Cold snow and hot chocolate

Warnings/notes : Yohji x Omi, Aya x Ken [in the background]. fluff. Aya being a bit ooc perhaps.

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 9th march 2003, by Misura, original plot conceived at a snowy day in december 2002, adapted for a more happy and final ending at 6th march 2003

part 1 of 2 or 3 parts

for Kinneas, I hope you like it.


"Really, Aya, I feel just fine." Ken said.

Aya looked rather unconvinced. Yohji couldn't blame him really. Ken looked seriously ill, only he was too stubborn to admit it.

"Mou, Kenken, a bit of rest never hurt anyone." he remarked. "Why don't you stay home for one day? We can manage without you."

"I am perfectly all right." Ken insisted, rising from his seat. Unfortunately for him, this triggered an attack of vertigo even he couldn't ignore. Swaying on his legs, he grabbed the back of his seat, while Aya sprinted over to his side, making worried noises.

"Perfectly all right, eh?" Yohji sniggered.

"You should be in bed right now, Ken." Aya stated. "We will close the shop and leave a note to tell our customers why we're not open. They'll understand."

"Why close the shop?" Yohji asked. "You or Omi can take his shift, can't you?"

"I will stay home to take care of Ken, of course." Aya glared at Yohji. "As to Omi ; he has had a lot of homework on top of his assignments for work recently, so I allowed him to sleep late this morning. He more than earned it and I'm not going to wake him up for work."

"Sure, I understand." Yohji said.

"Good." Aya gave him a curt nod. "You can go and get some medicines for Ken."

He had started to drag a still feebly protesting Ken in the direction of their rooms.

"But it's snowing!" Yohji protested. "And I thought we had some medicines in the bathroom."

"Ken used those already." Aya explained. "Only he didn't take them in the right amount and at the right times. This time I will make sure he does."

Ken looked pleadingly at Yohji, who quickly looked away. In general one did not interfere when Aya had set his mind to something. Like now. Ken would just have to bear with it. If he hadn't tried to keep on going for so long instead of admitting he felt unwell, all this wouldn't have happened.

It's your own fault, Yohji mouthed at Ken.

Coward, Ken mouthed back. You're just scared of Aya.

Yohji smiled and nodded. Everyone in his right mind was scared of Aya. No shame in that.

"All right then, you go and put poor Kenken to bed, while I get him some medicines to swallow. I'll leave Omi a note to explain where everyone is and to tell him he shouldn't make too much noise. And I'll be sure to get some extra stuff in the highly likely case I get ill too, by going out in this kind of weather."

As soon as Aya had closed the door behind him and Ken, Yohji sat down again and poured himself another cup of coffee. He was not going to go out there without at least something hot to keep him warm.

If Omi was here I would make some hot chocolate instead. He dislikes coffee, mildly despises tea and claims milk is something for little kids, which he isn't. So he drinks hot chocolate whenever he needs something to warm him up.

Yohji felt the warm glow of coffee spread from his stomach to the rest of his body.

I wouldn't mind warming Omi up either. He's just so vulnerable and adorable and - completely out of reach. I should really stop thinking about him this way.

Since he was going to the shops anyway, Yohji decided to check if they needed any other things.

Hmm, plenty of food still here. Maybe some drinks. Oh, and cocoa-powder for Omi, probably. I wonder if his lips taste like chocolate too. Well, I'll probably never find out.

Sighing Yohji pushed open the door to reveal the world covered in white. He already felt the melting snowflakes sliding down his neck.

If I'm going to be ill, I have to make sure I'm not going to be nursed by Aya too. That man's an absolute tyrant, judging by the way he treats Kenken. I bet Omi would be lots nicer. Having Omi take care of me might not even be too bad.

-to be continued-