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Roy's POV

He considered Barty for a moment while Jason groaned. He said not betraying the surprise he felt," You called him by his name. From what I understand the followers of Voldemort call him the Dark Lord."

Barty shrugged as he replied," The most trusted used to be able to call him by his true name. He didn't use to be so unstable. I'm hoping with this ritual and we can bring him back to the way he used to be."

The boy glanced at Jason. Jason true to himself looked contemplative. He wished he could add to whatever thoughts were going on in his head. It wouldn't do any good. He knew almost nothing about magic.

He could feel his magic and occasionally the magic of others. The extremely powerful wizards like Dumbledore he could sense easily. Others less powerful he couldn't sense at all. This power had been fluctuating since he came to England.

He could feel the magic that wrapped around Barty. It was tamed but very powerful magic. It was heavily burdened by his time in Azkaban. No doubt it would take time to heal the damage done. Just like it would take time for Roy to heal.

Barty said continuing on," We only need one more thing. There is an extensive plan to get it. But... I don't think it is the best idea. Especially should someone realize that I am there."

Jason asked narrowing his eyes," Where are you staying? What is the necessary item?"

"The enemies blood. I am currently residing at Hogwarts under a polyjuice potion."

It clicked within his mind who the man was hiding out as. Mad Eye Moody. Alex had mentioned that the old auror had been brought onto the staff by Dumbledore. He had also mentioned that something felt off about the man.

He said calmly," You are posing as Mad Eye Moody. With the tournament coming up you plan to use that as a way to get the past ingredient."

That would also mean they would need Alex's blood. Anger coursed through him. They would not touch his older brother if he had anything to say about it.

He said lowly killing intent filling the air," If you touch my brother you will find out why I am here. I do not need my gloves to kill."

Jason gave him a sharp look trying to get him to be quiet. Roy ignored it. To protect his brother he would do anything.

Barty let out a barking laugh as he replied with a serious look of his own," I like you. You say you will kill me if i touch your brother? Who's your brother?"

"I am Roy Mustang formerly known as Harry Potter. My brother is Alex Potter."

Before Jason could do anything Barty was on his feet. Roy followed him a second later. His hand going for the chalk and lighter he kept in his pocket. While it wasn't as good as his ignition cloth gloves he could make it work.

Jason was the last two his feet his wand drawn. He said firmly," Both of you sit down," when neither of them complied he said angrily," Now!"

On instinct he sat down. Three months ingrained it into him. Especially when it was that tone. Barty warily sat down as well. Both of them eyeing each other warily.

Jason said his wand never leaving his hand," Now we will have a civil conversation or i will tie you both to the chairs. Do I make myself clear?"

They said in unison," Yes sir."

Neither of them wanted to cross the mind healer. It wouldn't end well. Especially for Roy who couldn't even leave the grounds without Jason's permission.

Jason said after a tense moment of silence," Now. Barty why do you need Alex Potter's blood? Roy stay quiet."

He snapped his jaw shut. He had just been about to argue that Barty was not going to get his brother's blood. It would happen over his dead body. Still be obeyed his mind healer and stayed quiet.

Barty said pouting like a petulant child," The ritual requires the blood of his enemy. That would be the Boy Who Lived. It will bring our Lord back from the golem like state he's in now."

Jason rubbed the bridge of his nose and asked," Does it have to be that Potter? The dark Lord has many enemies. So why a fourteen year old child?"

Barty replied shooting the man an angry look," Because he is more magically powerful. You know this Jason."

Jason replied deadly quiet that made Roy want to run from the room," You want to kill a child. Yes, Alex Potter is powerful but out of the two I would say Roy here is more powerful."

The dark haired boy shot his healer a questioning look. What the hell was the man talking about? Sure he was alchemyly powerful. He hadn't done anything magically since he was disowned. He didn't even have a wand.

Barty for his part just appraised the boy in front of him. It surprised him that the man didn't immediately dismiss the idea. Magic tentatively reached out to his. His magic reached out against his own will. He couldn't control it as it reached out towards the man's magic.

He watched as Barty's eyes widened in surprise. Their magic made the air oppressive. Barty's was dark and heavy. Roy's was dark but not quite as much as Barty's.

The man said after a moment," You are right. He has amazing magical presence but its unrefined. You have never gone to Hogwarts?"

"I don't even have a wand."

The blond haired man just shook his head in wonder. Jason said quietly," No you just have your alchemy gloves."

