Well guys today's chapter is the penultimate chapter to the "Homecoming" Arc of Saiyan Shinobi! And I should point out that the chapter after the next one begins the final arc of this saga but I will not reveal the name so as to avoid potential spoilers! ^_^

Gohan muttered and stirred before his eyes snapped awake to see all his friends huddled around him.

"He's up!" Kiba grinned.

"Thank god." Karin held her hand to her chest in relief.

"How you doing, kid?" Kakashi ruffled Gohan's hair.

"Sensei….guys…." Gohan blinked disoriented before memories of what happened with his father and Baby ran coursing through his mind at a hundred miles per hour.

"Where's Baby!? And Dad…." Gohan nearly yelled before his voice lowered at the sight of everyone looking down in sadness.

"They got away…." Ino frowned at Gohan as he grabbed his hair in frustration.

"Damn it!" Gohan banged his fist in the ground.

"Sorry bro…" Naruto frowned as Gohan shook his head.

"Don't be sorry. You're not the vermin who attacked and took my dad." Gohan shook his head, getting the woozy feeling out of him.

"We know how you feel….you lost your father once…" Hinata walked to Gohan's side as she helped the eleven year old up.

"And I'm not gonna lose him again!" Gohan pumped his fist.

"We're gonna go after him." Zaku smirked, eager to get that bastard back.

"Yes!" Gohan's eyes narrowed, not going to let Baby get away with his father's body before his eyes widened again.

"Wait, how did I get back here and where am I?" Gohan asked.

"You're in Capsule Corp, silly." Bulma smiled holding Baby Trunks in one arm and a laptop in the other.

"Bulma…" Gohan smiled.

"And you got saved by an unexpected ally…." Bulma said much to the shock of Gohan.

"An unexpected ally?" Gohan cocked an eyebrow.

"That's right, kid." A feminine voice said as Gohan's eyes widened at the sound of the voice.

"Wait a second…you're-!" Gohan's eyes widened as the source of the voice made its presence known before Gohan found himself face to face with none other than….

"18!" Gohan's remarked, his face no doubt full of amazement as it was indeed Android number Eighteen. However, she was clad in a different outfit than she wore during the whole Cell predicament. She was clad in a tank top and jean shorts with red high heels.

"Wait, 18? She told us a different name…" Naruto said in confusion as 18 gave Gohan a pointed expression.

"That's right….I am Lazuli…" 18 cut her eyes at Gohan who had the decency to at least look embarrassed.

"Right…sorry about that." Gohan sheepishly grinned his father's embarrassed smile whenever Goku messed up.

"Thank god for her since she really saved us." Ino smiled at her fellow blonde as Gohan cocked an eyebrow.

"Yep!" Kakashi smiled, remembering how Android 18 saved everyone from Baby's Kamehameha.

Nearly an hour ago….

Now that she wasn't bound to orders by Dr. Gero, Android 18 found herself just traveling the world as there was really nothing for her to do. After all, in her youth, she and her twin brother were nothing but troublemaking delinquents.

With her essentially given a second chance, she decided she wouldn't waste it doing any sort of evil nonsense with her life unlike her future counterpart.

Although she wished her brother could be by her side, she wondered where he was and especially if he was still alive.

She had Krillin of the Z-Fighters to thank for this second chance of life in addition to Son Goku and Son Gohan for being the main factors in the downfall of the nefarious Android Cell.

Ironic given that her original mission was to kill Goku though neither she nor her brother didn't feel too passionate about that mission although whether it was because of the influence of the gentle giant Android 16 or any other internal factor was anyone's guess.

As of right now, in addition to just enjoying life, she was using this chance to try to upgrade her wardrobe though today she was actually going to attend the World Tournament of this year.

Although it wasn't something she typically did, she heard that both Goku and Gohan would be around which was perfect for her given she had something she needed to do to them.

"So this is where they are…huh?" Android 18 noticed a large glow in the sky.

"Is that….Goku?" Android 18's eyes widened as she noticed what appeared to be Goku powering a Kamehameha.

"Wait….why is Goku's hair white and why is he about to kill those guys?" Android 18 asked as she decided to actually step in and save the people who were about to be neutralized by Goku's blast. Although she wasn't really "good", she figured she had more to her life than just being some apathetic killing machine.

"I have you to thank for this 16…" Android 18 mumbled before flying over to where Gohan and co. was.

"Gohan?" Android 18 asked as she touched down, much to the shock of the ninja while she noticed Gohan's unconscious state.

"Wait, who are you!?" Naruto asked, pulling a kunai as he wasn't sure if this new woman was an ally or new enemy.

"Calm down, I'm gonna help you." Android 18 reassured everyone.

"Soo….we can trust you?" Kakashi asked.

"Yeah." Android 18 simply said as she erected an energy barrier around everyone, saving everyone from being incinerated by Baby Goku's blast…..

"And that's what happened." Android 18 simply explained as Gohan nodded, feeling grateful that Android 18 was kind enough to save everyone from being killed.

"I see….well thank you for saving me, 18." Gohan smiled as Android 18 shook her head.

