The two hooded figures ran from the natives on Nibiru, but as they ran, they ran into a beast Jim automatically shot from fear. Bones could only throw his hands in the air with annoyance before taking off his hood to give Jim an annoyed stare. "Dammit man!" He screamed it loud enough to alert the natives running after them. "That was our ride! You just stunned our ride!"

Jim sighed while taking down his hood as well. How was he supposed to know? "Ah, great!" The sounds of the natives continued behind them, seeming to catch up. Jim did the only thing he could do now that their ride was done for. "Run!"

Bones didn't waste any time, running as Jim caught up to him, holding onto the scroll in his hands for dear life. "What the hell did you take?!" Bones screamed at him, really wishing he didn't volunteer for this mission.

"I have no idea, but they were bowing to it!" Jim just yelled back at him. Sometimes, he hated being captain, this example one of the many reasons why. He was just trying to save this race! Jim pulled out his communicator, trying to sound as clear as possible despite his running. "Kirk to shuttle one, locals are out of the kill zone! Repeat. Spock, get in there, neutralize the volcano, and let's get out of here!"

Luna took a deep sigh from the Enterprise while going to one of the buttons on the captain's chair. It just so happened that her idiot boyfriend and her idiot father might have been in more danger than Spock about to go into a volcano. "Sulu, you heard him, let's get out of here before Jim and Bones die."

Sulu landed the shuttle on the top part of the volcano, already feeling the heat through the ship. "We have to do this now!" Sulu yelled while quickly undoing his seatbelt, and moving to the back of the ship with Uhura and Spock. "I told the Captain the shuttle wasn't built for this kind of heat."

"Well," Luna sighed, looking in front of her at one of the many sea creatures who wanted to inspect the ship. "You and I know the captain sucks at listening."

"Are you really bringing this up, while I'm running through the jungle on an official mission from Starfleet?" Jim asked through the radio, his voice still out of breath.

Luna smiled while crossing her legs just as Scotty came up to her to give her a coffee mug. "I'm just stating a fact, Captain." She told him before taking a sip of her coffee. "I thought Spock might like it."

"Captain," Spock spoke while getting the last bit of his uniform on, trying to ignore Luna's comment as best as he could. "Did the indigenous life forms see you?"

"No, Mr. Spock," Jim spoke, still annoyed at Luna's interference. "They did not."

"The Prime Directive clearly states there can be no interference with the internal development of alien civilizations." Uhura cracked a little smile while suiting him up. There were some things about Spock that would just never change.

"I know what it says!" Jim yelled, now becoming annoyed with Spock, wishing for just a moment that he would be able to experience his stress levels while accomplishing the Prime Directive. "Which is why I'm running through the jungle wearing a disguise! Now drop off your super ice cube and let's go! Kirk out!"

Luna rolled her eyes at him, being more annoyed with him as of late than anything. Scotty shrugged while taking a sip of his coffee as well. "How long before you think they all die?"

Luna slowly turned to her friend with her brows furrowed. "Don't you have to be in the engineering decks?"

Scotty gave her a dramatic eye roll before doing what she said. "You're bossy as captain." Luna simply repeated what he said in a mocking tone, making him stare at her for a moment in the elevator before going back to his post.

Back on the shuttle, Sulu was getting everything ready for the jump as Uhura continued to make sure Spock was as safe as he could possibly be in a volcano. "If we're gonna do this, we've got to do it now! This ash is killing our coils."

Once Uhura had secured his helmet, she looked up to him, meeting his eyes. "You sure you don't want me to go instead?"

Spock's face twisted into confusion at that notion. "That would be highly illogical as I am already outfitted – "

She looked back up to him with a smile. "Spock, I was kidding."


He was stopped when Uhura got on her tip toes to kiss the glass on his helmet, fighting not to blush at that. "You got this."

"Guys!" Sulu yelled at them. He wasn't going to deny that they were cute together, but they had to get this done. "We have to go! Now!"

"I'll see you in ninety seconds." Uhura told him with a big smile before hurrying back to the front of the ship with Sulu and shutting the door. When she looked back, Spock opened up the door underneath and fell into the volcano. Uhura would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous.

Jim and Bones continued to run through the jungle, dodging spears and whatever the natives decided to throw at them. "They're trying to kill us!" Bones screeched after nearly missing one of the spears. "They're trying to kill us, Jim!"

Luna looked to the map on the windshield tracking Jim and Bones' location, making her take a nervous breath. How long could they outrun the natives before they actually killed them. "Just keep going, guys, Spock will be done in any moment and we'll get you out of there." She leaned back in her chair, taking deep breaths as Chekov turned around to look at her. She gave him the best smile she could, but she was starting to worry that this mission wouldn't go the way they all thought it would.

