Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. I just like to twist things around as much as possible. Summary: How different would Harry be if he was taken from the Dursley's when he was five and raised by his father and the Hogwarts staff at the school. And what is the big shock that Severus gets after he brings Harry home.

Chapter One. New Home and Surprises

When Severus Snape walked into the Headmasters office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry he saw that the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore was in a heated discussion with Arabella Figg.

"Albus, I don't care what the Ministry says; the boy is not safe there. They mistreat him, neglect him and his room is a bloody cupboard under the stairs!" Arabella yelled her face red with anger. Albus looked up and motioned for Severus to sit down.

Arabella looked at Severus and then back at Albus. "I should hardly think that there is a need for him to be here." She sneered at the potions professor.

Albus looked at Arabella and gave her a grim smile. "Ah, but I believe that he has every right to be here, especially if it has to do with Harry's welfare."

Arabella looked at Severus with hate, "Why should it matter to him if there is something wrong with Harry, he hated the Potter's."

Severus's head snapped up at the mention of Harry's name. "Albus what's wrong with Harry?" He looked at Albus who had a sad look on his face.

"I am afraid that Harry is not as safe as we would have hoped. It has been brought to my attention that he is being abused and neglected by Lily's sister and her husband." He stopped talking when he saw Severus's eyes flash dangerously in anger. "I want you to go and get Harry. Bring him back here and I will have a room set up in you quarters."

Arabella looked shocked, "You surely don't expect him to take care of a five year old do you, especially him being James and Lily's son." She asked horrified.

"I'll leave now." Severus turned walked calmly out of the office. But as soon as he was out of sight he ran for the nearest fireplace. God he hoped that Albus was exaggerating.

A few minutes later Severus apparated in front of a white house that had the number four on it, slowly walked up to the front door. Pulling out his wand he pointed it to the doorknob and whispered "Alohomora" and was rewarded with a quiet click, the door was now unlocked.

As he stepped into through the door he remembered where Arabella had said that the boy slept. He walked up to the small door and noticed that it was locked from the out side. He was seething with anger. Unlatching the door he quietly swung it open. In that tiny cupboard was a small cot with a tiny boy laying on it. Severus's breath caught in his throat when he saw the boy. He was dressed in clothes that were ten times too big and by the looks of it he had not had a bath in a long time. His raven hair fell messily over his ears and his bangs brushed his long eyelashes. Severus whispered Harry's name to wake him, but the child didn't move.

"Harry, wake up son I am going to take you home." Harry still didn't wake up. He must be a heavy sleeper he thought to himself. Severus reached down and gently shook Harry's shoulder.

Harry jumped up fear evident in his young eyes.

" Its ok Harry, I'm not going to hurt you." Severus said calmly. Harry looked at him curiously " I am going to take you home." Harry watched him intently and then nodded his head showing that he understood.

"Well were is all of your stuff?" Harry held up the small blanket that he immediately recognized as the one that he had wrapped him up in when he had handed him over
to Albus. Severus sighed and gathered Harry up in his arms. The child hardly weighed anything at all. His anger was getting to the point of boiling over when he felt Harry snuggle closer to him. Instinctively he wrapped his arms tighter around the small boy. Severus turned and walked out of the door and with out a backwards glance he apparated to the Leaky Cauldron.

Severus carefully opened up the door to the Leaky Cauldron trying not to jar Harry. It was dark and smoky in the room and he was glad for that. He didn't want to bring a lot of attention to Harry; he needed to get him to Hogwarts as fast as he could. Walking up to Tom the bartender he glanced around to make sure that no one was listening before he spoke.

"I need to use your private Floo to get to Hogwarts. I don't want anyone to know where I am going." Severus said to the bald wizard behind the bar.

Tom looked quizzically at the small boy that Severus was carrying. He gasped when he recognized the boy.

"Come back quickly before someone sees you!"

Severus nodded his thanks and then walked to the door that was on the left hand side of the bar. He walked briskly toward the fireplace and threw some floo powder into the flames, stepped in and yelled
"Hogwarts, Headmaster's office."

Several seconds later Severus stepped through the fireplace into Albus's small office, and thankfully Arabella had already left. He really didn't want to listen to her rude comments.
He finally looked up at Albus who was looking at the small lump of rags that was clasped firmly at his cloak. "Ah, well I see that you were successful in rescuing young Harry. Was Arabella right?" Albus asked quietly.

"Yes, he was asleep in a horrible cupboard with these rags on instead of decent clothes, and the only thing that is his is his blanket." Severus was clearly very angry and that was not a good thing when Harry was asleep in his arms. Taking a deep breath he tried to calm down. After a few deep breaths he felt a good bit better.

"What happened to Arabella, I figured she would still be here waiting to see if I did anything to Harry on the way." Severus sneered at the thought.

"No she is not here, I told her to go home. I figured that you and Harry needed some time together." He told Severus. He went looked back at Harry. "Was he awake when you went and picked him up?"

" No he didn't wake up until I shook his shoulder. I think that Poppy should look at him. It's obvious that those Muggles didn't take care of him." Severus said with a defeated look in his eyes.

Albus noticed this, "Severus it is not your fault that you could not take care of him. It would have been too dangerous for you and especially for Harry." He said resting his hand on the young man's shoulder. "Lets take him to Poppy so she can check him." He turned and walked out the door with Severus and Harry following close behind.

When the got to the infirmary Poppy was no were in site. "Poppy, are you here?" Albus called into the empty room. He motioned for Severus to lay Harry on a bed.

Poppy hearing Albus's voice poked her head out of her office door, "Did you need me Albus?" she said her voice sounding concerned.

"Yes, we need you to give Harry here a check up." Albus said looking at the sleeping form of the young boy. Harry was curled up in a tiny ball with his small thumb in his mouth.

Poppy looked shocked at what the Headmaster said; surely he didn't mean Harry Potter. She walked quickly over to the small boy asleep on the bed.

" I'll try not to wake him up." She said as she waved her wand over the sleeping child. Her wand pulsed a light blue as she held it over Harry's body. She started from the tip of his toes and moved slowly up his body watching to make sure that the blue glow didn't change. As the wand moved up toward his stomach it turned pink, this she knew was because he wasn't getting enough nutrition. She moved further up his body and was relieved to see turn blue again. As she neared his chin it started turning a bright purple and then turned black, as she was level with his ears. At this her hand flew to her mouth. It couldn't be right. She looked quickly at Albus and then at Severus, the anguish shinning in her eyes.

"What's wrong Poppy, why did it turn black?" Severus asked trying to sound calm when he could feel the fear starting to creep into him.

She glanced down at the small boy and then back up at Severus, "He can't hear."