I noticed in the movie, Héctor gets really excited when Miguel mentions singing "Un Poco Loco", saying "now that's a song!" I wondered what the story was behind it. This is what I came up with.

The song that the musician sings at the beginning of this chapter wasn't written until 1966, long after this story takes place, but I couldn't find any decent Hispanic songs to fit the mood. And I'm no songwriter, so I just rolled with it.

"Flor se llamaba: flor era ella,

flor de los valles en una palma,

flor de los cielos en una estrella,

flor de mi vida, flor de mi alma..."

Imelda leaned against the window frame, watching the poor fool in front of her passionately strum his guitar and howl into the night. She did her best to keep her face pleasant and resisted covering her ears from what was supposed to be singing. Her mother had convinced her to remain polite and not slam the shutters in her suitors' faces.

Once word had spread that she liked musicians, every single man that could even hold an instrument came knocking at her door, hoping to win her heart. Perhaps she should have been more specific; she liked real musicians, the ones who played from the heart, not these fame-seekers or those who only did it to get her attention. That was the problem with musicians; the good ones were all big-headed and sought out fame and fortune, while the humble ones who might actually pay Imelda a bit of attention were no good.

...Like this clod strumming away outside her window. The poor fool had probably barely held a guitar in his life and had been practicing that specific song for days just for this performance. Imelda supposed she should have been impressed at such an effort on her behalf, but after so many similar previous attempts from other suitors, she came to see it more as pathetic.

"...cuando lloraba, limbo de pena

cuando reía, cielo que salva!"

He finally finished, down on one knee, his arms outstretched and eyes closed. Imelda was not quite sure what to do at such a sight so she remained frozen, her false smile plastered to her face. After a moment, he opened his eyes and looked at her expectantly.

"Ah, Señor Tomas..." Imelda said as pleasantly as possible, nervously tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear, "What an... interesting performance."

"You liked it?" he asked hopefully, grinning.

Imelda hesitated, the words on the tip of her tongue ached her soul to even think about. She just couldn't lie. "It was different than anything I had ever heard," she finally came up with.

"Oh, señorita!" He leapt to his feet and ran forward, throwing himself at the window. Imelda fell back in surprise, but Señor Tomas caught her hand. "Please, allow me to tell you then how much I am so much in love with you, mi amor! Will you allow me to continue courting you?"

Getting a good look at him now up close, there was more than just his bad singing to repel her from him. He was at least fifteen years older than her- probably not even forty and already going bald; he was short, even shorter than her; he had extremely hairy arms... maybe that was where all the hair on his head went.

"Señor Tomas," Imelda said pulling her hand from his sweaty grip, "I wasn't aware you were courting me in the first place. I thought you were just playing me a song."

"Oh, but, mi flora bonita, you cannot ignore the flame between us. Our chemistry."

Chemistry? Really! She had barely spoken to the man before now.

"I'll tell you what," Imelda said, "If you can write me an original love song, I'll let you court me."

"An original song?" Señor Tomas repeated, flabbergasted, "But, but..."

"You said you were a musician, didn't you? So go make some music!"

And then Imelda slammed the shutters in his face.