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Several pieces of debris flew around the air as a struggle between two immense beams began.

On one side of the beam struggle was the diabolical android Cell. After attaining his perfect form, he hosted "The Cell Games", a tournament hosted in order to test his "perfect" power against the strongest warriors the earth had to provide. After a long fight against the planet's hero Goku, he was suddenly forced to fight Goku's son Gohan who was promised to have an even greater reserve of power than even Goku. After Gohan unleashed his hidden power, a long battle ensured which resulted in the death of Goku and nearly his own was it not to his regeneration abilities, he came back stronger than ever with the sole intent on finishing this battle once and for all.

On the other side stood Son Gohan, the son of the valiant hero Goku. Although reluctant at first to fight Cell as he wasn't a fighter like his father he was persuaded, for a lack of better words, after the death of the kind-hearted Android 16, where he unleashed amazing power, surpassing everyone including Cell. Following Goku's noble sacrifice after Cell attempted to blow himself up, Cell came back and after a brief scuffle intended to blow up the earth along with everyone on it. Thanks to his father's encouraging words, Gohan countered Cell's Kamehameha with one of his own. Now the two were clashing, locked in an epic beam struggle that would decide not only the fate of the world but the entire universe itself.

Gohan grunted as he attempted to overpower Cell's Kamehameha, but his recent injuries were making it difficult to do so, something that Cell noticed.

"Gohan! Hang in there!" The voice of Goku spoke telepathically to Gohan as his spirit was right there with Gohan in an attempt to give him assistance in the ongoing battle.

"This must be hard for you with all those wounds. I'm sure this makes them burn!" Cell roared as his Kamehameha was beginning to overpower Gohan's, nearly making the young boy stumble in his tracks.

The rest of the Z-fighters watched in worry for their friend and his decline in power.

"Gohan's losing it. He's over overtaken!" Piccolo gritted his teeth in frustration as a smirk appeared on Cell's lips.

"Haha and this is where you end!" Cell yelled as he gave more energy to his beam, making it appear even larger.

Gohan could only bite his lip in near defeat before nearly falling on one knee before forcing himself back up as Goku and King Kai watched from Otherworld with baited breath.

"I must admit your kid is one doozy of a fighter." King Kai complimented Goku who only looked on with a smirk as he had infinite faith in his son and his ability to defeat the evil cyborg.

"What's the matter Gohan? You already have the power you need. Just bring it out!" Goku urged his son whose self-esteem only seemed to decrease as each second past.

"I can't. I can't keep this up. I just can't hack it, dad. It's too much for me to handle. I'm just a kid, I haven't changed! Not at all!" Gohan admitted with low confidence as frustrated tears came to his eyes. Why? Why couldn't he do it? His father had been a hero at a young age so why couldn't he?!

"Will you stop attacking yourself? I don't know where you got it in your head that there's something wrong with you because there's not! You've saved my life and our friends' lives so many times and you're going to do it again, right now!" Goku argued back with the utmost faith in his child who he believed had the power to put Cell down for the count as Cell could only smirk at Gohan's conversation with his father.

"What on earth are you muttering about? Chanting a little prayer before die?" Cell laughed as the beam battle continued going his way.

"Let it out, Gohan! Do it now!" Goku commanded his son who suddenly felt a fire he thought was extinguished begin to slowly ignite again. Gohan then stood back up before putting power into his Kamehameha, making the beam struggle at an equal stalemate as Cell grit his teeth in horror at Gohan's second wind while he could only ponder where it came from.

"It's huge!" Tien observed as he watched the battle with the remaining members of earth's forces.

"They just won't give it up…" Yamcha muttered as he felt completely out of place in this battle. Then again how many people could ever hope to go up against a monster with the Cells of the Z-Fighters in addition to people like the Saiyans, Frieza and King Cold?

"One will…." Krillin meekly said as he internally prayed that Gohan would be the one to stop this monster. After all if he or Goku couldn't, what hope did any of them have?

