Rabbit was sitting in her chair looking at her computer monitor. On her screen was Monkey walking away from Ox's body.

"That's good to know about her," she said to herself, "Too bad that trickster won't be able to find me."


Pig was skipping down the street until her wristband finally went off, informing of Ox's death.

"Aw!" She said disappointed, "Ox was killed right off the bat."

She thought to herself for minute.

"Oh well," She said, "That just means there are skilled fighters that could even handle a big guy like Ox."

(Monkey, ?)

While Monkey was about to leave Ox's body, she tried to think about what to do next.

'Okay, how do we do this?' She thought.

She then hear footsteps not far from her. She looked to her right and saw Sheep looking around.

'Sheep!' Monkey thought, 'She's working with Horse, she can take me to him.'

She then let out a huge scream that attracted Sheep's attention.

"Monkey!?" Sheep yelled.

"Oh my gosh, Sheep!" Monkey cried.

"What's wrong?" Sheep asked.

"That!" Monkey answered.

She pointed at Ox's corpse.

"I was just got the announcement, and then I saw his body," Monkey cried.

"Don't worry, it will be alright," Sheep said.

"Wait a second," Monkey said, "You're working with Horse, right?"

"Yes," Sheep answered.

"That's great, I need to see him," Monkey said, "I know how to remove the jewels."

"You do?" Sheep asked.

"Yes, yes I do," Monkey answered, "Here."

She pulled out her jewel from her pocket.

"This is great!" Sheep said, "Let's hurry and find them, they're gonna love this."

'Hook, line, and sinker.' Monkey thought, 'Now she's a mindless monkey.'

(Monkey, Flashback)

A younger Monkey, real name Mami Kyoka, was sound asleep against a shady.


Mami was woken up by another girl calling her name.

"Mami! It's time for your transformation ritual!"

"Coming!" Mami yelled.

Mami was one of the orphaned children sent to the Temple of the Four Beasts. The day was her fifteenth birthday. The day of a child's fifteenth birthday, they're given the ability to turn into one of the four animals: lion, eagle, snake, or monkey.

'Today's a big day.' Mami thought.

Mami worked real hard training and defending the temple from attackers. She wanted at least a top rank animal. The ranks are with the lion being the best, eagle, snake, and monkey being the worst.

'I worked so hard.' Mami thought, 'I'll accept being an eagle or snake, just not a monkey.'

All the children and elders gathered around Mami and the grandmaster of the temple.

"People, today is the fifteenth year Mami has been with us since she was a baby," the grandmaster said, "And like others, she will be given her destiny to join one of the four ranked animals."

Everyone applaud for Mami as she felt confident in her beliefs.

"Ready, Mami?" The grandmaster asked.

"Yes master," Mami answered.

"Close your eyes," the grandmaster said.

Mami closed her eyes and could only see darkness.

"What do you see?" The grandmaster asked.

"I see something," Mami said.

Her body began to glow in golden light as her shape began to change.

"Mami's form shall be... Monkey!" The grandmaster said.

Mami was now a monkey as everyone could see her in her new form. She then began to change back to her human form.

"Master, can we please try again?" Mami asked.

"No, I'm sorry," the grandmaster answered.

Everyone began to leave the center of attention. Mami and the grandmaster were all alone.

"Please master, I can't be a monkey," Mami said.

"I'm sorry, Mami," The grandmaster said, "But, I can't give you what you want."

Mami was heartbroken, she became what she hated. In the temple, monkeys represent recklessness and incompetence.



Tiger was watching from the roof of a building, as he saw Sheep and Monkey walk away from Ox's corpse.

"Alright buddy, better not disappoint me," he said.

(Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Dog)

Sheep and Monkey finally found Horse and Dog.

"You guys!" Sheep yelled.

"Sheep?" Dog asked.

"You're back!" Horse said, "Monkey?"

"She has something she wants to tell us," Sheep said.

"Really?" Horse asked.

"Yes," Monkey answered, "I know how to remove the jewels."

"Hmm?" Dog sighed.

"You do?" Horse asked.

"Yes, I used my ability," Monkey answered.

"What is your ability?" Sheep asked.

"I can turn myself or anyone I touch into a monkey," Monkey answered.

"How does it work?" Horse asked.

"Well, when I use it on another person, it lasts for one minute," Monkey explained, "But when I use it on myself, I have no time limit."

"So how will the transformation affect the jewel?" Horse asked.

"It somehow managed to not change," Monkey answered, "I ended up gagging it up."

"This might actually save us," Sheep said.

"Alright Sheep, you can go first," Horse said.

"Okay," Sheep said.

'Yes, give me your hand and it will be over' Monkey thought.


