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Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan, and Oliver Queen made their way into Coast City's Police Station after being called in the middle of a League Meeting. The first one was obviously furious, hanging out with his friends was one thing, like the boys had told him they'd be, but getting arrested was another very different thing. Hal didn't look amused either, it wasn't really the first time that the kids got into a mess like that and he was almost sure it wouldn't be the last one… Apparently, the kids were really close (too much for his liking).

"What the hell's going on with you, Kyle?" he went straight to the point, obviously displeased. The boy never gave him so much trouble, except when he decided to hang out with Mia, Roy and Jason. Dick still was not really into the "bad influence" category.

It seemed like Kyle wanted to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth.

"I hope you enjoyed this little adventure, because you won't have any more in over a month" Bruce told his boys in a tone that left no place to complain, "And we'll have a very serious discussion at home"

Oliver said nothing, just stared at Mia and Roy like in the end they were a bad necessary in the world. Still before heading out of the Watchtower, he kept asking himself if it'd be better to leave them there a night or so to give them time to think.

"I really think we should talk before taking the boys home" Bruce suggested to the other parents, who didn't really say anything and instead ended up following the man down the hall to the office. They still needed to sign some papers for the kids to go, anyways.

"What do you want to talk about?" Hal wasn't in the mood to talk, he actually just wanted to take his boy and go home.

"I believe that if the three of us agree on something is that this 'friendship' the kids have has become something not only toxic, but also codependent and unproductive"

Oliver snorted. Tell him something he didn't know.

"So what? That's a little bit obvious since they were like eight." The CEO of Queen Consolidated didn't think twice before taking a cigarette out of his pocket and putting it in his mouth. Hal blinked once before taking it from him immediately.

"Since when do you even smoke?" No wonder Roy acquired so many bad habits.

The archer rolled his eyes at him. He hadn't brought Dinah along for a reason.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist, I don't usually do it in closed spaces. Besides, it's way easier to handle than drinking," because now apparently to be a responsible father you couldn't have even a sip of alcohol, "Besides, I need it, fine? Those damn kids are gonna be the death of me."

"And do you think it doesn't get on my nerves that every time Kyle hangs out with Mia, Roy, and Jason he becomes a freakin' trouble child?"

"Hold on, Hal," Bruce stopped him there, "I agree in Mia and Roy being the rotten apples, but Jason…"

"Jason is just as messed up, if not more." Oliver became defensive immediately. They might not be the most well-manered, studious, responsible or calmed… But they were his kids and he had to say something.

"You wish your little delinquents were like Jason!" It was Bruce's turn to reply, "And I, for one, I'm sick of this evil quintet. I tried to tell you politely, but you can forgot about my sons hanging out with yours."

"Then I don't want my kids going to missions with yours, at least that way they'll stop following your stupidly unnecessary security rules!" Oliver roared.

"How dare you?! My rules are perfectly designed and personalized for each mission."

"Yeah, right, we might as well envelop them in bubble paper."

Before the Dark Knight could reply, it was Hal's turn.

"And if things are like this, I don't want any of them going to study with Kyle."

Bruce scoffed.

"Bitch, please, as if my boys needed him to get good grades."

"Not for the grades, but apparently they wouldn't even had come back to school if not for Kyle's nagging. It seems like he was the one that talked them into rejoining school after their little adventures with the League of Shadows." It was no secret that those two left for a while to train with Talia and Nyssa Al Ghul, "Sorry to break the news for you."

"Wherever the boys were it's none of your business." Oliver was, once again, defensive as hell.

"Besides, at least Jason trains, Kyle could do way better on the missions if you'd just…"

"Don't even say it, Bruce, you're no one to criticize my mentoring. I mean, you can't be that good if your… boy runs away the minute you turn back."

"That's it!" he went over the to sign the dam papers. He wanted to go home NOW.


"We are so screwed"

"You can say that again, Dick." The teenagers looked back to see the three furious parents with murderous looks on their eyes as soon as they heard Oliver's growl.

"Actually no, you can not. Mind the language." Bruce intervened as one of the cops opened the cell door.

"Yeah, right, because language is sure your biggest concern right now," mumbled the young archer, following his friends out.

"Shut the fuck up, Roy," apparently Oliver was madder at the boy than at the other men. "It's your fault you're all there in the first place." Smoking weed in the park? Really? "Just shut up already, I'm too tired for this."

"That's bullshit. It wasn't even mine."

"I'm gonna smack you in the mouth, Roy. I already told you I don't wanna hear a word from you right now," Oliver threatened bitterly.


"Do I have to take off my belt?" He ran out of patience.

Kyle instantly turned to Hal. Oliver was by far the most easygoing from the mentors, he wasn't used to hear him that angry.

"Is he for real?"

"Of course not," Hal added scowling at the blonde, "He's just bluffing."

Roy scoffed and the pilot looked at the older archer in shock.

"Damn, Oliver, are you for real?!"

"Look, you don't see me asking you about your home life, so don't do it yourself."

Hal tried to stiff back a biting laugh.

"Well, now at least it makes sense the kids are how they are; one died…"

"That was so uncalled for" Mia scowled, putting his hand on Jason's arm.

"And the other one is being abused."

"Abused? Bitch, please... A spanking is hardly abuse. Besides, kid's clearly asking for it."

"While I obviously disagree with Oliver's medieval methods…" the Bat started.

"Like your training schedule is not savage, Bruce." Was the biting remark from the older archer.

"You're totally wrong in judging Jason." The CEO of Wayne Enterprises ignored the other businessman.

"You know what? You're right about that, the boys have nothing to do in the issue... You're the real problem." Declared the Green Lantern.

"Give me a break, I'm not in the mood for this shit. What should I do, then? Ignore his attitude like you do with Kyle or send him to Arkham like Bruce with Jason?"

"Oliver!" Mia didn't think the guy could be more embarrassing.

"Watch your mouth, Queen! That was a mistake, but you're not one to talk!"

"Sure, whatever... Mia, come on, I'll drop you off at Dinah's. And Roy, let's go, we're going home until Hal and Bruce stops being assholes."

"For your information, that's gonna take a long time!"

"Jason, no…"