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"Alright, got a location set up, let's do this," breathed Jaune as he set up his temporary clinic, looking around in the building.

"Still, this is a bit much for a temporary location," said Jaune to himself as he glanced around. It looked very similar to his old massage room, though with actual sectioned rooms than his temporary curtains like he had before. There was even a shower room available for the customers.

"Don't think too much about it, this place is supposed to be a pet grooming center/vet clinic," said Miltia as she arrived with Melanie, "It hasn't been fully renovated, but it should be enough for your purpose. The shower room still needs to be painted to match the company logo, and there are some extra parts that Junior is still waiting on to arrive and install."

Jaune nodded, sighing in relief that they hadn't specially prepared a place for him to use just for a week. He would feel guilty about that.

As for the materials needed, some of Junior's men were already carrying most of them inside. Jaune had needed to restock, and so upon placing his order, instead of having them land within Beacon, they were instead shipped to one of Junior's addresses, to which he had his men take them to the current location.

"I'm surprised that I'm fully booked for tomorrow," confessed Jaune, "Didn't think my old customers would remember me."

"You underestimate your prowess," teased Melanie with a grin, "You forgot how popular you were here."

Jaune hummed as he remembered mostly having a full schedule back in the days.

"I guess," said Jaune, "Still, I appreciate you guys helping me set up."

"No problem," replied the twins as they glanced around the room. In reality, the twins hadn't lifted a finger while all of Junior's men were doing the lifting, but none of them were going to argue about that point. They knew better.

First Monday

"I so missed this," groaned Droy as Jaune pushed down on his back, "When are you going to come back full time here?"

"That'll be up to the future," deflected Jaune, "You've gotten quite a bit of knots built up on your back, especially your lower back. You should be more careful."

Droy could only grunt when Jaune pressed down harshly on a part of his spine creating a loud crack. Soon, Droy fell asleep, enjoying the massage as Jaune continued with the treatment.

After Jaune finished up with Droy, he went out to take a quick sip of water before getting ready for the next patient.

As it turned out, he was seeing a lot of familiar faces today.

"Hello again! Do you still remember me?" said the Faunus with panda ears.

"Bao Zhi," smiled Jaune, "It's nice for you to see me again. Everything going well with your current job?"

"Yea," nodded Bao Zhi, "I got a promotion!"

"That's good to hear. And the other… problem?" asked Jaune.

"He's actually my boyfriend now," blushed Bao, "Ean was actually being super nice to me and didn't know how to ask me out. He said something gave him courage to do it in the end."

Then Bao narrowed her eyes as she thought of something, "Now I think of it, it was after his massage here. Did you say anything to him?"

"Me? Nope," said Jaune with a straight face, which was true. All he did was make a simple conversation, and that was it.

Bao looked at Jaune before shrugging, "Whatever. It's time for my massage!"

Jaune chuckled as she eagerly skipped into the room, shrugging off her robes to hop onto the massage table.


It seemed that this week would be full of reunions when Jaune saw who had come.

"Arvo," grinned Jaune as he greeted his next patient, "Been a while. Doing well?"

"Somewhat," nodded Arvo, "I do miss working for you. My new gig isn't bad, but it's just not the same."

"I'm glad to hear that you're still working," said Jaune, "I wish I could've hired you at my new place."

"Where are you working?" questioned Arvo, "Last time we spoke, you said you were going back home."

"Well things happened, and I'm now one of the auxiliary staff members of Beacon, specifically the masseur over there," said Jaune, scratching the side of his head, "With the Vytal Festival coming up as well as the increase student population from the other academies, Beacon decided to temporarily hire me until the end of the Vytal Festival."

"... That's one way of getting into Beacon," chuckled Arvo, "I remember you saying that you wanted to be a Huntsman before."

"Who didn't?" shrugged Jaune, "You admitted when you were younger you wanted to become one too."

"Yea, well, that was then," said Arvo as he scratched the back of his head, "I don't have the drive to do all that stuff. I'm happy being a civilian. It is good to see you getting another step closer to your goal though."

