an Avatar the last Airbender fanfic

Summary: Everything is lost when fire nation wins the war. The great spirits of harmony decided to bend the reality to save the world from the eternal fire. Each member of the Gaang wakes up from the dead to find out that they still can save the future. Time Travel!AU

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They were young. Young and innocent. But the war stripped them from both. It took away their childhood. Didn't allow them to evolve into what they could be. They were children soldiers in the war of adults. The war created by their ascendants that didn't care it would be them to deliver it to the end. And even this was too hard.

Avatar Aang died.

He fought with every breath he took.

He fought with every drop of blood and sweat.

He fought with every piece of dust that dirtied his tired body.

He fought with every tongue of fire he got in his determined soul.

It was a great fight. the sounds of showdown were heard even on the far away poles. The great lights of firebending flames were seen even in Ba Sing Se. The ground tumbled even in the royal palace of The Fire Nation. A simple man prayed to gods as he thought it was the end of the world. And indeed it was one.

Because Avatar Aang died.

Phoenix King Ozai rose from the rumbles of the battlefield. Monsterious but victorious. He walked into Ba Sing Se and reduced the city to ashes. Killed his brother, Iroh, and other White Lotus members. The streets were painted red.

That day many have died.

One of them was Katara of the Water Tribe. She did everything she could to stop the Fire Lord, Azula the Mad. She and Prince Zuko were the ones that faced her. The Agni Kai between royal siblings made the city sunburned. It was glorious. Not many were there to witness it but those who stayed in capital city could tell you that it was Prince Zuko who was in favor.

Azula used lightning. Her target was not Zuko.

The Prince run and took the voltage himself. He fell. His body in convulsion. His mind eaten by fear for his dear friend. The girl who was made a woman by this war. The sister and love of his comrades. The one he sworn to protect.

He heard her cry of agony as his sister burned her body. She targeted her face and with glee watched as the deadly flames melted waterbender's mouth going down her throat and destroying her lungs.

Katara fell down on a ground with a thud and Azula laughed consumed by her madness.

Zuko with all his might stood up and on his still trembling legs lumbered to them. Too lost in her mental illness, Azula didn't ever saw him as he took the body of his fallen friend and flew away.

His working eye was fogged by tears of infirmity but he couldn't wipe them away as his body was bearly under his control. The air was slipping away from his lungs.

They landed on Ember Island and this is where they found Sokka.

His right arm missing. the other was tightly clenching around Toph's ribbon and Suki's fan.

Zuko fall to his knees. Katara's body in his trembling hands. He knew. From the very beginning, he knew they weren't ready for this Agni forsaken war. They shouldn't be here. They shouldn't live to see that. Everyone was dead.

Sokka looked at him. His eyes hallow. Filled with denial and slowly it changed into growing horror as he looked at the Prince.

He ran. His left hand hugged the corpse of his little sister. He looked up at Zuko. His eyes changed. They were filled with rage.

Rage at everything.

Rage at this war that took away his mother... father... and sister. That destroyed his tribe.

Rage at Fire Lord Ozai or Phoenix King, as the dickhead decided to call himself now. For making it happen.

Rage at Fire Lord Sozin. The man that started the war 100 years ago.

At Azula for killing his little sister.

At Aang for not stopping it.

At Toph and Suki for not surviving.

At Zuko that didn't protect his sister.

At Katara for dying.

And finally at himself. For all his weaknesses.

He shouted not realizing that the person he shouted now was his last friend. Zuko didn't repeat too defeated to do anything. Too down.

Sokka stood up and walked outside. He wanted to charge on Appa to the Capital City and kill that bitch!

But with every step, his misery caught up with him. The adrenaline in his blood burned out leaving him with the realization that everything is lost.

His body fell softly on the ground. His eyes slowly fogged by death.

The last one was Zuko.

His life ended as his trembling hands slashed his own throat.

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