Piccolo silently observed the proceedings as Cell began to add some of his power into his attack, pushing the struggle in favor of himself.

"N-no way!" Goku said in horror as Gohan felt his inner fire slowly extinguish inside.

"Too strong!" Gohan gasped before nearly beckoning to one knee as Goku contemplated ways on how to help his son before he realized how Gohan must be holding back.

"Gohan, if anywhere in your mind you're holding back because you're worried about the planet, forget about it! All the damage you do to the earth can be fixed with the Dragon Balls so don't hold anything back, got it?" Goku reminded his son who was still unsure of his power. He thought he gave it everything he had. What more does he have?

"Y-yeah but I…." Gohan reluctantly admitted as Cell maniacally laughed at his upcoming victory.

"Hahahaha, yes! I can feel you slipping!" Cell cheered in absolute glee as the other Z-Fighters watched in horror as it seemed that Cell would come out as the victor, any second now.

Well, almost all of them as Piccolo kept on staring at Gohan and the difficulty he was having before he decided enough was enough.

"I'm coming Gohan!" Piccolo promised before flying off, not paying any attention to the protesting voices of Krillin, Tien or Yamcha.

"Piccolo!" Krillin yelled in concern for his friend.

"He's…really gonna go through with it?" Yamcha asked as Tien could only silently watched as he questioned whether or not Piccolo was actually still sane. What on earth could he possibly hope to achieve?

"Masenko-Ha!" Piccolo yelled as he fired down the yellow beam, striking Cell in his back, getting his attention and his annoyance as a result before he was swatted away from a gust of wind by the wings on his back as if he was nothing more than a common house fly.

"P-Piccolo? No!" Gohan growled as he watched in horror, feeling the fire he thought was extinguished begin to reignite as Piccolo hit the ground while the heroic Namekian steeled himself to get right back up.

"Where did Piccolo's brain go!? To think he could save Gohan all by himself!?" Krillin chastised as Tien exhaled.

"He didn't think he could but he tried to anyways." Tien said before a sudden surge of Ki began to emanate around him, letting the others around him know his intentions.

"Don't tell me you're thinking of pulling a Piccolo!?" Krillin asked in disbelief. He already lost three people important to him today, he didn't want to make it four.

"Sorry Krillin but it's not my style to wait for death before putting up a decent fight!" Tien argued as Yamcha couldn't help but chuckle despite their recent predicament.

"Because you're a man of honor and a little pigheaded." Yamcha joked while Tien didn't laugh as it wasn't the time or place.

"Maybe so but I've always liked the sound of that honor excuse. Now, let's roll!" Tien commanded to Yamcha who nodded in understanding.

"Right!" Yamcha added before flying after Tien while Krillin was left in a state of dismay before he found himself smiling.

"Heh, I guess playing it safe is one thing we'll never learn!" Krillin laughed before turning back to the unconscious Android 18 as he thought of his love for the robot and how once this was over, he'd definitely give her the second chance she no doubt deserved.

As the three humans flew to assist the half-saiyan, Vegeta scoffed at the absurdity of their plan.

"Foolish really! I mean it's not like they'll make a difference." Vegeta rolled his eyes as the beam struggle between Gohan and Cell continued. As Gohan grit his teeth in anger and frustration, Cell's smirk grew only wider.

"These are your last minutes boy so just try to make them count!" Cell smirked before an oddly familiar voice knocked him from his current train of thought.

"Special Beam Cannon!" Piccolo yelled as the spiral beam collided with the top of Cell's head.

"What the!?" Cell thought before Tien, Krillin and Yamcha surrounded him from all sides.

"Tri Beam!" Tien yelled as the triangular prism of energy assaulted Cell from his side as Krillin and Yamcha added in blasts of their own.

"Please guys, not too close! Be careful!" Gohan yelled in worry of his friends.

