Andrea Sachs had been doing overtime at work for the past week in order to ensure that everything was ready for Miranda to leave Friday night so now that it was Saturday she had decided to spend the day in her pyjamas watching tv and that she would order pizza or Chinese food later that evening. She had not long been out of bed as she had opted to have a lay in that morning.

Only five minutes into the movie, she heard a knock at her door but as she was not expecting anyone she opted to ignore it and continue to watch her movie. Another knock sounded through her apartment which was then followed by another set of knocks which were much quicker and much louder than the original ones.

Andrea groaned, "I'm coming, I'm coming", she called out as she reluctantly got up from the sofa and pushed her blankets away from her.

The knocking has stopped after she called out to whoever was on the other side of the door.

She swung the door open, "Yes?", she said with annoyance before she realised who it was, "Oh…".

In front of her were two red-headed ten-year-olds, "Cassidy? Caroline?", she said softly as she stepped back so that both of the children could enter her apartment, "What are you doing here?".

The two girls stepped into the apartment and when the question was posed to them, they glanced at each other before Caroline answered, "We wanted to come and see you", she answered simply.

"I thought you were with your father whilst your mother is at the fashion show?", Andrea asked the two girls gently as she closed the door behind them.

"We were", Caroline said with a smile as they both moved into the living room, "But now we're here".

"And you have permission?", Andrea asked with curiosity.

Caroline nodded, "Yes", she replied simply.

"How did you get here?", the woman asked them.

"We took a cab", Caroline responded.

Andrea nodded, "Okay, have you eaten lunch?", she queried.

Both of the girls shook their heads, "No", Caroline stated.

"Okay", Andrea said softly, "Are you hungry?".

Both of them nodded in response to the question.

"How about toasted sandwiches?", Andrea asked them both before leading them to the kitchen.

"Yes, please", Caroline and Cassidy both responded at the same time with bright smiles on their faces.

Andrea smiled in return as she opened her fridge, "What would you like to drink?", she asked them both, "I have orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, milk, and water". "Or I have hot drinks if you'd rather have something warm? I have hot chocolate", she continued.

"Please, may I have some grape juice?", Cassidy asked with a smile.

"Apple juice please", Caroline responded.

Their mother's assistant nodded, "Okay", she said before pulling both items out of the fridge and grabbing two glasses from the cupboard. She quickly filled the two glasses with the chosen juices and put them on the counter in front of the girls. "How about you both sit up at the breakfast bar? I'll get the filling choices out of the fridge so that you can choose what you have in your sandwich".

Both girls were soon sat at the breakfast bar as they watched Andy pulling out a multitude of ingredients and putting them on the kitchen counter.

"Okay", Andrea said as she stepped closer to the counter after closing the fridge, "You can choose to put whatever you want into your sandwiches". Andrea pulled out some slices of bread and began to butter them as she spoke, "You can choose between chicken, cheese, or beef", she said softly, "Sorry I haven't been shopping but you can pick one or two or even all three if you'd like".

"I would like chicken with cheese, please?", Cassidy said with a bright smile.

"Same please", Caroline requested.

Andrea nodded putting buttered bread in front of them on individual chopping boards, "You can put however much of it in your sandwiches as you want and you can even put the sandwiches into the grill", she said as she set up the grill on the side for them.

Both of the girls were talking between themselves as they filled their sandwiches, "We've finished", Cassidy announced, she was quite excited to be able to make and cook their own sandwiches.

The woman smiled brightly at the two of them, "Okay", she said softly, "Caroline, Cassidy, bring your boards over to this side of the counter and then you can both put your sandwiches in the grill and then once it's closed they'll cook until the red light turns green".

The two girls took their boards carefully over to where Andrea was standing and they placed them on the side before following the instructions that they had been given and carefully placed their sandwiches into the grills.

It wasn't long before the sandwiches were both cooked and the twins were sat on the sofa with their chosen movie playing in the background, "Did your father tell you how long you were allowed to be here?", the woman asked Cassidy and Caroline.

