The next morning Haraldr woke up to the snores of his dormmates. Performing a wandless tempus charm he got up as he saw it was 5:30 a.m.

Donning on his exercise wear he went for a run around the lake. The fresh cold morning air left him with a soothing sensation. After exercising for an hour and half he went inside for a quick shower and then headed towards the Great hall.

As he stepped inside he could hear the hushed whispers about him, see the pointing finger towards him, but he ignored them all and sat on the Ravenclaw table. After eating a nice breakfast of bread with jam and butter, bacon, Ham and cheese sandwich, omelet, a glass of Apple juice and fruit salad he took his book bag and headed towards the transfiguration class.

The class was empty when he reached it. Only a cat sat on the teachers table. He took a desk in the middle and started taking out his books, parchment and quill when he noticed the cat watching him. As he turned towards her he saw peculiar spectacle like markings. Grinning in mischief he faced the cat completely and greeted her," Good morning Professor Mcgonagall". The cat looked shocked for a moment (as shocked as a cat can be seen as), then she transfigured into her human form," Good morning Mr Potter, but how did you know that I was the cat?" Smiling he told her," The markings on the cats eyes give you away. Besides you were looking at me in such a strict way I knew you were no ordinary cat." " I am impressed Mr Potter, five points to Ravenclaw for such an acute sense of observation".Saying so she turned back into a cat and sat again on the table watching sternly.

Soon other students began entering and slowly the class filled up. Haraldr rolled his eyes at the gasps and sounds of delight at the professors transformation. While none of them did actual wand waving in any class he scored quite a number of points by giving answers in transfiguration, charms and herbology although he was literally bored to death in history of Magic. He decided to talk to his great grandfather to appeal to the board of governors for a new history teacher. Then it was time for potions.

Professor Snape's entry by banging the door and then giving a speech about bottling Fame and glory had Haraldr impressed. He clearly new how to grab attention. When the professor sat him aside and gave him a different potion to brew, Granger felt incensed and asked why he did that.

000000000000000000000000000000000 Severus couldn't believe it. They had specifically put the ravenclaws and gryffindors together so that there may be no quarrels but this little swot was questioning him. Him. How dare she? "Who are assigned what potion is my business miss Granger. You on the other hand need to concentrate on your own potion which is about to bubble over as you have to lower the temperature." Granger looked embarassed and horrified at the same time and nearly burned her hand in her haste to lower the temperature of potion.

In the defence against the dark arts Haraldr had to shake his head at how much the standard of education had fallen but when he felt somebody trying to break his occlumency Shield he scolded himself for not paying enough attention. He spread his magic around a little and felt a dark presence coming from Quirell's head. He decided to investigate this and also inform his great grandfather.


After Loki returned to Asgard, he went to visit his mother Queen Frigga who sat sat beside the All-Father for her councel. She greeted him with a beautiful smile and a kiss to the forehead. Loki felt calm and peace overtake him after he saw Frigga smile. No matter how much betrayed he felt, he couldn't stop loving his mother. She may not have birthed him but she had raised him, taught him how to walk, taught him magic. After this a few guards came in and gave him Heimdall's message that he has seen Odin's illegitimate nephew Tyr and The Sorceress Aurora take the Destroyer and send it to kill Thor.

Loki felt a wave of panic overtake him at the thought of his weak brother having to fight The Destroyer. Only someone of Royal blood could activate the Destroyer. Tyr being the illegitimate son of Odin's younger brother who had long ago died in battle, was able to activate it. Because of Aurora's Magic he had failed to see them earlier.

He rushed towards the Byfrost. He reached just in time to see the Destroyer throw his brother. He got Thor with difficulty and faced towards the destroyer but the thing was fast and threw him a long way away. Although Loki had to smile when he saw Mjolnir flying towards Thor who had unknowingly passed his test. Together they destroyed The Destroyer and reached home where Heimdall informed them that Tyr and Aurora had betrayed them completely and gone to kill the All-Father and Queen Frigga.

Incensed both the brothers started towards the All-Father's chambers in the palace.



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