"Actually, I'm the one who should be thanking you, Gohan….." Android 18 looked down much to the confusion of some of those in the room.

"It's only because of you and your father that I'm even alive right now, so thank you, Son Gohan." Android 18 bowed to Gohan with a small smile.

"Oh, it's nothing! You were an innocent victim at the time so think nothing of it." Gohan grinned as the ninja and Bulma all smiled.

"Heh! That's my bro! A miracle worker!" Naruto wrapped an arm around Gohan as Vegeta scoffed, making his presence into the room.

"Oh god, all this sweetness will suffocate me." Vegeta rolled his eyes as several in the room rolled their eyes at Vegeta, some of them still not warming to the arrogant Saiyan prince.

"Oh god it's him." Tenten scoffed as Vegeta strolled over to Gohan before smacking his skull.

"Hey, what's your problem!?" Choji yelled, still not a fan of Vegeta for how he insulted him all that time ago with Neji sticking an arm in front of Choji in order to stop him from getting himself hurt.

"You fool, all because you were stupid, that idiot father of yours is now kidnapped! You represent the Saiyans with how you fight and they'll in hell right now rolling in their graves!" Gohan was abruptly pushed from his couch he was laying on.

"Vegeta, that's going too far!" Bulma yelled at her husband who sent her a look before sighing.

"Looks like someone can get through to him…." Sakura whispered to Naruto.

"Yeah, who'd have thunk it?" Naruto agreed with the pinkette as Vegeta shot a glare at the two.

"What was that!?" Vegeta demanded as Naruto jumped back up.

"You heard me!" Naruto barked back, not at all scared of this egotistical douchebag, ready for a rematch. That was part of the reason he did so much training with Goku, Roshi and Piccolo.

"Guys! Enough! We don't have time for this pointless quarreling!" Kakashi sent a sharp look to both Naruto and Vegeta who glared at each other before sighing. Or rather Naruto did.

"Alright, fine…" Naruto turned his head away while Vegeta smirked at Kakashi.

"You sure are bold ninja. Just a couple of years back if someone inferior to me ever threatened me, I would have massacred you." Vegeta grinned as Kakashi fought the urge to roll his eyes.

"So, what are you gonna do, Kaka-Brat?" Vegeta asked Gohan who smiled.

"Simple, we're gonna defeat Baby and save my dad! I already lost him once anyways…" Gohan smacked his fist in his palm with everyone smiling in agreement.

"I'm down with that!" Kin smirked.

"Hell yeah! Time to pay that bastard back!" Lee grinned.

"Hope you guys don't mind a little help."

As everyone turned to see the source of the voice was Piccolo.

"Piccolo-Sensei!" Naruto grinned.

"Can't let you guys have all the fun." Piccolo smiled at the ninja and Bulma and Vegeta.

"And it's not just him." Yamcha smiled.

"Yamcha!" Gohan grinned.

"And me and Chiaotzu are gonna tag along too." Tien smiled with Chiaotzu nodded in agreement.

"The old gang is back together." Bulma smiled.

"Well save for Yajirobe, hehe." Krillin snickered as Bulma rolled her eyes.

"Not that I expected much from that idiot." Bulma scoffed as Gohan smiled.

"And you can count me in too." Trunks smiled.

"I can't let someone I admire have their body taken." The future version Gohan added while careful to keep a hold of his identity.

"Well then it's settled." Kakashi smiled.

"Thanks guys, all of you! Alright, we're gonna save my dad, take him back and stop Baby!" Gohan grinned, raising a hand to the air.

"Yeah!" Nearly everyone shouted in agreement, mirroring Gohan's gesture.

Meanwhile in another part of the world….deep in the Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains, the Goku-Absorbed version of Baby made his descent into the cave.

"I see you were successful in your mission…." A man smiled in satisfaction. This man had blue skin, a goatee and red in his left eye.

"Yes…Dr. Raichi." Baby Goku smiled, putting a hand on his hip.

"Excellent….soon….very soon all our goals will be achieved…." The Dr. Gero lookalike smiled in sadistic glee.

"Yes….all those dirty Saiyan monkeys will meet their demise, Dr. Myuu." Dr. Raichi clenched his fist, barely able to keep his anger from rising to the surface.

"And I'm happy you were able to get such a strong Saiyan body." Dr. Myuu marveled at Goku's body, making Baby chuckle.

"Heh, well this is the most powerful Saiyan body on this backwater planet." Baby Goku smiled bfore powering up, much to the amazement of both men.

"Amazing….we can definitely link you up with this…." Dr. Myuu gestured to a huge machine behind it. It was large and colored both pink and red.

"But you know those annoying urchins will try to come here and try to save this man, Son Goku." Baby Goku scoffed as both Myuu and Raichi smirked.

"Oh don't worry, we have ways of dealing with them." Dr. Raichi chuckled before going to a machine and pressing a certain button.

Unbeknownst to the villains, a certain trio of children were silently watching what happened and tailed them.

"Did you hear what they said? They want to kill Gohan and the others…" Udon said to his friends as Konohamaru grinned.

"Heh, well they'll fail if we have anything to say about this!" Konohamaru proclaimed much to the shock of his two friends.