"Gohan, they can take care of themselves! Focus your energy, son." Goku reminded his son who shook his head. How could he ever hope to not think about them when he's the only one who can stand up to Cell?

"I'm trying!" Gohan replied as a vein appeared on his head in frustration while Cell looked to his side in utter annoyance.

"Would you stop interfering!? If you all wanted to die all you had you do was ask!" Cell nearly laughed before shooting out a surge of Ki, knocking the brave warriors several feet back, as Gohan gasped in horror.

"He hurt them…He hurt them!" Gohan thought in pure rage as he roared before unleashed his inner flame, pushing the Kamehameha back towards Cell who only prepared to counter it back.

Meanwhile the other Z-Fighters slowly brought themselves back to consciousness as only one thought appeared in their minds: Help Gohan.

"No Gohan I won't let you die all alone out there….Because kid you were the first person to ever show me what it means to have a friend…" Piccolo smiled as memories of Gohan's acceptance began reeling through his mind before getting on top of his feet as Krillin slowly followed.

"Hehe…I…don't know why I'm even getting up again. It'd be much easier to keel over. I know back in the day I never would've done this but I guess I only have Goku and Gohan to blame. Those two bastards really changed me for keeps….and someday…I'll get them back for that." Krillin chuckled as Tien and Yamcha were fully up before the four men reeled themselves to fire energy blasts at Cell.

"Surpassing Goku has been my goal ever since I became a martial artist. Without him there's no way I would've come this far! And how did I repay him? I stood there and watched him die! I will not make the same mistake with his son!" Tien vowed as he channeled more energy into his attack.

"Goku, I hope you know how great a kid you've got! Like father, like son, right? Well I won't let you down!" Yamcha proclaimed while providing more energy into his beam as he and the others did their absolute best to assist Gohan but to no avail as they were knocked away even harder than they were previously.

"G-Gohan…" Piccolo rolled himself over as he could barely even see the battle anymore as a huge dust cloud surrounded the two.

"Damn it, we tried!" Tien growled as he balled his fists in the dirt in pure anger.

"We're all sorry Goku, we all did our best to be heroes like you but it…" Krillin began in distress as the pure hopelessness of the situation began to slowly kick in for everyone.

"It just wasn't enough…" Yamcha relented.

However, little did anyone notice Vegeta's ascension to Super Saiyan as he began to fly over to Cell's location.

"No chance! You have no chance!" Cell yelled triumphantly as his Kamehameha began to slowly grow in size as it began to overpower Gohan who was sent several steps back.

"Oh no! The earth is gonna blow!" King Kai exclaimed in horror as it seemed all hope was lost while Goku refused to give up. They had come so close, it couldn't end like this!

"Release it Gohan! Release everything! Remember all the pain he's caused! The people he's hurt! Now make that your power!" Goku yelled to his son as the weight of Cell's crimes began to process through Gohan's mind. Absorbing hundreds of innocent people, nearly killing his beloved master Piccolo, absorbing the Androids before they had a chance to redeem themselves, terrorizing the earth, attacking his friends, murdering Android 16 in cold blood along with Trunks as if it were a mere game and the most important and disgusting crime of all, killing his precious father. The long lost fire in Gohan erupted before that fire slowly surged through Gohan's veins as power flowed through him rapidly, something that went unnoticed by Cell.

"Say goodbye!" Cell laughed as he intended to stop playing around and end this trivial game once and for all. Before a small blast hit him right on the top of his skull. Upon looking around, he looked up to see none other than Vegeta, panting in exhaustion as a smirk appeared on his face.

"That…was for my son you reprehensible bastard!" Vegeta thought as rage surged through Cell's head.

"Vegeta!" Cell gasped in surprise as both Goku and Gohan noticed how Cell's guard was done.

"Now's your chance!" Goku yelled, nearly pushing his son as Gohan yelled, finally letting all his hidden power out at the surface before Gohan's Kamehameha slowly began to overwhelm Cell's as the bug could only gasp at horror as he realized how he was becoming overpowered as he made out the silhouette of Gohan walking towards him as he slowly began overwhelming him more and more.