"Yea hopefully," hummed Jaune, "Getting a lot of study materials thanks to having access to Beacon's library and training center, not to mention the professors and doctor are always helpful."

"Nice," complimented Arvo, "What about the students? Especially those four girls from Shade… I'm drying a blank on their names, but they seemed really into you. They haven't been harassing you now have they?"

Jaune blinked, trying to figure out whom Arvo was talking about. There were a lot of students from Shade that he had massaged, and a majority seemed aloof to him, though the female students did seem more friendlier and touchier.

"The team of four," continued Arvo, snapping his fingers as he tried to remember the names, "You did two Aura massages on two of the teammates, a blonde chick and black haired chick. Blondie's name was something closely related to water or something about morning…."

"... Dew?" clarified Jaune.

"Yea, her and her team!" exclaimed Arvo.

"They've been nice to me overall," hummed Jaune, "I don't know if they were harassing to me….. though they did seem huggy to me."

Arvo sighed as he decided to push the subject on the backburner. Though being oblivious to Shade Huntresses-in-training had its perk, as seduction didn't seem effective. He had heard quite a bit about Vacuo's culture to know being a civilian in that area wasn't easy.

"Now let's get this massage going. I don't think I've ever had your full course before, and so I'm treating myself," declared Arvo.

"Of course," nodded Jaune, "Be ready to be knocked out."

As Arvo laid on the bed, Jaune began to warm up his hands and oil before gently pressing down onto his back.

"Oooh, that feels good," groaned Arvo as Jaune pressed down onto his muscles.

Twenty minutes later, Arvo fell asleep while Jaune kept going on with the massage. With a smile, Jaune gave Arvo a little extra service for all his hard work with some fire. After learning how to properly stream Aura into his hands while using a candle infused with fire dust, Jaune could safely light his hands on fire without using oil. Jaune swiftly passed his hands over Arvo's back, using the heat to sap away the tensions. Using fire cupping with his fingers as the heat source to create a vacuum within the cup before swiftly putting it onto Arvo's back. After ensuring the cups were properly place, Jaune left to wash up and take a quick break to eat before finishing the massage.


"Did you guys plan this?" asked Jaune whimsically.

"Just a happy coincidence," smiled Clementine as she paid her bill for her massage.

"Today was my day off this week," said Elen as she walked up, "Azul always praised your skills, so I decided I wanted to see it for myself. Consider this an evaluation and a treat for myself."

"Way to increase the pressure," deadpanned Jaune as Elen giggled, "I suppose I have no choice but to bring my A game then."

Elen smiled as she walked into the room, quickly disrobing herself before getting onto the massage table, putting her body onto the massage table facing down. Being a masseuse herself, nudity wasn't a problem for her.

"I'm waiting for you to dazzle me boss," said Elen.

"I'm not your boss anymore," chuckled Jaune as he warmed up his hands, "But nonetheless, I would never not give my all on my job."

Jaune began applying some oil that Elen had brought in herself, his hand gliding on her back.

'She takes good care of her skin,' noted Jaune to himself, noticing how it was blemish free and so smooth.

"You got anywhere you want me to focus on?" asked Jaune.

"Mmm, my legs perhaps. I accidentally strained it a bit the other day when I was walking. My high heels broke mid-stride, and though I managed to keep my balance, I ended up overstretching my muscles," said Elen.

Jaune nodded as he began the massage, starting from her back first. His hands probed around for knots to tackle first on her back. Finding the first one, Jaune began kneading into her muscles.

"Ooh, that's a nice touch," groaned Elen, "I'm starting to see why Azul praised your skills now."

Jaune smiled as he continued down before gently prodding her legs. Feeling the tense muscles, Jaune began to massage the area, going gently at first before adding pressure.

Elen began to groan and squeak in pain and pleasure before taking a deep breath, slowly exhaling. She could definitely see why Azul had high praises for Jaune. His skills were nothing to joke about, and the only thing that he was lacking was experience, something that was easily being remedied.