"Are you serious!? Look how they handled Mister Goku and Gohan!" Moegi was quick to remind her teammate who shook his head.

"Are you forgetting who you're talking to!? We're gonna be ninjas someday!" Konohamaru declared.

While the children thought they were being discreet, they didn't even realize their enemies were on to them.

"It appears a few of those urchins have tried eavesdropping on us…" Dr. Raichi drawled.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of them." Baby Goku snickered.

Before Konohamaru and his friends could move a muscle, Baby Goku appeared right in front of them.

"What's wrong? You kids look like you've seen a ghost…." Baby Goku chuckled at their perplexed expressions.

"Or maybe….yours?" Baby Goku pondered in mock curiosity before raising a hand.

At the exact same time, Gohan and the others flew to where they could potentially confront and defeat Baby and get back Goku. After all, he had a high power level so hopefully they could locate him.

But before they could advance further where they were flying, a harsh blast towards their direction suddenly got their attention.

"Look out!" Zaku said as everyone avoided the blast.

"Just what the hell was that?" Kiba asked before a sudden laugh for everyone's attention and made the Z-Fighter portion's eyes all widen in disbelief and dread.

"No way…" Piccolo's eyes widened.

"It can't be…" Vegeta looked to see it was none other than….

"FRIEZA!" All the inhabitants of Planet Earth yelled with Team 7 looked just as dreadful while the other ninja sans Neji looked lost.

"Frieza?" Lee asked.

"He's Cooler's brother! He looks just like him…" Neji clenched his fist as Tenten's eyes widened in realization.

"Wait, you mean the Cooler that almost killed you and Sasuke?" Tenten asked with a nod from Neji serving as her answer.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" Sakura yelled.

"Sakura!" Kakashi put a hand on her shoulder, not wanting her to unintentionally get herself killed.

"Are you the one behind this!?" Naruto pointed as Frieza chuckled.

"Such ill-mannered children. It's a shame brats today know nothing of respect. Well no matter, you will all be destroyed by my hand." Frieza snickered.

"Oh yeah? You and what army!?" Kiba spat.

"Yes, there's only one of you, Frieza!" Vegeta crossed his arms as Frieza only chuckled harder.

"What army?" Frieza cocked a non-existent eyebrow before raising an arm before several figures appeared by his side.

"King Cold!?" Trunks nearly yelled as the father of Frieza and Cooler appeared right by Frieza's side.

"Whoa….he's huge!" Kin nearly blinked at how ginormous King Cold was.

"But how? I killed him with my own blade?" Trunks' eyes narrowed as his fingers gripped his blade.

"Cooler!" Sasuke and Neji simultaneously remarked as Cooler snickered at their shocked reaction.

"What's wrong? You two look like you've seen a ghost!" Cooler laughed as more shocking blasts from the pasts reared their ugly heads.

"It's Bojack!" Piccolo pointed at the giant green skinned villain.

"Heh, hello slug man." Bojack chuckled, crossing his arms.

"Slug? I take offense to that!" Lord Slug laughed.

"Wait, who's the giant Piccolo lookalike?" Karin asked.

"Not to mention that other guy…" Dosu's eyes narrowed.

"Imagine, us being killed by you dirty Saiyans. It makes me sick to my stomach." Turles smirked, with his arms crossed.

"Turles!" Gohan was taken aback by the man who forced him to become a Great Ape all those years ago and nearly had him kill Goku.

"G-Goku?" Lee asked.

"No, it's not Goku. This guy's aura is darker." Shino's eyes narrowed under his sunglasses.

"How the hell are you guys all back!? Was it the Dragon Balls!?" Krillin demanded as the villains all chuckled.

"No but rather as a generation projection given by Dr. Raichi." Frieza explained.

"Dr. Raichi?" Kakashi asked with his Sharingan uncovered.

"Oh yes, you can say we have a second chance at life now although I suppose we've put ourselves at risk." King Cold drawled.

"Heh, well no matter, we'll waste you bastards and go after that Raichi guy!" Yamcha growled.

"Oh we'd definitely love to see you try." Lord Slug laughed as all the villains powered up.

As the heroes got ready to combat their once former foes, Piccolo decided to speak up.

"Brats, you all go after Goku. We'll handle these guys." Piccolo instructed.

"You sure about that?" Ino asked.

"Positive." Yamcha smiled, floating to the front, "It'll be my chance to get back into the limelight." Yamcha smirked as Vegeta snorted.

"Back? When were you ever there?" Vegeta asked much to Yamcha's chagrin.

"Hey! Time and place!" Tien sent a sharp eye to Yamcha who huffed.

"Fine." Yamcha scowled at Vegeta, intent on paying him back in more ways than one.

"Thanks. We promise to end this." Kakashi said as he and the others all flew off with the Z-Warriors taking their stances.

"I can't wait to get you back for blasting me in the chest…" King Cold's eyes narrowed at Trunks who smirked.

"I can't wait to give you another hole in the chest." Trunks teased before fighting between the two groups started.

As Gohan and the others continued flying, Gohan immediately picked up on something….off or rather….menacing and frightening.

"Oh no…" Gohan's forehead built up with sweat as dread filled his being.

