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Stephen Strange walked through London, heading towards the London monastery. On the outside, it was an unassuming building, with basic architecture and the logo of the sorcerers, the eye of Agamotto.

The he walked inside. There was rubble everywhere, the monastery was still recovering from the attack on it by the followers of Dormammu. He walked past it all and to the portal connecting the monasteries, when he suddenly smacked his head. He was an idiot! He had forgotten he could have just used his Sling Ring! Well, there was no point now. So he stepped through the portal.

In an instant he was in the Kamar-Taj, in library canre he trained to become a sorcerer. Immediately Wong came over asked about why he came through the portal, why he was here, and why he had a baby, at least that's what Stephen thought. After all, Wong didn't say anything, so...

Stephen answered them one at a time. "I forgot about the Sling Ring, I came because of little Harry here, and he needs to be trained in the ways of magic. Wong merely raised an eyebrow and walked away, I wonder why?

No more 3rd person POV, now it's time for Stephen to shine.

Stephen's POV

'I don't get it, why did Wong leave? He's great at conversing with me.' I walked down the halls, and into my personnel chambers AKA a medium sized room. I set Harry down on my bed and wrapped him tight in blankets. I went over to my standard laptop and googled 'How to take care of young babies'. I surfed the internet for seemingly hours, until I finally found a good website.

Then I found out it was a mistake. It said on the title in big green letters, 'How to take care of young baby sea turtles.' I give up! I'll just 'wing' it! First, milk...

Time Skip 7 years

Stephen POV

Harry just turned seven years old! He has learned a mathematical crud {PG only} ton of theory. He has read most of the books the library can hold, maybe even some from the restricted area. I hope he's healthy, he managed to get an astral form when he was six. He has been thoroughly abusing it ever since though.

While in my own astral form, I managed to see him. All day his astral form reads in the library while he goes about his daily business. Which is mainly pranking the brains out of Masters and learners. Oh yeah! He also sneaks out of the monastery, somehow, and always sends up blowing something up! I didn't think it was possible. Master Hamir and Master Wong have had to fix the wall of Kamar-Taj twenty times... Each!

The most shockingly amazing thing he has done is... Make... Wong... Smile! He made Wong smile. The guy who didn't laugh at my joke of 'Try me Beyoncé!' All he did was say 'At least I have one of 'em!' I mean all I did was say 'You need to stop reading or else your brain will implode.' Wong cackled evily... Cruel little man.

Today, I have the gift he has been waiting for for 5 years! He'll get to start learning sorcery! He'll love me, I don't think he loves me now, I ask him to call me Stephen, all he calls me is Master Strange. Not even Doctor Strange! He'll never call me dad at this rate. I'll go visit his room.

Just as I walk up to the door, in hear him say something that makes my blood curdle. "What do you need MASTER Strange?" He even put fudging {strictly PG, kids, though I am one} emphasis on Master!

"I just wanted to say... I have and intense day of training for you, be ready at ten." When I waited to gauge his reaction, he asked if I had forgotten the day. "No, I'm just messing with you. Today, you can start learning magic!" For a second there was silence. There then was a shout of "Finally!" I think he's a bit excited.

There's something special about him. For starters, he's 4'3, which is quite tall for his age, and lean and fit. He's got an impressive tan from being in the Tibetan sun for years. He's been going to normal school, and is already in college. At this rate, I think his intelligence is starting to become unhealthy. He'll graduate in a year! I graduated at 21! He's going to be a third my age when I graduated when he graduates.

Now he's gonna start to learn magic. I left the blandly colored room, saying one last thing as I swept away. "Oh yeah, Wong also got you a gaming computer, with a mouse, mouse pad, monitor, microphone, and a headset. You're lucky, he only gave me a laptop."

Little does he know, in three years he's going to receive a marvelous treat, something that is important for all sorcerers. I have one of my own, though mine has a conscious.

"So, Harry, do you want to go learn some magic?" When he bobbed his head up excitingly, I said, for now, for one year, you will learn under Master Wong. If you prove yourself, you may learn under me.

But first, I would need to give him a test to try to see his affinities to sorcery. But when he got them all immediately, I grew a tad bit suspicious. "Harry, have you been studying magic from the books you inhale?" Harry hesitantly admitted to have been doing it. I relaxed my brain by rubbing my forehead. He probably... Likely... Definitely, read the restricted books.

"Did you read all of them? Who am I kidding, of course you did... I need Wong to properly restrict the books!" Was my comment, angry at myself. "How long have you been practicing magic?"

"Maybe a year? I don't know, I just saw Master Hamir do sorcery and wanted to do it myself. I may or may not have read the restricted books, but I read all the others and was getting bored!" I tiredly rubbed my forehead, he may be a genius, but he needs to learn patience.

"Have you tried an- Wait, did you just say you read ALL of the other books!?" Harry nodded his head. "What were you going to say, Master?" I spluttered repeatedly, he read all of the books, a feat only one man in all of history has ever managed to do, and that man was actually a squirrel. Not even Wong has read them all!

"Well- Uhh... Have you tried any of the restricted magic?" I was hoping he would prove me wrong, and him patient, but this is Harry we're talking about, and so, Harry nodded slowly. "Which one did you practice!? Did you do multiple!? Did you manage any!?" If Harry were like he had been abused or something until he was sixteen, {The Summers after Hogwarts} he'd have flinched and cowered in the corner.

But that didn't happen happen, so Harry just meekly nodded. I kind of felt bad, that is until I realized, he's been pranking our guts out onto the floor, I shouldn't feel remorse.

"I'm sorry... Dad. I did all of them, I managed to do all of them too! But, each time I do one of the hardest ones, I pass out, like the time spell." When he said the last part, I'm going to be honest, I flipped. "What!? The time spell is the most dangerous! You also should need the Eye of Agamotto! How did you do it without they Eye? Did you steal it from me?" When Harry looked shocked, I suddenly realized something. I pulled him into a hug.

"So, you finally are going to start to call me dad?" Harry said something that I find amusingly in my favor. "Yes Master, but only once a day, for now..." I honestly don't care. He thinks of me like his father. It only took five years. You know, I expected it, at this rate, in another three years.

He guess I'll just have to teach him myself. "Harry, have you tried any basic magic besides this one spell? So that's a no. How do you do the rest- You know what, I don't want to know." Harry agrees with me, at least I think.

"You're needing a different teacher now, and you just proved yourself. It took a moment to sink in." He glared at me when I said that, but it took a moment, and it sunk in. "You're going to teach me magic instead of Wong!" Sadly, but he got it right.

Time skip 1 month

"Good job, Harry! You got the Sling Ring portal and the magic whip done in the past month! I might just move you up to do the magic sword, and the bow." When he turns ten, I have a special surprise for him. I'm going to get him an artifact, like the Cloak of Levitation. Though there was one case of a guy getting two, I don't think that's going to happen with Harry. I truthfully, think it's but a mere rumor.

We were running in our normal routine one day, when a dragon fell out of the sky, a dragon! They're supposed to be a myth! Somehow it spoke to us.

'I am Saphira, where is Potter?' She didn't say it, but I heard it, in my head!

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