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Roy's POV

Running a hand over his face he checked his appearance. He was wearing a white button down dress shirt and black slacks. A wand holster was tucked tightly against his wrist. He also wore a single ignition cloth glove. Despite his best efforts his hair would not stay flat. It looked like a bird's nest and he hated it. It made him look like his birth father.

A cough from behind him drew his attention. Jason stood there with a look of amusement. In his hands was the tie Roy had thrown on his bed. The boy made a face at the damned thing. It did not want to work for him much like his hair didn't.

The tie they had picked out was grey in color. He didn't tell them but he didn't know how to tie these damn things. Never before had he been forced to wear one.

Twice already he had nearly strangled himself with the damn thing. Jason let out an amused sound as he said in a low voice, "Let me show you."

Jason raised his collar, "Here let me. Raise the shirt collar and drape the tie around the neck, so the wide end is on the right side and extends about 12 inches below the narrow end. Cross the wide part of the tie over the narrow part. Pull the wide end up through the opening at the neck, then down."

The tie lay perfectly on his chest and it didn't threaten to strangle him. He felt slightly better about wearing the thing. It was then he realized how much trust he put in the man. He didn't flinch away from having hands so close to his throat. Nor did he hesitate to let Jason help him when he would have fought every step of the way.

"You have come so far in these past few months," came the man's soft voice as if reading his mind, "There is little more I can do to help you. Though if you are amicable to it, I would like to keep up correspondence through your journal."

Roy grinned in response, "Of course, Jason. I was wondering if you would want to."

The last part was said with uncharacteristic vulnerability. He hated the feeling but somehow the man always seemed to bring it out of him.

Jason said a seriousness coming over his features, "Of course I would. You have become someone precious to all of us. We look after those we care about. So if you ever need me all you have to do is send a message. Or if you just want someone to talk to."

Roy nodded his own face going serious, "I will thank you, Jason. For everything."

The man simply ruffled his hair. Their attention was drawn to the doorway by a knock. Marvolo stood there his eyes were solely on Roy.

The man said his eyes showing just a hint of approval in his eyes, "We need to leave now."

Roy said bowing his slightly, "I'm ready for this, sir."

The man nodded. Jason stepped aside to allow him to go with the Dark Lord. Roy didn't hesitate to move to his side. Trust had been built strongly between them. Marvolo and Jason had saved his life in the battle. That allowed him to place more tree trust in them than before.

He allowed Marvolo to steer him to the floo. From there they flooed to the Ministry. After checking in their wands and the looks of mistrust at his gloves they proceeded to the courtroom's waiting room.

Alex was in it looking pale but determined. Their eyes met. Both boys just nodded. They didn't have to say anything. This wasn't their first go around with someone who thought they were above the law. Hopefully it would be their last.

Marvolo was the first to be called to give a testimony. He had the most reliable testimony for the persecution. Alex was still considered a minor and Roy was still considered somewhat unstable.

The next to be called was Alex. His brother's eyes met his searching for something. Whether or not the older teen found it he didn't know. Instead Alex chose to walk into the courtroom without a word.

It wasn't long after that, that he was finally called. Roy didn't feel the nervousness that he felt last time. He walked into the courtroom with his head held high. These people may have tried to kill him but they weren't the first. Given his line of work they wouldn't be the last either.

Amelia Bones sat at the head of the officials. To her right was the Minister of Magic. They gave him cold looks that matched the one he sported. Amelia knew that he was a strong fighter that he even had some control over his magic now.

She stated simply, "Major Mustsng you are here to give a testimony on what you witnessed with during the auror raid three days ago. Just tell us everything that you observed and did."

So he did. In a monotone as if he was giving a combat report he stated, "I was allowed with three of my men to attend the raid. My snipers were Riza Hawkeye and Jean Havoc. Both served in Ishval with honor and obeyed my orders without question. I also requested the aid of fellow State Alchemist Alex Armstrong."

"Alex took the frontal assault with the aurors while I was to stay by Lord Slytherin's side. Lord Slytherin brought down the wards almost as soon as we arrived. From there the fighting began. I covered the aurors with bursts of alchemic fire. My control over my magic and alchemy has improved greatly since my return. I could control it at will to avoid the aurors but hit the wizards they were dueling."

He held back a sigh as he continued not looking to see people's shocked faces, "It wasn't long before I encountered one Molly Weasley. She engaged me in a duel. Thanks to my time with Jason I learned how to use my magic as well as my alchemy. I used my alchemy and magic together to distract her. It was in that moment that Hawkeye took her shot and blew out Mrs. Weasley's knee. That's when I turned my attention to the duel that was happening between Marvolo Slytherin and Albus Dumbledore."

