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Takes place directly after Somewhere In Between

Contains the song - Here Is Gone by the Goo Goo Dolls.


- You and I got something

But it's all and then it's nothing to me -

Hyde groaned as the blaring ring of his alarm clock anxiously buzzed. He rolled over in bed and smacked down on the bell as he stretched in his now empty bed.

He sighed as the memories of the night before washed over him. He truly hadn't gotten any sleep and cursed the fact that he would have to go into work.

He had so much on his mind.


He had never seen her like that before. He couldn't believe she had changed so much, over something that he had done.

It scared him that he had that much power over someone.

After she had fallen asleep in tears, he had just laid there, staring at the dark ceiling, thinking of what had become of

their relationship.

He didn't know if he could even call it a relationship anymore. But still he sat, for hours just thinking. And he still

hadn't found any solutions to his mistakes.

He didn't know if he'd ever have a solution.

He just knew she couldn't stay there, sleeping in his bed, with him. He couldn't handle her waking up in the morning and freaking over what had happened the night


So he did what he always did, he took the easy way out.

He snuck out of bed, threw a couple stones up at Donna's window and conveniently tucked the heavy sleeping Jackie back into her own bed, without her even knowing it.

He knew he couldn't put off seeing her forever though. He knew they'd have to talk over what happened and a part of him wanted to yet he was fearing over what she

might say. Over what she may have decided. She didn't need him. But damn him for needing her.

Hyde wasn't supposed to need anyone. He had taught himself that years ago after his dad left him and especially after his mom had bailed leaving him alone.

He barely admitted to needing the Forman's and he knew deep down that they had given him enough love to live without them. But Jackie was a different story.

He had slowly but surely fallen in love with her and that thought shook him to his core. He wasn't exactly sure at what point his love of her had began.

Was it when her dad went to jail? When he gave her that t-shirt?

He knew it was well before he had cheated on her and apart of him knew deep down that she must

have known that too.

But the thought of being in love with someone shook him straight to his core. Especially the thought of being in love with Jackie. He had gone for years disliking the girl,

picking on her relentlessly and yet whenever she was upset she always came to him. No one came to him. Most people were smart enough to know not to.

This was Hyde after all, he wasn't exactly the most empathetic person, especially after she kept going back to Kelso. And yet, she still came back to Hyde, time after time,

and he always let her in.

Maybe that was when the love had started, he wondered. It had felt good to be wanted and he would be lying if he was to say he wasn't the least bit flattered when she

had declared her love for him all those years ago. Sure he had thought she was crazy but he was flattered. There was no denying that Jackie was beautiful. Anyone would

be flattered to have her attention. But Hyde wasn't an attention seeking guy so he ignored it and was more than just a tad bitter when she constantly went and fell back

into the arms of Kelso.

That was when all these insecurities began with them anyways. She should have seen it coming. It wasn't his fault. She was the one who always went back to Kelso.

What would make this time any different?

He shook his head from the thoughts as he reached out of bed, stretching his aching muscles as he hurriedly got ready for work.

- And I got my defenses

When it comes to your intentions for me -

Hyde moaned as he walked into the smoke filled basement. He had spent the last 8 hours toiling away at work, listening to Roy and Kelso going on and on about how hott

Jackie had looked at graduation. He was sure he'd escape thoughts of her at work but no, everything reminded him of her. He even thought he had seen her at the

restaurant and he rushed out of the kitchen only to be disappointed by a young woman, with a striking resemblance, but she was no Jackie.

He walked past his friends, sitting and laughing in the circle and headed to his bedroom. This was the second time in weeks that he'd pass up circle time which was

something Steven Hyde just didn't do. Hell, Steven Hyde made circle time. But he knew he had to talk to Jackie before it got too late and now was as good a time as any.

He assumed she'd be by herself since Donna was preoccupied with the others in their usual activity.

He smiled, Jackie was never much into the circle but damn was she cute when she gave in. He loved when she was high, she was so honest and crazy. Not at all like the

uptight Jackie she usually displayed to everyone.

He turned and flipped on his Zeppelin record as he tried to delay seeing her. What was he going to say to her? What should he say to her? Did she even want to see him?

Did he even want to see her?

The answer to that one was easy. He had to see her. He had to figured out what was happening between them. What was going to become of them. He had never done

this before. He had never tried to save a relationship. He never had any relationships to save.

He shrugged on his t-shirt as he headed out of the basement, sunglasses shielding his eyes. Sunglasses were always his first defense. His eyes gave him away too much

and he knew Jackie could see right through him. And he hated that. He never wanted anyone to see the real him.