"It's over Cell! Your reign ends here! Goodbye!" Gohan yelled as the beam slowly enveloped Cell who struggled in vein.

"No! I refuse to let it end here! I am Cell! Dr. Gero's ultimate creation! I won't lose to some snot-nosed toddler!" Cell yelled before his second wind suddenly ignited as he beam began to grow again before the two beams were equal.

"Say hi to your daddy for me!" Cell yelled.

"Not a chance! Good always triumphs over evil!" Gohan spat as the two beams continued their power collision before they slowly got bigger and bigger.

The two warriors glared at each other as they intended on finishing this fight.

"Your terror will end today!/I'll see you in hell!" Gohan and Cell yelled simultaneously before their Kamehamehas got bigger and bigger before they slowly erupted as a dome of energy surrounded the two. Both fighters could say nothing before their beams were disintegrating as the two were suddenly whisked away along with their beams.

"W-what the!?" Cell gasped in horror as Gohan was equally horrified.

"What's happening!?" Goku yelled in horror to no one in particular at what was happening.

"What on earth!?" Gohan asked before the light died down around the two warriors, leaving nothing but a small crater deep in the earth's crust.

As the dust around died down, Krillin was the first to notice the lack of Cell he could sense.

"I-I can't believe it! He did it! Gohan finally did it! He stopped Cell!" Krillin cheered as pure adrenaline rushed through him as Tien and yamcha smiled happily at the demise of the evil creature.

"About damn time." Tien chuckled as he helped Yamcha up.

The only one not celebrating the "joyous occasion" was Piccolo who was deep in thought before gasping in horror, getting the attention of the other men nearby.

"It can't be!" Piccolo gasped in horror.

"What's wrong Piccolo?" Krillin asked.

"It's Gohan! I can't sense him!" Piccolo remarked as the other warriors stared at the Namek skeptically before trying to feel his Ki before they noticed the same thing.

"Y-you're right…" Yamcha could barely mutter.

"You don't think it's possible….that the beams were so powerful they overwhelmed Gohan and he was destroyed with it?" Tien raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

"I-It has to be the only reason….I can't feel him anywhere…" Piccolo thought in horror as the men looked down at the demise of his young friend who was the first person to accept him before Krillin started laughing, getting the attention of everyone.

"And just what the hell is so funny, Krillin!? Gohan's dead!" Piccolo yelled as he was about to storm over and grab Krillin by his shirt collar as Krillin's smile didn't falter.

"Guys! We can just bring Gohan back along with the other people killed by Cell with the Dragon Balls, remember?" Krillin grinned as the other men nearly face-faulted before remembering the magical orbs.

"Oh…uh…..right….." Tien admitted in embarrassment before Yamcha tapped his shoulder.

"C'mon guys! What're we waiting for? We have a couple of friends to revive!" Yamcha smiled as Tien returned the smile.

"Right let's go to Dende; Piccolo, Krillin." Tien said to his friends as Yamcha picked up the deceased Trunks.

"Gotcha!" Krillin said before picking up the unconscious Android 18 and flying after Tien and Yamcha as Piccolo noticed Vegeta wiping the dried blood from his face.

"Let's hit the skies Piccolo!" Yamcha announced to his friend who kept his gaze focused on Vegeta.

"You guys go on. I'll follow behind you." Piccolo replied as the two stared at him in surprise before shrugging their shoulders.

"Oh well okay then." Tien said before flying off with Yamcha following him and Krillin not too far behind while carrying Android 18.

"That was brave what you did." Piccolo praised the Saiyan Prince for his earlier action against Cell who scoffed at the Namek's compliment.

"Hmph, you can save your applause. Now go on, I don't need anyone's help." Vegeta rebuffed in an attempt to savor his pride as a smile adorned Piccolo's lips as he realized Vegeta's reaction and subsequent rage for his son's death proved he wasn't the same monster who oversaw his death all those years ago.

