A/N: Welcome! This is a prompt story, meaning you readers give me ideas as to what you want to read, and I write them for you! This first chapter is dedicated to "phoenix . tycho " (without the spaces) who requested a girls only sleepover. They're like 14/15 in this one. I couldn't resist and added some Mileven there lol! Hope you like it, and request away in the comments. Enjoy!

"So you've never had a girl sleepover before?" Max asked her with curious eyes as they say on her bed.

"No." She shook her head as she concentrated on brushing her small toenail with electric blue nail polish.

"It's okay, me neither." Max assured her with a smile, as she did the same with an emerald color on her toes.

The girls were having a sleepover for the first time. After becoming friends over their dislike of certain girls in the school, and defending each other to them, Max and El became super close. One could go as far as to say they were best friends, but to be fair, the whole party were best friends. Although, El wouldn't lie and say she didn't enjoy having a girl best friend. The boys were amazing, but she couldn't share period tips with them, and there was only a certain level of redness Will could have when she told him about Mike's kisses until the boy shut her up. Also, Dustin gave the worst advice when it came to lipstick, so really having a girl best friend was amazing.

Max wasn't the girliest of girls, far from it, but her mom insisted on her having some normal teenager things, so when they planned their Friday night, Max's collection of (5) nail polishes had to be present.

"I feel like such a girl." Max laughed as she sat back and admired her freshly painted toenails, wiggling her little fingers amusingly.

El giggled in response as she capped the blue polish bottle, putting it on her bedside table. "You are a girl, Max."

"I know, weirdo, it's just that sometimes it feels different, you know? Like I'm not a normal girl." Max shrugged noncommittally.

"Well, to be fair we're not normal girls. I mean, we've seen so much that it's okay to forget about cliché things like nail polish and purses." El told her seriously, staring at her. "It's okay not to be normal."

"Wow, El." Max laughed. "When did you get so wise?"

El flushed self-conscious next to her. "I've been reading. And Jonathan told me it's okay to not be like everyone else."

"I know," Max patted the girl's hand in agreement. "And he's right."

"I've been spending a lot of time with him." El told her with a smile as they munched on the chips and popcorn bag next to them.

"Yeah? I bet. How's that going?" Max asked her as she shoved a handful of chips inside her mouth.

Right on cue a knock on the door interrupted their conversation, and Hopper's head appeared, much to the girls' amusement.

"Hey, I'm leaving in five. I left some money on the table if you girls want to order some pizza, okay? Be nice and behave while I'm gone." Hop told them pointedly with a stern finger.

"Thanks, Dad. Have fun. Tell Joyce I said hi." El told him with a teasing smile.

"Bye, Chief." Max waved her fingers with a laugh.

Hopper only smirked back at them and then he disappeared with a click of the door.

"Man, those two." Max shook her head as she laughed, grabbing another handful of buttered popcorn.

"I'm so happy for them. Everything's going- don't choke," she warned laughing at the redhead as Max gagged from the excess of food in her mouth. "Everything's going great. And Will and Jonathan are super on board!" She gushed.

"You guys sound like a great happy family." Max chuckled as she swallowed, with a tint of sadness edging on her voice.

"How are things at home?" El asked her worriedly, wondering if Max was still successful in making Billy stay away from her business.

"Eh, you know. Same old, same old." Max shrugged with a frown.

A few minutes passed in silence, and then El broke it with the sudden need to revive the mood, not wanting her friend to get sad. "Let's go order some pizza."

After ordering the mushroom and pepperoni pizza, both girls lounged in the living room for a while, looking for a movie to put on for later. Max had brought a few from the Rental store but they were curious to see Hopper's own stash.

"Pick anything you want." El told Max as she walked towards the phone. There was a certain boy she wanted to talk to.

"You know, Wheeler isn't going to melt if you don't say goodnight to him." Max teased from her place on the ground as she inspected the contents of Hopper's Movie Box. "Or who knows, maybe he will." Max muttered to herself under her breath.

El chuckled and listened to the phone as the line beeped, waiting for someone on the other side to answer.

"Hello?" A little girl's voice answered her.

"Hey, Holly." El smiled to the little blonde's voice.

"El! Hi!" Holly greeted her excitedly.

"Is Mike around?"

"Yes, he's-" Holly's voice was muffled and was replaced by a deeper one. One she knew very well.