Right when Spock was about to be in the belly of the volcano, the engine to the ship overheated. "I can't hold this position." Sulu told everyone on the intercom, panicking everyone in that moment. "Spock, I've got to pull you back up."

"Negative. This is our only chance to save this species. If this volcano erupts, the planet dies."

Part of the ship's engine blew, Luna monitoring the whole thing from the ship. She leaned forward, pressing the button to talk, knowing that right now, the crew was way more important. "Pull him back up. Now!"

Uhura pulled the lever to bring him back up, but the rope linking him to the ship snapped. You could hear the group wide gasp in the Enterprise, Luna not knowing what to do as he possibly tumbled to his death. "Spock, are you okay?" Uhura asked, obviously panicked about his well being while he was trapped at the bottom of a volcano.

"I am," Everyone let out a relieved sigh at the sound of his voice, mostly Luna. She cared about the damn man, and she had no idea what she would do if he had died down there. "Surprisingly, alive."

"We have to get him back." Uhura told Sulu while about to get up from her seat. "I'll suit up. I'm gonna go down."

Sulu turned to her, eyes wide, knowing Uhura wasn't going to like this. "We have to abandon the shuttle."

"We can't just leave him, Sulu!"

"We don't have a choice!" Uhura felt the panic begin to settle in at the thought of leaving him down there. "Uhura, I'm sorry."

She knew that was the right thing to do, but she didn't want to leave him. "Spock, we're going back to the Enterprise. We'll get you out of there."

"Captain, I'm ditching the shuttle." Sulu reported to Jim as both Sulu and Uhura got into their wetsuits to jump out. "You've got to make it to the Enterprise on your own."

"Wonderful!" Jim responded before ducking another spear.

Luna looked around, knowing she had to do something, but it had all just happened so fast. "Okay," she began while getting up from the captain's chair to look at the map in front of her. She would get Jim and Bones out of this, and then they would all be able to work on getting Spock out of the volcano. "You two could make it to the beach, but we don't have that kind of time."

"So, what do you suppose we do?" Bones yelled at her.

She took a deep breath, hating that she was going to suggest this. "Dad, how has your fear of heights gotten?"

"Oh god." He whispered just as Jim was able to stick the scroll on a branch to a nearby tree to distract the natives.

As they continued to run, they could almost smell the ocean. "I hate this!" Bones screamed.

Luna rolled her eyes at her father, going back to the button to talk with them. "Jump or we leave you."

Once they finally got to the edge of the cliff, they didn't waste a moment to jump into the ocean. Luna felt her breath hitch as she watched, terrified that one of them would land on one of the rocks, but they landed in the water with no problems. She let out her breath before standing up and hurrying to meet them.

As she hurried to the bottom levels of the ship, Scotty found her. "So, what was that about me going back to my post?"

"I mean," Luna spoke with a shrug, the two almost to the room the two would end up in. "I did need you back at your post because I need someone to drain the water out of the pod."

"Yeah, but isn't the captain annoying you lately?"

Luna let out a sigh, knowing he was right, but then again, that would be unethical. "Yeah, he is, but my father's in there too, and I'm not going to punish him for Jim's annoyingness."

Scotty let out a little chuckle as they made it to the draining room just in time for the two to get inside. Scotty immediately drained the water for them, giving them a chance to catch their breath before opening up the door to reveal both Scotty and Luna. "Do you have any idea how ridiculous it is to hide a starship on the bottom of the ocean?" Jim and Bones both stepped out, ignoring what he had to say. Bones went to hug Luna, and once he was done, Jim and Luna quickly gave each other a peck on the lips. "We've been down here since last night! The salt water's gonna ruin the – "

"Scotty!" Jim yelled, silencing him immediately. "Where's Spock?"

"Still in the volcano." Luna responded before grabbing his hand and jogging with him to the bridge.

The volcano began to rumble, the whole planet feeling it, making the group lose their footing a little bit, Luna falling right into Jim. The two looked at each other for a moment, but quickly broke away. Everything between them lately was just so awkward, and they almost didn't want to give each other any physical contact.

The group continued the run, and when they made it onto the bridge, they all went to their usual spots. "Captain on the bridge!" Chekov called out as Luna and Sulu both got to their spots at the con at the same time.

"Lieutenant," Jim called, immediately looking to Uhura. "Do we have an open channel to Mr. Spock?"

When Luna looked back to her friend, she noticed how panicked she looked. "The heat's frying his comms, but we still have contact."

Jim moved to Luna's side of the con, her dodging out of the way a little bit so he would be able to access it more easily, but she hardly ever moved from him like that even on the bridge. He took a deep sigh, deciding it was best to focus on Spock right now, and then move on to fix their relationship. "Spock?"