He was the true epitome of an emotional virgin.

Quickly he headed out of the basement and past his high friends and rushed next door.

He coughed nervously as he rapped loudly on the Pinciotti's door. He was hoping she wouldn't answer the front door but he was also scared to see Bob.

Bob wasn't exactly his biggest fan after all that happened with Jackie. He really took her in as his step-daughter and he gave her the love that the Forman's had given

Hyde. So he could understand why the sight of Hyde on their doorstep wasn't exactly welcoming.

But Bob smiled anyways in understanding as he allowed Hyde in and instructed him that Jackie was upstairs, where she had been all morning. Hyde recalled him

mentioning that he was worried about her as he rushed up the stairs and knocked anxiously at the closed bedroom door.

God, he was so sorry for hurting her. And he hoped she knew that.

- And we wake up in the breakdown

Of the things we never thought we could be -

He groaned as he kept knocking, over and over repetitively. He knew she was in there, he could hear her sniffling quietly to herself.

"I'm not hungry Bob, I told you that five minutes ago. I think I'm coming down with something," she mumbled through the door and soon coughed just for good measure.

"Dammit Jackie, open the door," he breathed as he knocked once more.

He could hear her voice squeek and her small feet shuffling over the carpet as she reached the door and opened it slightly, "what do you want?" she questioned.

"Jackie, c'mon open the door, we need to talk," he persisted as he pushed his hand towards the door trying to get it to budge. Damn, she must have been one of the

strongest 95 pound girls in existance.

"I don't want to talk Steven," she said quietly, sadly.

"And you think I do?" he countered back in annoyance.

"I'm not exactly a talkative guy Jackie but c'mon. We need to talk whether you and I want to or not. Now open up the door," he told.

"No," she pressed her voice rising as she pushed against the door slightly, causing the small opening to close.

"I don't want you to see me like this, I look terrible. I don't look like me," she said softer.

Hyde smiled at her nervousness, over the past few weeks he had seen a million different sides of Jackie, some of them that weren't her and some were. But it never

mattered cause she was always the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Bob cleared his throat at that moment, appearing behind Hyde on the steps.

"I think maybe you should go Hyde, she's sick and you don't want to catch her cold or anything. Just let her rest, I'll tell her to stop by the Forman's when she's feeling

better," he announced as he crossed his arms over his chest protectively.

Hyde groaned, he really had no say in the matter, it wasn't like he could argue with Bob and stay.

"This isn't over yet Jackie, we have to talk and you know it," he told to the now closed door as he grumbled past Bob and down the stairs.

Hyde walked into the basement in a huff, his friends were still over in the circle, their high presumably wearing off as Donna questioned concerned, "what's wrong?"

Hyde shrugged his shoulders as he pushed Kelso off his chair and took a seat, "you started without me," he answered as he reached over for his stash.

His four friends smiled as they all took part in their favorite activity, for the second time that evening.

- I'm not the one who broke you

I'm not the one you should fear

What do you got to move you darling -

Jackie sighed in relief as she heard his boots stomp down the stairs. She made a mental note to thank Bob later for his concern. She collapsed on her bed and looked

nervously at her fidgeting hands. Her whole body was shaking from nerves and she couldn't stop it.

She moaned as she laid back, staring up at the empty ceiling. She wished she could paint the ceiling pink, than maybe she'd feel better. She shrugged at the thought,

nothing would make her feel better at this point. And that scared her.

She was terrified at the thought of having to talk to Steven. She knew it was coming but she really thought that she'd have to iniate all of the awkward conversations about

the previous nights activities. She cursed herself for acting so stupid. If she would have just stayed away than she wouldn't have put herself in that vulnerable position.

She had never been so embarrassed in her life. She had thrown herself at him and he had rejected her. Two things that were foreign to her in life. So she wasn't about to

let him in and see how he had affected her.

Self conciously she raked her fingers through her hair only to find a handful of tangles. She swore to herself as she reached over to the dresser for her trusty hairbrush.

Her hair was a mess, she was still wearing her tiny pjs from the night before and she had the worst case of raccoon eyes she had ever seen, even on an ugly person.

She had laid in bed most of the morning, before finding hide away in the bathroom in an attempt to avoid any questions from Donna. She really didn't want to rehash the

night before with Big Red. She knew Donna would not only constantly tease her about it but she would also run her mouth to Eric.