"What's wrong?" Sakura asked her friend as Gohan's frown widened.

"It's Konohamaru and the others!" Gohan grit his teeth as some of the other ninja realized that the trio were gone.

"I thought they were gone…..dont tell me…" Hinata's eyes narrowed, feeling relieved that she convinced Hanabi to stay behind. Although she wasn't happy, she understood why Hinata was so adamant.

Not to mention, Hinata and Neji promised her all the sweets and candies once this whole situation was resolved.

"Their Ki! They're falling fast!" Kakashi noted in alarm feeling their Ki as everyone else was just as perplexed.

"Down there!" Sasuke pointed as everyone noted three figures on the ground below in front of a cave.

As everyone touched down, the more sensitive members of the group all gasped at the state of the Konohamaru Corps, they were all beaten and battered.

"Oh my god!" Kin gasped as the group all descended to where the group was.

"Konohamaru! Udon! Moegi!" Gohan's eyes widened in horror as he dashed to them, trying to waste no time.

"Guys! Hey! Pull yourselves together!" Gohan said as he laid down the three children and lightly tapped to get them to wake up.

"G…G-Gohan…" Moegi's eyes flickered open.

"What the hell happened here!?" Lee asked.

"And how could you guys be so reckless!?" Tenten practically demanded.

"Yes, you guys could have been killed!" Neji scolded the kids.

As Udon looked down in shame, instead of having a fiery comeback like he normally would, tears filled Konohamaru's eyes.

"I….I….I…" Konohamaru's eyes welled up with tears as he looked straight in the concerned eyes of Son Gohan.

"I am the grandson of the Third Hokage, my name is Konohamaru Sarutobi! I cannot lose here!" Konohamaru yelled as everyone was silent as tears started leaving Konohamaru's eyes as he continued staring straight in the eyes of Gohan.

"I….will….be….HOKAGE!" Konohamaru yelled as he was slowly fading in and out of consciousness.

"Gohan…." Konohamaru's eyes closed as a shadow appeared over Gohan's eyes.

Gohan said nothing before summoning a simple Shadow Clone.

"Shadow Clone…" Gohan said not even looking at the doppelganger.

"Whaddaya need, boss?" Gohan's Shadow Clone asked him.

"Take Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon back to Capsule Corp. Me and the others are gonna take care of a parasite…." Gohan's eyes flickered from black to teal in his anger.

"Got it!" The Shadow Clone said as he hoisted the three children in his arm before flying off to Capsule Corp.

"You ready, man?" Kiba asked Gohan as he grunted before turning Super Saiyan.

(One Piece Stampede OST: Get up Luffy!)

"I'm more than ready." Gohan growled in his Super Saiyan mode before flying to the cave, housing the vigilantes before literally blasting it open.

"Heh, that's the way to do it!" Naruto cheered as Baby, Raichi and Myuu's eyes all glared at the new comers.

"And here I thought you killed them, Baby!" Raichi scowled at Baby Goku who merely smiled at the newcomers.

"Well, well, look at the peacemakers tottering in. I wonder, how you lot survived?" Baby asked, putting a hand on Goku's hips.

"It doesn't matter. What matters is that your reign ends here." Kakashi glared at Baby Goku, unveiling his Sharingan.

"Well doesn't your eye look interesting? Which reminds me since you interlopers are here you can take a look at this…" Baby gestured to the humongous creature behind him that the ninjas now noticed.

"The hell is that!?" Zaku pointed to the huge red machine as everyone else took notice of the gigantic machine-like creature that was hooked up with tight appearing chains.

Baby Goku merely laughed as he flew to the machine before tapping a hand on top of the machine.

"The weapon necessary for exterminating all the filthy Saiyans apes." Baby Goku chuckled before tapping the machine, seemingly activating it, alerting Dr. Raichi.

"Baby! What are you doing!? This is not part of our plan!" Raichi tried alerting Baby who merely chuckled at him.

"Plan? Who needs a plan? We're so close to achieving our goals of exterminating all of these interlopers who intend on being irritating pissants!" Baby hissed before seemingly entering and merging with the unconscious machine.

(One Piece Stampede OST: A Long-Standing Dream-Finally Festa's Ambition)

"You are to leave Hatchiyack alone!" Dr. Myuu said, much to the surprise of the group of protagonists.

"Wait is he….merging with that thing?" Choji looked slightly disturbed.

"It seems like it!" Lee answered.

"We should probably take it out!" Sasuke activated his Chidori.

"You're right on that!" Dosu activated his amplifier.

"We need to take that thing out before their merging is complete!" Sakura's hands gripped to the back of her axe before channeling Ki into it.

"Works for me!" Naruto already had a Rasengan in hand.

As the group charged towards the maniacal villain, a large surge of energy knocked everyone off of their feet.

"Damn it! We were too slow!" Kiba cursed.

The screams of Baby as he merged with the mechanical Hatchiyack radiated through the cave as he slowly extended upwards as a red aura of Ki surrounded him, nearly causing tremors and earthquakes through the area.

"The place….it's collapsing!" Sai exclaimed as the cave started to slowly break apart and disintegrate.

