Hello! So, I have been debating this idea for a while now. I hope you all come to enjoy it. I am a huge fan of the LOTR and finally got the courage to type all this up write it. The beginning of this shows the end of what is to come, and then it goes back to the beginning. I am planning on this to be about 20 chapters long and then, I'll be moving onto the other fun stuff. Please enjoy!

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It was over. It was finally over.

Amira sighed as she walked up the cliff's side to the top of Ravenhill. She couldn't stop her gaze from looking back out over the wide expansion of the battle field. Bodies laid riddled everywhere. Men, dwarf, elves, orcs and goblins. The Battle of the Five Armies was now over. The losses were great and as Amira followed the sounds of sobbing, she can upon Tauriel holding onto Kili's lifeless body. Her heart clenched in her chest at seeing someone she held dear to her heart dead.

Bowing her head, she whispered a small prayer. Fili, Kili and Thorin. They all perished in this fight and Amira could feel the grief bubbling inside her chest. It was starting to get overwhelming, and she already cried way too many tears. Turning away, she walked inside the small fortress and paused when she came upon Legolas and his father talking. She frowned at hearing the Elvish Prince tell his father he could not go back and upon asking where he was going, he had no answer.

As Legolas placed his hand over his heart to his father he looked up pausing, as he met her eyes. She could see the pain and torment in his blue depths before he looked way and walked passed her. She watched him walk away, until he disappeared over the ridge.

"I know we do not see eye to eye, but will you watch over him?" Amira turned her gaze and stared at the King for a moment, before she bowed and placed her hand over her heart.

"Until he needs me no more. Ta na seasamin, Namaarie." Thranduil returned her goodbye and Amira turned to follow Legolas, she quickly made her way up the side of the ridge and wasn't surprised to see him waiting for her a little way down the side of the cliff, two horses at his side. "You knew I would come?" (It is my pleasure, farewell.)

He turned away from the horse he was getting ready to look back at her. A small smile forming on his lips. "I did have my doubts. You do seem awfully fawn of staying with the dwarves." At the mention of them, her gaze drifted to the mountain and to the dwarves that were pilling about. She caught sight of Dwalin, Balin, Gloin and Nori and sighed, her part in their tale was over.

"They do not need my company any longer. I will miss them, but I know I can always come back and see them again." She answered as she moved forward to take the reins he offered her, she mounted her horse easily and shifted her weapons some to make it more comfortable. "Shall we go?" She asked as she looked at Legolas, the Prince nodded and mounted his own his horse, and together they rode away from the Lonely Mountain.

"Where to first?"

Amira's smile grew as she looked out over the vast forest at their feet. "To the west, I am excited for you to meet my brother." She said with a gleam in her eyes, she chuckled at the look she received from Legolas, but brushed it off as they took off. She couldn't help looking back though, as they moved further and further away. The thoughts of how this all began drifting back into her mind.


"Are we going the right way?"

Amira looked back at the two dwarves who were looking over a map. Her lips tilted up into a smile as she listened to them bicker about Kili getting them lost. The young dwarf was fast to take offense to the comment and there set off his and his brother, Fili's, argument.

"Hush now, people are sleeping around here. We do not want to wake them." She said as she looked down at the two dwarves. They both looked guilty as they looked around to make sure no one had heard them. Amira let her own blue eyes drift over the tranquility that was the Shire. It was the dead of the night and many of the hobbits were fast asleep or eating supper with their families.

"Gandalf said this would be easy to find, never trust a wizard." Fili grumbled only to pause as he looked up at Amira's raised eyebrow. "No offense namad." Amira placed her hand on his shoulder and gave it a light squeeze. Her eyes landed on the blue rune of a door and she quickly gathered the brother's attention as the made their way up to the door. Fili knocked, and she stood behind them as they waited for the door to open. When it did, Amira blinked from the light that her sensitive eyes before looking down at the Hobbit. He was short, but that was the nature of Hobbits. His unruly, curly brown hair seemed to be in further disarray than what would normally be.



"At your service." The brothers greeted together. Amira gave the Hobbit a fond smile as she bowed her head slightly.

"Amira." She greeted softy.

"You must be Mister Boggins." Kili said as a giant grin split his and Fili's faces.

"Nope, you can't come in, you've come to the wrong house!" The Hobbit said he tried to close the door, Kili stuck his hand out and stopped the door as his brows pulled down in confusion.

"What? Has it been canceled?"

