The sounds of a nearby monitor was what brought Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn back to the realm of consciousness. He slowly opened his eyes, and blinked repeatedly to adjust to the light in the room. Once he could see, he took in his surroundings with typical Jedi sight.

//The healers' ward.// he thought, coming to a conclusion. He was lying in a bed, various cords attached to him and leading back to several monitors.

He turned his head to his left, and shock came over him. His padawan, Anakin Skywalker was lying on the nearby bed, looking very pale.

Qui-Gon jumped out of bed to go to Anakin, but immediately regretted it. His injured leg collapsed underneath him and he fell to the ground in a clatter, knocking over a nearby table and a glass of water.

Healer Rajin M'Li'Jai ran in, flanked by two young apprentice healers. "You must be careful, Master Jinn," stated the young healer, helping the older master to his feet, "Your leg has still not fully healed."

"And what of Anakin?" he asked, once again in his bed.

Rajin shot a look at the two young Padawans, and they both left the room wordlessly. Once gone, Rajin spoke:

"Your Padawan suffered a near fatal wound to the chest, narrowly missing his heart. He put him into an induced sleep so that his body could recover properly."

Qui-Gon breathed a sigh of relief. His Padawan was safe. "And Obi-Wan?"

The healer's face clouded over, and the Jedi master detected sadness in the young man's eyes. "After you were hurt, Obi-Wan battled the Sith apprentice. Anakin had felt your pain and came running. It was then that the Sith stabbed him in the chest. Obi-Wan killed the Sith, and rushed over to help Anakin."

"And?" prompted the Jedi Master.

"Anakin's injuries were severe, and your apprentice was on the brink of death. Obi-Wan used his own life force to bring the boy back. He then carried Anakin over to where the CorSec officer and the Nemoidian were, and collapsed."

"Is-is he alright?" asked Qui-Gon, worry etched into his face.

The healer sighed, reluctant to share his news. "Obi-Wan died while on return to Coruscant. Since he hadn't been trained fully, the healing transfer to Anakin was too much for his body to take. I'm sorry, Qui-Gon."

He sat back in shock. Rajin, meanwhile, quietly left the room, to let the master deal with his grief in private.

Tears started to stream unbidden from the master's eyes. His Obi-Wan was...gone. Gone. The word resonated in his heart, and anger sprang from deep within at the loss of his former Padawan. Obi-Wan had been too young, too talented, too good to die. The galaxy had lost a great beacon of light with the death of this one.

The anger rose once more, but this time it was directed at himself. //If I had only believed of his innocence all of those years ago... Obi-Wan might still be alive.//

He closed his eyes, for he was blinded by tears, and tried to meditate. His mind grew more calm, trying to deal with the shock of Obi-Wan's death.

But, somewhere in the mist of the force, a voice came to him, floating through...

"I am always here..."

And with that whisper came the memories... memories of him and Obi-Wan, of their training days together before the mistake that ripped them apart. Tears shed, fights fought, and their friendship that prevailed. Qui-Gon would always remember the boy that he considered his son, and he would hold these times close to his heart.

Qui-Gon opened his eyes after a time, and felt comforted. He knew that Obi-Wan had forgiven him. He also knew that his padawan was safe in the Force, and that he would encounter him again someday.

For now, he would keep on living, and train the apprentice that Obi-Wan had given his life for.

Life would go on.

*Well, that's that. The end was kinda cheesy, I know. Sorry.

I hope you all liked this story, and I will be starting another one very soon.


~Eleia Kenobi*