The two girls paused in their eating with their sandwiches partially away from their mouths whilst they both glanced at each other, suddenly both looked very guilty.

Andrea sighed heavily, "You didn't have permission, did you?".

The two girls were looking down at their laps after having put their sandwiches down on their plates and both of them shook their heads, "No", Cassidy whispered.

"Why did you lie?", Andrea asked.

"We didn't want you to send us back", Caroline replied.

"Why don't you want to go back?", Andrea questioned with worry in her voice.

Caroline sighed, "Dad isn't interested in us anymore, he never is when he has a new girlfriend", she revealed, "I bet he doesn't even know that we left".

"What time did you leave?", Andrea asked, avoiding debating whether or not their idiot of a father had noticed their disappearance, "You've been here for over an hour and it takes about an hour to get here from your father's house so when did you leave there?".

"We left just after breakfast this morning", Caroline admitted, "So it was just before ten am".

She looked up at the clock when the child told her the time that they had left their father's house and she quickly realised that they had been gone from the house for over three hours. "You know I'm going to have to call him, right?", Andrea asked as she watched the two, rather quiet, girls.

Cassidy sighed, "You're sending us back, aren't you?".

"No", Andrea stated straight away.

The twins both looked confused, "But we lied", Caroline stated, "and Mom doesn't get back until next week".

"Then I will keep you until then if your mother allows it", Andrea said with a smile before hugging each of the girls in turn, "Finish off your sandwiches and rewind the movie to the part you got to before we started talking while I go and call your mother".

"Okay", each of the girls whispered guiltily before doing as they were told.

Andrea went into her bedroom and hit number one on speed dial then waited for the person on the other end to pick up, "Hello Miranda", she said straight away.

Miranda had stepped out of the room into the hallway, "Hello Andrea", she said instantly, if it was anyone else she would have snapped at them instantly, "I hope this is important".

"I just called to let you know that I have Cassidy and Caroline here with me", Andrea stated.

The Editor-in-Chief looked confused, "Why? They are supposed to be with their father for the week".

"They apparently left their father's without his permission and got a cab to my apartment", the assistant said calmly, "They've been here with me for a while but have only just admitted that they didn't have permission to come here. They left their father's house shortly before ten am this morning".

Miranda was silent as she listened to what her assistant was telling her.

"They're okay, they are both currently watching a movie and eating their lunch", Andy said softly, "I'm going to call their father to let him know where they are but I wanted to call you first especially as they don't believe that their father has even noticed that they're missing". "The main thing is that neither girls want to go back to his and they want to stay here with me", she revealed, "I told them that I would ask your permission".

The fashion queen closed her eyes briefly before speaking, "Is it okay if they stay with you? I can come home early and I'll be there by this evening", she said quietly, "Don't call their father, I will. I'll call him and pretend to want to speak to the girls then I'll see if my Bobbseys are right in their assumption that he hasn't noticed". "Once I've done that then I'll call you back to speak to my Bobbseys", she finished.

"They're fine to stay with me Miranda", Andrea said with a smile as she sat on her bed with her cell phone pressed up against her ear, "There isn't any need to come back early, I know how important this week is to you and the girls are fine here".

"Are you certain?", Miranda questioned.

"Of course", Andrea said straight away, "I've rather enjoyed having them with me this morning".

Miranda found herself laughing, "But a week Andrea?", she questioned.

"A week sounds fun to me", Andrea admitted, "I'm sure we can have some fun".

"Well if anyone can do it then it's you", Miranda almost whispered, "My impossible girl".

Andrea's smile grew and her eyes brightened at what she heard Miranda say, "Yours, huh?", she questioned.

Miranda froze instantly and found herself stuttering after a moment's silence, "I… I… I didn't mean it".

"Oh", Andrea said with a sigh, "Right… of course".

She found herself closing her eyes briefly as she heard the disappointment in the voice of her assistant, "That's not true", she admitted, "I just didn't mean for you to hear it, I'm sorry Andrea".

"In the case, don't apologise Miranda", she said gently, "I like the sounds of being yours".