"Your call." Piccolo replied with amusement clear in his voice before following after the others while Vegeta stared blankly into space as the events of the entire day replayed through his mind like an old record player.

"He has beaten me completely. First by his own actions and then through his son's…..And what has he left for me here?" Vegeta asked in a near defeated as his recent failures kept eating away at him. This whole Cell mess was caused because of his selfishness and arrogance yet he could do literally nothing in this face of this entire debacle. Rather, it was his rival and rival's son who were able to succeed where he literally failed so many times. Vegeta grit his teeth while clenching his fists in a combination of anger, frustration and even sadness as the weight of his failures weighed down on him.

"How…how could you both die like that? I'll….never….get the chance to prove my strength to you! You and your son both died honorably without fear…Yet I….." Vegeta stammered before lowering his head while releasing his fists as he exhaled.

"I will become a better warrior…..I definitely will!" Vegeta vowed with a determined expression on his face before reluctantly going after the other Z-Fighters.

It was a beautiful morning in the Leaf Village. Various shop owners opened their shops as other people began their usual early morning rituals of waking up, making breakfast for themselves along with their children before meeting up with their friends and other associates.

Several people were scouted outside of the village's gates before leaving. These people were called Shinobi, the official protectors of their villages who protected the village and the civilians inside from whatever nefarious villain threatened to harm the stability of their way of life.

It's thanks to them that the village was able to enjoy a nice stable era of relative peace. Well…it was most peaceful.

While most children would be asleep or barely waking up at this time of the morning, one perky blonde haired, blue-haired boy was making his literal mark of history.

He giggled mischievously as he painted his face on top of the Hokage monument, a place designated for the sculptures' of only the finest leaders of the Leaf Village.

"Hehe, this rock is reserved for me. Alrighty Naruto, the fifth hokage!" Naruto cheered while nearly falling from the rope supporting his hold from the top of the rock above while the villagers below looked at the energetic youngster above with expressions of anger and annoyance.

"Naruto again!?" One villager groaned as he was fed up with Naruto's pranks.

"Enough with that stupid pranks!" Another one yelled in exasperation.

"It looks like he drew his own face on it this time." A third villager commented in annoyance.

"That disrespectful little shit!" His friend beside his commented.

While many of the comments were of exasperation, another portion of them were outright derogatory.

"Look at that! I can't believe Lord Hokage's allowing someone like that to live in our village! I mean think about what he is…." A female village whispered to her friend who shuddered.

"Tell me about it, I mean he's the…" Her friend whispered back as both women tensed while this small conversation went unnoticed to Naruto, thanks to his great hearing.

"Shut up already!" Naruto yelled while grumbling to himself before continuing his work. Geez, why did everyone hate on him so much? Sure he was a bit of a prankster along with a troublemaker but honestly, they had it coming! If it wasn't moments like this, they would just reject him with icy cold stares and most twelve year old kids wouldn't want to be rejected just for existing!

Before he could continue his work, a particular voice decided to get Naruto's attention.

"What the hell are you doing!? How big of a fool are you!?" The loud demanding voice of Iruka yelled, scaring the young wannabee ninja.

"I-Iruka Sensei!? Hey! Iruka Sensei!?" Naruto stammered before losing his grip on the rope supporting him, making him fall straight to the ground.

Naruto screamed at his trip towards the ground before hitting the ground with a hard thud.

"Ugh….that smarts…." Naruto muttered as he rubbed his sore rear before Iruka grabbed him by the back of his orange jacket.

"Naruto, you're set to graduate just a little while longer. Why on earth would you do that?" Iruka questioned the child with a voice full of exasperation as Naruto sweated nervously. Typically when Iruka talked to him in this voice, it was all buildup before chewing him out.

