Chapter 4

~~Eight Months Later~~

Of course L2 doesn't start to cause problems until everything has already been decided, and all that they're waiting for are certain governments who still have to sign along the dotted line. To be fair, it's not the L2 government itself that's trying to create new problems, but an underground reactionary group looking to coalesce munitions beyond what's usual for that area.

Heero's on her way to L2 to meet up with Duo, since he's the one who informed her about the problem. Heero is in Baghdad when the news reaches her, checking out another rumor, though she quickly decides that the problem on L2 is more urgent. After all, Duo wouldn't urgently ask Heero to meet up with him if he didn't already have proof of possible trouble brewing.

02. 11128818251522 1191225152214 818201972223 922132322151268

(02. Possible problem sighted. Rendezvous?)

This means that Heero's traveling back into space once again. She's been going around checking things out anonymously for months now, popping into random Preventers offices, or even personally checking up on certain government officials, and generally making sure that everything's fine.

She really does love no longer being tied down to one area, or being stationed on-planet all of the time. Even though there's so much to explore on Earth, so many different cultures and languages, it's been too long since Heero's routinely traveled around space, and she's missed it.

Whatever this situation on L2 is, she'll deal with it. Hopefully, this won't end like the last mission that Duo asked her to join him on, but Heero doubts that things have gotten so far out of hand. This group, whoever they are, should be too new to be much of a threat just yet.

The shuttle's on autopilot, but Heero's not bored. She's staring out into the vastness of space, marveling at the clarity and multitude of the stars. Nothing compares to the endlessness before her gaze. The Earth looks beautiful, but it's only one small area, one tiny corner of the universe. Heero could look at the stars all day and never grow tired of it, always finding something new to focus on.

Heero leans her head back after determining that there's still time to get a couple of hours of sleep. She could use the rest, and probably won't have much time to get any when she lands.

Never would Heero have thought when she was a child that her life would turn out so well. Or that she'd even live this long, honestly. It's more than enough for her. Relena is forging humanity's future right now, and Heero is here to see it and to help protect it.

She's determined to assist in making that peaceful future happen, and to live the rest of her life safe-guarding this new peace for all of humanity. It's the way that things should be.

Yes, this is the life that Heero never could have even imagined years ago, and now she can't imagine choosing anything else. She's looking forward to seeing what future the rest of her life will bring.