It was a beautiful sunny morning in Surrey. At 4, Privet Drive, little four year old Harry Potter was weeding the garden. He could see his aunt and uncle rushing to pack their suitcases for the trip to Egypt that his uncle had won. Harry signed as he realised that he would once again be left at old Mrs.Figgs house who lived across the street. For as long as Harry could remember he had never been taken on a trip even to the zoo by his relatives. Now you would ask about where his parents were? You see Harry's mother who was his aunt's sister and his father had died in a car crash when Harry was not even a year old. Since his aunt was his only living relative he had been dumped in front of their doorstep. The Dursleys, Harry's relatives prided themselves for being a normal family. Vernon Dursley, Harry's uncle was an obese man who worked in a drilling company. His aunt, Petunia Dursley was a housewife who loved to throw tea parties as she lived on gossip. His whale of a cousin , Dudley, was a bully in making at the age of four and left no chance to get Harry in trouble. You would now ask why Harry's family behaved like this with him? You see, strange things seemed to occur around Harry, like when he was angry his teacher's hair, who had for no reason picked on him, had turned green. The teacher blamed Harry though he confessed several times that he did not do it but the Dursley's seemed to believe the teacher. Harry's hair would also always grow back when his aunt would forcefully cut it. But the strangest thing was that Harry never felt cold, to him it was comforting, the cold didn't bother him he said. Now you see the Dursley's prided themselves for being normal so they labeled this as freakishness and called him a freak. They were also unnaturally cruel to him, he had to cook and clean the house, weed the garden and if he ever made mistakes or his uncle was just angry he would be punched, slapped and whipped but Harry was used to this by now. The Dursley's thought of him as stupid and abused him but they had no idea about the budding hate, anger and disgust inside him. If they had maybe they would have known that their good days were soon going to end. As Harry walked inside the house he heard his aunt and uncle arguing. Turns out that his babysitter was busy and so they had little choice but to take him with them. He was overjoyed as he hadn't even ever stepped out of the neighbourhood. "We have to take him with us Vernon. We cannot leave the freak alone in my precious house." Petunia said. "Fine but now we have to buy that thing new clothes, afterall we only ever give him Dudley's hand me downs." Vernon said. "Alright I will buy some clothes that will fit him." "Whatever you do do quickly, we have to leave tomorrow morning." Harry was exited but also scared, he knew Dudley would not leave one chance to get him in trouble and if he did something freakish then he would be punished so severely that he would not be able to walk for at least three weeks. What Harry didn't know was that his parents had been magicals, a witch and a wizard, which his aunt and uncle knew hence his relatives calling him a freak but very very soon Harry was going to find out about the world he was born into and take his first step towards the destiny that was meant to be his.