"Holly, what have I told you about answering the phone yourself? Hello?" Mike spoke into the phone.

"Hey, it's me."

"Oh, hey, you." He told her fondly, and she could picture him smiling against the phone. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing. Max and I are looking for a movie to watch."

"More like Max is looking for a movie while you grin like a fool." Max shouted loud enough so she could be heard by Mike.

"What was that?" Mike laughed.

"She said I'm grinning like a fool while she's looking for the move." El explained with a laugh as she flipped Max off.

"Oh," Mike paused to laugh. "Tell her she has to suck it up."

"He says to suck it up." El repeated to Max.

"Tell him to man up and quit his whining. He's never getting a sleepover with you while Hopper lives." Max instructed her as she laughed.

"Did you hear that?" El asked him with a laugh.

"Yeah. Not fair, I've known you for a longer time. I call seniority dibs." Mike told her and she could see him pout even from miles away. She knew him.

"You know Hop wouldn't let us have a sleepover together." She told him with a giggle as her finger circled the phone cord.

"I know. But it's not like-," He cut himself off and then he lowered his voice. "It's not like we would do anything like that." He murmured into the phone.

"Yes, but Hopper doesn't think that. And honestly... I wouldn't promise anything either." She flushed scarlet and busied herself with the phone cord to ignore Max's raised eyebrows and tinkling eyes.

She heard Mike's breath hitch and she could imagine him throwing cautious glances around his living room, knowing Holly was probably there with him and Mrs. Wheeler wasn't too far away.

"Yeah?" He asked her breathily.

"Yeah," she gulped and she knew Max could tell what she was taking about with Mike. "Nothing like that, though." She told Mike quickly.

"I know, I know." Mike's breath was definitely hitched and his voice took a higher pitch. "You know I wouldn't push you into doing anything you didn't want to. Ever."

"I know." She told him earnestly as she watched Max put the box away and dust herself off as she stood up.

"Hey," Mike told her suddenly. "I love you."

"Nawww," she smiled warmly. "I love you, too. I miss you."

Max fake gagged as she passed her to go into the kitchen. "You literally saw him a few hours ago. And I found nothing in your dad's movies. We're watching Grease."

"I miss you, too, babe." Mike told her with a chuckle and she suddenly wanted to kiss him badly.

"Hey, Wheeler?" Max questioned loudly, coming closer and actually taking the phone from her. "Why don't stop interrupting our sleepover and go to bed already? Isn't it way past your bedtime now?"

"Why don't you give me my girlfriend back so I can say goodnight to her in peace, Mayfield?" Mike told her resignedly, knowing Max was right and it was time to say goodbye to El.

"Alright. Bye, lover boy." Max teased as she gave the phone back to El.

"Hey, I have to go. This annoying redhead doesn't want to share you with me." Mike told her amused.

"Well, it is her night." El teased him.

"I know. But hey, how about I go and steal you away tomorrow? Wanna go to the movies with me?"

"Yes," El breathed into the phone, excited to spend the whole day with Mike. "Come around 11."

"What?! That's too early! We're supposed to sleep in! It's Saturday!" Max whined next to her.

"Well, how about you call me when you're free of that redheaded terror next to you?" Mike told her, laughing at Max's annoyance.

"Okay. I love you." El grinned.

"I love you, too. So much."

"Good night, Mike." She made a kissing sound, wishing that he would get it through the phone.

"Good night, babe." He waited a few seconds before making a tiny kissing sound, too. She grinned as she heard Holly's teasing voice in the background and Mike's embarrassed complaining as he hung up.

"God, you two are disgusting." Max complained as she sipped from a can of coke.

"Have you seen yourself lately? You and Lucas could take us for a run on our money."

"Give us a run for our money," she corrected gently. "And that's not true! Nothing can get to your level." She defended herself and her not-mushy relationship.

"But you're not denying you've been sappy, too." El asked her with a teasing grin.

"No! We're cool. Nothing like you weirdos."

"Uh-huh. Whatever you say, Mrs. Sinclair."

"Oh my god, stop!" Max complained as the pizza guy beeped outside.

El went to grab the money while Max opened the door; and after, when both girls were happily eating the pizza while watching Danny Zuko be a total douche to Sandy, they did what teenager girls did and began giggling over boys and 70's fashion choices. It was nice to have a typical girl sleepover, even though they weren't normal themselves. But normal was boring anyways.