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"Alright, I managed to snag a time slot for this Aura massage everyone's been talking about!" exclaimed a student who was in his final year at Pharos Academy, Alec Tris. He had heard raves about this massage, and the fact that THE Pyrrha Nikos approved it just made up his decision. He was so close to being able to attend Beacon Academy in half a year, and wanted to get every advantage he could get.

Alec was on his way to Elysium Oasis when he heard a whistle. Looking towards the source, he saw the very definition of femme fatale. Long luscious black hair, long sexy legs, with a hairstyle that slightly covered her left side of her face. Oh, and did he forget to mention she was wearing a dress that hugged and showed her curves, as well as baring her shoulders and a bit of a cleavage window?

The woman seductively raised her hands up, her fingers motioning for him to come closer. The student looked around wondering if she was gesturing to somebody else to see there was nobody around him before looking back at her, pointing to himself. The woman smiled as she gestured for him to come again, taking a small step back into a small alleyway.

In his mind, the student's more rational side was blaring, telling him not to follow. Unfortunately, his young irrational teenage mind powered right through that, his libido speaking up. He rationalized that since he was an up and coming Huntsman-in-training, he could handle whatever was going to happen. And if everything went right and he got lucky, then it would be so worth it!

As Alec stepped into the alleyway, he could see the women still there, just waiting for him. The shade from the buildings covered her face, but it didn't cover her body, to which he was lustfully gazing at. The women began to walk closer and closer to him, causing him to almost drool at the way she walked, her hips swaying with each step. She was so close to him now when she leaned forward, her face getting closer to his. The only thing he remembered next were those golden eyes before falling unconscious.

Cinder Falls smirked as the student she lured fell unconscious. A little seductive flair, along with a well-timed pinch to the back of the student's neck and a special Dust concoction that would knock a man out, and the student was out. She contemplated on straight up killing the student, but decided against it. No need to arouse suspicion just yet. Just an old Dust technique, she infused some Dust into her clothes, readjusting her dress to be longer to cover her legs. With practiced ease, she flicked any remaining dust on her clothes, making sure it was immaculate as usual, before heading towards Elysium Oasis.

"Hmm, I guess he's not coming," hummed Jaune as he checked the clock, noticing it was already 10 minutes past the appointment time. He called the patient to check if he was on his way, only for the scroll to go to voicemail.

"It looks like fortune smiles upon me," smiled Cinder, "Does that mean I can come in?"

"Yea, might as well," shrugged Jaune, taking the Scroll tablet back from Cinder as she finished putting her information in, "The showers are down the hall to the right."

Cinder nodded as she strolled down the hall towards the showers, taking her time in the shower. With all her missions out on the road and working in the shadows, she hadn't had time to just take a good shower. She was not to fully infiltrate Beacon until the rest of the students from the other three Academies arrived. This would allow her to blend in with the crowd and perform reconnaissance on any other potential threats.

But for now, she would enjoy her warm shower with soap.

"All finished?" asked Jaune as he finished his prep work and was currently washing his hands when he heard the door open. Turning around, he stalled for a second when he saw Cinder wearing just a towel that barely covered her chest and thighs, almost to the fact that one wrong move would reveal those petals. Jaune, however, shook it off in an instant, refocusing on his job. He had seen Neo pull this trick before already, and to a much bigger scale.

Cinder raised her eyes at his sudden change in demeanor, and was tempted to adjust her towel to show more, but decided against it. There was no point in revealing her body to someone that wasn't even relevant to her mission. Getting on the massage bed, Cinder chose on a whim the autumn breeze oil, partly because it reminded her of her destiny.

Jaune warmed up his hands before pressing down onto Cinder's back.

'Mmm, he's not bad,' hummed Cinder as she closed her eyes, enjoying ministrations provided by Jaune. When he started to stream Aura, she noticed that his Aura reserves were quite large.

'To have such a naturally large Aura without any formal training is quite incredible, and sure to arouse jealousy amongst many. However, without training, it is useless,' hummed Cinder to herself.

She lost her train of thought though when Jaune shifted down to her legs, gently pressing and kneading her thighs.

'I can think more about this later,' thought Cinder as she suppressed a moan from coming out of her mouth, 'For now, I'll enjoy this. I can see why Torchwick was keen on keeping this place. Perhaps I won't actively harm this area when the plan goes through.'

Of course, the Grimm attacked anywhere they wanted, and though she could exert a small influence over them, she wasn't going to tell them not to attack the area. She wouldn't tell them to purposely aim for it either, as it had no purpose in her plans.

As Cinder relaxed to enjoy the massage, Jaune noticed the tattoo just below the nape of her neck. Inspecting it, he noticed the black marks looked like two high heel shoes that formed a heart in the middle.

"Are you alright with me massaging this area, where the tattoo is?" asked Jaune, pointing at the tattoo, as he was aware that massage oil on a fresh tattoo could ruin the tattoo itself.

