Chapter 21

How to be a snitch

~2 years later~

"Are you ready?" Hermione asked Ginny who had been pacing restlessly around the apparition spot inside their living room for the past five minutes.

"Well, I suppose I am," the redhead mumbled as she bit her lower lip.

Hermione stepped towards the younger witch and grabbed her shoulders, forcing her to stop walking around.

"You've given interviews so many times already," Hermione said and smiled.

"But this time is different. It's such a special occasion…" Ginny worried, but she managed to return Hermione's smile.

Hermione cupped her cheeks and ran her thumps over them in a soothing motion. "You got this," she said before she corrected, "we got this." She leaned forward and captured Ginny's lower lip between her lips, sucking on it just a little bit before she gave her a firm peck.

"What would I do without you, my love," Ginny smiled and pulled her girlfriend into a hug.

"You'd be still doing fine," Hermione laughed.

"I doubt that," Ginny replied.

When loud apparition noises suddenly filled the room, the two witches stepped apart.

"Miss Weasly, Miss Granger, I am so delighted to finally meet you," the shrill voice of Veronique Flores de Torre poked into Hermione's ears.

The middle-aged chubby woman walked up to them and smiled widely. Behind her followed a young wizard with a huge camera. Mrs. Flores de Torre had a notepad and a quilt which looked like the equipment Rita Skeeter had used. Herlione shook off the unpleasant memories of that woman and smiled as the reporter shook their hands.

"Thank you so much for agreeing to do this home story for the Daily Prophet. The readers will love it, I'm sure about it," Ms. Flores de Torres said and nodded enthusiastically.

"Have a seat," Ginny gestured towards a green armchair and waited for the reporter to sit down. She and Hermione took a seat on the matching sofa across from her.

"First of all, congratulations on earning the title player of the year," the reporter began. "Some even say the Holyhead Harpies would've never reached the top spot if it hadn't been for you."

"No, they would have made it, I'm sure," Ginny replied sheepishly. "We have so many capable players in our team."

The reporter just smiled and took a look at her notes before she looked up again and let her eyes wander back and forth between the two women across from her.

"I feel very honored to do this home story with you two. How long have you been living here?"

Hermione looked at Ginny, but the redhead gave her a nudge and Hermione cleared her throat. "We moved in about a year ago." She let her eyes glide over the cream colored furniture and the countless pictures of their friends, family and Harpies' team portraits on the walls.

"We know it is a little far from everything, but I wanted our place to be in a Muggle neighborhood," Hermione continued, "I wanted to keep in touch with my roots."

The reporter nodded while the magic camera let off a loud noise as the young wizard took his first photo.

The reporter asked a few questions about the neighborhood and about Ginny's achievements before they all got up and started touring the small flat.

"It's quite small for a magic flat, isn't it?" Mrs. Flores de Torres remarked.

"It is, but since we're not home that often, we don't need much space," Ginny explained. "I train almost every day and Hermione spends a couple of weeks at Hogwarts from time to time."

The older witch now looked at Hermione. "So you are not a full time teacher, right?"

Hermione shook her head. "No, as you surely know, I became an author for spell books and I also consult the Ministry on which spells to introduce in the curriculum of Hogwarts. Once a semester I visit Hogwarts and hold a workshop for students. In spring, I teach them to invent their own spells and in fall, I teach about house elves' rights."

The feather quilt was scribbling rapidly and Hermione blushed a little as she noticed it. "Impressive," the reporter said and smiled widely.

A minute later they all had gotten up again and Ginny took the lead in showing the reporters around. After they had taken a couple of photos inside the kitchen and telling the reporter what their favorite dishes were, they had arrived at their bedroom door.

"How long have you been a couple?" The woman inquired as Ginny opened the door for her.

"About two and a half years," the redhead replied and blushed a little.

"No plans on marriage yet?"

Ginny shot Hermione a quick glance, but the older witch just grinned. But when she saw the mischievous expression spreading on Ginny's face Hermione regretted that she didn't say anything.

"I am waiting for Hermione's proposal," she replied and smiled widely before she nonchalantly threw her long hair over her shoulder and stepped inside the room.

"I hope you won't have to wait too long," Mrs. Flores de Torres chuckled and gestured towards the photographer to take a shot of the wide bed in the center of the room.

"Could you both sit down on the bed?" She asked. "It would make a great photo for the final section."

They took a few photos and while the young wizard adjusted something on his camera, the reporter continued with the interview.

"As I have been told your relationship wasn't received well at first. How has it changed since then? Would your family still oppose your wedding?"

Ginny sighed and ruffled through her hair. "No," she replied thoughtfully. "It took them some time, but they eventually came to accept us. My mother went to a group called 'parents of queer witches and wizards' where she realized that she had to let go of her old patterns of thinking. And my youngest older brother Ron got married a year ago and he became much calmer afterwards." She smiled and looked at Hermione who took her hand and squeezed it before Hermione added:

"We had our ups and downs, but I think we overcame all the obstacles. Me and Ginny's mother started a tradition of having a tea date once a month and we began to understand each other much better."

"Well, it seems everything is alright then," the reporter said and smiled at them.

"Yes," Hermione replied. "It is."


"Ron, will you finally stop it!" Hermione shrieked and glared at her friend.

"Why?" Ron whined. "This is the final game of the season! We have to cheer for my sister!" He was about to bring his lips towards the giant horn which made the most horrible blaring noise once more, but Hermione put her hand on his arm.

"She already became player of the year, if I may remind you."

The two friends glared at each other for a few seconds before Ron unexpectedly turned and blew the horn, causing the whole Weasly family, Harry and Luna as well as Neville to gasp and put their hands over their ears. The only one unaffected was Sophie, who smiled at her boyfriend and placed a quick kiss on his cheek.

Hermione just groaned and rolled her eyes.

"Sorry I'm late," a familiar voice came from behind.

"Sera!" Hermione said in surprise and smiled at her former co-worker. "I didn't know you would be here!"

"I invited him," Neville, who was right next to her," stated shily.

Hermione looked back and forth between the two men before it finally dawned on her.

"Oh," she said and giggled. "I get it."

She watched Sera sitting down on the free seat next to Neville, carefully making sure not to get any wrinkles in his gray cloak. She leaned towards Neville and just as the blaring of Ron's horn disrupted the chattering from the stands, whispered: "I thought you wanted to be friends only."

"Well," Neville blushed a little. "Sometimes things change."

Hermione smiled and was about to ask for further details, when the roaring of the crowd got louder and Lee Jordan announced the beginning of the game.

Hermione raised her gaze so she could observe Ginny flying around above their heads as she looked for the golden snitch.

Once, their eyes met and Ginny smiled, before she lowered the tip of her broom and dove after the snitch that must've appeared somewhere below her. But Hermione knew she had been mistaken, because when she looked back up, she saw a golden flimmer going back and forth at an incredible speed.

She remembered when she had used to believe she wanted to be like a bludger. Follow a straight line with deadly determination. Finally, she understood she had been wrong.

She'd rather be a snitch. Choosing the way she wanted without having to follow a predetermined path. And letting herself be caught by Ginny from time to time.

Hermione smiled and didn't stop until Ginny caught the snitch and ended the game.