Dog held his hand up stopping everyone from doing anything.

"Is something wrong, Dog?" Horse asked.

"We shouldn't trust her," Dog answered.

"What are you talking about?" Horse asked.

"I sensed something off with her," Dog said, "She's lying."

'What is this beast doing?' Monkey thought.

"I can assure you that I'm not lying," Monkey said.

"Alright then, how about this?" Dog asked.

"What exactly?" Monkey asked.

"I'll let you turn me into a monkey," Dog answered.

"Okay," Monkey said.

"If I cough up my jewel, we'll listen to you," Dog explained, "If I don't, you leave."

"Fair enough?" Horse asked.

"Alright, give me your hand," Monkey answered.

She then held Dog's hand and turned him into a monkey.

"Okay Dog," Sheep said, "Try to cough up your jewel."

The dog now primate tried his best to gag up his jewel. Monkey couldn't try to go for the kill as Horse stared at her. Horse was keeping track on time, they were almost out.

'Tell me this not happening.' Monkey thought.

The small monkey glowed and turned back to Dog's wolf man appearance.

'Damn!' Monkey thought.

"So Dog, how did you feel?" Horse asked, "Could you feel the gem?"

"No," Dog answered, "While I was a monkey, it was like my stomach was replaced with a new one."

'Damn,' Monkey thought, 'I always knew that the transformation changes everything, even the stomach.'

"So, that means..." Sheep said.

"Yes," Dog said, "She tried to trick us."

"W-wait, I..." Monkey tried to speak.

"Monkey, I think you should leave," Horse said.

"But I..."

"We're trying to make peace," Horse said cutting her off, "If you just want to find us to kill us, then leave. I'm sorry."


Dog brought his face close to Monkey's, as he growled to intimidate her.

"Leave!" Dog said.

"I'm sorry, Monkey," Sheep said.

"You know what? Fine!" Monkey cried, "It doesn't matter, I'm going to live!"

"Excuse me?" Horse asked.

"I never swallowed my jewel!" Monkey answered, "I hid it in my mouth, you think I was stupid to swallow poison?!"

"Really?" Sheep asked.

"Have fun dying," Monkey said, "Because I pretty much win by default!"

Monkey then walked off, away from the three warriors.

"Monkey," Sheep said.

"She made her choice," Dog said.

"It's okay, we can still figure it out without her," Horse said, "We can't lose hope."


Rooster was in a public restroom as he looked in a mirror seeing the cut on his cheek.

"Dammit!" He yelled, "I let myself get humiliated by that snake guy!"

He then punched the mirror breaking it into shards.

"I must win this," Rooster said, "For my master."

(Monkey, ?)

"Dammit! That damn mutt!" Monkey yelled.

Monkey was walking in a fast pace, angry at the failed attempt to kill Horse, Sheep, and Dog.

'I don't even know why I'm going after.' Monkey thought, 'I'm already safe.'

She pulled out hers and Ox's jewels from her pocket.

"Once these these thing dissolve, everyone but me will die," Monkey said.

"Are you sure about that?"

"Huh?" Monkey gasped.

She looks behind her to see Dragon walking towards her.

"Hello, my lady," Dragon said.

'Dragon!' Monkey thought, 'Stay calm, you might get a chance.'

"Dragon, thank goodness I found someone!" Monkey said, "I..."

"Let me guess," Dragon said, "You're gonna say you know how to remove the jewels but kill me instead, isn't that right?"

Monkey gasped.

"The gasp proves it," Dragon said, "Sorry, but I'm not gonna fall for your trick."

'Wait a minute.' Monkey thought, 'He doesn't have to let me touch him'

"I don't need to have your permission," Monkey said, "I need to just touch you and it's over."

"Is that right?" Dragon asked, "Very well."

"Henkasaru: Warrior of the monkey, Killing instinctively!" Monkey yelled.

" Kagariyuu: Warrior of the dragon, Killing beautifully!" Dragon said.

Monkey then ran straight toward Dragon as she used her staff to pole vault herself in the air. She then saw orange light come from Dragon's armbands.

'Are those... flamethrowers!?' Monkey thought.

Dragon then turned the tiny flame into a massive inferno, engulfing Monkey in flames. Monkey let out a tiny scream of pain and agony as she was being burnt alive.

The flames then disappeared leaving Monkey's burnt corpse.




"That takes care of her, Tiger," Dragon said.

"That was awesome!"

Tiger came out from an alley to congratulate Dragon and his kill.

"You just might be what I need," Tiger said.

"And you know the deal, right?" Dragon asked.

"Of course," Tiger answered, "You don't try to kill me and I won't try to kill you."

"So, who's next?" Dragon asked.

"Let's see..." Tiger said.