White Fang Lieutenant Gray looked left and right, making sure he wasn't recognized by civilians, police force, or worse, White Fang members. It wouldn't bode well for someone high in the Vale White Fang chain of command to be going to a human masseur, especially with Adam nearby. Adam's temper was already on thin ice when he had heard about a human being on a very short list of not to touch. Having to work with humans had already been aggravating enough, but they at least contributed to the White Fang in the form of Lien, supplies, or power, even if Cinder did bend their arms to cooperate together. Jaune offered none of those, and yet he was on the 'protected' list.

Gray had debated about booking an appointment for Adam for a massage, but he knew better than to do so. Adam would rather kill himself than let a human touch him, much less one who had touched a Schnee.

Still, he was working overtime trying to get the new recruits up to snuff for their planned revolution. Training, discipline, logistics, he had a hand on everything to run a tight ship. They couldn't afford to slip, not with the plan coming so close to fruition. A strict curfew had been established, and no members were allowed to get drunk in case of loose lips. In short, he was stressed and needed to relax fast, and Jaune's massages would let him do so.

'The only time I got to vent was when I was beating up the Schnee heiress,' chuckled Gray to himself, 'If only I got to play longer against her.'

Gray, wearing a disguise with a fedora hat, managed to sneak into the temporary clinic while acting as a normal customer. After checking in and making sure he wasn't recognized, Gray was inside the clinic, waiting for his turn.

"Ah, you're the one Roman brought in before. Gray, right?" asked Jaune as he entered the room.

"Y-yea," stuttered Gray slightly, not used to having a human recognize him so fast, even if Jaune had seen him almost naked.

"You want an Aura massage? Haven't really done any this week since most of my customers don't have Aura unlocked," asked Jaune.

"If you wouldn't mind," nodded Gray.

"Alright no problem, though since you booked a shorter time, could you sit forward on this massage chair?" asked Jaune, pointing to the portable massage chair he had set up.

Gray nodded, taking a seat while allowing Jaune to make the necessary adjustments so he could easily lean forward against it comfortably.

As Jaune began his preparations, Gray allowed his mind to wander. He pondered if this massage could become prevalent in the White Fang. He was certain Sienna Khan, leader of the whole White Fang, would appreciate having such a service by her side. She certainly carried a heavy burden, having taken leadership after succeeding Ghira Belladonna. Despite what outsiders thought, it had been a peaceful transition of power, not a coup.

'Maybe I can bait Jaune outside of Vale,' thought Gray, 'This place will become a danger zone. If we can capture him and if I personally escort him to high leader Khan and show her his usefulness, then she'll put him under her personal aegis. Sienna wouldn't kill a human who hasn't done anything in pure spite.'

Gray dismissed the idea, knowing it was ludicrous. It was just an excuse to have a more convenient place to get his massages, and just because he would be under Sienna's aegis didn't mean he'd be safe.

No, Gray decided to let Neo and Roman handle this part. They had extensively said they had plans to make sure Jaune would be safe, so there was no reason to interfere. The most he could do was make sure he didn't point Adam in Jaune's direction. Otherwise, he might be roasted and stabbed by Cinder and Neo.

Friday Night

Hazel glanced around the streets before entering a five star hotel, taking the elevator to the top vip suite. Knocking on the door in a specific manner, Hazel waited 10 seconds before entering into the room with his room key.

"Hazel. Finished with your reconnaissance?" asked Salem from her chair, dining on some wine. She currently had her disguise up to ensure that even if someone managed to spy at her from the window via technology or Semblance, they would see just a rich if not very beautiful lady enjoying her time.

"Nothing suspicious," reported Hazel succinctly.

"Very well," said Salem as she swirled her wine glass, "Which is why I had Cinder book you an appointment to see the masseur first tomorrow."

Hazel blinked in surprise before regaining control of his face, "I see. It would be wise if I went first to ensure your safety."

"That's part of it, but another is to reward you for the services rendered to me," said Salem, "Since we are here, we may as well enjoy ourselves."

Hazel bowed before retreating to his own room.