Pokémon Meets Sailor Moon Chapter 2: True Confessions

Written By Kit Kat Kidd 2004


Serena closed her eyes and sank deeper into the water, ignoring the laughter from her friends. All she could think about was Rini, and how beautiful her future daughter was getting. She was finally beginning to grow up and her body was taking the part. She may have been 903 years old, but she still only looked thirteen and so everyone figured she was thirteen. And Pluto, man was that scout mysterious. She had the ability to be in two places at once. Serena could hardly wait until she gave birth to Rini, just so she could see her again.

She was awakened from her daydream of her cradling a baby Rini in her arms by Raye splashing water on her. She spun around, her eyes flaming. "Raye! She shrieked. Her yells were suddenly droned out by a louder, piercing wail of pain. The five girls immediately stopped their play and jumped out of the water, grabbing robes of their respective scout colors and wrapping up in them.

They ran towards the scream and froze behind a huge boulder. There on the ground was Misty, a thick golden rope wrapped around her neck. Above her was a fairy with black wings, laughing, holding the other end to the rope in her hands. Serena grasped her locket and held it high above her head as the other scouts grabbed their wands.

"Mercury Star Power!" Amy shouted as blue ribbons surrounded her body, stripping her of her clothes.

"Mars Star Power!" Raye followed, and soon stood in a circle of fire.

"Jupiter Star Power!" Lita cried out, a skirt forming around her hips.

"Venus Star Power!" Mina followed, and soon ended with her pose.

"Moon Cosmic Power!" Serena cried out and held the locket high above her head. The locket opened and pink ribbons flew out, encircling her body. She stood for a few seconds naked as her body suit began to develop. Her skirt and bows and shoulder pieces followed along with her gloves, boots and tiara. Soon she ended in her own personal stance. The five scouts stood behind the boulder, completely transformed. Sailor Moon gritted her teeth and ran out from behind the boulder. "Let her go, Demon!" The fairy laughed and beads of blue electricity began to crawl up the rope into a small container.

"What is going on here?" A voice called. The scouts and the fairy turned to face a furious Ash. Misty looked up weakly, muttered his name and finally collapsed. Sailor Venus ran up to the fairy and kicked it, momentarily releasing Misty from its grasp. The fairy cursed aloud and made a grab for Venus' foot, just barely missing it.

"Get her to safety, now!" Venus ordered Ash. He nodded and picked her up in his arms, carrying her away. The strands of her red hair soon disappeared behind the huge rock walls. Venus narrowed her eyes at the creature and prepared to attack. "Venus Love Chain Encircle!" She cried sending an energized heart towards the fairy. Suddenly the fairy disappeared, in a cloud of purple smoke.

"You won't win so easily, Sailor Scouts." A devious voice called out as the smoke billowed out of nowhere and surrounded the scouts. "I've heard of you; however, I didn't think you'd be here seeing as all the attacks were on Tokyo. No matter. You will soon have to defeat my minions. Come out fairy witches."

The five scouts stood in the clearing, back to back with each other as an eerie silence blew past them. The smoke finally cleared, and after a few minutes four different fairies appeared, each with a corresponding planet's color. Flower petals dashed past the scouts and sliced their skin. They all screamed out in pain and Sailor Moon was thrown out of the group. The scouts and fairies engaged in a battle, exchanging attacks.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!"

"Tidal Wave!"

"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"

"Hot Coals!"

"Jupiter Thunderclap Zap!"

"Electric Shock!"

"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"

"Deadly Kiss!"

"Enough of this already!" Sailor Moon screamed. The four scouts turned to face their leader and jumped out of the way. "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" She yelled and disintegrated the fairies. She sighed and fell to her knees. The black winged fairy appeared again, her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"You beat my fairies. You're stronger than I thought. Guess I need to recharge." She said and soon disappeared. The scouts narrowed their eyes and de-transformed, getting into their normal earthen clothes. They all exchanged knowing glances on Misty's behalf and ran to the lobby of the hotel.


"Unbelievable!" The doctor replied astonished as he checked Misty's pulse. Ash stood by, watching as a nurse wrapped a gauze and bandage around her arm. "She received a very bruised arm, large gashes on her legs and chest and incredible burns along her side and stomach." Ash listened carefully, slowly lowering his eyes to her stomach where painful burns were scattered along her stomach and even more painful burns were along her side. Tears came to his eyes as she moaned in pain.

"Will she be okay?" He asked, his voice holding terrible concern for his best friend. The doctor looked at him and smiled. He turned away as Ash gripped her hand tightly.

"In a matter of a week, if not sooner. Just take care of her and she'll be fine fairly soon." The doctor paused, filling the room with an awkward silence. "How did this happen anyway?" Ash shrugged and released her hand, walking towards the window. Outside it had begun to rain slightly and the droplets collected against the windowpane.

