Nathaniel never felt so bad in his life. As Renard, he just messed up big time. Even though Abeille was the one who broke the akumatized object and failed to destroy the akuma, he was the one who ultimately tore the team apart. Guilt tore at his heart. Why am I the one who can't handle anything? he thought.

He wanted to feel anger. To him, anger felt better than sorrow. But the fox could not help but feel sorrow and guilt. He could hide his emotions from the world, but he could not lie to himself about how he felt. He never could have foreseen the disaster, or how he would feel afterwards. He remembered him first receiving the Fox Miraculous and how he felt. A few months ago, a few days after summer break started, he was gathering the mail from the mailbox to try and find his report card before his parents or his brother did.

He found two letters to his dad, one to his mom, one to his brother and the last one that read To the parents of Nathaniel Kurtzberg. High School Francoise Dupont. He opened the letter slowly and breathed in. He closed his eyes and read the document. His jaw dropped.

"Looking at how bad your report card is?" a mocking voice asked.

It was from his brother, Pierre. He was a man of 19 years. Like Nathaniel, he had red hair and the same pale skin, but his eyes were green instead of light blue. He was always dressed for success, as he put it; a black suit with polished black shoes and a dark gray necktie. His hair was neatly combed and his nails perfectly trimmed. Because of this attire, many believed he was in the school of business. But he was actually in law school to become a lawyer.

Nathaniel didn't get to answer his brother's question, because his father appeared out of nowhere and took the report card. Nathaniel's mother appeared right behind him. Adolphus examined the document and his mouth hung open. "I... I can't believe it."

"It's horrible, isn't it?" Pierre asked.

Nathan, who had a calm look as his father opened the document, turned into a smirk. "I don't think that's the case."

"All grades except for Chemistry are A's. Chemistry is a B minus." he answered.

"A B minus?!" Pierre asked.

"I.. I am amazed. I never thought would have been possible. Nathaniel not only passed the class, he increased his grade by three levels in a single quarter! I had never even thought it possible to raise your grade letter that high in such a short amount of time."

The young artist shrugged. "I guess I've done the impossible.."

"We must celebrate. Sometime later this week, we will go out to eat at a place of Nathaniel's choosing. Doesn't matter how expensive the place is."

"What?!" Pierre exclaimed.

Nathaniel smiled. Then his mother realized something. "Don't we still have to celebrate Nathaniel's victory against Volpina at the Battle at City Hall?"

"You're right. I have neglected to do that as well. Therefore, we will have two celebration dinners." Adolphus stated.

Pierre growled softly. Nathaniel smiled and laughed. "Thank you dad. You're too kind." He took back the report card. "Do you know if we have any pins? I want to hang my report card on the wall."

"I believe we have some right here." His mother opened up a drawer with numerous items in it, including a bowl of push-pins.

"Thanks." He carefully grabbed a pin and went to his room. He pinned the report card next to the picture of his normal self on one half of his body and Evillustrator on the other. The redheaded teen then turned to his nightstand and saw a black box with red designs on it.

What is that? Is it a present for my success? Nathaniel asked himself. I've already got two celebratory dinners coming up, I wouldn't think my dad would purchase this for me. I might as well see what it is.

Nathaniel opened the box and was nearly blinded by the orange sphere of light. When the light faded, he saw a shape fox-like creature.

"Who are you? What are you?" he asked in wonder.

"I'm Trixx, and I am a kwami." the small fox answered.

He looked at the box that he dropped and saw a fox necklace. "A.. a Miraculous? You want me to be the next Fox Miraculous wielder?"

"There you go. You're pretty smart for a young man."

He held the Miraculous in his hand. "This... this is totally crazy..."

"Will you do it?" Trixx asked.

He looked at the accessory he held in his right hand. "I will. Although, since I'm going to have to wear the necklace everyday, won't people see me as unmasculine?"

"You could always hide it under your shirt."

"I like that idea." He put on the necklace and tucked it under his t-shirt. Out of sight, but not out of mind. "Alright, so I believe I know how the Fox Miraculous works. I can create illusions by playing my flute, which is my weapon when I'm transformed, and I can create a orange energy beams to attack foes."

"That's right. Now you've only got five charges for either of these abilities, so it doesn't matter how you combine em, five illusions, five energy beams, three illusions and two energy beams, once you've used your power five times, you'll have run out of power and a five minute countdown will begin. Once those five minutes are up, you'll automatically detransform."

"Alright. So, how I do get my strength back after that happens?"

"You must recharge your kwami by giving them their favorite kind of food. In this case, it's me and my favorite kind of food is red hot chill peppers. Or anything spicy for that matter."

Nathaniel looked at Trixx, puzzled. "Huh. Spicy food. That seems strange to me but, eh. I guess we all have our tastes. Now one last thing, how do I transform?"

"Just say, 'Trixx, ears up!'"

He nodded. "Got it. Although I should be off the hook for now."

"Don't say that, cause pretty soon, you'll have an attack occurring."

Trixx's prediction came true only a few days later. While parents were at work and Pierre was doing his internship job, Darkblade had returned for the second time.

"Do you think you've got what it takes?"

Nathaniel nodded. "Trixx, ears up!"

As Trixx was absorbed into the necklace, five small lines formed on the accessory. Using only a single finger from each hand, he swiped it backwards under his eyes, much like a warrior putting on war paint. As he did this, his orange mask formed. He extended his arms with his fist enclosed as the magic formed his supersuit. The energy moved downward, continuing to transform him. His fox tail formed and soon his ears perked up, as if they were listening to something far away. He spun himself around and held his arms inward with fists still enclosed while smirking. The transformation was complete.

The fox moved quickly, trying to think of a plan while making his way to the battlefield.