Cinder blinked as she felt where Jaune was poking before giving a nod. The place in question wasn't actually a tattoo, but an insignia of power. Residing right underneath it was a gift her master, Salem had given her to absorb what should've been rightfully hers. Underneath it was the Grimm parasite that was holding half of the Fall Maiden's power within her, nestling in her body. Though slightly uncomfortable with the fact that something foreign was with her, it was a necessary thing, as it helped ground the power to her. Without it, the Fall Maiden's power could flow back to the original maiden.

"It's not a fresh tattoo, so feel free," replied Cinder whimsically.

Jaune nodded as he rubbed his hands together, warming them up once more before pouring Aura into his fingers.

Right as he was about to press down, Cinder realized that this was an Aura massage, and that he was about to pour Aura into where the Grimm parasite was residing.

"Wai-!" began Cinder, only for it to be too late as Jaune innocently pressed down.

The immediate reaction to this was something Cinder couldn't begin to describe. It was both painful and pleasurable, both good and bad. She felt something ripping her apart, but at the same time, sealing it up.

"Enough!" shouted Cinder as she managed to push herself off the massage table, her towels somehow sticking onto her as she did.

"I'm so sorry!" apologized Jaune, slightly freaking out at Cinder's reaction, "Did you have some sort of injury in there? I've never had anyone freak out like that before! I'm so sorry!"

Cinder took deep breaths as she tried to calm herself down. She was half-tempted to incinerate the boy, but it wouldn't bode well for her. She was sure that if she did, Roman and Neo would immediately spill their plans to Ozpin. Though she could deal with them, professional thieves such as these two always had backup plans that could end up biting her if she wasn't careful.

Not to mention she had been enjoying the massage, too. Jaune had even asked permission before proceeding. It wasn't as if he knew that the Grimm parasite was there. Taking a deep breath, Cinder adjusted her towels before looking at Jaune.

"It's alright. It was just unexpected. For now, avoid that area," ordered Cinder.

Jaune quickly nodded as Cinder got back onto the massage table, lying face up now.

"Proceed," demanded Cinder, to which Jaune did as he began to work on her thighs.

Cinder felt his hands slowly going closer to her womanhood, but a glance at his face revealed that he was focused on his work and nothing else. Cinder couldn't help but mentally chuckle at how focused he was.

Cinder took a deep breath as she was outside, having finished with the massage. As much as she didn't want to admit it, the massage certainly felt good. Especially when Jaune brought out a candle. Using it as a fire source, Jaune swiftly moved his oiled hands over it, letting the oil catch on fire. This time, Jaune didn't panic as he did with Professor Ivy before. Instead, he managed to control the flow of Aura in his hands this time, letting it lightly burn before swiftly rubbing it on Cinder's skin. Cinder could feel the heat draining her exhaustion away, and allowed him to continue.

'Now to make sure everything is alright,' thought Cinder as she arrived at her hideout, making sure she was alone in her room before meditating for a bit. As she looked inside her body, she could feel the Grimm parasite barely moving, having been weakened by Jaune's 'impromptu attack'. Yet something felt off.

"The Fall Maiden's powers... is it stabilized within me?" gasped Cinder as she opened her eyes. With the Grimm parasite weakened, it should have released some of the Maiden's power locked within her, making her weaker. Instead, Jaune's Aura somehow managed to allow her to retain the Maiden's power without the Grimm parasite.

"Perhaps I should put him on the watch list," hummed Cinder to herself. As of now, Jaune was on her list of people that wouldn't be disturbed until further notice. After all, she enjoyed the massage as a bonus.

Deep inside Beacon Academy, in the Beacon Vault underground the Academy itself, laid the current Fall Maiden, Amber, in a medical coma. For months now, after the attack, she laid dormant, unresponsive to any treatment as half of her Aura had been stolen. Several medical apparatus was connected to the medical tube she was asleep in, providing life support. The programs inside would alert Ozpin if Amber's condition took a turn for the worse. However, it was not programmed to notify him that she was doing better. It was a shame that nobody noticed when Amber's vitals spiked up for a second as if waking up, before returning back to her normal coma state.

"Urrgg, what happened?" moaned Alec as he woke up in the alleyway. Blinking at the sunlight shining through, Alec quickly went over his body, making sure he was in one piece and not missing any organs or wallet.

"Huh, I'm not hurt," murmured Alec to himself as he began to review what had happened. He remembered following a hot woman that was luring him in, despite his subconscious telling him not to. He remembered the woman's face coming close to his. Then nothing.

"Well, I didn't lose anything," hummed Alec as he opened his wallet to see all his Lien, ID, and credit card still inside.

"No wait, I'm missing something!" hissed a very excited Alec.

Missing from his wallet was a condom he had been keeping in case of 'emergencies'. It was a gag gift from his father when he reached 16, but he had kept it in case he really needed it. His older friends had all made stories about having condoms at the right time with a girl they wanted to have intercourse with, but for the said girl to only allow them to go further if they had protection. He didn't know if most of those stories were made up, but he figured it wouldn't hurt to have one in his wallet.

And now the said condom was gone.

"Haha, I did it with a hot lady!" crowed Alec in victory, "Now if only I remembered it. Oh well, I'm sure I'll remember it in time. The only downside was missing the massage appointment, but if it meant getting laid with a hot lady, I'll take that any time!"