"You do?", Miranda questioned with shock in the tone of her voice.

"Of course", she replied instantly.

"Are you sure I shouldn't come home early?", Miranda questioned.

"The girls will be fine and we will be waiting for you when you get back", Andrea stated, "I'll even take them to the airport so that we can meet you when you get off of the plane".

"That does sound like a good idea", Miranda commented, "Although I am finding myself wanting to leave, no matter how important these events are".

"I know, trust me I know", Andrea said with a smile, "but my beautiful fashion queen must rule her kingdom".

Miranda could almost hear the smirk in her voice, despite not saying it out loud, she found herself liking the sound of being hers too.

"So, we will see you next week", Andrea said with a smile.

"Yes", Miranda said in return, "I think that it would be best if you stayed with the girls at the townhouse in the meantime".

"Yes Miranda", Andrea said simply, "I'll speak to the girls".

"I'll call you back once I've spoken to their father".

"Okay", Andrea said before the phone was cut off. She put the phone in her pocket and found herself grinning at the idea of being Miranda's.

A few moments later, Andrea rejoined the girls on the sofa, both of them looking up at her and appearing to be a little nervous as they waited for her to speak, "I've spoken to your mother", she stated.

"Is she letting us stay with you?", Caroline asked as both of the girls clutched each other's hands whilst awaiting the answer.

Andrea shook her head, "No, you won't be staying here with me", she said to them.

The two girls looked downwards and seemed very upset.

"But I will be staying at your mom's house with you", she said with a huge smile.

Cassidy and Caroline almost screeched with excitement when they heard what the woman had told them, "Really?", Cassidy questioned, "We get to stay with you at home while Mom's away?".

Andrea nodded, "Yes", she confirmed, "Your Mom will be calling your father now, and then she will call me back so that she can talk to you both".

"Thank you Andy", Cassidy and Caroline both said as they both embraced the woman.

For the remainder of the movie, Andrea was sat on the sofa with both of the girls in her lap and snuggled up with her.

Miranda called her ex-husband as soon as she had put the phone down to Andrea, the smile dropping from her face that Andrea had just put there, "Hello", she said as soon as he picked up the phone.

"Hello Miranda", he greeted, "I didn't expect you to call, would you like to speak to the girls?".

Her eyebrows shot up into the air considering the fact that she knew that both of her precious girls were with her assistant at Andrea's apartment, "Please", she opted to say instead.

"I'll just take the phone up to them, they've been playing in their room all morning", he stated, despite it not being true, not that he knew that of course.

Miranda remained quiet and listened very carefully to what was happening at the other end of the phone.

Greg knocked on the door, "Girls!", he called out before knocking again but getting no response from the empty room. He opened the door and looked confused at the empty room before moving to the next bedroom and repeating it but found nothing, "Sorry Miranda, they must be playing in another room".

She listened patiently as he checked the various rooms in the house.

"Girls!", he called out, "Your mother is on the phone".

Miranda was glad that he had muffled the sounds of him shouting.

"Miranda? I'll have to call you back, they're just playing hide and seek again", he lied.

"Oh really?", she questioned, "Because I know for a fact that my children are currently at my assistant's house and have been for the past few hours".

"Oh", he simply replied.

"When they said that you wouldn't notice that they weren't there, I didn't want to believe it", Miranda revealed, "However, these visits are of my choice considering that fact that I have full custody and now, unless the girls state otherwise, you will not be looking after them again".

Greg tried to cut in, "But I…".

"That's all", she stated before putting the phone down to him.

Caroline and Cassidy were choosing another movie for them to watch whilst Andrea got dressed ready for them to leave as well as throwing some clothing into a case so that she could stay at Miranda's townhouse until the woman returned.

Her phone rang and she scrambled to grab it, pulling a few items of clothing out of the way in order to find it on the bed, "Hello Miranda", she said as soon as she answered it.

"Hello Andrea", Miranda replied.

"One moment, I'll take the phone out to Cassidy and Caroline", Andrea said with a smile.

Miranda smiled, "Wait", she said quickly, "I wanted to speak to you first".

