AN: Sorry for not updating any of my other stories recently. I've been incredibly preocuupied with this irritating thing called life. This story came from a conversation I had with my brother, who thinks that ballroom dancing is perfectly ridiculous. I think he has a point, but it looks so beautiful that I'll never say that aloud. There might be more stories after this one, but I might lose all inspiration. Who knows?

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"Ballroom dancing?"

"Yes. It's very popular with couples." Kaito replied. They were standing in Shinichi's living room.

"And you want to teach me?"

"Of course. If we're ever at a social event I can't have you looking unproffesional. I have a reputation to upkeep."

The thief's face was entirely serious. Shinichi looked confused.

"What social events do I attend with you?"

"All the best ones."

A pause.

"You want me to dance with you at your heist."

"It'll annoy Nakamori?"

Shinichi sighed.

"Where do I put my feet?"



"We've been practising for days! You're good at sport, I thought you'd pick it up quickly!"

"They're two entirely different things!"

"Apparently so."

"Well, am I doing it right now?"

"Yes. No! Left, not right! And watch where you're putting that arm!"

And they were dancing.

To be honest, Nakamori's face was hilarious, but right now that didn't matter.

The only thing that mattered right now was the man in front of him, and the music flying past his ears.

"Perfect." Kaito whispered in his ear.

"No." He replied. "That's you."

AN: I'm not particularly satisfied by the ending but I'll have to live with it. I'll try to update again soon.

-N Umbra