A groan tore from Klaus' throat and Josie smiled, continuing to suck him into her mouth, tongue swirling around as her hand stroked the base of him.

She'd woken up before Klaus, a rare event, and decided to take advantage by crawling underneath the sheets and waking him up the same way he'd woken her up a few times before.

Josie felt his hands on her head, kneading his fingers through her hair as she continued to bob up and down on him.

"Josie, love," his voice a whisper. "I…"

He abruptly pulled her off him and she looked into his eyes, wondering if something was wrong. He just grinned wickedly.

"My turn."

He lifted her by her hips, nudged her legs apart and brought her to the head of the bed, so she was effectively sitting on his face. He wasted no time, thrusting his tongue inside her, before pulling back to suck her clit into his mouth while he pressed two fingers inside her.

She tried to twist around so she could continue stroking him and, sensing her intention, he lifted her up and turned her around, so she was facing away from him, his mouth still underneath her slit.

She smiled and immediately bent down to take his length into her mouth once again. She moaned around him, trying to ignore the sensations he was eliciting with his hands and mouth. She was determined to have him finish first, something it seemed she could never accomplish.

Alas, he could sense her intentions because a minute later, she found herself flat on her back, legs spread, with Klaus pushing himself inside her. Given their extended foreplay, it was only a few minutes later that Klaus' hard thrusts tipped them both over the edge and he collapsed on top of her.

"Morning," smiled Josie, after she'd caught her breath.

"Morning, my love," he returned, bending down to kiss her jaw.

They were interrupted by Klaus' phone buzzing. It was Elijah, telling Klaus that Rebekah had attacked Elena last night. Klaus thanked Elijah before hanging up angrily.

"I need to speak to Rebekah," he said, getting dressed in vampire speed. "Before she goes after your sister again."

Josie nodded. "Okay, I…"

Klaus continued. "I'll see you later. Mother's insisting on having a party tonight to celebrate our reunion."

Josie momentarily forgot her train of thought. Of course, the ball. Which Esther used as a cover for her linking spell. Was it tonight already?

"So soon?" she asked, frowning.

"Yes," he said, quickly. "I'll call you later."

"Wait, I…"

She felt a breeze and he was gone.

She sighed. "…wanted to tell you that your mother is a psycho who wants to turn you mortal and kill all vampires in the process. Oh, and there is a bunch of wood around that can kill you if that doesn't work," she told an empty room, sarcastically.

Glancing at the clock, she saw that there was still an hour before school. She got ready quickly, then sent Klaus and Elijah a text, asking them to meet her at Fells Church. She wanted to be sure they weren't overheard.

When she went downstairs, Elena and the Salvatore brothers were in the kitchen. Josie just listened as Elena told Damon and Stefan how Esther had been in the coffin and that she just wanted to live in peace with her family.

"Look, Elijah promised me that his family wouldn't hurt any of us," said Elena. "I believe him. He saved me from Rebekah."

Damon scoffed. "So he stops his sister from snapping your neck and all of a sudden you trust him?"

"You daggered his brother and stole his family," said Josie, announcing her presence. "Not to mention you killed two hybrids. Maybe you should stop being such a dick and be grateful you're still breathing."

"I'm getting really tired of your attitude, Josie," said Damon, speeding to stand in front of her.

Josie huffed. "Get out of my way, Damon."

"No," said Damon, angrily. "You're sleeping with the enemy. You're leading the hybrids. You nearly killed Stefan."

"The Originals aren't our enemies," said Josie, just as angry. "And Stefan killed my friend."

"I'm sorry," said Stefan, quickly.

Josie blinked, surprised. "What?"

"I know it's not an excuse," said Stefan in a hushed tone, coming up to her. "My humanity being off. But I am sorry."

Josie tried for a smile. "Thank you. That means a lot." She paused. "You know, Mindy loved animals. Dogs, especially. Her apartment didn't allow pets, but she volunteered at an animal shelter every week. It was called the KC Pet Project in Kansas City."

Stefan nodded. "I'm sure they'd appreciate a donation in her name."

"I'm sure they would," said Josie.

"That's great," Damon cut in with sarcastic tone. "But can we get back to your disturbing membership on Team Original?"

At that moment, the doorbell rang. When Elena opened the door, there was an envelope lying on the welcome mat.

"What is it?" asked Damon.

"An invitation to the ball the Originals are hosting tonight," answered Josie, grabbing her bag. "Klaus mentioned it."

