked at the alarm clock on his bed. It was only 3 in the morning. Even as early as it was he would be unable to get back to sleep. Once he was in his loose grey sweats he left his room as quietly as possible.

Over the last two months he had grown close to the mind healer. Jason had comforted him many times during and after his nightmares. Maes had stayed at a friend of Jason's for two months. After which he was released to his own devices. He still met with the friend once a week.

He made his way out onto the porch. Breathing in the night air he relaxed slightly. It was getting colder out but he didn't mind. It took his mind off the burning that was forever burned into his memory. The heat of desert and the burning of the flames he produced.

A creaking sound behind him told him that Jason was coming up. Jason said softly so not to startle him," It's me Roy. Here drink this."

Something cool was pressed to the back of his neck. Without looking at the man he took it. Looking at it he realized it was a cold glass of tea. He smiled thankfully and took a sip. Jason took it as an invitation to sit next to him.

Roy said guiltily still refusing to look at him," I'm sorry i woke you."

Jason held up a hand to stop what would have been a stream of apologies. He said seriously," Don't be. You know I ward your room so i know if you get up or have a nightmare. You will get through this Roy. You are a fighter. Just give it time. It has only been three months. You were in war for nearly six."

Ever so slowly Jason reached around to give him a half hug. He stiffened but didn't pull away. After a few moments he relaxed into it. They sat there for ten minutes quietly.

Jason asked cautiously," What was the nightmare about this time?"

Roy said miserably," The first kid i killed. He was younger than i am Jason. The look of terror it haunts me. Everytime..."

Every time he closed his eyes he could see it. The stark terror in the red eyes. It would never leave him. He knew no matter how much therapy he went to what he did would never be forgotten. Unless he was obliviated. That would do more harm than good though.

Jason said sighing," Somethings will never leave. Sadly that will probably be one of them. Even when you leave here know that you can always come to me if you need help."

A gentle smile crossed his face as he replied," Thank you, Jason. I don't think I would have survived the last three months without you help."

In fact he was almost sure of it. If left to his own devices he would have likely committed suicide. Back when they were still in London he had tried again. It had only been chance that Jason arrived when he did. It was then that they had decided to come to the cottage.

It was about an hour later when he stiffened. Jason who had moved a little ways away also stiffened. Both of them could feel someone pressing against the wards.

Roy had been reading up on the theoretical side of magic. He still didn't have a wand yet. Jason wanted his mind a little more stable before they considered it.

Even without a wand and only theoretical knowledge he could feel the magical flows. Even without being fully connected to the wards he could feel when someone was tampering with them. This was an intruiging development for both healer and patient. Something they would have to look into at a later date.

Jason said calmly as he rose to his feet," Roy go to your room. I know who this is and he isn't the most stable of wizards. In fact I thought he had died several years ago."

His healer looked both worried and intruiged. Something that put the young alchemist on edge. While he would obey the man he would also prepare for a fight. At this point he wished he had his alchemy gloves. Too bad they were still locked wherever Jason had put them.

Jason's POV

He watched his young charge go up the stairs. By the stiffness in the boy's shoulders he knew the other would be preparing for a fight. The last three months had been good for him. They had begun to heal the scars left by Ishval. Roy was by no means healed. There was still a long way to go before they could even consider such a word. He was better though. His hand rarely came up in preparation to blast him away if snuck up on. The nightmares still had a terrible hold on him though. Only in the last week had Roy begun to willingly speak of what they were about.

It was slow progress but progress nonetheless. He didn't want this progress to be ruined by the impromptu visitor. Said visitor was walking up towards the house. It was someone who he had thought to be dead.

Barty Crouch Jr. a man that had been sent to Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit. No one would believe the young mind healer though. Barty had been with him at the time of the attack. He felt horrible at the time of the arrest that he had been unable to protect the man. Now he wished that the man had chosen to come at any other time than now.

Once Barty reached the porch he greeted," Barty you look well for a dead man."

That was a complete lie and they both knew it. Barty certainly looked like he spent several years in Azkaban. A haunted look that Jason was all too familiar with.

Still the dirty blond haired man said," I am sorry for not sending word that I was alive. I didn't know who I could trust at the time."

That he understood. Barty trusted very few people with anything. Especially those that didn't bear the dark lords mark. While he supported the ideals of the dark Lord he was not marked. Most of what he did was help those in need of mind healing. Many of the men were in need of it.

He replied quietly," I understand that I truly do, Barty. I have to ask. Why now? You could have come at any time in the last few years. So why now?"

Barty frowned before he said," I need your help. Is this house secure?"

Jason waved him inside and said," As secure as it can be. No one floos here without a warning right now."

Barty's eyebrows raised as he asked," A patient? Someone i might know?"

Jason gently shook his head as he replied," You may have heard of him but no you don't know him. Don't worry he won't tell anyone you were here. Isn't that right, Roy?"

Barty pulled his wand at the sight of the unfamiliar boy. Roy had been hiding in the door way to the kitchen. The only thing that stopped the impending fight was Jason who stepped between them.

He said sternly to Roy," Roy this is a friend of mine, Barty. Barty this is Roy he is currently staying with me."

Barty held out his hand mistrust clear in the blue eyes," Nice to meet you."

After staring at the hand for a moment Roy took it. He forced out a," Likewise."

Green eyes turned to Jason. He placed his hand on the boy's shoulder and guided him into the kitchen. This was going to be a long night. Hopefully to two would not try to kill each other.

Roy was a handful by himself even without his gloves. Barty was even more so especially since he spent time in Azkaban. He wanted to help both of them. Part of him knew that they wouldn't let him. At least not when they were in the same room. Both had gone through bell and back and didn't trust easily.

Roy's POV

He took his usual seat where he could see the door and his back to the wall. The dirty blond haired man positioned his chair in a similar way. Roy could see a look in the man's eyes. It was one he was all to familiar with.

He had the same look in his eyes every time he woke up from a nightmare. What had happened to this man? He had heard Jason call him Barty. So it was obvious they were at least aquaintences.

Jason said once they were all situated," All right now you will tell me why you are here."

It wasn't a question but a demand. Like when Roy had tried to commit suicide again. The mind healer demanding to know why.

Barty replied giving another glance at him," You know where my loyalties lie. I received an owl a few months ago asking me to go Little Hangelton. There I met up with a Peter Pettigrew and he showed me something that surprised me."

Roy's eyes hardened. It was because of Pettigrew that his family was attacked. In turn he was disowned. If this man was an ally of his he deserved to have the aurors called.

Only Jason's look stopped him. He knew better than to go against the mind healer. Unless of course he wanted to spend a day tied to the bed. So he bit his tongue.

Jason asked carefully vague," Is it him?"

When Barty nodded solemnly Jason suddenly looked very tired. It wasn't often that he saw the man like that. When he did he knew it was best to leave him be.

He asked the dirty blond," Who is this you're talking about?"

Roy could see Jason feverishly shaking his head at Barty. Barty grinned maliciously as he replied," Voldemort."