So she sat on the cold countertop in the bathroom for nearely three hours just thinking, until finally Donna left. Jackie than emmerged from the bathroom and immiediately

collapsed onto her bed, crawling under her pink comforter, kicking fluffy cakes to the floor.

She successfully sent Bob away all morning with complaints of the flu but she should have known Steven would have seen through that. Steven could always read her

like no one else.

She stumbled out of bed and froze as she looked down at the t-shirt lying at her feet. She had almost forgotten all about that t-shirt. Silently she reached down and

grabbed at it as she headed back into the bathroom to make herself Jackie pretty before Donna came back with just more questions.

- I thought I lost you somewhere

But you were never really ever there at all -

Hyde grinned as his friends all laughed wickedly at something Fez had murmored. He rubbed at his eyes as he tried to stand on his own two feet. Man, that stash had been


"Ya know I'm actually surprised Jackie hasn't taken you back yet Hyde," Kelso started, a lazy grin filling his features.

Hyde raised his eye brow at the comment, where was this going?

"I mean it only took her a couple of weeks and lame apologies before we were having sex again. I guess she just has it bad for me," he burned and than laughed

stupidly at himself.

"Shut it Kelso," he warned as he popped him in the shoulder.

"Ya ever think that maybe she's having such a hard time letting Hyde back because all those times she let you back you kept doing the same thing over and over to her

Kelso?" Donna countered annoyed as she rolled her eyes and than began to giggle.

"My eyes are rolling, I'm rolling," she gasped out through her laughter.

"Sorry," she apologized as she looked over at Hyde's stern face.

"Nah, she just loves me more than Hyde because lets face it - beauty always wins out in the end. Beauty over sustenance," Kelso stated as he rubbed at his shoulder

in pain.

"It's substance you idiot" Fez moaned.

"Whatever," Hyde muttered as he stood above his friends.

"Where are you going?" Eric questioned as he strained his neck to see Hyde heading for the basement door.

"Jackie," was all he said as he headed out of the basement, leaving his four friends in their circle of obliviousness.

Hyde knocked angrily as he found himself once again on the Pinciotti's stoop, he tried his best to conceal his state of mind as he pushed his sunglasses further up

his nose.

"Steven, I thought I told you," Bob started as Hyde rushed past him inside.

"I gotta talk to her now Bob," was all he said as he rushed up the stairs and began banging incessantly on the bedroom door.

This time he wasn't giving up without a fight.

- And I want to get free talk to me

I can feel you falling -

Jackie jumped as she heard the banging on the door, damn Bob was pushy. Her eyes went with wide with horror. Bob wasn't that pushy she knew as the knocking


"I told you I," she stopped as she stepped out of the bedroom. The knocking had stopped and there Hyde stood in front of her.

Her arms immiediately went to cover herself embarrassedly as she turned and tried to rush into the bathroom.

"Jackie no," he said as he reached out for her, he held her back tight against his chest. She was breathly roughly as she strugled against his hold.

"Steven let me go," she whined, her tiny feet kicked at his shins angrily as she felt him whirl her around to face him. Her eyes immiediately fell to the floor where she

focused on his scuffed up boots. Were those the ones she had gotten him all those years ago?

"Jackie look at me," he told her gruffly, still holding her against him. All he could see was the top of her head shaking no adamantly and it was than that he had noticed

what she was wearing.

"Is that my shirt?" he asked as he pushed her away from him slightly and looked down at the large black Led Zepplen shirt that was covering her body.

She looked like a lil kid as she stood there in his overly large shirt, it hung down past her knees as she stood stubbornly pouting out her lip. She nodded nervously,

keeping her eyes focused on the floor.

"Jackie look at me," he ordered quietly as he placed his finger under her chin and softly pushed her head up.

Tears were swimming through her multi-colored eyes as she looked up at him. She felt naked standing there in front of him. Almost as vulnerable as she had felt the night

before. His eyes were boaring holes through her and it was terrifying her.

Hyde sighed as he pulled her towards him once again, he cradled her in his arms and placed a soft kiss on the top of her head.

"What are we doing Jackie?" he questioned, his voice cracking slightly.

His head was spinning, he had forgotten what he had come over to talk about once he had gained access to her room. All the memories of his last time in that room came

flooding back to him in a whirl as it mixed with the feelings of the weed. And than she came out wearing his shirt. His shirt than he had given to her. The one she had

sworn she would never wear. The one she had returned to him.

Jackie pulled away from him and sat down on her bed, "I've been trying to figure that out since last summer Steven," she spoke softly.