"The invitation is to the entire Gilbert Family," said Elena, frowning. "There's a note on the back. It's from Esther. She wants to meet me." She turned to Josie. "Do you know why?"

"Not sure," lied Josie. "I can ask Elijah and Klaus."

Josie wanted to meet with Elijah and Klaus and come up with a plan to handle Esther before she talked to the Scoobies, or Elena at least.

"Like we'll believe anything they say," said Damon, sarcastically.

"Stop it, Damon," said Elena before Josie could say anything. "It's over. The Original Family isn't going anywhere. I think Josie's right. We should just try and live in peace with them."

Josie smiled. "Welcome to the dark side, sis. See you at school."

Then she left without another word. She didn't head to school though, she drove straight to Fells Church. Elijah and Klaus were already there when she arrived.

She had just turned off the car when she was hit with a vision. She saw the Mikaelson mansion, where the Original Siblings were getting ready for the ball that night.

"Rebekah, tell me how handsome I am," said Kol, looking at himself in the mirror.

"Oh Kol, you know I can't be compelled," answered Rebekah.

Klaus stormed into the room. "You went after Elena. What is wrong with you?"

"Here we go," said Rebekah in an unfriendly tone.

"Do you want another dagger in your heart?" threatened Klaus. "Not only do I need her blood for my hybrids, she's Josie's sister."

"Who's Josie?" asked Kol, curious.

"Nik's girlfriend," smirked Rebekah.

Kol laughed. "Did you compel some poor girl in this backwater town to fawn over you?"

Klaus growled. "Not another word or I'll tear out your heart."

Kol and Klaus just stared at each other for a second before Esther intervened.

"Enough," Esther cut in. "Niklaus, come."

Klaus followed Esther into the next room.

"Rebekah wasn't even out of her box a day before she tried to ruin my life," complained Klaus. "What happened to peace, acceptance, family?"

"You put daggers in their hearts," said Esther, frowning. "You want them to go down on their knees and kiss your feet for reuniting them?"

"So it's a crime to want our family to be as we were?"

"You need to give it time, Niklaus. I've had a thousand years on the Other Side to be angry and to heal. I'm here to make sure this family does the same."

"I just don't understand," replied Klaus. "I killed you and still you forgive me."

"It's been my dream for a thousand years that this family could be as one. Forgiveness is not a chore. It's a gift." Esther smiled. "Now, am I correct in assuming you'll be taking Josie to the ball tonight?"

Klaus smiled. "Yes."

"It warms my heart to see you've found someone," said Esther, smiling. "She must be special indeed."

"She is, Mother."

The scene faded away and Josie got out of her car, deciding to unpack that vision at a later time.

She took a deep breath, unsure how Klaus and Elijah were going to take the news. She was especially worried about Klaus. Not just about their mother's true intentions, but about everything she'd been holding back- the sireline issue, the white oak. She wondered for the thousandth time if she'd done the right thing in waiting to tell them.

"Thanks for coming," she said, smiling.

"Of course, my dear," said Elijah.

"What's going on?" asked Klaus, with a worried look. "Why are we meeting here?"

"Because I don't want to be overheard," answered Josie, looking around. "Are we alone?"

Klaus and Elijah paused for a moment, using their vampire hearing to assure Josie that they were, indeed, alone.

"Good," nodded Josie. "Okay, well, Amber's spell worked. I'm not muzzled anymore… Now, before I tell you what I know, Klaus you have to promise me that you won't do anything rash."

"Says the queen of restraint herself," said Klaus, eyebrows raised.

Josie laughed. "I mean it. You know 'm on your side. But these are very complicated… topics with far-reaching consequences and if you go off half-cocked…"

"Just tell us, love," said Klaus, a little impatient.

Josie took a deep breath. "Okay, first. Your mother isn't here to reunite your family. Well, she is, but she wants to undo the spell that made you vampires. Make you mortal again. She's spent a thousand years on the Other Side, watching you kill humans, drink their blood, and she wants to end what she views as the mistake of turning you into vampires."

There was a pause while Klaus and Elijah digested this new information.

"And if we do not wish to become mortal again?" asked Elijah, stiffly.

Josie shook her head. "She said either you'll become mortal or you'll die."

"And it did not occur to her that those are essentially the same thing?" growled Klaus, angrily.

Elijah sighed. "As you may be aware, Josie, our family has acquired many… enemies over the years. For us to be made human again, powerless. I doubt we would survive long."

