Sorry for the delay in updating. Had a ginormous research paper due for my political science class, and it took up all of my free time. This chapter was extremely hard for me to write, as I'm finally coming up with a plot and where I want this story to go. Thank you all for sticking with my drabbling and hopefully next chapter i'll finally have a permanent grasp on the story line:)

Life on the ginormous warship was beginning to bore Rylia. She spent her days stuck in a routine, and she had hit a brick wall with her training. Kylo Ren seemed distracted, rarely joining her training sessions and never watching her meditate anymore. It was slightly calming, the thought of a man watching her naked made her quite uncomfortable. Training consisted of her whacking training dummy's around, and reading various old texts. The language of the books were broken and translated poorly.

Kylo's thoughts were almost completely shielded, and the parts she did pick up sounded bleak. Thoughts of war, destruction of the resistance was merely complete. Rylia wondered if her parents were still... alive. If they were, were they still fighting? Or did they jump off of the burning ship that was the Resistance?

Rylia woke up to the sound of numerous boots running down the hallway. A squadron of troopers, no doubt. But the vibe she was receiving disturbed her. They were tasked to do something, to attack. Perhaps today was the day Kylo Ren finally decided to slaughter his opponents. Her hair was a frizzy mess, as she spent most of her slumber tossing and turning. She stretched lazily, knowing there would be no disturbance from Ren. Some mornings she almost wanted to see him waiting at the foot of her bed, but Rylia knew she was on the backburner for now.

She decided she needed a meditation session. Her nerves were on end, and she found herself becoming frustrated easily. She nearly punched Phasma in her chrome helmet last night, her presence outside of her door angering her. Rylia thought the whole prisoner status had been changed, but Kylo obviously didn't trust her. Rylia took her time getting dressed, throwing on simple black training clothes, tying her hair up into a messy knot.

Leaving her room, Rylia gave a terse nod to Phasma.

"Where are you headed to so early?" Phasma asked, her voice garbled behind the thick mask.

"I didn't realize it was still early, I'm off to meditate." Rylia didn't like being questioned by her, she was used to the pregnant silence between them.

Phasma nodded, seemingly satisfied with her answer. Rylia shook off the tenseness in her body as she entered the humid meditation room, easily slipping out of her clothes. They were ill fitted, too long in the pants and too large in the shirt. Rylia wasn't flat chested, but not well endowed either. The clothing seemed to be made for a man her size. She felt her emotions fade as she stepped into the warm salt water, the calming sensations of the Force rippling up her neck. Closing her eyes, she cleared her mind of all her current surroundings.

She awoke in a grassy field, the flat land extending in every direction. There was a slight breeze in the air that whipped around the stalks of grass, stinging her thighs. There seemed to be a storm impending, thick black clouds threatening to spill their contents to her left. To her right, white puffy clouds lazily travelled, dancing around the two ginormous suns.

"What are you doing here?" She heard an unfamiliar voice gasp behind her.

She whipped around, the breath leaving her lungs. Standing in front of her was a man her elder, yet still young enough to be wearing Jedi garb. He had a thick beard, sandy colored hair that whipped around in the wind. The pictures of her grandfather did him no justice, but she knew that she was standing in front of the late Obi-Wan Kenobi. She felt the invisible pull between them, the blood running through her veins linking them together.

"Grandfather?" She squeaked, her voice barely above a whisper.

"My, how you've grown. I could barely feel you, now your energy... What happened?" His voice sounded warm, yet there was an edge of concern.

"I was captured by Kylo Ren. He killed Baba. He's training me for some reason, I was sure he was going to kill me." Rylia explained, closing the distance between them.

"I don't understand... You should be trying to kill me." His face was contorted in pain.

"Why would I do that?" Rylia exclaimed.

"Because he's training you to become a Sith. The Jedi are nearly dead, he made sure of it." Obi-Wan said.

"I haven't tried to use that kind of power yet. I barely know how to control the feelings I have now." Rylia sighed, looking down at her palms in shame.

"Oh, Rylia." He murmured. "I'm glad we got to share this moment together, when your mind isn't clouded by the dark."

Obi-Wan embraced her, and salty tears fell down her cheeks. All her life, she dreamed of meeting her family. Even though she knew Obi-Wan had passed from the living universe, his arms wrapped around her felt so real. She sobbed into his chest, her emotions whirling around her brain like a sandstorm.

"How I wish I could have met you. Your mother was taken from me before she was even a year old. I've been watching over her, she is in great trouble because of your master."

Rylia was going to respond, until the crackle of lightning raised every hair on her neck. She could feel the dark energy wash over her like a tide, the figure behind Obi-Wan seeming to come out of thin air. Obi-Wan whipped around, pulling his green lightsaber vibrating dangerously close to her face.

"You have no right to be here!" Obi-Wan called out to the figure, his voice frighteningly angry.

"Of course I do. She is the one that will complete my legacy." The figure chuckled darkly, his red lightsaber illuminating his face in the dark clouds.

"Rylia, you need to try and wake up." Obi-Wan pleaded.

"She's not going to wake up anytime soon. I was the one who called her here."

Rylia grinded her teeth together to hold in a scream as Darth Vader came into her sight. Obi-Wan was standing in front of her, shielding her from the Sith Lord. He wasn't in his black suit, his face free of the terrifying mask Rylia had seen in her various texts. He seemed... innocent. Curly hair, sandy colored skin and a crooked grin. No, this wasn't Darth Vader. This was Anakin Skywalker. The one who was promised to bring peace, and instead destroyed everything Light in the galaxy.

"You are new to the ways of the Force, Rylia. But I can feel your potential from here. How strong you are going to become. You will bring the galaxy to its knees." Anakin continued to walk forward, his lightsaber in hand.

