On Sunday morning, Miranda awoke to the sound of her children whispering and giggling in the doorway to the bedroom.

Andrea buried closer to the older woman, wrapping her arms more tightly around Miranda and nuzzled her face against her neck.

"Good Morning, Girls," Miranda spoke softly as she opened her eyes and looked over towards the door.

Cassidy and Caroline grinned in response, "Morning, Mom!" They moved closer to the bed but didn't climb up, they seemed to hesitate.

Andrea put her hand out to them, tapping the bed lightly with a smile but she didn't move from where she was, curled up against Miranda.

The girls grinned at the signal and they both launched themselves onto the bed eagerly, luckily for the two women, they had opted to put on some night wear before going to sleep so that the girls wouldn't get any kind of shock when they came in the following morning.

Miranda put her arm out and Andrea reached out one of hers too, both inviting the girls to join them in a group huddle.

Neither of the women were eager to leave the comfort of the huge bed or the comfort of each other's arms any time soon and the girls both seemed quite happy to join them rather than to rush for breakfast.

The twins both snuggled up to the two of them, Caroline on Miranda's side and Cassidy and Andrea's side whilst the two adults remained slightly entwined.

"Good Morning, Andy!" Cassidy greeted the woman with excitement.

"Not yet." Came the response from Andrea as she buried her face in Miranda's neck again.

Cassidy giggled, "Andy doesn't like mornings that much, Mom."

"I see that, Bobsey." Miranda said softly, "I think she's just comfortable and doesn't want to get up from our group cuddle."

"So true" Andrea mumbled as she pulled Cassidy closer to her.

For quite a while, the four of them simply lay in the bed, and quite comfortable curled up together.

Eventually though, the girls started to get bored, "Where are we going today, Andy?" Cassidy asked her politely as she looked up at from where she lay leaning on the woman's stomach.

"I thought that it might be a good idea to repeat what we did last Sunday and have a pyjama day with your mom," Andrea replied, "That way we get to have a do-over but your mom can rest after a hard week at work."

"So we aren't going anywhere?" Cassidy questioned.

"Not unless you count the living room, kitchen, and the den." Andrea said softly as she lightly tickled the young girl in her arms to make her giggle.

"Does that mean we get to stay in our pyjamas all day again, Andy? Like we did last Sunday?" Caroline queried with a hint of excitement.

Andrea nodded before clarifying, "That is exactly what it means, so how about you both go and get dressed in whatever set of pyjamas that you decide on for the day."

Two excited little redheads bounced out of the bed and made their way, rather excitedly, towards their bedroom. Miranda had attempted to give them their own rooms previously but whenever she would put them to bed they would always end up in the same bed together instead. So, she soon gave up with that idea and instead had builders come in to knock the dividing wall down so that they had one huge bedroom instead of two separate bedrooms. Of course there was always the option to put the wall back in if the girls ever decided that they wanted to have their own bedrooms. The girls also had a bathroom attached to each side of the room along with a walk-in-closet each too.

Once the girls had left the room, Miranda rolled over a little to face the dark-haired woman a little better, "Good Morning, Beautiful." She said softly with a loving smile as she traced the side of Andrea's face gently with her fingers.

"Good Morning, My Love," Andrea replied with a smile, before smirking and commenting, "I'm not sure how beautiful I am with bed head and morning breath"

Miranda rolled her eyes, "Oh, my Darling," she said softly, "You are the most beautiful sight that I have ever woken up to."

Andrea responded by leaning in and kissing the other woman passionately, "I love you, Miranda."

"I love you too, Andrea," Miranda replied before commenting, "There is only one thing better than waking up with you like this..."

"What's that?" Andrea questioned with a slightly raised eyebrow, intrigued as to what would be better because she couldn't think of anything better than waking up beside Miranda.

"Well, the only thing better than waking up with you beside me like this would be..." Miranda paused a little for a slightly more dramatic effect, "...and that would be waking up with you beside me without these annoying clothes being in the way." She said before tugging at the woman's tank top, pulling it down rather effectively and releasing her breast from her top before kissing her passionately as she cupped it in the palm of her hand, delighting in the moan that erupted from her lover.

Andrea had never been a fan of mornings before but she was starting to think that she might like them after all.