"We can't keep doing this to ourselves Jackie. I can't be this guy and I can't do this to you. I don't know what to do. This can't keep happening," he rambled off as he

began to pace in front of her. The weed was kicking in and rambling his thoughts and anger was beginning to fill through his system as the thought of Kelso filled his mind.

It had been so easy for Kelso. Why was it so hard for him?

- And I wanted to be all you need

Somehow here is gone -

"Gee Hyde, how do you think I feel? Do you think this is what I want?" she questioned, hurt that he seemed to be placing the blame on her.

He shook his head as he stopped and stared at her. She had called him Hyde. Not Steven but Hyde. She never called him Hyde. His Jackie would never call him Hyde.

"Stop it Jackie. Stop this right now. I'm not gonna play these games with you. What the hell do you want from me? Just tell me," he told as he fell on his knees in front

of her. God he hated himself for showing emotion.

Jackie stared at him confused, "I'm not playing games Steven. What is wrong with you? All I wanted was for you to trust me and you obviously couldn't do that,

could you?" she countered bitterly.

Hyde laughed as he pushed her legs that sprawled out in front of him away and he stood up annoyed.

"What's wrong with me? God Jackie, how stupid are you? Don't blame me for what happened alright. Maybe I would have been able to trust you if you weren't always

rushing back to Kelso or shouting 'get off my boyfriend'. Yeah, you really gave me a lot of reason to trust you didn't you Jackie?" he pointed out.

Jackie stood as well, "this is ridiculous. I shouldn't have had to give you reasons to trust me. You just should have. I wasn't going to cheat Hyde. I'm not the cheater in

this relationship remember?"

"Get over it Jackie. I'm not a fuckin cheater alright? Just get over it. You did with Kelso. What makes this any different?" he shouted harshly.

"This doesn't have anything to do with Michael so do not throw that in my face," she told, crossing her arms over her chest defensively.

Hyde laughed, "Oh please, this has everything to do with Kelso. It's always been about him hasn't it?" he questioned bitterly.

Jackie turned her back from him, "I'm not answering that question Hyde. You're being ridiculous," she sighed.

"Whatever. It's always going to be him isn't it Jackie?"

He was sick and tired of this. They were going round in circles, over and over. Nothing was getting accomplished.

- I have no solution

To the sound of this pollution in me -

"What do you want from me Steven? I'm hurting okay, I'm sorry I can't just forget what you did and go back to the way things were before," she spoke.


She squinted at him, "why what?"

"Why is it different?"

"Why is what different Steven? What are you talking about?" she asked exasperated.

He sat on her bed, "why is it different for us than it was for you and Kelso?"

She furrowed her brow at him, "I don't know. I could give you a million different reasons but that isn't going to change anything Steven," she said as she sat down next to


"I need you to choose, you have to choose. I can't do this anymore Jackie," he spoke quietly as he turned to look at her, his sunglasses slipping further down his nose.

His eyes were stormy and hard as he stared at her, anxiously awaiting a decision.

"Steven, I, I," she started as she stood and moved away from him.

"You know I can't do that, please don't make me," she begged.

He stood as well, "there's your answer Jackie. If you can't choose between me and Kelso than there's no reason for me to be here is there?" he asked.

"No you know that's not true. I just can't lose either of you. I don't know what to do. I didn't ask to be cheated on by both of you Steven," she responded.

"You have to stop this Jackie. You can't blame me for what Kelso did to you. Yes, I cheated on you. Once and it was a mistake and I apologized. Don't hold me

accountable for the fact that Kelso cheated on you over and over again. That has nothing to do with me. I'm not Kelso. I'm not going to cheat again Jackie. So please,

stop blaming me," he told.

She stared at him, her multi-colored eyes still tear filled were now ablaze with anger. "I can't believe you Hyde. I told you, one has nothing to do with the other. You

cheated and that's what I can't get over okay?" she told.

"And why did you cheat anyways because you didn't trust me, that's not my fault Steven so please just stop trying to blame me or Michael for what you did. You made

your bed Hyde, now be a big boy and lie in it," she added heatedly.

"If that's what you want than fine. Until you can get over Kelso than this thing between us is over," he threatened as he headed towards the door.

"Oh please, first of all we've been over ever since you slept with that nurse and I'm not the one who needs to get over Kelso, Hyde," she told but it was too late, he had

already slammed the door.

- And I was not the answer

So forget you ever thought it was me -

Hyde groaned as he fell into the basement with a slam of the door his four friends removed themselves from the smoke filled haze and looked over at him curiously.