"Leave it to me….Super Beast Scroll!" Sai commanded as everyone was saved from falling thanks to the birds Sai drew.

"Thanks a lot, Sai!" Gohan thanked the person he slowly warmed to over time with Sai smiling back.

"Meh, we coulda been safe even if Sai didn't draw those birds since we can fly." Kin snickered on her hawk as some of the good guys blushed in remembrance, embarrassed they forgot something so small.

"That's nice but we still have him to deal with before we can all have a good laugh…." Kakashi's eyes narrowed as the light died down as the merging between Baby and Hatchiyack was finally complete. What was once a possessed Goku was now a humanoid figure that was over nine feet tall with red and yellow lining though the eyes were clearly Hatchiyack.

The newly merged Hatchiyak let out a please exhale as he chuckled while admiring his body.

"Heh, heh, I can feel it…I'm not just the strongest in this world but potentially the whole universe!" Baby Hatchiyack chuckled while flexing his new fingers.

"You may be strong but don't you count us out just yet!" Naruto spat.

"That's right. You may be strong but strength isn't the only way you can beat an enemy. You can always outsmart them!" Gohan added for his friend as that seemed to be enough Baby.

"Heh, once I end you peasants, I'll destroy your precious earth and then I'll spread through the whole universe to where even the all mighty destroyer Beerus will kneel before me!" Baby arrogantly spat as this seemed to push Myuu to his absolute mental limit.

"Baby, this is enough! You have deviated from our plan! Hatchiyack was supposed to be our last resort and-"Dr. Myuu tried reasoning with Baby before he was tightly grabbed by the throat by the tyrannical alien.

"You know it's almost sad, Myuu…Our time together was sort of long, was it not?" Baby asked as Myuu could barely breathe.

"What's he doing?" Kakashi asked.

"I don't get it! They're friends, right?" Ino asked before Baby raised one of his now gigantic hands.

"You've been excommunicated." Baby chuckled softly before slamming his palm dead into Myuu's face, literally punching his head off, much to the surprise of everyone watching.

"H…he killed his ally…" Hinata's eyes widened in a combination of surprise at how callous Baby could be as well as disgust with how underhanded and backstabbing the mutant was.

"That bastard!" Naruto growled, feeling the influence of the Nine Tails surging through his veins. He could forgive a lot, but betraying someone who was supposed to be your friend? That was way too much for the orange clad ninja.

"Now….shall we continue where we left off?" Baby cracked his neck as he readied himself for Round 2.

"Before we can think about defeating him, we still have to save my dad from his control…" Gohan's eyes narrowing trying to figure a situation of taking down Baby without killing Goku. Gohan had lost Goku twice and was not planning on losing him a third time.

It was then Shikamaru turned to the Half-Saiyan with a smile.

"I've got an idea." Shikamaru suggested as Gohan was immediately interested.

"Lay it on me." Gohan said as everyone flew over to get a closer hear.

"Okay so even though that guy is powerful, what Gohan said is right. To outmatch someone, you don't need just awesome strength but they need the smarts to outwit their opponent as well." Shikamaru said.

"Just tell us what the plan is already!" Zaku spat with Tenten smacking his head.

"Don't be rude!" Tenten chastised the former Sound ninja as Shikamaru looked to everyone.

"The main goal is saving Goku but we need to get him out of that thing. And we can extract him through a team effort from Ino and I. You guys can distract him while Ino goes in his subconscious with her Mind Transfer Jutsu. That way we can reach Goku. While she does that, I can restrain him with my Shadow Possession Jutsu which has gone through a tremendous upgrade thanks to training from that Old Man Roshi, thus leading to everyone being able to finish the job." Shikamaru explained the mechanics of the plan as everyone seemed satisfied with that plan.

"Awesome plan, Shikamaru!" Lee praised his friend.

"But we have to time it right! We'll release a super amazing combo attack with him being caught and distracted." Choji said.

"And we'll let you know the signal." Ino said.

"And I also have a way to have him restrained as well…" Karin added.

"Okay that adds the odds even more in our favor. Now go!" Shikamaru said.

(One Piece Stampede OST: Beginning of the Fight)

"Wait for us dad! We're coming!" Gohan growled, powering up to his Super Saiyan 2 with everyone flying on their ink animals provided by Sai.

"Now Ninja Art: Tyrannosaurus Rex!" Sai yelled as a cartoon dinosaur came out of his scroll and lunged towards Baby.

"Heh, how repugnant!" Baby yelled, grabbing the animated dinosaur before crushing it.

"How pathetic." Baby shook his head as the now crushed animal evaporated into a handful of ink.

"Worthless. An ink creation?" Baby shook his head as he opened his hand.

"Energy Wave Combo!" Baby yelled, shooting small energy balls one after another at Sai. Sai managed to narrowly dodge one but the other was rapidly approaching him.

"Damn it!" Sai cursed making a handsign.

"Ninja Art: Pheonix!" Sai commanded as a giant phoenix appeared in front of him, taking the full brunt of the rest of the blasts though the full impact of the blasts seemed to make Sai start to fall.