"I know," nodded Josie. "There's something else. The spell that turned you into vampires, it created a link between you and every vampire that you've sired and that they've sired and so on. A sireline. And when an Original Vampire dies, all the vampires in that Original's sireline die as well. The link doesn't disappear if you turn mortal again."

"Every vampire in existence?" breathed Elijah, trying to wrap his head around the gravity of the situation.

"Yes," said Josie, turning to Klaus. "And your hybrids. We're talking about genocide. I don't know how you feel about being human again, but…" she trailed off, the implication clear.

There was a moment of silence before Klaus spoke.

"How does she plan to do this?" asked Klaus, his jaw set, his face not betraying any of the emotions he felt.

"By casting a linking spell tonight on you and your other siblings, at the ball. She does it by getting you to drink a special champagne toast. Then she channels some borrowed magic to reverse the spell that made Finn a vampire. He doesn't want to be a vampire anymore, so he volunteers. And viola, you're all human again."

"Borrowed magic?" asked Elijah.

"The entire Bennett ancestral line," said Josie. "It was Bonnie and her mother that released your mother from the coffin.
They're descendants of Ayana."

"Well the solution is simple," said Klaus, turning away. "I killed her a thousand years ago. I can do it again."

"Niklaus!" commanded Elijah, zooming in front of Klaus. "I thought we agreed we would not act impulsively."

Josie shook her head. "He might be right, Elijah. You know I don't like killing anyone, but she's not going to stop. She will kill you if she can't make you mortal. She's been waiting a thousand years for this."

"Indeed," said Elijah. "A witch as powerful as our mother, channeling an entire ancestral line. Do you really think killing her will be as simple as waltzing into our house and tearing out her heart?"

"I don't hear an idea, Elijah," growled Klaus.

"Clearly the link between her and this line must be severed," said Elijah.

Josie bit her lip. Elijah was right. She'd forgotten about that. They'd turned Abby Bennett. That's how Esther had been stopped the first time.

"So we kill these witches that unleashed her," said Klaus. "Then we kill her."

"Why do you jump straight to killing?" asked Josie, exasperated. "Can we sever the link in a less gruesome way? Like through magic? Bonnie would never agree to kill all vampires in existence. I'm sure we can convince her and her mother to try and disrupt the link."

"That seems like a reasonable alternative," said Elijah. "If it can be achieved."

Josie turned to Klaus, eyebrows raised.

"It's a possibility," conceded Klaus, however reluctantly. "We'll need to detain them first."

"That could be a problem," said Josie, frowning at her phone.

"Why's that?" asked Klaus.

"Because according to my sister, Bonnie and her mother are missing."

"Missing?" Elijah repeated.

"Elena says Bonnie didn't show up for school and that no one's heard from her since they woke up Esther last night," said Josie, reading Elena's text message. "Just a sec."

Josie quickly typed out a response to Elena, who was also wondering where Josie was and why she wasn't in school.

"Mother must be hiding them somewhere," said Elijah. "Until she can complete the linking and reversion spells. As a precaution no doubt."

Josie nodded in agreement. It made sense. Considering how fragile Esther's link with the Bennett line was, she had been surprised in the show that Esther just let the Bennetts wander around, unprotected. Esther must be taking extra precautions, even if she believed Josie's censor spell was still in place.

"So what do we do?" asked Josie. "I mean, we can look for Bonnie and her mother, but she's probably hidden them well."

"She'll need them close," said Klaus. "She can't maintain the link if they're too far away."

"What about Amber, the witch?" asked Josie. "You said she can find anyone."

"And so she can," confirmed Elijah. "But she left town the moment she realized who was in that coffin. I doubt we will get any witch who is willing to oppose my mother. Especially as her current task is ending the vampire species."

"We'll find the witches eventually," said Klaus, confidently. "I'll have my hybrids scour the city. In the meantime, we must ensure we are not linked and not let Esther know we suspect her."

"Agreed," nodded Elijah. "Niklaus and I will ensure none of our siblings, save Finn, drink that champagne."

Josie frowned. "You're not considering actually going to the ball?"

"Esther must not suspect," said Klaus firmly. "If she knows we are aware of her plan, she will abscond with Finn and the Bennetts and we lose our chance of ending her."

Josie nodded, knowing they were right. "Okay, we'll play along for now."

"I'll call Mason and have him begin the search," said Klaus, pulling out his phone.

"Wait!" exclaimed Josie. She took a deep breath. "There's something else."

Klaus and Elijah looked at her expectantly.

"I know she says she wants to make you mortal again, not kill you. And I believe her, strangely. But she will kill you if her plan fails."