Andrea found herself smiling brightly and sitting back down on the bed, "Okay", she replied simply.

"I spoke to Greg", Miranda stated, "I asked to speak to the girls and he was completely unaware that they were not in his care".

"Oh", Andrea responded, "I was hoping that they'd be wrong about that… I… I don't understand how he could not know where they are". "How could he be so irresponsible?", Andrea said with annoyance and anger in her voice.

Miranda sighed, "I was hoping that they would be wrong too but… well, unfortunately, they were right and I have informed him that he will not be looking after my Bobbseys anytime in the future, that is, of course, unless they request it themselves", she said to Andrea, loving how protective Andrea sounded over her beloved daughters.

"Well, if you ever need someone to look after them then you know where I am", Andrea offered straight away, "I rather like spending time with them both".

"Thank you Andrea", Miranda said with a smile whilst sat in her hotel suite as she had moved upstairs whilst on the phone earlier to Andrea, "I know that they enjoy spending time with you too. They do look forward to you bringing the book to the townhouse each night".

"I look forward to it too", Andrea admitted, "It's why I've been getting the editing department to have the book ready by eight pm so that I can spend some time with both of them before they go to bed".

"Well, I do hope that you'll join us for dinner when I return", Miranda offered, "and I am very glad that they have been abiding by the new eight pm rule as it will give us plenty of time to spend together after work too".

Andrea smiled brightly, "That sounds really good", she said softly.

"May I speak to the girls?", Miranda asked politely, much more polite than she had when she spoke to her ex-husband.

"Of course", Andrea said with a smile as she made her way out into the front room, "Caroline, Cassidy, your Mom is on the phone"

The twins both were looking at each other in a slightly nervous manner, "We're not in trouble, are we?", Cassidy whispered.

"No Cassidy", Andrea replied before whispering to them, "But your father is".

Cassidy giggled, as did Caroline at what the woman had whispered to them.

Andrea put the phone on loudspeaker before speaking again, "You're on loudspeaker Miranda and I'm just giving the phone to Cassidy and Caroline now", she said before looking at them, "Pause the movie and you can finish it after your phone call, I'm going to go and finish off in the bedroom".

"Hello Mom", the two girls both said at the same time after Caroline had paused the movie.

"Hello Bobbseys", Miranda said to her children, "Are you behaving for Andrea?".

Caroline nodded, "Yes", she stated, "Of course".

"Promise me that you will behave for Andrea for the whole time that she is looking after you", Miranda requested.

"Yes Mom", both girls replied straight away.

"I spoke with your father and you will be staying with Andrea at the townhouse until I return", Miranda stated.

"Woohoo!", both of the girls were shouting with happiness at the idea despite already being aware of the fact.

"You do need, however, to tell me what happened today", their mother said softly.

"We had breakfast and Dad was distracted", Caroline stated, "He always is when he has a new girlfriend".

"We didn't want to stay there", Cassidy said to her mother, "It was so boring".

"We thought that Andy might let us stay with her", Caroline continued, "And we knew that she was the safest person to go to if we were going to leave Dad's house".

"He didn't even notice when we left", Cassidy admitted, "We just walked out of the front door… we didn't even need to sneak out of the window or anything like that".

Miranda listened carefully to every word that her daughters told her and remained silent, waiting until they were finished talking.

"We got a cab from Dad's house to Andy's using Dad's money", Caroline told her, "We knew Andy's address because she gave it to us a while ago along with her number".

"Just in case we got into trouble and needed help", Cassidy added, "She said that she would always be here for us no matter what and that we can always go to her, that's why she gave us her address, her email address, and her phone number".

"So we went to Andy's apartment to be with her instead and then when we got to Andy's apartment, she was in her pyjamas watching a movie", Caroline said.

"But she didn't send us away", Cassidy said with a smile, "She cared and she asked us if we had permission then she let us make toasted sandwiches".

"And juice", she added, "Then we got to watch a movie but then we told Andy that we didn't really have permission".

