Cold snow and hot chocolate

Warnings/notes : Yohji x Omi, Aya x Ken [in the background]. fluff. Aya being a bit ooc. kissing

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 25th march 2003, by Misura, original plot conceived at a snowy day in december 2002, adapted for a more happy and final ending at 6th march 2003

part 4 of 4 parts

for Kinneas, I hope you like it.


"Ken...." Aya said, in a tone that hinted that he was about to loose patience.

"No." Ken replied, pursing his lips. "It will taste awful, I know it will and I'm not going to take it."


"No. I don't need it anyway. I'm not *that* ill."

"For me?"

Ken quickly looked away at the wall. "I said 'no'."

Swallowing the last bits of his pride, Aya added : "Please?"

Shoulders sagged in defeat, Ken gave in. It was very hard to refuse Aya anything when he asked for it so nicely. He did have one condition though. "All right, if you kiss me afterwards."

A slight frown. "You're ill. Kissing you might make me ill too."

Ken pouted, looking, Aya considered regretfully, absolutely irresistable. "Don't you love me anymore?"

I should have seen that one coming. Ah well.

"Don't talk stupid," he said curtly. "Of course I love you."

If only for making me able to say that again to a living person. I'll cherish you forever.

Smiling, Ken leaned back into the cushions. "I love you too, Aya. Now give me that horrible stuff you call a medicine before I change my mind." he murmured.


Humming softly, Yohji poured the hot chocolate in two cups before returning to the living room. He had changed into a soft and loose-falling sweater that suited his mood somehow.

It's nice and comfortable, I guess, only it doesn't look like much. It's not like there's anyone to impress at the moment though. Except Omi that is.

Omi accepted the steaming mug with a grateful nod. "Thanks, Yohji-kun! Your hot chocolate is the best there is!" Closing his eyes, he took a sip, careful not to burn his tongue.

That sweater looks really good on him. It's not as provocative as some of his other outfits. Makes him look less out of reach.

Yohji noticed Omi's eyes wandering over his clothing and wished he had picked out something different to wear.

He probably thinks I look sloppy in this. That I don't care because I'm 'just' with him. Too late for regrets now though. Not that it makes any difference in the long run.

"Yohji-kun?" Omi asked, feeling warm and fuzzy from the sweet, warm liquid that flowed through his body. It seemed not such a big thing to lean a bit closer to Yohji.

"Yes, chibi?" Yohji answered, hesitating if he should move away a little or profit from this unexpected opportunity to feel Omi this close to him.

Omi frowned. Why did he have to call me by that name? I hate it, even if he means it kindly.

Sighing, he shrugged it off. He was not going to let a small thing like that ruin the moment.

"Are you still interested in my dreams? Or were you just joking when you said that?"

Yohji perked up. "Of course I wasn't."

Omi was by now almost touching him, their bodies only inches apart. He stared dreamily in the distance and mumbled : "You see, it's kind of weird but I dreamt about us, in almost exactly this kind of situation, sitting on a couch really close to eachother."

It was on the tip of Yohji's tongue to reply he too had had a dream of that kind, but he kept the words from slipping out at the last moment. "Oh?" he managed instead.

Omi nodded, seemingly not caring about this inadequate reply.

"And do you know what we were doing in that dream?" His face had somehow come very close to Yohji's, who swallowed.

I bet he's going to tell me we were watching TV or something.

"Uhm, no?"

A slight frown crept back up to Omi's face.

Is he embarrassed by me? He's so talkative normally, yet now he hardly says a thing. Was I mistaken all that time I thought he was watching me?

"We were doing something like this." he said, taking a decision.

All or nothing, I guess.

With that thought, he leaned over and touched his lips to Yohji's.

Whaaaat?! *Omi* dreams about him and me kissing?! I can't believe this.

Slightly breathless, Omi broke the kiss and looked at Yohji.

What does he think of *that*?

"You taste like chocolate, all sweet and sugar." Yohji murmured, still a bit tonguetied by the surprise. "I always thought you would."

Omi started to smile. "I can't decide what you taste like yet. Will you let me try and find out?"

Yohji blushed. Omi decided he had never looked more cute and well, vulnerable.

"Are you really serious about that Omitchi? I mean ...."

"I've never been more serious about something in my life." Omi replied. "I like you."

"I .... like you too. And I'll do everything I can to make sure you'll never regret asking me."

"Good." Omi replied, snuggling closer again to Yohji.