"Gotta remember, I can fly." Sai said, remembering his flight as Sasuke and Kakashi darted right past the Root Nin, Chidoris in Hand.

"DOUBLE CHIDORI!" Sasuke and Kakashi yelled as they slammed their devastating jutsus straight into the chest of Baby.

Baby grunted as with the implementation of Ki, coupled with the training both student and sensei accomplished, they were able to leave a mark on his chest.

"You bastards…." Baby growled with Sasuke and Kakashi looking triumphant as they had both of their Sharingans activated.

"Yeah, and there's more where that came from. Ninja Art, Ninja Hounds!" Kakashi yelled as a flurry of ninja hounds erupted from Kakashi's Scroll.

"Kakashi? Hey, where are we? This doesn't look like the Leaf Village!" Pakkun noted with Kakashi shaking his head.

"Now's not the time for a recap. We have a bit of a problem to deal with." Kakashi gestured to Baby Hatchiyack.

"That giant thing? Leave it to us!" All of Kakashi's Hounds said as they lunged at the evil alien who smirked.

"Heh, who let the dogs out!?" Baby exclaimed kicking and punching the ninja hounds away as Baby opened one of his gigantic palms.

"Full Power Energy Blast Volley!" Baby fired a powerful flurry of Ki blasts at the ninja hounds that hit them, making them flicker away back into Kakashi's Scroll.

"Is this the best you pests have got?" Baby asked.

"Not even close! Fire Style-Pheonix Flower Jutsu!" Sasuke yelled as a flurry of fireballs in the form of a Pheonix hit the back of Baby, singing his back.

Baby was not pleased at this turn of events as the flames died down.

"You annoying little plebian!" Baby was ready to evisorate the Uchiha before the sound of metal filled his ears.

"Heh, forget about me? That's a mistake you'll regret!" Tenten said, pulling a blade as she charged Baby who put up one of Hatchiyack's giant arms as he tried avoiding and blocking Tenten's attacks.

But much to his ire, Tenten was actually able to graze his arm, opening a laceration.

"….I-I'm bleeding?" Baby looked down before righteous anger started to feel his being.

"I'M BLEEDING!?" Baby yelled, giving a devastating punch to Tenten's sternum before back-smacking her away.

"I'll end you with this!" Baby yelled, flying over to Tenten.

"Rapid Charge Counter!" Baby was about to end the life of the weapons mistress before the sound of "ROTATION!" got the attention of Baby as he was sent spiraling backwards across the sky.

"Do not underestimate the Hyuga." Hinata smiled, having shed her normal jacket.

"You little pest. I'm going to end you all with this!" Baby used Hatchiyack's power to clone himself.

However, rather than being intimidated by the army of Baby Goku Hatchiyack, they all rather looked close to snorting.

Especially a certain blonde haired, orange clad wearing knucklehead.

"Heh, over a hundred different alien freaks? No problem, I love fun!" Naruto smirked, summoning over a hundred different Narutos much to Baby's surprise.

"What!? You can clone yourself too!?" Baby demanded.

"Yeah! And it's time to end this!" All of the Narutos yelled as they clashed against the Baby Goku Hatchiyack clones.

"Unh! Get away! You pest! Explosive Wave!" Baby yelled, summoning a huge electric dome of energy sending all the Naruto's flying away.

Naruto merely smirked as he summoned more clones, which only seemed to infuriate Baby who closed his eyes.

As soon as fifteen seconds went by, he opened his mouth as he smiled as he cupped his arms.

"Revenger Cannon!" Hatchiyack yelled, sending the power wave of Ki barreling to the newly summoned clones of Naruto as they all vanished alongside Naruto.

"Heh, annoying little knat…all done with that o-!"Baby tried gloating only to find himself restrained with what appeared to be….chains?

"Chains? What on earth is all of this!?" Baby spat more than demanded as he saw Karin some feet under him in the air as she smiled.

(One Piece Stampede OST: Luffy-The Trusted Man)

"A hallmark of the Uzumaki Clan." Karin smiled as the good guys marveled at the power Karin displayed.

"Whoa…Naruto's clan is really amazing…" Gohan noted.

"Just how powerful were the Uzumakis?" Choji asked with Sasuke being the most surprised it looked like with Kakashi the most chill about Karin's Uzumaki abilities it seemed.

"Okay! Shikamaru! Ino! He's ready!" Karin said to the Nara and Yamanaka respectively who both grinned.

"Shadow Possession Jutsu!" Shikamaru yelled, taking advantage of the distracted state of Baby as Ino readied her clan's jutsu.

"Mind Transfer Jutsu!" Ino yelled as her subconsciousness entered Baby's mind…

(Inside Baby's Mind)

"Ugh….damn it! What the hell is this!?" Goku growled as he found himself bound in what appeared to be like a prison of sorts.

"Hey, Goku! Can you hear me?" The voice of Ino rang through the area that Goku was imprisoned.

"Ino?" Goku cocked his eyebrows.

"In the flesh! Or air…." The voice of Ino joked as Goku looked even more lost.

"How are you in here?" Goku asked.

"It's my clan's jutsu! We can invade inside of anyone's mind!" Ino explained.

