Athos and Porthos stood in the doorway looking at all the other people already inside. Aramis and D'Artagnan were among them, having gone into the dance earlier. Porthos touched his ear, adjusting his earwig.

"These things always feel funny." he grumbled.

"You say that every time," Aramis laughed softly, "Constance, how are the images?"

Back at headquarters, Constance looked at the the four monitors, one for each of the men. "Everything looks good here. Do the contacts feel okay?"

She had outfitted each of them with contacts that were actually tiny video transmitters. Word was that there were a number of suspected criminals and backers there tonight. They were hoping to get faces and voices for their files in addition to their main mission.

"They're fine." D'Artagnan reassured her. "Are we sure the person will even be here? Do we have any clue who it is?"

"Not one. The information we received is that they have a thumb drive with information for us. They will make contact with one of us and hand it over."

Porthos gave his opinion of the whole thing, "Sounds like a trap."

"Well, of course. So, keep a sharp eye." Athos told them.

The men wandered the bar, patio and dance floor, making polite conversation and dancing with beautiful women. After several hours, they met in a secluded area.

"I think we've been played," growled Porthos. "Nobody here has any interest in giving us a damn thing."

Aramis chuckled, "Speak for yourself, my friend. I've been given over a dozen phone numbers."

The others just shook their heads.

"Let's head out. If the person was serious, they'll contact us again. Make your way around the rooms to be sure, then head back to HQ for a quick debrief." Athos told them.

Constance's voice sounded cheerily in their ears, "Not a total loss. We did get faces and voices on dozens of suspected and known criminals. That'll make some jobs easier in the future. Oh, and can you bring me some of those yummy looking crab puffs?"

The men separated, each making one more circuit of the rooms. One of the servers approached Athos. Her nametag identified her as Diana and she was an attractive brunette with blue eyes. "Another martini, sir?"

Athos looked at her, realizing she had been the one serving him all evening. "No, thank you. But perhaps you could help me with something else. I'd like to get some of those crab puffs to take to a friend of mine."

"Well, we're not supposed to, but if we're quick, I think we can get you some."

She led him to a door marked EMPLOYEES ONLY and down a short hall.

While they walked down the hall, Athos asked, "Am I mistaken or have you deliberately been making sure to be my server this evening?"

"I have. I wanted to speak to you for just a minute privately, but never got the chance." Diana confessed.

They entered a small kitchen/breakroom. There was a warming unit on the counter which she opened and pulled out a tray of crab puffs.

As she put a number of puffs in into a foil container, she told Athos, "My father was not one of the good guys, but he made sure I stayed away from that part of his life. He passed away about a month ago, from natural causes."

"I'm sorry for your loss."

Diana handed the container to Athos. "I have to get back before I get in trouble. I hope this will be enough."

Athos took the container and watched in confusion as Diana quickly left the room. A second later, he heard something on the lid of the container and looked down to see a thumb drive.

"Constance, tell me you were still running audio and video."

"Of course, Captain."

"Good. I want a phone number for that woman."

"You think she might have more information?" Porthos asked. "Or be involved somehow?"

Aramis sighed in all their ears. "Porthos, one day we really do need to talk. No, she's on our side. He wants to ask her out."