"I have activated the device, Captain. When the countdown is complete, the reaction should render the volcano inert."

"Yeah," Bones scoffed while stepping forward, becoming worried. "And that's gonna render him inert!"

Jim looked down to his middle seat, trying to meet her eye, but she was trying to find some way to make sure Spock got out of this. "Do we have use of the transporters?"

"Negative, sir." Chekov responded.

Luna sighed while turning to look at him, just giving him a shake of the head. "Not with these magnetic fields."

Scotty was off to the side, jumping at the look of one of the huge sea creatures getting a little too close to the windshield. "I need to beam Spock back to the ship." Luna spotted Scotty off to the side, throwing her hands up at his fear while he just pointed to the windshield, trying to emphasize how big it was again. "Give me one way to do it."

"Maybe if we had a direct line of sight." Chekov answered through a stressed breath. "If we got closer – "

"Hold on, wee man!" Scotty yelled.

"Finally joining in on the conversation." Luna mumbled under her breath.

"You're talking about an active volcano!" Scotty yelled again, deciding to ignore Luna. Just because she was in a bad mood didn't mean that she had to drag everyone down. "Sir, if that thing erupts, I can't guarantee we can withstand the heat!"

Luna turned to Scotty with a sigh, knowing he had a point. "I don't know that we can maintain that kind of altitude." She finished by looking at Jim.

"She's right." Sulu spoke, Jim turning his attention on Sulu after he spoke. "Our shuttle was concealed by the ash cloud, but the Enterprise is too large."

"If utilized in a rescue effort, it would be revealed to the indigenous species." Spock spoke, everyone becoming stressed out even more at the fact that they wouldn't be able to save him.

"Spock, nobody knows the rules better than you," Jim told him, while getting even closer to the con. "But there has got to be an exception."

"None." Luna rolled her eyes at him. "Such action violates the Prime Directive."

"Shut up, Spock!" Luna almost screamed at him. She didn't know what she was more annoyed about. Jim or Spock. "We're trying to save you, damn it!"

"Miss. McCoy," he was practically scolding her at that moment, and she was getting flustered, she was not going to let Spock die here. "But the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

"Spock, we're talking about your life!" Jim yelled at him, Luna looking over her shoulder to stare at Jim from fear. Spock couldn't die here. He just couldn't. Not after everything they had been through.

"The rule cannot be broken...there needs…"

"Spock!" Jim yelled again, but there was no use, the line was disconnected. Jim turned to look at Uhura, knowing she was probably the most panicked. She had to do something to make her not think about it. "Try to get him back on."

"Ninety seconds to detonations." Chekov reported.

Luna turned around to look at Jim, noticing him and Bones standing side by side, simply looking at the windshield with their brains turning. "If Spock were here and I were there, what would he do?"

"He'd let you die." Jim's eyes fell, realizing Bones was probably right, but he had to do something.

Jim's eyes then went to the back of Luna's head, getting an idea. "Luna, get us in the air."

She had to blink a couple of times before turning around to look at her captain. "Uh, what?"

"We're getting Spock out of there. Screw the Prime Directive."

"Spock isn't gonna be happy." She whispered with a sigh before turning around, getting the ship ready to shoot out of the water. "Alright, the water resistance is going to be hell, so everyone brace yourself."

Everyone either sat down or made sure to hold onto something as Luna and Sulu brought the ship out of the water. Everyone who was sitting down was pinned back in their seats, and everyone who was standing was beginning to have a hard time doing that.

When they were finally out of the water, Sulu was able to straighten out the ship while Luna moved to her intercom. "Beam up Commander Spock now."

"Come on." Jim told her while offering her his hand. She took it, letting Jim guide her to the transporter room with Bones following after them. When they finally made it, they each gave him a large smile. He looked safe. "Spock! You all right?"

"Captain," They all waited to see what Spock would have to say. "You let them see our ship."

They each sighed and shook their head at him. "He's fine." Bones spoke while throwing his hand in Spock's direction.

"Bridge to Captain Kirk." They each looked to the nearest speaker, noticing Uhura's voice instantly.

"Yes, Lieutenant?"

"Is Commander Spock on board, sir?" She sounded so scared, Luna knew her best friend, and she knew she was going to be pissed at Spock for this.

"Safely and soundly."

"Please notify him that his device has successfully detonated." And there was her angry voice.

"You hear that? Congratulations, Spock. You just saved the world." Both Jim and Luna offered him a smile, but Spock just continued to stare at them.

"You violated the Prime Directive."

"Oh, come on, Spock. They saw us. Big deal."

Luna sighed while shaking her head, only imagining what the natives were doing down there right now. "Yeah, well something tells me this is going to end up being a big deal." And, she would end up being right.

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