He hesitated before he continued, "During the Headmaster's previous attack my animagus form was revealed. I don't have full control just yet that's why I haven't registered yet. During the high emotions of the fight I was able to access the form. I used my form to distract the man. Lord Slytherin ordered Albus Dumbledore to surrender. That was when the man said You can't win this war, Tom. People will eventually find out who you are. When they do they will turn again you. Then he said There will always be those who fight against the Dark, Tom. I will however take away one of your supporters this day. He is too powerful to leave alive. That was when he cast the Killing Curse. If it wasn't for my friends I would have died that day. If I did it would have been worth it just to have him taken down."

There were gasps from the wizards and witches listening. They never thought they would hear something from someone so young.

Madame Bones said her eyes cold, "I believe that is enough for this court. We have heard from both sides and now its time to give our decision."

They brought in the Light wizards and witches. Albus Dumbledore was wearing high level magical suppression cuffs. The children were wearing lower level cuffs. They looked as if they tried to fight the aurors.

Madame Bones ordered coldly, "Ronald and Ginerva Weasley, Hermione Granger step forward," they did so reluctantly, "You have been found guilty of trying to poison Heir Potter. Each of you have been sentenced to ten years in medium security wing of Azkaban for your crimes. Your wands will be snapped and you will never find work in the Wizarding World again. Consider yourselves lucky that you are minors. Had you been adults you punishments would have been doubled and you would be exiled. Take them away."

Screaming could be heard from the three. Roy couldn't find it in him to feel pity for the three. They tried to poison his brother. One of the few people in this world he considered family.

"Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Alastor Moody, Elias Doge step forward now," came the order," You have been found guilty of aiding and abetting a fugitive. Of being accomplices to poisoning Heir Potter. Finally you have been found guilty of attempted murder of Harry James Potter now known as Roy Mustang Major in the Amestris army. For your crimes you are being sentenced to 75 years in maximum security wing of Azkaban. Should you live to the end of your sentence you will be exiled to a remote wizarding community in Greenland. There you will wear magical suppression cuffs for the remainder of your life. Take them away."

Instead of screaming there were curses and shouts at Roy and Alex. They hated that he was part of this. That it was all his fault.

"Albus Dumbledore come forward," came the final order,"You have been found guilty of trying to poison Heir Potter. Running from auror. Of casting a an unforgivable and attempted murder. You have been sentenced to having your magic permanently bound and your wand snapped. You will be sentenced to three life terms in a maximum security cell in Azkaban. Never again will you see the light of day. Take him away."

Dumbledore opened his mouth to argue but he wasn't given the chance. Three separate wands cast a silencing charm as the man was dragged away. It was no less than what he deserved. It was over. They were finally safe.

Two weeks passed since the trial. Roy made his final preparations to return to Amestris. He had a trunk packed and shrunk to fit in his pocket.

Roy told everyone that he would meet them at the train station. The only one who stayed was Jason. Jason agreed to be the one who would take him to the station.

The man was disheartened to see him go. At the same time both he and Jason were ready. Roy knew he couldn't stay away from his duties much longer. His place would always be with the alchemists.

No matter how many times he apparated with someone he hated it. Including going to the train station.

Alex, Barty, Marvolo and Benjamin stood waiting on them. Barty curiously had a backpack slung over his shoulder. His appearance had changed ever so slightly so that people wouldn't figure out his true identity. With the help of Marvolo he was given a new identity.

Alex was the first to speak, "Swear that you will keep in touch. I don't want to wait eight years to speak to you again."

Roy said with a grin, "I swear it. We can use our notebooks. Maybe this time you can come visit me during the summer. I hear I'm getting stationed out in Eastern Command. It supposed to be a nice spot."

Marvolo said nodding, "If you need us just send word. You helped us and we will return the favor one day."

Barty moved to his side, "I'm going with you. Like you I need time away. Maybe find my place away from England."

"You will be more than welcome with me."

They truly had become close. Barty was one of the few true friends he had made. He would be a good traveling companion.

As the train whistle blew he just gave a small grin to Benjamin. It was time for them to go. With a wave he went to get on the train. Barty was right behind him unsurprisingly.

They both stood in its doorway as the train pulled out. The group stood watching them as they pulled away. Alex's eyes were wet with tears but as a soon to be lord he didn't let them fall. The two twins raised a hand in farewell. Then they were out of sight.