"Impossible," Klaus cut in. "We cannot be killed in this form."

Josie bit her lip. Just spit it out!

"She can. With white oak."

"Where would she get white oak?" asked Klaus. "I used the last of it to kill Mikael."

"Yeah, well, he had the last of it from the original white oak tree. But a sapling grew in its place after you burnt the first one. It was used to make Wickery Bridge. And I… may have cut off a few pieces of my own. Esther doesn't know about it though. At least I don't think so."

She reached into her bag and handed a white oak stake to Klaus.

"I'm sorry," said Josie. "I made them before I knew you. Both of you. I just wanted an insurance policy."

Klaus looked shocked. "Is that the stake you carried all summer?"

Josie frowned. "No, though that one was white oak too. I'll have to get that one back from Alaric. I used it to stab Stefan on Senior Prank Night. I am sorry. You have to understand. I was terrified of you. I just wanted to protect my family and friends."

Josie chanced a look at Klaus. She knew Elijah would probably understand. But she wasn't sure about Klaus.

"The important thing is that you are helping us now," said Elijah. He looked at Klaus. "Isn't that right, Niklaus?"

Klaus' face hardened. "You knew. This sireline problem isn't new information. You knew of this before we even met. That's why you never used one of these," he said, holding up the white oak stake.

It wasn't a question and Josie didn't answer.

"The bridge and the sign have to be burned," said Josie, not able to look at Klaus. "I'll tell you where to find the rest of the stakes I made. Also the horse you carved for Rebekah as a child. It's white oak too."

Josie told them where her stakes were and, after Klaus called Mason to organize the hybrids to search for the Bennetts, they made plans to destroy all the white oak.

"I suppose I should get to school," said Josie, after they'd finalized the plans.

Klaus was clearly not happy about the information she'd revealed. He kept addressing her with a detached, formal tone.

"I shall see you tonight, my dear," said Elijah, before blurring away to take care of the white oak.

Josie bit her lip, feeling the awkward silence now that she and Klaus were alone.

"I'm sorry," said Josie. "I'm sorry about your mother. That I didn't tell you about the white oak and the sirelines sooner."

"We were enemies," said Klaus with a cool expression. "I would expect nothing less."

"I wanted to," she said. "After Mikael died. I just, I wanted…"

"Your freedom," he finished. "You thought I wouldn't grant it if I knew you wanted Mikael dead anyway."

Josie sighed. "Would you have?"

Klaus paused and looked at her.

"I wish I could say yes," said Klaus. "But I don't know."

"I guess I made the right call then." She paused, waiting for him to respond. "Please say something, Klaus." He just stood there. "Anything."

Klaus suddenly appeared in front of her.

"What would you like me to say?" he asked, gruffly. "How pleasant it is to think you spent the entire summer with a stake in your possession that could kill me? That the only reason you don't want me dead is to protect your friends?"

"That's not true!" exclaimed Josie.

"No?" growled Klaus. "For the longest time I wondered why you didn't simply let the Martins and the Morai coven kill me. Why you chose to help me rather than your friends when they conspired with Mikael. Now I see the truth."

"The truth?" scoffed Josie, feeling herself get angry. "You want to talk about the truth? Fine, yes, I kept a stake in my purse that could kill you. And I kept information from you that would have protected you against some of your enemies. But seriously? You came into my town six months ago with the sole purpose of killing my sister. You kidnapped me. You threatened everyone I loved unless I helped you make your hybrids."

Klaus looked at her with a hard expression as she spoke.

"And despite all of that, I… I still care about you," said Josie, her tone softening. "Sireline or not… I don't want you to die."

Klaus looked somewhat surprised at her confession. Which she thought was strange. After everything they'd been through, after everything she'd done to get him back from the Salvatores, how could he think that she would want him gone? That she didn't care?

"Why?" he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Josie bit her lip. "Well, I fancy you, for one," she said, smiling.

His own lips curled in a slight smile when she repeated his own words back to him.

"And because… I don't think you're the monster you show the world. I see the way you are with the hybrids. With me." She sighed, shaking her head. "I had Mason bite Stefan and then bleed him dry in order to get you back. I'm constantly defending you when my family gets upset we're together. I let you feed from me! How could you possibly think that I…"

She was cut off by his lips on hers. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her for a minute before pulling back.

"My little Oracle," he said, reaching up and tucking a stray hair behind her ear. "You never fail to surprise me."

Josie smiled. "I could say the same about you." She paused. "You believe me, right? You know I missed you when you were daggered. And not just because I didn't want to be queen of the hybrids anymore."