"No one told us." Fili said as he looked up at, she just shrugged. Surely, Gandalf would not have called them here to only cancel this whole expedition.

"Can-? No-nothing' been cancelled." The Hobbit said after a moment of confusion.

"Well that's a relief." Kili said as he pushed his way inside the house. Fili followed him and gave the Hobbit his swords, warning him that they were just sharpened. Bending down, she slipped inside the house and took a moment to look around. She agreed with Kili on the house being nice, a sigh escaped her at the lack of manners Kili prevented as he wiped the mud off his boots on something the Hobbit so clearly treasured.

"Kili." She abolished softly, making the younger dwarf look at her before shrugging. Dwalin waddled into the room and Amira smiled down at him as he clasped Kili on the shoulder and told the brothers to come help them in the sitting area, the older dwarf gave her a nod of recognition as they disappeared into the other room.

"You're an elf." Her eyes met that of their host and she nodded as she tucked a stray piece of her blonde hair behind her ear. "In the company of dwarves?"

"I am, unlike most of my kin, I do not hold the same mistrust in dwarves." Amira said after a moment. "I actually rather enjoy their company."

"Amira! Come help us move this burrow!" She ducked under the archway and made her way over to where Dwalin, Kili and Fili were trying to move a rather large piece of furniture. Grasping the side of it, she helped them move it into the hallway.

"Thank you, lass." Balin said as he touched her arm. "We need to move that too into the hallway if we want to get everyone in here."

That seemed to get Bilbo's attention as he looked at them flabbergasted. "E-everyone? How many of there are you?" They turned to tell him, but the sound of the doorbell ringing had Bilbo turning angrily to the door. He tossed the weapons in his arms down and marched to the door, all the while shouting at whoever was there to leave.

He opened the door and jumped back as a cluster of dwarves fell unceremoniously onto the floor. Amira caught sight of Gandalf behind them as he bent over to peer inside the house.

"Gandalf." Bilbo said his name in defeat as he stared at the wizard at his door.


Amira sat back as the dwarves pillaged poor Bilbo's pantry. She chuckled as Bilbo helplessly tried to get the dwarves from taking his stuff. Amira was leaning back against a wall, her arms tucked into themselves as watched them all. Her lips pulling back as Bilbo tried to talk to Bifur, only for the dwarf to respond in Kuzdal. He could only speak one language, thanks to the ax piece that was still in his head.

"Put that back! Put that back? Not the jam! Excuse me, excuse me." Bilbo stop as he watched Bombur walk out with three whole wheels of cheese. "A tad excessive, isn't? Have you got a cheese knife?"

"Cheese knife? He eats it by the block." Bofur clarifies as he walks past Bilbo as well.

"Amira, lass, will you help set the table?"

"Of course, Balin." Amira said as she moved to help setting up the rest of the food, drinks and eating utensils. She could still hear Bilbo complaining but was distracted as Gandalf placed a hand on her shoulder. Turning towards him, Amira smiled up at the Wizard and embraced him.

"Cormamin lindua el elle." She said in elvish as she drew back. "You look well." (My heart sings to see thee)

"You as well my dear." Gandalf smiled at her softly. "I am glad you could make the journey."

"Like I would miss it." Amira stated as she took his hands gently in her. "Although, I am still wondering just why you asked me accompany the dwarves on this…mission." She had to catch herself. She would be faithful to this company and their quest, even if she finds it impossible. The thought of facing a Dragon, was not a pleasant one.

"Gandalf, Amira, suppers ready." Nori called out to them, halting their conversation.

"We'll speak later." Gandalf assured her as they moved to join the dwarves at the table. Amira sat at the end, close to where Balin was sitting. The dwarves were messy as they slung food this way and that as everyone ate. She caught a bread roll that Kili tossed to her and watched as Fili walked across the table carrying cups of Ale. She accepted the one that he handed her and as she took a sip, she watched as they dwarves all downed theirs and then had a belching contest.

She sighed as she dusted seem stray food, that managed to fly onto her hair, away. It took many, many years to get used to dwarves' behavior, alas, she was quite used to it by now however though. After all the years she had spent with the dwarves.

When Smaug took the mountain from them, a lot of her kin turned their back on them. All except Amira. She had met Thorin and a few others on the road and led them to shelter and a place to call a haven. Until they decided to march to Moria and take it back. Throughout the years, she would go and visit them in the Blue Mountains. Over the course of the last 100 years, Amira kindled a friendship with the dwarves.

