AN: Hi people! Yes, I'm back with a new story! It's to celebrate my recent 18th birthday! It's a story I've been recently working on, but I seem to adore it already! Have any of you read any Phantom of the Opera/Harry Potter crossovers? I looked at them, and most (though not all) just retell the PotO story with Harry Potter characters, like Lily Evans as Christine, James Potter as Raoul, and McGonagall as Madame Giry. That is NOT what I want to read.

So, this is my first Female Harry story, which is very exciting for me. And the Phantom is going to get his own happy ending. Why did Christine pick Raoul over the Phantom? I don't know. I would've chosen the Opera Ghost over the Viscount any day!

Also, the math for this was really confusing, for both fandoms. We don't know when the Phantom was born, nor Madam Giry, and the Phantom is still alive at the end of the movie, when he should be dead from old age, considering it was the early 1900s. The movie starts in 1919 then jumps back to 1870, which means it was nearly 50 years in between. Christine, according to her gravestone, was born in 1854 and died in 1917, making her 63 years old. I'd guess Raoul would be no more than five years older than Christine, making him, at the oldest, 68 when the auction happens in the movie. The Phantom was around Madame Giry's age, a few years younger than her, and she's dead by the time the auction happens. Harry was born in 1980, since Lily and James died in 1981 and Harry was already over a year old. The first book takes place in 1991, and that means that it has been 121 years since the start of the Phantom of the Opera disaster. And add to the fact that the Phantom must have been in his 20s or 30s by that point, and the Phantom has a long lifespan. Almost... magical, right?

Alright, enough with the math; I'm on Christmas Break, my head hurts from all the math, on with the story!

Chapter One

Everyone in Paris, France knew of the decrepit old building; a building, they were told, that was once known as the Opera Populaire. It had been well-known all over the world, until a mysterious disaster befell it and it was abandoned. The only action that had been taken after the disaster was when it was auctioned off, and the destroyed chandelier, half-fixed with garish electric lightbulbs, was hoisted back into its rightful place on the ceiling.

Young children often broke into the old opera house, but none made it more than a few hours. They all would run back out, claiming that they felt someone watching them. Someone that didn't want them there.


Footsteps echoed in the eerie stillness, the only noise in the wreck of ambitions and dreams that was the Opera Populaire. A white face mask appeared in the dark, almost glowing in the dimness of the shadows. It covered only half of the mysterious man's face, due to his disfigurement. Dark hair was combed neatly back, and his black suit and black cloak swirled into existence.

In his hands was a single, blood-red rose, tied with a black ribbon. He gazed at it for a few moments, then placed it upon the dusty, rubble-strewn ground.

The Phantom of the Opera then walked out of the opera house that had been his prison, his playground, and his artistic domain for this past century.


The Phantom decided to leave France in the end; there were too many memories, too much scorn the country had for him, even if they did not care to know who it really was they scorned. Madame Giry was long dead, as well as her daughter. Meg, he thought her name was. Christine had died in 1917, and Raoul (curse him) three years after. He ended up in Britain, wandering the cities and the countryside like the ghost he was. Opera Ghost, such a fitting name now...

However, it was by pure chance that he ended up in the horrifyingly uniform Privet Drive the night little Elena Potter was dropped off at her Aunt's doorstep.


He stared at the little bundle on the doorstep; what monumental idiot put a... one year old or so baby (he was guessing)... on a doorstep... in the middle of the night... with nothing but a blanket in late October?! It was a chilling night; even the Phantom could feel it through his black cloak and suit. Examining the little child closer, he saw a letter written on thick, old-style parchment. Frowning, the Opera Ghost plucked the letter from on top of the blanket and opened it, quickly reading the loopy handwriting.

The Phantom's eyes softened, and he carefully replaced the letter with the girl. Little Elena Potter, he now knew. Elena shifted, showing hair as black as raven wings, and opened her eyes a bit, revealing eyes that were as bright and green as emeralds.

His heart broke a little at the sight; such an innocent little girl, much like how Christine had once been. It was then that he vowed to watch over this little girl. He would be this little one's guardian, her teacher... her Angel of Music.

It did not matter if little Elena never knew that he was there; knowing he had protected her was enough.


In the end, it was a good thing that the Phantom had chosen to protect little Elena. Whoever had placed her with... with these animals was obviously a worse person than the man that had beaten the Phantom, calling him 'the Devil's Child'.

For the first time since his disappearance from the Opera House, after Christine had finally left him, his fingers itched for the coarseness of a rope. The only thing that stayed his vengeance was the thought that if little Elena's guardians were found dead, she might be taken and he might not be able to find his charge again. And that was unacceptable.

But even so, the Phantom's patience was not unlimited, and his anger shortened that fuse. His temper finally snapped after the walrus-looking man shouted about how he "didn't want a little freak like that in the house!"

The Phantom's skill at illusions and being a magician had not waned over these past 100 years or so, and this was the first time in a while that he had used them. This demonstration would hopefully cure that overly-large man from continuing his hatred for the Phantom's charge. If not, the man would hang.


The Dursleys sat down sat down to dinner, ignoring the cries from the unwanted freak in the cupboard under the stairs. Petunia was trying (and failing) to get her little Diddykins to eat his food while Vernon simply focused on eating the wonderful dinner his wife had prepared. Almost everything was perfect to the overweight man, except...

Suddenly, the lights in the house began flickering ominously. Vernon looked up and roared, "What the devil's going on here?! Can the blasted electric company not do anything right?!"

"Vernon, dear," Petunia tried to reassure her husband, "I'm sure that..."

So preoccupied were the two adults with the flickering lights, they completely missed the smoke covering the floor of the house. Elena Potter had finally quieted, and with a final feeble flicker, the lightbulbs stayed dim, leaving the Dursleys in the dark.

From what the Phantom had gleaned from the walrus's ramblings, these... people abhorred everything abnormal, and that included little Elena and her 'freakish' parents. This was, therefore, the best way to frighten them.

It seemed the giraffe woman was the first to notice him; her skin went pale and she stuttered, "V-Vernon!"

Vernon (so that was the walrus's name) stood, his face turning an ugly shade of red. "You are breaking and entering, sir! I demand that you leave at once!"

"I'm afraid I cannot do that, Dursley," the Phantom purred menacingly. "I am Elena Potter's protector, you see; the way you have treated your not-even two year old niece is not acceptable... by any standards."

A hanging rope appeared in his hands, the noose already tied. "If you continue your treatment of her, this rope will be your reward. This... will be your only warning."

As he seemed to fade back into the shadows, his white mask shining in the darkness, the Phantom issued one more thing. "I value Elena Potter's safety and happiness... so I will know if you have attempted to go against my order."

The hanging rope now dangled from the ceiling, as a reminder of the consequences of their actions should they dare to disobey.

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