He silently took a seat in his chair as he looked around at all of them, "it's over between me and Jackie," he supplied as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Kelso was the first to comment as he jumped up from the coach, "Burn!" he yelled as he pointed at Hyde and laughed. "I knew she wanted me, I mean really Hyde was

there ever really any question in your mind?" he asked with a laugh as he collapsed back down on the coach.

"Do you even have a mind dumbass?" Hyde questioned back as he leaned forward and reached for a beer. Beer and weed were his favorite combination. They always

seemed to make him feel better.

"Jackie is never on the market," Fez moaned.

"Did you really break up with her Hyde? Is the band back together without Yoko?" Eric wondered happily as he sat forward in anticipation of the answer.

Hyde stared at him in wonder, "Trust me Forman, there will be no more Hyde and Jackie," he answered as he popped the top of the beer can.

"Oh yes, now it will be back to Kelso and Jackie just like in the beginning. Oh how I missed the submission," Kelso grinned idiotically.

Donna stared at the three in disgust, "you can't be serious Hyde," she argued as she watched him take a swig of beer.

Hyde nodded towards her not feeling the need to answer any more questions.

Donna rolled her eyes, "okay guys, you all need to get out of here so me and Hyde can talk. Here's ten bucks, go get some fries at the Hub," she ordered as she stood and

pulled two fives from her jean pocket.

The three stoned boys looked at the money in awe as the munchies took over them and rushed out of the basement, completely forgetting about what was going on with

Hyde and Jackie.

"Nice try Donna," Hyde started as he stood from his seat and began to head toward his room.

"What the hell Hyde, sit your unhappy ass back down," she ordered, her voice rising.

He raised his eye brow at her in question and immiediately sat down. Donna could be intimidating as all hell at times.

"You love Jackie," she stated softly as she crossed her arms over her chest and sat down in front of him.

He gave her a sour look, not daring to say a word.

"She loves you too," Donna started but was cut off.

"Whatever Donna. It's over okay, just let it go. We're not you and Eric okay? We're not gonna break up only to get back together and be even more in love alright? God I

hate that word. Love, what does it even mean Donna? Can you explain that to me please?" he questioned in annoyance.

"I don't think I need to tell you what love means Hyde. You know exactly what you feel for Jackie. And that hurt and pain that you're feeling right now is because you care

so much about her. If you didn't you wouldn't be feeling anything," she told as she placed her hand over his in understanding.

"Whatever," he mumbled as he stood. "You don't get it. I can't do this with her, I won't. I don't want to feel anything Donna. I just want to go back to feeling numb," he

explained as he headed out of the basement, leaving Donna in silence.

- And I don't need the fallout of all the past

That's here between us -

Jackie sniffled as the tears released and fell from her eyes. She didn't know why she had argued with him. She wanted to make things right with him more than anything

but she had no idea how to do that. And fighting seemed to be the easy way out for both of them.

She sighed as she brushed off the teatrs from her cheeks roughly and headed for the closed door. She knew she'd have to talk to him. She had to try and make things

right for once. She had to right the wrongs he had made.

She grabbed once again for her furry jacket to provide her warmth and rushed past Bob downstairs, explaining she had to talk to Donna at the Forman's as she whizzed

out the front door.

She stood outside the glass sliding doors awkwardly. She wasn't quite sure if she should just rush into the basement or go by the back quietly. She knew that most of their

friends would be in the basement anyways so it would be hard for her to actually talk to Steven anyways. But than again, if other people were there, they wouldn't yell

as much.

Her unasked question was answered though as she heard movement from behind her.

Kelso was standing behind her a sideways grin on his face and a far off look in his eyes, "hey Jackie," he beamed as he reached for her, pulling her closer to him.

She didn't even try to hide the look of disgust on her face as she violently shoved him from her, "Michael what the hell are you doin?" she questioned as she dusted herself

off. Trying to remove any trace of him from her.

Kelso still held the sloppy grin, "I was coming by to see you Jackie and here you are. It's like a sign I didn't have to walk far," he told as if that answered everything.

Jackie rolled her eyes ashamed that an old part of herself would have found that halfassed answer sweet. "Why were you coming to see me?" she asked once more.

"Isn't it obvious?" he questioned back but received an annoyed look from Jackie in return.

"Look Jackie," he started reaching for her again as he put his arm around her, "Hyde told me everything," he began.