"But she wasn't angry at us", Cassidy said softly, "She was just worried and said that she would call you to see if she could keep us".

"Not keep us", Caroline said, "Just look after us until Mom gets back".

"I don't know", Andrea said with a smirk, "I might just decide to keep you".

Cassidy grinned, "Awesome!", she declared with excitement, "Does that mean we get to move in here or you move in with us?".

Caroline looked around, "I'm not sure Mom would like the decor here", she stated, "And also we wouldn't get a room each, there are only two bedrooms here so Andy will have to move in with us".

"Yay!", Cassidy shouted with excitement.

Miranda was laughing at the other end of the phone.

Andrea was looking at a little shocked, "I...erm… I'm not quite sure about that Cassidy".

"Why not?", Cassidy asked with a tilt of her head, "Do you not like our house?".

"Of course I like the house", Andrea replied quickly.

"Then what is it?", Caroline asked, "Is it, Mom?".

Miranda had stopped laughing.

Andrea knelt down in front of the girls, "Of course not Caroline", she said straight away, "I love your mother, I promise you that". "I just think that it's a little quick to move in, don't you think?", Andy questioned, "Also I think I would need your mother's permission".

"You love our Mom?", Cassidy asked her softly.

Andy opened her mouth and then closed it again before reopening it, clearly surprised at the question and shocked that she herself had already said it, "Yes", she said softly, "I do love your Mom".

"And I love you too Andrea", Miranda replied, "My impossible girl".

The girls were both grinning, rather happy with themselves and seemingly overjoyed at the idea that their two favourite people were in love with each other.

"Oh and as for moving in?", Miranda said softly, "Andrea is already moving in for a week and although it may be too soon for her to move in on a permanent basis, I do hope that she will be staying over more often and that she will agree to go out on a date with me upon my return".

Andrea smiled brightly, "That sounds like a great idea", she replied.

"Of course it is", Miranda said with a smirk, "I said it".

The three of them found themselves laughing straight away which in turn made Miranda smile.

"I need to go as I have a dinner to attend tonight", Miranda said softly, "Are you sure you're okay with my Bobbseys for the week, Andrea?".

"Yes Miranda", Andrea replied, "You'll be okay, won't you girls?".

The twins both grinned and nodded as they shouted their agreement with pure excitement.

"In that case, I will see you when I return next week", Miranda replied.

"We'll meet you at the airport", Andrea reminded her with a smile.

"We get to go to the airport?", Cassidy asked with wide eyes.

"Of course", Andrea replied, "Your Mom has been away all week, I thought that it would be nice to meet her at the airport".

"We never get to do that", Cassidy highlighted.

"That's because Dad never takes us", Caroline pointed out, "Andy loves us and Mom more than he does so she's taking us because she knows that it's what we want and it's what Mom wants".

Andrea simply kissed the tops of the girls' heads, "Say goodbye to your mother and you can call her before you go to bed later to say goodnight", she said softly, "We'll go shopping on the way to the townhouse and you can choose the ingredients for us to make whatever you want for dinner", she knew that there were not any perishable foods at the townhouse because there had been no plans for anyone to be there.

"Goodbye, Mom!", both of the girls said at the same time.

"I'll speak to you both later Bobbseys", Miranda said with a smile, "I love you".

"I love you too Mom", both of the girls shouted out with happiness.

"And Andrea?", Miranda said softly.

"Yes Miranda", Andy responded instantly.

"Thank you for taking care of my girls for me", she said gratefully, "And thank you for offering to bring them to the airport to meet me, you don't know how much that means to me".

"Anytime Miranda", Andy said genuinely.

Miranda smiled, "I love you Andrea", she said quietly.

"I love you too Miranda", Andrea responded with a bright smile.

Miranda, for once, hated her job as she wanted to leave so that she could go to spend time with both of her children as well as the woman she loved.

Andrea found herself even more excited for the return of her boss that she had been previously.

It was not long before they put the phone down and were getting ready to leave to go back to the townhouse where Andy would stay with them until Miranda's return, not that she returned home straight away as she stayed the night with Miranda when she returned.