While he walked and whistled a tune, he forgot that he had taken the said condom out of his wallet a week earlier. The condom had expired and crusted over, so Alec threw it away with half a mind to buy a new one when he had time, to which he never did.


"You sure you don't have anything to do Ren?" asked Jaune as Ren settled down onto the chair.

"Not yet," replied Ren with a sigh, "However, Pyrrha returns tomorrow night from Mistral. Most likely we'll be training together for the remainder of our break so as not to fall behind, especially since we're only three people on a team now."

"It'll be good to see her again," hummed Jaune. He did miss her coming over to tutor or even hang out.

"It would be nice for Nora to have another female companion," nodded Ren.

"You need someone to help you take care of Nora, don't you?" smirked Jaune.

"Very," replied Ren without hesitation.

The two shared a good laugh as the first patient arrived, which Jaune recognized.

"Bao Zhi," greeted Jaune with a smile.

"I told you I'd come back," smiled the panda Faunus as she signed herself in

"That you did," replied Jaune, "Clementine will take you to the showers while I prep up."

Bao nodded as she followed Clementine, her panda ears slightly waving in excitement.

"Ahhh, I needed this," moaned Bao as Jaune pressed down on her back.

"You seem quite tense," commented Jaune as he tackled a knot on her back, "How's your new job?"

"Good, good," replied Bao with a smile. However, within her tone, Jaune caught something.

"Is there something?" asked Jaune politely.

Bao was silent for a bit, only giving off small squeaks of pain/satisfaction as Jaune unraveled another knot.

"It's nothing much... Just a coworker who keeps pestering me," grumbled Bao.

"Is he giving you a hard time?" asked Jaune.

"Maybe? I don't know?" confessed Bao, "He keeps coming close to me, but I can't tell if he's using his seniority in the lab to get his way with me."

"Is he making your job harder?" inquired Jaune, "Pressuring you?"

"Uhh... now that you bring that up, not really. I mean there were some procedures I thought were annoying until later on, I found it was how the company operated. Other times, it's made some things easier," frowned Bao.

"Maybe he's just like that?" hummed Jaune as he pressed down on her calf.

Bao didn't answer as her mind short-circuited from the pleasure her nerves received as Jaune unraveled several knots in her legs that she didn't even know she had.

"If only he didn't... Ean Ceru," mumbled Bao as her ears twitched.

Jaune rolled his shoulders as he prepared for the last patient of the day. Bao had thanked him once again for the massage, swearing she would spread the words out about his clinic before leaving.

"Jaune, the next patient is ready for you," informed Clementine as she stuck her head inside the room.

"Thank you," thanked Jaune as he finished washing his hands, "Out of curiosity, can I get the next patient's name?"

"It's Ean Ceru," answered Clementine, causing Jaune's eyes to widen before narrowing.

"I see. Send him in," stated Jaune.

Seconds later, Ean came in, allowing Jaune to see a human male similar to Bao's age with green eyes, blue hair, and pale skin.

"Oooh, I can see why Bao recommended this place," moaned Ean as Jaune pressed down on his back.

"You mean Bao Zhi?" clarified Jaune.

"Yea, I overheard her talking about this place during the lunch break," replied Ean, "A little lower, please."

As Jaune obeyed, he contemplated on what to do. Here was a person that was annoying Bao. But as a masseuse, he couldn't just intervene on Bao's behalf, especially since he had no real claim. He couldn't even really say that he and Bao were close friends.

Instead, he decided to just investigate with words.

"So you know Bao from your job?" inquired Jaune.

"Yea, she's a new hire that works in the same lab as I do," nodded Ean.

Jaune took the chance to probe further a bit without arousing suspicion.

"... and those ears. They're so cute!" squealed Ean.

Jaune had to stop himself from giggling and smiling to himself as he pressed down on Ean's back. Ean wasn't some jerk using his seniority to pressure down on Bao to obey his orders. He was a genuinely nice person who wanted to help her and found her very cute. In short, he had a crush on her, and had no idea how to ask her out without seeming too overbearing. Not to mention he didn't care about the fact Bao was a Faunus.

"So why not just ask her politely after work if she would like to have lunch or coffee together?" asked Jaune as he pressed down on his shoulder, focusing in on his shoulder blades.

"Mmmm, but I get too nervous," confessed Ean.

"Just suck it up and do it," advised Jaune, "If not, she might get the wrong impression later on."

"Mmm, maybe," moaned Ean before wincing in pain at the sudden jab inside the shoulder blade, only to relax again.

"Whew, you guys get home safe," waived Jaune as Ren and the others began to leave.

"I'll walk them to the bus stop," shrugged Ren, "Nora will be here soon. With two of us, it's unlikely any thugs will mess with us. But I'm more concerned about the news."

"What's up with the news?" asked Jaune.

"You haven't heard?" blinked Arvo, "There's been a series of robbery/murders that the police haven't been able to pin down the motive."

"It's starting to scare the populace," nodded Clementine.

Jaune frowned before waving it off. After all, what could the robbers/murderers want at his clinic anyway?

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