Note: Title comes from the Inkubus Sukkubus' song "Wytches". All crossposted from my imagines sideblog at chrishalliwellimagines on Tumblr.

Prompted by: itswingedprincess
Prompt: Can you do the we were meant to be together and you can't change that plzzz

Originally published 28 April 2017

"We were meant to be together, you can't change that."

Chris recoils at her words, takes a nervous step back. He's never really met this woman before now—he doesn't even know her name, and if she's one of his charges the Elders certainly haven't told him about it. He shakes his head, swipes his tongue over suddenly-dry lips.

(And Goddess, the thought that he even has a regular mortal human for a stalker is terrifying in and of itself, let alone the revelation that he actually does.)

"Look," he says, forcing the words out through a desert-dry mouth, "I… uh… appreciate the sentiment, but"—he's already edging backwards, inwardly wincing at himself because sure, Chris, let her keep thinking you're actually into her—"I—"

Her eyes narrow, and alarm bells go off in his head as she moves toward him. Her hands find his abdomen, trail up over his chest and shoulders to wrap around the back of his neck. He tenses, wanting to orb away and knowing that doing so risks exposure. (Unless, of course, she already knows he's a witch.) There's a dangerous look in her eyes, but her voice is sweet, seductive: "I've already told you, Chris, you can't fight fate. You're mine. You were meant to be with me, and you know it."

He tries to step back, winces as her nails dig into the back of his neck. "You're crazy." His hands found her hips, tried to push her away. "Now let go."

She finally steps back, much to his relief. A second later he tenses again as one of her hands comes to rest on his cheek.

"You will surrender to me," she whispers, digging one nail in with each word and running her hand down his face. Red tracks mar his pale skin; dimly he's aware that she didn't press hard enough to draw blood. "Whether you want to or not."

Then she releases him, whirls around on one heel. She's gone a few seconds later while Chris stares at the spot she'd been, his mind reeling.

The first chance he gets, he's going to cast a protection spell. Preferably right now.