Jackie stared up at him, "what do you mean?" she asked as she removed his arm from around her shoulders.

"He told me you made your choice. I mean god Jackie finally was it really that hard to pick?" he asked as he chuckled loudly.

Jackies eyes went huge, no it couldn't be. "Please Michael no, I don't know, I. God what am I gonna do?" she questioned as tears filled her eyes.

He smiled longingly at her, "well I for one know what I want to do," he smirked at her suggestively and laughed. He had once agan reached to hug her, basking in the

glory of winning his 'prize'.

Jackie groaned, the tears escaping from her eyes, "no Michael," she said pushing him away yet again. "I'm sorry, I didn't pick you," she said hesitantly. As much as she

didn't want to be with him, the last thing she wanted to was hurt him.

His eyes looked down at her confused, "you mean you picked Hyde?" he questioned as he scratched at his head.

She shook her head, "no I, I haven't picked anyone Michael it's just Steven and I, we were arguing and I came over here to talk to him cause I think I upset him and I

don't know what to do ya know? I mean I still love him," she whispered quietly.

Kelso stared at her, a mixture of pain and sadness spreading around his handsome features. He cleared his throat as he looked at the beautiful girl standing there in front

of him, tears silently falling from her eyes. And for once he was not the cause of those tears.

Kelso broke the silence that had began to cover them, "is there ever going to be another chance for us Jackie?" he wondered quietly.

She looked up at him, biting down on her lip nervously. "I don't know Michael," she answered sadly, tears still falling.

Kelso nodded at her and sighed in satisfaction as he felt her fall into his arms and hug him. For now that was enough.

- And I'm not holding on

And all your lies weren't enough to keep me here -

Jackie smiled softly as she pulled away from Michael, sniffling as she brushed off the last of her tears. "Thank you," she said quietly, pulling away from him. Never once

had talking to Kelso ever made her feel better. But she truly felt that they had reached an understanding between them and had maybe, hopefully sparked a true


Kelso smiled back towards her, "I just miss being with you Jackie ya know? I mean I haven't felt complete since I left you. I need you in my life," he confessed.

Jackie nodded sadly, she wasn't used to Kelso showing so much emotions towards her and she honestly didn't know what to say back to him. Her mind was already

torn over thoughts of Steven and Michael's confessions of love were just tearing at her heart strings.

"I'll always be in your life Michael," she answered simply.

"I need to go talk to Steven," she added as she headed down the steps and towards the basement.

"Jackie," Kelso started as he rushed after her, reaching for her wrist.

She stopped, turning towards him, staring at him in question.

"I just wanted you to know I'll always be here for you, ya know? Even if Hyde isn't," he said simply looking down into her multi-colored eyes.

Jackie smiled as she threw her arms around his neck happily, "thank you," she said genuinely, pulling away.

That was exactly what she had wanted to hear from him. He would be there for her, no matter what, just as she would for him. But Steven would always come first

for her and she knew that Michael had to know that.

Kelso grinned down at her and without hesitating placed a chaste final kiss upon her lips.

She smiled through the kiss as she closed her eyes and allowed the sweetness of their final kiss to come over her.

Hyde stopped and stared at the sight before him in disgust, "gee didn't take you guys long did it?"

Jackie pulled away, shock in her eyes as she shifted her gaze towards Hyde.

"Steven no, it's not what you think," she started as she turned towards him.

He was standing by the basement, his sunglasses in the collar of his t-shirt, revealing the sadness and pain displayed through his bright blue eyes.

He laughed at her as he held his hands up in protest, "sure and I didn't sleep with a nurse did I?" he remarked sarcastically as he turned to walk away from her,

heading towards his El Camino.

Jackie turned back to Kelso, a look of panic across both their features before running towards Hyde. "Please Steven, just talk to me," she begged, stopping in front of him.

Her eyes were shining with tears but she wasn't going to let them fall. She had to prove that she loved him and not Kelso.

"There's nothing to talk about is there Jackie. You more than made your choice okay?" he started as he opened up the car door.

"But Steven I, I, I love you," she spoke softly her voice breaking as she looked up at him, awaiting his reaction anxiously.

Hyde stopped and stared straight ahead. He had been waiting to hear those words from her ever since he had professed them weeks ago. But his thoughts went back to

his conversation with Donna and he immiediately began to surpress the feelings that were corrupting him.

Silently he climbed into the El Camino and started up the engine, not once stopping to turn and look back at the girl he loved who was now sobbing into the arms of

Michael Kelso.

- Somehow here is gone -