Her face rested on Kili and Fili, the youngest of this bunch. She had been around them ever since they were babe's. She was the only elf that Thorin trusted, and it took her years to earn it. She supposed that was why she was here now. She grew to care for these dwarves as if they were her own kin and there was no way she could tell Thorin or Gandalf no.

So, lost in her thoughts she never noticed the others getting up away from the table until Balin laid his hand on her arm, jarring her from her thoughts.

"Are you okay, my dear?" She gazed at the elder dwarf for a moment and covered his hand with her own.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just lost in these thoughts of mine." Balin smiled at her through his beard and was about to open his mouth when Kili popped up out of nowhere and slung an arm around her shoulders. Tilting her head, she looked over at him and raised an eyebrow in question.

"We've missed you, you stay away for far too long." Amira smiled at him and let her eyes slipped closed when he rested his forehead against hers for a moment. The dwarf's way of showing affection. She stood up to find Gandalf, only to find him talking to Bilbo, who was complaining about the state of his house.

Ori walked up to him and asked what he should do with his plate, making Fili walk up and grab before tossing it to Bifur, who caught it without looking. Amira caught a plate that was heading for her and tossed it towards Kili, who threw it behind his back to Bifur again. Gandalf ducks out of the way as plates, bowls, and utensils start flying.

"Excuse me, that's my mother's West Fathering crockery, it's over a hundred years old!" Bilbo exclaims in alarm as Amira grabbed the cup aimed for her face and tossed it back behind her. Those still seated at the table started to beat their fist and utensils rhythmically.

"And can-can you not do that? You'll blunt them!"

"Ooh, ya hear that, lads. He says we'll blunt the knives!" Bofur said laughing.

"Blunt the knives, bend the forks!" Kili began singing.

"Smash the bottles and burn the corks." Fili sings next, followed by all the dwarves joining on.

"Chip the glasses and crack the plates!

That's what Bilbo Baggins hates-

Smash the bottles and burn the corks!

Cut the cloth and tread on the fat!

Pour the milk on the pantry floor!

Leave the bones on the bedroom mat!

Splash the wine on every door!

Dump the crocks in a boiling bowl;

Pound them up with a thumping pole;

And when you've finished, if any are whole,

Send them down the hall to roll!

That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!"

Amira stood back as Bilbo pushed his through the crowd and stared dumbfounded at the clean, stacked plates. A sound outside reached her ears, just as three heavy knocks sounded on the door. The dwarf company grew quiet as they looked at each other, and then to Gandalf.

"He is here."

Gandalf opened the door and there he was, Thorin Oakenshield. As he walked in, the dwarves bowed their head to him. His eyes caught hers and she gave him a small smile as she inclined her head in respect. Handing his cloak to Kili, Thorin tuns to Bilbo and looks him over. "So, this is the Hobbit. Tell me, Mr. Baggins, have you done much fighting?"

"Pardon me?" Bilbo asked, shuffling his feet.

"Axe or sword? What's your choice of weapon?"

Amira frowned. It was obvious Bilbo had never used a sword or axe in his life. What was the point in these questions?

"Well, I have some skill in Conker's, if you must know, but I fail to see how that is relevant." Fair point well-made Bilbo.

"Thought as much. He looks more like a grocer than a burglar." Thorin said as the other dwarves laugh and make their way back to the table. Bofur slid him some food as they sat down to discuss their important matters. Amira stood on the other side of the room, behind Bilbo. She was listening to what was being discussed but her attention was on other matters.

Her brows drew in as something crept through her mind. She moved towards the window and peered out into the darkness. "My dear? Is everything okay?" Gandalf's voice drew her attention away from the darkness outside and she turned to see the others staring at her.

"I'm going to go have a look around. Just to be safe." She noticed the frowns on their faces but ducked away and out the door before anyone could ask anything else. It didn't take her long to scope the entire area. Sighing, her eyes scanned the darkness once more. There was nothing here, but that did not mean the threat she could feel growing in her mind was not coming.

When she got back inside the house, the dwarves were all sitting around the fire in the parlor. She nodded to Gandalf as she moved towards Kili and Fili, the two brothers smiled up at her and offered her a seat next to them. She did not mine the smoke coming from their pipes as they all started to hum. Thorin started to sing, his voice deep but calming.

If it was one thing she loved the most about spending time with dwarfs, it was their singing. Elves sang as well, but she loved the music of the dwarves. As she reclined in the chair, she felt a hand touch her shoulder and she leaned her head against Kili's arm as she listened to the sweet melody coming from the 13 dwarves.

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