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Take Off by luvsanime02


Chapter 1

The situation on L2 calms down much faster than Relena expects. Of course, it helps that the new governor is Hilde Schbeiker. Relena smiles, remembering her surprise and pleasure during their first official meeting. They'd talked for hours, creating a plan in order to actually deal with the rampant poverty still prevalent in some L2 colonies, and how they can help out the economy most there. Hilde's obviously very passionate and dedicated to helping out her people.

And now Relena's received a message from the Sweepers, routed through Heero's email, letting her know that they're carefully monitoring all shipments in space. If there is any suspicious cargo being shipped to a specific colony, they'll notify Relena in order to discuss the best course of action in dealing with the situation.

It's the best reassurance that she could ask for. Relena has no idea why the Sweepers are so willing to work with her, unless that's what Duo's been up to for the past few years, but she's very grateful to have their reassurance.

Speaking of reassurances, with the L4 and L3 governments, and now L2, also backing her, Relena can have more people monitor a lot more imports and exports between colonies. While she doesn't want to control traveling or business between the colonies, Relena does want to monitor shipments for now in order to be sure that no one's trying to start up another war.

Monitoring, not interfering. Help, not control. It's a fine line that Relena is determined not to cross over. Half of the reason why Relena's surrounding herself with people that she trusts is so that she can trust them to tell her if she's crossing that line.

In other good news, with Mars finally willing to fully integrate into the ESUN, this is the perfect time to ratify one set of laws concerning the other planet. The same rules for all of the colonies and Earth; in regards to dealings with Mars, at least. It's the start of finally implementing her plan. Of course, that brings up the trouble of everyone agreeing on what those laws should be, but Relena has no doubt that Milliardo is capable of working that out with little to no help from her.

Earth's ESUN parliament will have no choice but to work with him, and that means they'll have to agree to his demands or risk the colonies being the only ones having an accord with Mars. Which is the last thing that they want to happen, obviously.

Which means, now that Milliardo's willing to speak with them, Earth will have no choice but to comply with Relena's wishes. People like Governor Reckon will now have to deal with the headaches of voting and arguing, and finally settling on one constitution that the entire parliament of Earth will have to agree on.

That part is not Relena's problem anymore. She's arranging everything, but really, she can't do it all by herself. The people will have to all work together now, and become invested in their own futures.

Soon, once agreements can be made with L1 and L5, everyone will be working together towards one goal. Her goal. It's an incredible feeling, and Relena's worried even now that everything will one day collapse around her, though most of her knows that nothing short of a full-out rebellion from everyone would stop things at this point.

Finally, everything's coming together.