"Do not fill her mind with your lies, Anakin. She is a Jedi and you can feel it." Obi-Wan spat.

"Perhaps. But you feel the darkness taking ahold of her too. It won't be long until it consumes her, too." Anakin mused.

Rylia whimpered in fear. She wanted to run, but her feet were glued in place. Obi-Wan lunged towards Anakin, and she suppressed a scream as they dueled. It was like a choreographed dance, but Anakin easily overpowered Obi-Wan. Rylia felt a scream tear through her lips as Anakin's red blade went through Obi-Wan like a hot knife cutting through butter. Anakin looked at her with satisfaction, lips pulled up in a smirk.

"Rylia!" A voice yanked her out of her mediation.

Kylo Ren was holding her naked body in the pool, shaking her viciously. He was fully clothed, soaked to the bone in saltwater. His face was a mixture of concern and astonishment, the most emotion she had ever seen him show. She noticed now her body was shaking, tears streaming down her face.

"What the frack was that?" Her voice was horse, she must have been screaming.

"You're being called." He muttered, a wisp of jealousy tinged in his voice.

"Were you watching me?" Rylia was confused, she felt his presence across the ginormous ship before coming to mediate. She didn't know how much time she was stuck in that nightmare.

"Not all of it. I felt your alarm and came to check on you."

She finally had the time to feel embarrassed of her lack of clothing, and pulled herself out of Kylo's embrace. "Did he actually kill him?"

"Years ago, yes. Do you not know the story of Anakin and Obi-Wan?" Kylo seemed confused, and gave her the decency to look away as she exited the pool and grabbed a towel.

"I know Anakin was Obi-wan's Padawan. He fell in love and rebelled from the Jedi. I haven't gotten to finish the story yet." Rylia responded. The idea of her grandfathers death left a sour taste in her mouth.

"With your curiosity, I'm surprised you haven't read everything there is to know about your lineage." Kylo laughed softly. "Come, I want to show you something."

Rylia nodded silently, hastily toweling off her body and changing back into her clothes. It amused her, watching Kylo Ren walking down the pristine hallways wet. His boots squeaked with each step he took, she stifled a laugh at the thoughts going through the passing stormtroopers minds. Kylo led her to a room she had not yet been in, another keycode she was not allowed to know. It irked her slightly she was still treated as a prisoner. Could she leave, if she asked? Or would she be slaughtered like everyone else who stood in front of the first order?

It was a pitch black room, only slightly illuminated by the opening door. No windows to the outside galaxy, only the steady hum of the air conditioning. There was a simple chair in the middle of the slate room, and Kylo beckoned her to sit down.

"I know that we started off on the wrong foot." Kylo started, fumbling over the correct words to say. "But this exercise requires at least a little bit of trust. Do you trust me enough to know I'm not going to kill you?"

Rylia gulped the fear down. "Admittedly, no."

This frustrated Kylo. "Well, you're going to have to try. I need to be able to access your mind."

"Oh, so you brought me here to snoop through my thoughts?" Rylia's fear turned to anger.

"Do you always have to be so snarky? You need to realize I'm trying to help you here." Kylo Ren growled at her.

"Fine, but if you do anything funny I'm going to shut you out." She sighed in annoyance.

"You're not going to like this." Kylo explained. "I'm going to show you something, and I want to see how you react to it. Don't be afraid to act on the emotions you feel."

Rylia closed her eyes, slowly letting down the iron walls of her mind. She felt the smoky black tendrils prod at her mind, as if to check if she was complying. Did she have any other choice? Suddenly, she was back on Naboo. It felt so real, the stormtroopers manhandling her. But her emotions were not her own. Kylo was sending her his emotions as he stood in front of Baba, lightsaber raised. He felt indifferent. Proud almost. She felt the blade slice through Baba's neck, how easily it was for Kylo to murder her only sense of kin.

Monster. He was a monster.

Her psyche felt cold. She was furious, she should have died there with Baba. She felt an unknown sensation crawling up her spine, a pressure forcing itself to be known.

"That's it, Rylia. Let it in. Welcome it." Kylo's voice was distant, her ears were ringing with rage.

She opened her mind completely, feeling the cold wave wash over her whole body. She was vibrating with rage, both physically and emotionally. Rylia wanted to snap his neck. She wanted to kill him, and imagined every possible way to make his heart stop beating.

"You monster!" She screeched, her voice surprising her. That was not her voice. It was crueler, deeper in tone.

She didn't realize her outburst had flung Kylo Ren nearly fifteen feet backwards into the slate tiles. Instantly the dark emotion washed out of her body, dread setting in. He was slumped on the ground, unmoving. Panic flashed hot and red behind her eyes. Rylia launched out of her chair, kneeling in front of her unconscious master. He was alive, but unconscious. She felt his steady heartbeat, his breath hot on her cheek as she pressed her ear to his chest.

It took about 10 minutes for Kylo to wake up. Rylia was about to get up and call for help when he let out a thick cough, shaking his head as if to shake off the fog around his brain.

"I am so sorry." Rylia whispered, tears pricking at the corner of her eyes.

"Well I wasn't expecting that." Kylo chuckled lightly.

She helped her master to his feet, noticing how he winced with pain as he stretched his joints. She was still fearful, but also slightly curious.

"Why did you want me to see that?" Rylia asked, after Kylo had regained his balance.

"That, Rylia, was you using the dark force." His voice was thick with pride.

"But I hurt you, why do you sound like you're happy?" Rylia protested.

"You're too weak to kill me with that just yet. I wasn't expecting you to be that strong in the dark side already however. It's calling to you, Rylia. It's time you embrace it."