Klaus smirked. "That's too bad, love. I'm quite sure they still think of you as such."

Josie raised her eyebrows. "And what do you think?"

He tilted his head, as if considering. "I think you would make a fine queen."

He cupped her face, kissing her again. Then he reached down and lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist and cupping her behind to support her. As they kissed, Josie could feel him hardening against the apex of her thighs.

His lips left hers and trailed down her neck. He sped them over to a nearby tree, pressing her back against it, using the leverage to let one hand wander underneath her shirt and stroke the smooth skin of her stomach.

Josie gripped him harder with her legs, pushing her core against his erection harder. How could he ever think she'd want him dead?
He undid the button to her jeans and dipped his hand in, rubbing her clit with his thumb while pushing two fingers inside her. The moan that tore from her throat was involuntary.

"Klaus, please…"

He growled and suddenly, she found herself on her hands and knees, stripped below the waist with Klaus' jacket underneath her. Another second and she felt his erection at her entrance as he came up behind her.

She pushed back against him and was rewarded with a light spank on her behind.

"Eager little thing," he growled, bending down to kiss the spot where he'd marked her. "What would you like, my love?"

"Please, Klaus," she moaned, trying to push back, desperate for him inside her.

She wondered what he was up to. He generally wasn't a big talker during sex.

He growled, his mouth still lingering on the back of her neck.

"Would you like your alpha to claim you?" he asked, teasing her entrance with the head of his length.

If he needed affirmation, she was certainly willing to give it. She wanted him. Always. He had to know that.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, immediately.

There was something about this. Sex with Klaus. Outside. In a forest. Him taking her from behind, like he was mounting her. Something primal and fierce. And even though her inner feminist was screaming at her, she didn't think she'd ever been more turned on.

All thoughts were driven from her head when he thrust forward, filling her in one movement. Her cry of pleasure resounded in the forest and he wasted no time moving in and out of her at a brutal pace.

One hand snaked around her waist, rubbing her clit as the other gripped her hip. He continued to pump inside her with long, hard strokes that shook her to her core. Each thrust sent his length rubbing against her g-spot and it didn't take long before she was screaming his name over and over.

"Klaus, please, I'm… I'm…"

"That's it," he growled, his grip tightening possessively.

She curled her hands against the jacket that lay beneath her as she exploded around him. Her scream echoed around the forest and she was rewarded with a few more brutal thrusts before he growled savagely, spilling himself inside her.

He caught her before she fell to the ground, pulling her upright and flush against him. He nuzzled her neck while they both came down from their high. She had nearly caught her breath when he broke the silence.

"Enjoy the great outdoors?" he whispered, still kissing her neck.

"Mmm," she murmured, turning to face him.

He sat back and allowed her to straddle his lap, wrapping his arms around her.

"I meant what I said before," she said softly, looking into his eyes. "All of it. This isn't about sirelines or leverage. I want you here. I'm with you in this. We're going to stop your mother together."

Klaus' face brightened for a split second, before immediately darkening.

"I appreciate the sentiment, love, but my mother is dangerous."

"I know," she said. "But you're my territory, remember? Nobody messes with my territory."

Klaus chuckled, though it was clear he was pleased.

"As long as you allow me the same consideration."

Josie nodded, wishing for the thousandth time that her superpower could be something less lame than visions. Like super strength or laser beams shooting from her fingertips or something. She supposed it was better than Elena. Magic blood. That was definitely worse than visions.

Klaus grabbed her face and kissed her fiercely. She could feel him hardening against her stomach and she pulled away.

"I really do have to go though," she said. "I've already missed my first two classes."

He growled in frustration, but let her go, quickly dressing himself and helping her do the same.

"My offer of a compelled diploma still stands," he smiled, taking her hand and walking her back to her car.

Josie smiled. "Maybe one day."

Klaus opened her door for her. "Why don't you come to the house after your classes this afternoon? There's something I wish to show you."

Josie tilted her head, wondering what it could be.

"Okay," she frowned when her phone buzzed again. "Seriously… I should get to school before my sister sends out a search party."

A/N: I hope I captured Klaus' reaction accurately. Given how he reacted (or didn't react really) to outright betrayals from Caroline and Cami and this isn't really a betrayal on Josie's part, I think he'd be more hurt by Josie holding back the information (especially since she's volunteering it now and helping him), rather than angry. And he'd be mollified by her pseudo-confession of her feelings for him. Thoughts?