"Oh? And that's how you're gonna get me out?" Goku asked with excitement.

"Well…partly….but we need your help to! Power up to all you can!" Ino said as Goku grinned.

"Right!" Goku thought as he began powering up despite the binds restricting him.

(Back to the Outside World)

Baby was literally spazzing as he could feel the influence of Goku start to regain some control of the part that Baby controlled at.

"No…..I can't….I won't….lose my influence!" Baby tried regaining control as Gohan turned to his friends.

"Now! Let's attack him when he's distracted!" Gohan ordered, powering to his Super Saiyan 2 form.

"Yes! Let's do it!" Lee powered up to his fifth gate.

"Hell yeah!" Zaku sucked in as much of the air as he could.

"My insects are ready…" Shino said as Sakura suddenly turned pale with a kanji sketched on her head.

"Let's do it!" The gray version of Sakura yelled as Naruto charged a Rasengan.

"I'm ready! Thanks to Yamcha, I got a new trick!" Kiba grinned, turning himself into a giant two headed dog with Akamaru being on the other head, obviously.

"Same here with all this training!" Kin smirkd, charging Ki into her leg, intent on causing a good deal of damage.

Before Baby knew anything, he suddenly found himself bombarded from attacks on all size from his opponents.

"Hidden Lotus!"


"Cherry Blossom Blade!"

"Beetle Spear!"

"Dog Fang Fist!"


"Striking Sound Rotten!"

"Aromatic Leg!"

Baby screamed in pain as Hatchiyack's armor started to break as blood spurted from his wounds.

"Good one guys!" Gohan smiled, cupping his hands together.

"How!? I have controlled two powerful people! How am I losing!?" Baby demanded as Gohan smirked.

"Because just because you swapped their bodies doesn't mean you understand their bodies and how they work!" Gohan smiled.

"Just like that Ginyu prick!" Naruto smirked as Baby growled.

"It isn't fair….you barbaric Saiyans….killed my people the Tuffles….I won't lose here!" Baby yelled, charging up an attack, reminiscent of Frieza's death ball.

"Oh no, that isn't good…" Kakashi's eyes narrowed.

"So that's why….his people were wiped out…" Sasuke frowned, feeling empathy for Baby.

"I've got it….Ka….Me…Ha….Me….HA!" Gohan yelled, his attack colliding with Baby's attack, pushing him into the Stratosphere of Earth.

"You did it!" Kin smiled.

"No, not yet. He's in space but he could try to blow up the earth from Outer Space." Gohan's eyes narrowed much to the surprise of everyone except Team Seven.

"What!? We have to stop him!" Lee said.

"I'll do it!" Gohan said.

"But wait, I've heard about the Vacuum of Space and its damages. You'll die without any oxygen!" Karin alerted her friend as Gohan smiled at the Uzumaki reassuringly.

"Don't worry. I'll send a surge of Ki like a force shield. It should last about three minutes." Gohan smiled before forming that of a Ki shield around his body.

"Three minutes? You really think that's enough?" Kakashi asked his student.

"Yeah, Kakashi. He's wounded already. I'll defeat him this time, I promise it!" Gohan proclaimed to everyone.

"Three minutes? Really sounds like something out of an anime." Sakura chuckled with Gohan smiled slightly before flying into the Stratosphere where he met his anime.

"Yo! Have fun up here?" Gohan teased Baby who growled at him.

"I have a question. You say you're mad at what the Saiyans did but with what you're doing, doesn't that make you any better?" Gohan asked, calling Baby out on his hypocrisy as Baby chuckled rather than feeling offended.

"Heh, I could care less about those urchins I call my people!" Baby declared.

"…What?" Gohan asked as that was definitely a 180 from what Gohan was thinking.

"Heh, you heard me! I always wanted to usurp the king which is what I wanted to do! Too bad those barbaric Saiyans stopped me from getting rid of the rest of those irritating pests! There are too many road blocks in my way of getting the greatest! Once I kill you and your annoying friends, I'll grow stronger until the name Baby is etched in the eons of History! I'll keep growing to the point where Beerus and Majin Buu will pale in comparison to me!" Baby sadistically grinned as Gohan felt nothing but righteous anger course through his veins at the revelation of Baby's true selfish face.

"You bastard…" Gohan growled, his head down before glaring at Baby.

"How can you think like that!? You're not someone great, you're just a spoiled brat! I promise on everything I will stop you!" Gohan pointed at Baby who snickered.

"And how will you do that? You monkeys can't breathe in space for long, yes? All I have to do is wait out until you run out of air and suffocate!" Baby raised his fists.

"Then I just have to stop you before that happens!" Gohan yelled as the two clashed fist after fist, sending blood and spittle everywhere as both fighters were weakened after everything they went through.

"Getting tired….losing air? The will of Baby will prevail!" Baby gloated as Gohan growled.

"No…no! If there's one thing….I learned from my dad…." Gohan's head was down as his curse mark pulsated as it started to slowly spread through his body.

"GOOD WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL!" Gohan declared, the power of a Super Saiyan and his Curse Mark pulsing through his body as he charged at the evil Tuffle.