"Well you know I'm gonna be Hokage one day so I wanted everyone to know that, haha…" Naruto laughed while rubbing his head sheepishly as Iruka sighed, expecting that kind of answer.

"You will clean up all that graffiti right now!" Iruka yelled at the blonde who nearly fell back in fear.

"O-okay!" Naruto yelped. However before he could make a move, the sky above suddenly turned cloudy with dark clouds appearing overhead.

"What the?" Iruka asked.

"….The weather predictions didn't say anything about cloudy with a chance of lightning today…." Naruto stupidly said as Iruka turned to Naruto with narrowed eyes with for his absurd comment.

Before Iruka could say anything however, several lightning bolts suddenly striked down, making Naruto fall back in fear as Iruka protected Naruto from the bolts by pushing him out of the way and getting him to safety.

The villagers all shrieked in horror as the lightning bolts struck the Hokage mountain in addition to various buildings in the vicinity, blowing down several acres of debris around the village as the ninja around knocked away the mess and saved the villagers they could while others who were unfortunately caught in the debacle were injured as a result.

"A lightning storm?" Iruka asked in amazement.

"What the hell is going on!?" Naruto yelled as he was demanding to know what was going on as the lightning bolts continued to strike down, before an orb suddenly appeared within the sky. As it dissipated, the orb slowly formed into a circular like shape before it crash landed straight into the top of the Hokage tower. The weather soon returned to normal shortly after as the villagers who were unharmed were left in amazement at what just happened. Was this a premonition of the end of the world?

"W-what…is that?" Naruto asked.

"I'm….not sure…but…we should probably check it out….You should probably go home, Naruto." Iruka commanded the blonde as Naruto shook his head.

"No way! I wanna check it out and there's nothing you can say to keep me away!" Naruto childishly argued as Iruka sighed while rubbing his temples. Curiosity really did kill the cat it seemed.

"Fine…but stay behind me." Iruka told the blonde who nodded in understanding. As the two went above to the source of the explosion they were greeted by several Anbu black ops surrounding it as everyone there were shocked to find a deep crater edged deep within the tower. What surprised everyone the most was the contents of the crater.

In it lay a boy of around eleven to twelve years of age with Spiky black hair as unkempt as Naruto's. He wore a purple GI that was torn on the left side of the top with brown shoes and red wristbands but what stood out the most to everyone was how his forehead was bleeding along with his left arm which was covered in blood along with it appearing to be broken.

"A boy?" Several of the Anbu members thought in amazement as Naruto rushed over to him.

"Naruto wait!" Iruka shouted in alert as he was unsure whether the mysterious boy was friend or foe.

"Iruka-Sensei, he's hurt!" Naruto said back in concern before looking over the unconscious Gohan. He looked to be around the same age as him or if not, he was a year younger at most. The prankster couldn't sense any ill will on him yet when he searched on him for any traces of a headband like the one Iruka wore, he couldn't find any.

"What is this kid?" Naruto wondered before a man with gravity defying silver hair appeared next to Iruka.

"Iruka, any idea on who this kid might be?" The world renowned copy-ninja asked the scar faced Chunin who sighed.

"None." Iruka replied as Kakashi's eyes narrowed.

"Think this kid might be a threat? Maybe I should eliminate him." Kakashi suggested as he walked over to where Naruto and Gohan were before Naruto waved a hand at him.

"Wait! We don't even know whether he's a bad guy or not! Let's just take him in and give him a chance to explain!" Naruto argued as he wasn't sure why he felt the need to be so defendant on the half-breed's half but he felt it was the right thing to do. Meanwhile Kakashi couldn't help but smile behind his mask at the son of his dead master. He was just as compassionate as Minato was.

"Fine….We'll take him into the hospital and we'll question him once he's awake." Kakashi said as Naruto nodded.

"Right." Naruto agreed before picking up the unconscious Gohan as the ground around made their way towards the Leaf Village hospital.

However, little did everyone know that day how much of an impact the young half-saiyan would make on the world on the ninja.

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