*Sorry if I'm wrong on a few points, please correct me if I am. And I also have invented a few thingsā€¦ but that is the beauty of fan fictionJ


In an important Council vote, there can be no more than two votes against the majority. This was decreed centuries ago, to prevent a critical mistake in judgement on the part of the Council. Such a vote had taken place today, as the future of a Jedi Padawan relied on the votes of the Council members.

In the opinion of Master Yoda, today was the first time that this ruling had failed.

Ten of the twelve Council members had voted pro to the expulsion of a young apprentice. Masters Yoda and Mace Windu were the only ones against it.

Now a talented young Jedi had been banished to the backwater world of Dagobah, to live out a life of loneliness and meditation. A talented young apprentice accused of a horrendous crime: the rape of a Halithion princess.

Sent on a mission with his master to the second planet in the Halith system, the teenage Padawan had been instrumental in the establishment of renewed government system to accommodate the Halithions' needs. But, as the report stated, something went wrong.

The king of Halith, King Renon, accused the Jedi youth of the rape of the teenage princess. Horrified at this accusation, the boy's master brought his apprentice back to the Temple for an investigation.

Interviews and conversations with key players in the event were made by another Jedi team. The conclusion they came to was that the young Padawan was guilty, though he had pledged his innocence. It was brought to a vote within the Council chambers, a vote that ultimately banned the young boy from the Temple forever.

No, Master Yoda was not happy. He saw this as a sad day for all the Jedi. A boy had been kept from his destiny, a destiny as a child of light, the one that would have saved them all in the end.

And now Obi-Wan Kenobi had lost everything that he had ever had.