(Dragon Ball Z OST: Eternal Tendril by Sacrifice)

Catching his second wind, Gohan caught a right hook to his jaw by Baby before he grabbed Baby's other hand, as he charged up.

Another soldier falls tonight,
On battle lines cut through the blackened sky
One fatal hesitation; predestination.

"What the!?" Baby asked as Gohan punched him in the sternum, his fist nearly bulging through his other side.

"GOOD WILL ALWAYS TRIUMPH OVER EVIL!" Gohan yelled as he gave him several different hits all around his body before firing a devasting Masenko to Baby sending him flying down to earth as Baby felt something fleeting from his body.

"No! Goku is leaving me!?" Baby yelled as Goku was literally starting to fall out of him as Gohan cupped his hands together for a devastating Masenko-Ha, the most powerful he fired to date.

Euthanize my memory, you wait and see
The tide will turn,
The pyre will burn beneath your crumbling dynasty

"STAY OUT OF OUR PLANET!" Gohan yelled, firing his deadly attack at Baby but making sure it wasn't too deadly so as to not kill his father.

Baby hit the ground with a hard thud, literally careening to the ground below as Goku was freed from Baby's body, leaving Baby literally battered and broken with Hatchiyack's body twitching.

This is my legacy,
Eternal Sacrifice

"HE DID IT!" Naruto jumped up happily with everyone looking just as happy, even Dosu, as Gohan's three minutes were up before he suddenly collided with the ground below.

"Gohan!" Karin yelled as she and the others ran to Gohan's side.

"Here! Bite me!" Karin yelled, ignoring the bizarre looks she received.

"Damn it…he's out…." Karin muttered before literally forcing himself to bite her arm before he suddenly came to.

"K-Karin? Everyone?" Gohan asked as Karin hugged him.

"I'm so happy you're okay!" Karin beamed as everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"We definitely gotta ask her about that later…" Kakashi said as Baby tried to crawl away.

"Ugh…I…gotta…get…away….and plan…again…" Baby crawled again as his eyes widened in fear as Trunks Briefs touched down in front of him.

"N-no…" Baby gasped as Trunks smirked.

"Going somewhere?" Trunks raised a hand.

Before Baby could plead for his life, Trunks evaporated him with a Burning Attack.

As Dr. Raichi watched the once proud orgasm get blown to Kingdom Come, he found himself backing into Gohan.

"It's sad….you had so much potential…" The Future version of Gohan/Mirai shook his head, almost sounding sad.

"P-please…have mercy…" Dr. Raichi gasped as Mirai glared at him.

"I would but what's to say you wouldn't come back and try this again…." Mirai raised a hand.

"Masenko!" Mirai yelled as Dr. Raichi was literally blown into bits and pieces.

"It's done, guys." Trunks smiled as he flew to his new friends.

"Yeah thank god." Mirai grinned a smile similar to his father as Zaku couldn't stop the grin from adorning his face.

"We saved the world! I gotta say this feels pretty damn good!" Zaku nearly excitedly yelled as everyone else, especially his teammates and even Zaku couldn't stop the smiles from adorning their faces.

"From working as Orochimaru's pawns….this feels really damn great!" Kin grinned as Gohan wobbled himself to his feet before walking over to Sai.

"Sai, you were really instrumental in us winning….thank you." Gohan smiled, seeing Sai as a true friend with everyone having warmed to him over the last four months.

"Yeah, thanks!" Naruto grinned, wrapping an arm around Sai's shoulders.

"Of course…it was nothing." Sai smiled. He had never really had friends before now…..And he had his mission to Danzo but….maybe…there were things greater THAN just serving Danzo?

"It was nothing helping you. After all, I have fallen for you, Gohan." Sai smiled and was surprised that rather than feeling endearment at Sai's words, he and everyone looked rather disturbed.

"What the!?" Gohan nearly fell back.

"Don't say weird stuff like that you freak! Your weird talk really creeps me out!" Gohan pointed an accusing finger at Sai who merely smiled walking to him.

"Weird? The book I read says that you must hug and get close with those you love." Sai smiled.

"What!?" Gohan spat.

"I love you, Son Gohan." Sai smiled, not understanding the ramification of his words.

"Yep, I knew it…" Tenten sighed as Gohan looked at her disturbed.

"I knew something was off about those two…" Sakura sighed.

"Yep." Sasuke shook his head.

"How embarrassing." Mirai shook his head at his younger counterpart who felt an aneruysm coming.

"WELL I DON'T LOVE SAI!" Gohan yelled before flying off.

"Wait, Son Gohan!" Sai flew after him.

"STAY AWAY!" Gohan yelled with Sai not getting the memo.

"That dumbass forgot his dad." Neji deadpanned.

"It's okay. We got him." Kakashi picked up the unconscious Goku.

As everyone flew home with a job well done, unbeknownst to them, two figures had watched the whole scenario play out.

"Those humans…are rather strange creatures…" The taller of the two, a red skinned man said as the purple skinned man chuckled.

"Yes Kibito….but they might be the keys…" The shorter purple skinned man smiled.

"Keys?" The man known as Kibito asked.

"The keys to defeating Majin Buu…" The man's smile widened.

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