A small grin appeared on his face. That he did. Those gloves had saved his life several times. They would likely continue to do so.


Roy nodded. Unless he told the man what it meant he wouldn't understand.

Barty said," I'm intruiged. Still we need the blood. So where does this leave us?"

Before Jason could reply Roy asked," If you swear not to attack my brother except in self defense you may have mine. We want nothing to do with this war."

"Your brother is under Dumbledore's thumb. He will be expected to fight against the dark Lord."

He shook his head fiercely," No. A few months ago we got out from under that old man's thumb. Alex wants nothing to do with him. In fact Sirius Black and Amelia Bones are building a case against the old man."

Jason said interrupting," Both of the boy's testified against James Potter. The man has been removed as Lord Potter and is serving ten years."

Barty whistled as he said," Brilliant. If you can get your brother to agree to this. I will talk to my Lord. There is no reason for us to fight."

Jason said sternly," If you tried to fight in my house I would stun you."

There was no doubt in either of their minds that he would. The mind healer didn't make idle threats but promises.

Alex's POV

He sat up in his bed wondering why in the hell he was awake. A buzz drew his attention to the notebook on his side table. It was his communication notebook to his brother.

He sat up bleary as he grabbed the notebook. Roy must have had a bad nightmare if he was contacting him. Usually he just went to Jason though on occasion he did contact Alex or Sirius.

Roy wrote: Alex you awake?
Alex replied yawning: I am now. Did you have another nightmare?
Roy: Yes but that's not why I'm contacting you. If i had a way to keep you from the upcoming wizard war would you take it?

That had Alex's attention. They had briefly spoken about the upcoming Wizarding war. Alex didn't want any part of it. Though Dumbledore would no doubt try to force him into joining a side.

Roy being Roy didn't want anything to do with either side. While he was a disowned member of the Potter line he less publicity than Alex. Alex was the Boy Who Lived after all. He was expected to pick a side. Preferably the side of the Light.

Another message appeared: Are you okay?

A faint smile appeared on his face. Roy might be the younger of them but he acted like the older. Always looking out for Alex.

He gave another yawn as he replied: I'm fine. Just tired. If given the choice I would choose to stay neutral. Why what happened?
Roy: I have someone here who would guarantee our protection if we agree to stay neutral. He would require an oath of neutrality. Whatever that means.

There was no doubt that it was Roy speaking. The younger twin didn't know anything about magical oathes. Still the other had a good heart.

Alex contemplated the implications. As Heir to the House of Potter he held a lot of power. If he named himself neutral many light families would follow his lead. It would severely weaken the Light.

He wrote after a few moments: I would have to see the oath first and permission to show it to Sirius. He would need to approve of any paths i make. You too.

The notebook was silent for several moments. It was as if Roy was talking to someone. It made him wonder who was there with him. Jason didn't let many people go to the summer cottage. It allowed Roy a safe place to heal.

Roy wrote: It will be sent to you by Moody. Be safe big brother. I have to go.
Alex: You too. I will let you know how it goes.
Roy: Talk to you soon. Hopefully Jason will let me come visit soon.
Alex: Sounds good little brother. Let me know of a date. I have something that I want to do.
Roy: Want to share?
Alex: Nope. You will have to wait and see.
Roy: Fine. Better go. You have class tomorrow. Night.
Alex: Good night Roy.

Alex closed the notebook lost in his thoughts now. He wondered who Roy had been talking to. Mad Eye Moody was a well known supporter of Dumbledore. It surprised him that the old auror would allow him to become neutral. Though the man had taken a shine to him since the start of the school year. Always looking out for him.

He smiled at the thought of the man turning Malfoy into a ferret. The blond had tried to attack him when his back was turned. Instead Moody got him with a transfiguration spell tugging him into a white ferret.

So far he liked the old auror even if the man reported everything to Dumbledore. Still one couldn't be too careful. Until the man proved to him that he was completely trustworthy Alex would be cautious around him.

Roy's POV

He smiled faintly at Alex's response. It was exactly what he was expecting. He didn't want any more to do with the war than Roy did.

He handed over the notebook to Barty who read through it. The blond's face lit up with excitement.

"I will inform my Lord immediately. Your blood should work as a replacement considering your a Potter and the others twin. Jason I will return when I have a set time and place."

The mind healer nodded and with that said showed the man out. Roy for his part decided to go lay on the couch. It had been an eventful evening.