"I'm not really sure. All I know is that I heard a scream and when I arrived something was hovering above her body and five girls were trying to protect her. I don't even know if those girls were allies or enemies. They seemed to want to protect Misty but I'm not sure. The monster called them Sailor Saps or something like that."

"Sailor Scouts." A feminine voice corrected from the doorway. Ash spun around to face Serena, Lita and Mina. "They aren't Sailor Saps. They are Sailor Scouts. They are female warriors with incredible super powers that protect the world. There are four inner scouts with names corresponding to the inner planets, minus Earth, and their leader is Sailor Moon. We've heard that she's pretty powerful." Serena said.

Ash jumped up from his chair. "If she's so powerful why didn't she defeat that thing before it attacked Misty?" He screamed, taking up a defensive mode in honor of his friend.

"Hey, we said she was powerful, not intelligent." Lita answered and Serena blushed. "And she's not a psychic! She doesn't always know when something is going to attack or whom it will attack!"

"And she's certainly not coordinated. She can't even walk and chew gum at the same time! The only reason she's ever able to get out of a situation is because of the other Sailor Scouts." Mina added. Serena pouted and spun to face her friend.

"Yeah, well! Sailor Venus isn't exactly the best either! I mean she just as klutzy as Sailor Moon and she always messes up phrases! At least Sailor Moon can defeat a demon. And Sailor Jupiter isn't exactly little Miss Think Before I Leap either."

"Will you girls shut up!" Ash cried. The three girls looked at him; astonished he would talk to them like that. "Sheesh, you'd think you were the Sailor Scouts the way you're acting. Anyway, the doctor said that Misty would be okay soon." Ash took a quick breath, calming down. "I need to meet Brock somewhere. I guess I'll see you girls later." He said and left the room.


Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina sighed as they sat at a small table, surrounded by delicious smelling teas and cakes. Serena was laying her head on the table while Raye and Mina were sipping tea and Lita was eating a slice of carrot cake. Amy was silently reading a textbook. They didn't even notice Ash and Misty walk into the Tea House and sit at a table near them yet as soon as Brock walked in and noticed Mina, the two groups were sitting together.

Raye smiled at Misty and looked down at her arm. "I heard that the Sailor Scouts saved you. Is that true?" Misty nodded, cradling her arm.

Ash looked up at the girls. "Yeah, one of them told me to take Misty to safety. She wore a orange outfit and said something about a love chain thing."

Mina smiled and looked up from her tea. "That's Sailor Venus; she's all about love and energy. Sailor Jupiter wears green and her attacks are all about lightning. Sailor Mars wears red and her attacks are fire. Sailor Mercury wears blue and she attacks with ice and fog. Sailor Moon was the one who destroyed the monster. She attacks with the power of the moon or purity."

"Gee, Mina, you sure know a lot about the scouts." Serena said sarcastically. Mina glared at her friend, and took another sip of her tea. Serena glared back, sticking out her tongue.

"Well, whoever they are, I sure wouldn't mind be saved by them. They were all really pretty." Ash stated putting his chin in his cupped hands. Misty frowned while the other girls blushed furiously. Ash raised an eyebrow in their direction. "Especially that Sailor Mars. She was really majestic. Like a princess or something." He smiled. Raye turned an even darker red. Serena face faulted and stared at Ash with disbelief.

"Please, Ash. Sailor Mars? If anyone is the prettiest it's definitely Sailor Moon. The other scouts couldn't compare to her." Serena stated, crossing her arms. Raye and the other girls dropped their jaws. All at once, they began to yell at each other, telling her how pretty their scout was. Serena growled under her breath and soon joined in the feud. Ash smirked and shrugged. He glanced over at Misty who had tears rolling down her cheeks.

"You okay?" Ash asked. She nodded and got up to leave, ignoring the fighting cries of her new friends. Ash cocked an eye and grabbed her wrist, trying to pull her back down. She snatched her hand away and began to walk towards the door. "Well then, why are you crying?" She spun around, her eyes red and puffy.

"I am not crying!" She yelled.

"Yes you are!" He answered.

"Are not!"

"Are too!" By that time the rest of the restaurant had turned to look at the table. Serena and the other girls had stopped fighting to stare intently at Ash and Misty's argument and Brock blushed, feeling sorry for his friends.

"If you'll excuse me, once they get started, it's best to just leave them be. I guess I'll see you ladies tomorrow." Brock smiled softly in Mina's direction. She flushed a dark crimson. "Sweet dreams." He said and left the Tea House. Misty glared at Ash and quickly followed suit.


Brock sighed as the bus pulled up to the town. He slowly departed and began to walk around town, eventually arriving at a small park. He sat down on the bank of a lake. A couple walked out of a boat rental shop, laughing and holding hands. Brock sighed again and looked up at the sky. A shooting star passed by and he made a wish. "Please let someone one day love me the way those two love each other." Little did he know that not too far away, a snooping blond heard his every word. She glanced up at the star and made a wish herself. She whispered something to herself and suddenly an orange mist surrounded her.