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Chapter 1: Attacked

"Lily! Take Harry and run! He's here!" James Potter shouted to his family of three. Voldemort had found them, Peter Pettigrew must have betrayed them and given the location of their home In Godric's Hollow.

Lily ran upstairs, past extravagantly designed doors and rooms to little Harry's room. She slides Harry into his multicolored crib that matched the walls. She turned around to hear the sounds of battle. James was casting all sorts of spells that Voldemort blocked with Protego after Protego. James dodged the Avada Kedavras flying from the Dark Lord's wand. Finally, it became deathly quiet when James just stopped and fell.

He had been hit in the back after Voldemort apparated behind him and shot one last killing curse at James. He hit the floor with a loud thud.

Lily hunched over the crib, begging for her son's safety, when the intricately designed door shattered into splinters. She quickly stood up and whipped around. When begged to kill her and not her son, Voldemort gave her a choice. "Step aside mudblood and let me kill him. It would be a waste to kill such an intelligent witch." When she refrained from moving, he cast the killing curse. "Avada Kedavra!" She fell to the floor, limp as a sock.

When he advanced on the crying brat, he spoke "So this is the child destined to defeat me? A crying brat. It'll be a gift to the world if I killed it now." To kill the boy he cast the same curse that killed his father, that murdered his mother in cold blood, on him. Miraculously, he survived. When Voldemort cast the curse, an old magic came into play. The curse struck true and hit Harry dead on.

But it then rebounded upon the caster, Moldy-Shorts himself. In a flash of green light he disappeared, leaving behind but his cloak. There were a few things that happened at that moment though. When the curse hit Harry, it left a lightning bolt shaped scar upon his forehead.

Another is that when Voldy disappeared, out of the cloak rose two shadowy silhouettes. One flew away into the night and the other flew right into Harry himself. It shot towards his scar and vanished into its depth.

A few minutes later a man with jet black hair and a pale face came barging in through the destroyed door. He immediately went to James and saw he was dead, he thought the worst. That is, until he heard the loud scream of a baby, from the remains of the broken house.

He immediately started heading in the direction it came from. He followed it until, a minute later, while crawling through the wreckage, he found a mass of red. When he looked to see what it was, he was shattered to see it was Lily. He looked at the crib she was slumped over and saw little Harry, trying to reach out to her, not knowing she would never be able to hold him again. If only he had a time machine and a doctor to save them.

He slowly lifted up the strikingly green eyed boy and down into his arms. He needed to take Harry to live with him in the Man's house. With one final, sorrowful glance at Lily, he stepped over the remains of the door and went down the stairs, past the lifeless body of his best friend, and out into the night.

He was heading towards a motorcycle, but it was no muggle motorcycle, it was enchanted to fly. He had just hopped on when Harry fell asleep against his chest, and a giant of a man stepped up to him. The man had shaggy brown hair, and a bearer that was bushy and full of knots that fell down to his chest.

"Sirius, I'm gonna need you to 'and over lil' 'Arry. Dumbledore's orders." Harry started crying after being awoken. So Sirius placed a blanket on him and went back to the giant man, Hagrid was his name.

The newly dubbed Sirius tried to say that he was his godfather and that Harry should live with him, but in the end he finally relented. "Fine, you can take him. But please take my motorbike with you!" He had shouted for, when he had finished and started to say that Hagrid could have it, Hagrid hopped on the thing and started to drive, with Harry safely tucked in a blanket.

Hagrid kept driving past all sorts of places, until Harry finally fell asleep in the drive. Around an hour later, he finally reached his destination. When he landed the bike, a man with silvery hair and a beard that swept the floor, as well as a crooked nose, upon which sat a pair of glasses with a twinkling pair of spectacles resting behind, asked him where he got the motorbike. He hopped off and answered. "Was Sirius Black, Sir. 'E gave me this bike righ' 'ere."

They started walking, walking into a neighborhood, deserted at night, and probably at day too, past houses perfectly copying the one before it, down to the molecule, and finally to a house seemingly no different to all the others.

The man with the silvery hair and flowing purple robe said something about what was happening. "We are to leave Harry here, with his only remaining living relative. He will be safe, and loved here. They will treat him as one of their own." When the other person in their group denied him, saying that these muggles are the worst sort, and that she'd watched them all day.

The muggles had not noticed her, for she was an animagus, and could turn into a cat. She had not walked with the group until Albus Dumbledore, the silver haired man, noticed her presence, for she was watching them, and beckoned her over with a flick of his wrist.

When she outright denied his plan he tried to convince her that Harry needed to grow a normal life, not being spoiled, and not knowing about magic. She relented and agreed after a minute, but still didn't want to. So, Albus placed Harry upon the doorstep of the Dursley's and swept away with a flourish of his cloak.

Time Skip

An hour later, a man with graying brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard was walking though a random part of London when he saw a bundle at a doorstep. He went up to it and saw a baby laying inside with but a mere blanket and a letter. He picked up the letter and read it. The boy's parents had died, and he was just left on a doorstep!

So, the man decided to take the boy. He would raise to be like him, to be a sorcerer in the monastery in Tibet.

He would become Harry Strange, a sorcerer like his adoptive father!

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